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					        Tips on Effective Antivirus Comparison
There are many antivirus software programs in the market, some free and some at a fee. Do not
settle for the first program you come across. Have an antivirus comparison as this will enable
you to get value for money. The best way to compare antivirus programs is to consider its
record in the stoppage of In-the-Wild viruses. Go for antivirus programs that have done VB100
tests and other independent tests that test detection capabilities and compare the results of the

Consider the accolades and award nominations received for the software and the company
when comparing antivirus software programs. Consider certification by the relevant regulatory
bodies. A good software program is one that works with different platforms and operating

You could do the comparison through such online research resources as
and These resources provide the nominal standards for antivirus software.
Independent reviews detail the strength and weaknesses of different software programs,
including their effect on computers’ effectiveness and download time.

Another way to compare antivirus software programs is to compare their prices. Note that you
should not be going for the cheap options since, as the old adage states, cheap is expensive.
Make the other comparisons and then make cost considerations once you have gotten good
software programs.

Yet another way of comparing antivirus software is by comparing the latest updates. Good
software programs have regular updates and are able to download and install their virus
definitions with minimal interference.

Comparisons can be made through customer testimonials and discussion forums. These forums
and testimonials give an independent review of different software. Yet another effective antivirus
comparison option is using the trial versions of the software programs you are comparing to
evaluate the features and the effectiveness. Other important considerations to take into account
when comparing antivirus software are the availability of technical support and ease of use.

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