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                                                               your guide to financial well-being | spring 2012

what’s in a name
behind the switch to Consolidated Community Credit Union
February 1, 2012, we changed our name to                   Community Credit Union as of March 1, 2012. From
Consolidated Community Credit Union. We’re still           this date forward, the credit unions participating in
the same credit union you know and love but with an        the Shared Branching network are no longer able to
updated name and logo!                                     locate your account as a member of Consolidated
                                                           Federal Credit Union.
We want to assure you that the quality of service and
products will not change and we are still federally        Also, don’t forget to tell your friends and family they
insured by the NCUA. We changed our name because           can join your credit union and receive the same
we want all the residents living in our community to       great service that you receive on a daily basis. You’ll
know they can join Consolidated Community Credit           receive $50 for every new member you refer who
Union and that membership is no longer limited by          opens a direct deposit checking account…give us a
employer.                                                  call for more details!
You will not need to update your online banking            If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
logins or worry about ordering new checks or Visa          contact us at 503.232.8070 (or 800.444.8115 if you are
credit and debit cards. All of these items will continue   outside of the Portland, OR area). As always, thank
to work as normal.                                         you for choosing Consolidated Community Credit
                                                           Union as your primary financial provider. We truly
If you conduct transactions at participating credit
                                                           appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
unions through the Shared Branching Network, you
will identify yourself as a member of Consolidated

                                                           keeping your money safe
                                                           enhanced security for online banking
                                                           In order to better protect you and your accounts we
                                                           are enhancing our Online Banking security.
                                                           The enhanced security provides additional protection
                                                           for certain high risk, high dollar transactions by
                                                           authenticating the transaction with an interactive
                                                           telephone call verification process. The new
                                                           enhancements will take place in late April.
                                                           At that time, in order to provide this added protection,
                                                           members who are currently enrolled in Online Banking
                                                           will be prompted to answer new security challenge
                                                           questions and enroll at least one telephone number
                                                           to be used for the call back verification in the event
                                                           of a high risk transaction. No other changes will be
                                                           made within Online Banking or Mobile Banking.
                                                           If you have any questions please contact a Member
                                                           Service Representative at 503.232.8070 or 800.444.8115
                                                           if you are outside of Portland.
                                                                                       CCCU | financial insider

                                                           making homes affordable
                                                           Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)
                                                           If you’re not behind on your mortgage payments
                                                           but have been unable to get traditional refinancing
                                                           because your home’s value has declined, you may
                                                           be eligible to refinance through the Home Affordable
                                                           Refinance Program (HARP). HARP is designed to help
                                                           you get a new, more affordable mortgage at today’s
                                                           historically low interest rates even if the value of your

solving your financial concerns                            home has fallen. Here is some general information
                                                           about HARP:
our partners, Human Investing
                                                           • Must be a conventional loan (Fannie Mae or
Significant assets offer tremendous opportunities, but       Freddie Mac loan) that closed prior to June 1, 2009.
with opportunity comes complexity and challenges.
                                                           • Refinance up to 125% of the appraised value
With nearly 50 years of combined experience in the
                                                             at low rates without having mortgage insurance.
financial services industry, Human Investing will share
their knowledge to help solve the financial concerns       • Qualifying is typically easier in terms of lower
that keep you up at night. For their personal wealth         allowed credit scores, higher debt ratios, etc.
clients, they perform the following services while         • Many times an appraisal is not required to
acting as your personal chief financial officer:             complete the refinance.
                consulting services                        • Low interest rates and low fees for this product.
                • Financial
                • Tax                                      If you think the HARP program may be right for you,
                • Insurance                                please give one of our Mortgage Loan Officers a call
                • Estate                                   at 503.232.8070 or 800.444.8115 if you are outside of
                • Retirement                               Portland.
                • College Savings
                • Charitable Giving
                • Real Estate Acquisition
                investment management
                • Tax Efficient Strategies
                • Rule 144 Stock
                • Stock Options
                • Custom Portfolios
                • Discretionary Asset Management
For more information please visit Human Investing’s
website at or contact Eric
Dahm at 503.905.3100 or

holiday closures                                          ne portland 2021 NE Sandy Blvd.     9:00-5:00pm mon-thur
                Memorial Day                                            Portland, OR          9:00-6:00pm friday
                Monday, May 28                                          503.232.8070

                                                          nw portland 2055 NW Savier St.      9:00-5:00pm mon-fri
                                                                        Portland, OR

                      Federally Insured
                      By NCUA                                           800.444.8115