Tips on Marinating Meats

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I am often asked how to marinate meat. There's nothing better than smelling the aroma from a summer time grill.
The food has those wonderful blackened grill lines and the food from the grill is mouth watering good and
bursting with flavor. You know it is well marinated because the taste is so flavorful and you taste it with every
bite. This is because the beef or chicken you are eating was marinated with the right seasonings and for the right
amount of time to allow it to penetrate fully.

The is an art to seasoning as there is a difference between a marinade and other seasonings, like a dry rub.
When you use a dry rub you need to be sure to coat you meat with olive oil to help the rub to adhere. Otherwise
it will just burn and fall off and you won't get much flavor from the rub. Unless you are slow cooking a barbecue
on low heat, that is. The types of seasonings you use are a personal preference but the hotter peppers and
spices will give more of a Mexican flare and combining a little bit of sugar for sweetness, gives more of a
Caribbean spice and flavor.

Moving to some marinade tips. I like to marinade my meat at least 24 hours. This will tenderize and allow the
flavor of your marinade to penetrate the meat. If you are using a vinegar based marinade this will break down
the meat and make it more tender and juicy. Perfect for the grill!

I like also to marinade my meat at room temperature for a few hours and then back in the refrigerator until the
next day. I always bring it back down to room temperature before it goes on the grill. Experimenting with new
flavors is fun and tastefully rewarding. When using balsamic vinegar be sure to go easy with that and maybe
even add a bit of sugar to offset the acidity otherwise it can be very bold.

So take a minute this summer and really have fun with your grill and experiment a bit with some of the chicken
and steaks you grill. Play around with some sauces and find one that is just right for you.

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Description: From seafood to steak, here are some tips for marinating your favorite meats.