Getting Ready for Your Photoshoot

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					                       Getting Ready for Your Photoshoot

 I normally don't go around offering people advice on how to dress (I need the help myself) but since you came to
my website, looked at my pictures and clicked on my link specifically offering just that I'll share my opinions with you.

                             I think picture day clothes should be somewhere between:

 lazy day comfortable being yourself at home                       brand new duds fancier than you'd wear to prom
       your 1997 all-state wrestling t-shirt                         any fashion trend you've yet to actually wear
    complete with underarm discoloration               and             something so tight/itchy/ill-fitting it would
     any clothing with "sweat" in the name                                 throw my 5-year-old into a tizzy
 sweatpants, sweatsuits, (sweaters are good)                          anything requiring more than 15 safety pins
    the sleep attire that you wore last night                                   to stay where it should

                                           Avoid these extremes if you can.

  When planning to be in my own family photos, I wore a dress I loved the look of around for a day and noticed it
          shifted around, needed bra strap tucking and only looked good when I stood certain ways.

  So instead of suffering through a photoshoot like this, I opted for something much more comfortable. I'd rather
spend my extra effort keeping the kiddos happy and situated than my own clothing. Comfort during picture-taking
          is all the more important because you want to look comfortable and at ease. Don't try to fake it.

                          DO's                                                        DONT's
 Browse your closet+jewelry for things you love to see             Go purchase all new everything for everyone
   Choose one persons outfit first and build on that                Look like you bought everyone's clothes
Consider colorful jewelry+hair accessories that you love                  at the same time in one store
          Show off some of your individuality                                  Overdo accessories
Lay everything out on the floor and change+edit+swap                   Put kids in cutesy little busy patterns
     Shop for a few new items only if you want to                        Crazy-shop out of desperation

                                             Don't match. Let me explain.

 Do you ever get up in the morning, get dressed....choose your child's clothes....dress your baby.....and then look at
yourselves and realize you must have been feeling very "grey" today? Or any color. But you all coordinate just a bit?
              Or everyone is in bright primary colors. Or cool blues and greens. Or anything like that.

  Pretend it's one of those days. Like I saw you walking to the park and it just so happens that you all look like you
                         belong together. But you didn't really plan it. Just a color-mood day.

                                                  Random Color Tip:

                        Photographically, extreme colors probably shouldn't be worn unless

                      1.) you are the only one being photographed or 2.) it's your wedding day

  People always look to the brightest spot in a photograph first. So if you are the only one in your family wearing a
 white shirt, you will be like the sun. A bright white spot that they can't seem to look away from to see anyone else.

If you were in all black you would seem to sink into the background. A black hole of nothingness. And your skin next
                   to the black fabric will probably pop out and look like a pale bright overexposed bit.

After zooming in on plenty of faces, it seems that the things you can do in real life that I can't do on a computer that
                    go the longest way towards making you look great+happy+fun would be:

                       1.) curled eyelashed (gently heat the curler with a blow dryer to hold it)

                            2.) groomed eyebrows (but please nothing more than usual)

                        3.) shiny lips (colored or plain. nothing too sticky that will bother you)

                  4.) a good hair day (try not to do anything you don't normally do. it could go bad)


 It depends what you love. What you want to see every time you look at your pictures. What you want to portray.

                          Nobody needs props. But if they're your thing, bring them along.

                                                  Here are my ideas:


                                         party banners+triangle flag bunting


                                        stools+chairs (I have plenty if you ask)


                                                     board games

                                    flowers (fresh ones+homemade paper ones)

                                        cupcakes+ice cream cones+lollipops

                                    glass bottle sodas with striped paper straws

                                                    spiderman toys


                                                     tea party sets

                                                  full-on picnic set up

                                                    kid art supplies

                                                 empty picture frames

          Somewhere with meaning to you                             Somewhere with visual appeal to you
                     Inside your home                                Allie's favorite alley (behind City Drug)
           (great for kids+perfect for babies)                               Machine Shop train yard
                   Outside your home                                 Bear River State Park (several spots)
            Your family's favorite picnic spot                                  Real Kleen Janitorial
       Public buildings in the town where you live               (go look at Taylor and Kelsi's senior pictures)
                      School grounds                           Some grungy old place I love but haven't found yet


Lastly, I know it's a big job but the more you do to make the day run smoothly for your family, the more relaxed we'll
 all be. Try not to rush or stress about getting everyone ready (I've totally done that before in my own...not the best
  results). Schedule your time before pictures with things that your family loves to do. Do your best with naps and
meals before (I know it's hard. Trust me I know. The reason I learned photography=a ghastly screaming day with Lily
      at Kiddie Candids long ago). Forsee problems and be the supermom that you are to try and prevent them.

And even then if everyone loses it during pictures and your kids are tired and your husband's grumpy, don't worry.
          It's going better than you probably think. I've got a few tricks I can pull out. Just keep smiling.


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