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inspiration, my children instantly got into sorting the cans,
taping the boxes, and being part of a well oiled volunteer
machine. We also went outside and assisted in planting trees
while listening to the screams of girls outside the press area
who were trying to get close to Joe Jonas (of the Jonas Broth-                        1/2 price Introductory Special
ers) who was also lending a hand.
   Bringing it back closer to home, Angus Reid recently con-      SPRAY TAN - UV FREE TANNING
ducted a survey which showed that 67% of Canadians will
volunteer this year, and that most of them would be interest-
ed in helping out with environmental efforts such as planting
a community garden, or visiting retirement homes to spend
time with seniors. Through the HandsOn Network and Volun-
teer Canada, there are many opportunities for Mississaugans
to plant a garden, read to children or spend time with children
at a shelter, assemble backpacks for under-resourced school
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or help spruce up a local school, library or outdoor park. As                             for first time customers
well, there are openings for volunteers at major fundraising
and awareness events, such as the Walk for Multiple Sclerosis
taking part in Mississauga on April 18th. Other current volun-                                                                                 SMART TAN Member Salon
teer organizations signed up include the Clothesline Project                          Burnhamthorpe Rd. W.                                       Open 7 Days a Week
for the Canadian Diabetes Association and the ErinoakKids                                 Webb Drive
Centre for Treatment & Development. Registrants must go to to sign up and be eligible for the free                                                                                      325 Central Pkwy.,W.
park pass. Disney is encouraging other volunteer organiza-
tions to join the network as well, to boost their volunteer
                                                                               Central Pkwy W.                                                      Mississauga

                                                                                                         Confederation Pkwy
                                                                   Mavis Rd.

ranks through this exciting initiative.

                                                                                                                              Hurontario St.
   The enthusiasm which the WDW executives showed during
the presentation, as well as the pride their employees display                        Dundas Street W.
when talking about the initiative would seem to guarantee                                                                            
they will meet their goals and encourage a new generation of
community based volunteerism. That makes almost anywhere
“The Happiest Place on Earth” - even if you’re not standing
right beside Joe Jonas. V
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