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					Important Information on Friesian Horses for
For a lot of people who are looking to buy Friesian horses for sale, cost is the main factor.
However, you should consider more than just the price of the horses. It is important to take into
account the age, physical appearance as well as the temperament of the horses. It goes without
saying that you do not want horses that are too old or are just ponies. When it comes to physical
appearance, you want healthy horses. Their ribs should not be showing, they should not look
frail and their eyes should not be sunken. As far as temperament is concerned, you want a
gentle horse not one that bucks.

There are numerous places where you can find a Friesian horse for sale. An excellent
place to look is the Internet. Lots of sellers advertise their horses on the net so as to reach
many customers. Other places you can get horses for sale are equestrian magazines and
newspapers. Close friends and relatives can also provide information on where to buy a
Friesian horse. It is crucial that you first research and learn all you can about the horses before
you go out and buy one. Breeders are the best to provide this kind of information.

Once you find a trader or a breeder, the next step is to arrange for a viewing. This is the only
way you will be able to decide if the Friesian horses for sale are right for you. Viewing will also
give you the opportunity to learn more about the horse. You can ask if it has such bad habits as
cribbing, kicking, or bolting. Bring along a vet to test the horse’s hearing, teeth, heart, eyesight,
and general health. Make certain that it is micro chipped and vaccinated. Ask to have a look at
the medical records and health certificates. They should be up-to-date.

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