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					      What Renewable Energy Companies are
                 Involved in
You have definitely heard of renewable energy companies. But what exactly are they? What
is it that they do? They are involved in a number of things. They create, harness, invent, and
implement new energy sources that are also sustainable to replace fossil fuels. Because of
climate change and the threat of global warming, companies that deal with renewable energy
have been working unstintingly with the aim of exploiting natural and more sustainable energy.

There are other renewable energy businesses that study potential energy sources while also
working towards developing technologies that allow these sources to be exploited. These
potential energy sources include waste materials/refuse, wind energy and plant matter. Other
companies deal with solar energy. They not only develop, design and manufacture but also
install solar panels for use in business premises and homes. The panels designed by solar
energy companies are filled with minute wires that carry energy into buildings where it is then
used as electricity.

There are yet other renewable energy businesses that are involved in education. These educate
citizens on the dangers of climate change. They also teach about the damaging effects that are
caused by the use of fossil fuels. Companies in this category are also involved in the writing of
books that provide information on sources of renewable energy. Additionally, they travel widely
to universities and schools offering lectures and encouraging the use of renewable energy.
Though they do not make or distribute sources of renewable energy, they play a vital role in
creating awareness about alternative energy.

It is important to note that there are numerous renewable energy companies and new ones are
being created every single day. The Internet is an excellent place to learn more about them and
what they do. You can also read about the companies on magazines. Their websites can also
provide vital information.


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