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									                                        Sage Solutions Corp.
                                            RAJESH MOSUR
Seeking a consulting position utilizing expertise in network management, software development and testing.

University of Colorado, M.S Computer Science (May 2002)                                 GPA: 3.65/4.0
Courses: Network Systems, Linear Programming, XML Standards & Techniques, Database Systems, Foundations of
Software Engineering, Dependable Distributed Systems, Advanced Database Systems and Object Oriented Design &

University of Madras, B.E Computer Science (MAY 2000)                                    GPA: 3.6/4.0
Relevant Courses: Computer Networks, Data Communications, Compiler Design, Operating Systems,
Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms.

Languages: C, C++, Fortran, Basic, Pascal, Cobol, HTML, XML, XSL, SQL, JAVA & UML.
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000,Windows XP, Windows NT, Unix, Linux & sun solaris.

 Intern, Storage Area Networks, Compaq Computer Corporation. (May 2001 – Present)
                 Worked on User Interface Design of the Open San Manager 2.0.
                 Implemented interfaces to communicate with Host Bus Adapters.
                 Designed interfaces to talk to the Oracle Database through an ODBC driver.
                 Performed unit testing of HSV Element Manager User Interface by writing sanscripts.
                 Built simple SAN’s (Storage Area Networks) configuring controllers & disk drives.
                 Implemented a command logging system for HSV Element Manager.
                 Currently working on XML/XSL support for HSV Element Manager.
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Dept of Computer Science, University of Colorado. (Jan 2001-May 2001)
                 Held recitations teaching fundamental concepts in computers & JAVA programming for
                    the course ‘Introduction to Computing ’ to 150 students.
Media Circulation Coordinator, Norlin’s Media Library, University of Colorado. (Aug 2000-Dec 2000)
                  Managed the library database & supervised working in the library.
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Chemistry, University of Colorado. (Sep 2000-Dec 2000)
                  Conducted labs & held recitations for students.
Intern, Cognizant Technological Solutions, Madras, India. (Jan 2000-May 2000)
             Designed an automated tool
                  To convert RTF documents to well-formed XML documents
                  To carry out a generic search on the XML documents.

       Implemented a client-server communication model using XML-RPC.
       Performed white-box testing of a network simulator using the commercial test tool C++ Test and
        evaluated its testing coverage.
       Presented a survey paper on “The Semantic Web “ for a class project.
       Currently writing a paper analyzing the system issues involved in the design and implementation of
        a mobile agent based system.

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