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									Planning A Fitness Routine That Fits You
If you are like so many others, you want to lose weight, get fit or get healthy but do not know how to
get started. It is finding a routine that will fit you that will make all the difference. If you take on a
fitness regimen that does not fit your schedule or your fitness level, you are bound to fail. Use the
ideas below to begin planning a fitness routine that fits you.

Sit down with your daily planner and calculate how much time you can dedicate to exercise each day.
Try to find a time in which you will be able to exercise at the same time every day. Finding a schedule
that is easy to stick with will make it much easier for you to remain dedicated to your workout each
and every day. If you cannot find a time that will work for each day, set up a schedule to allow for
fitness on a consistent basis. Having it in writing will help you stay on top of it.

The exercises you choose need to work out all of the major muscle groups. You can find all the
information you need about what exercises work what muscle groups online. Once you have that
information, schedule different muscle groups on different days.

The number of reps you do of each exercise depends on your level of fitness. If you are just
beginning to exercise and are not in great physical condition, you should start small. If you try to do
too much, you could end up damaging your muscles and slow your progress to a crawl. As you begin
to show signs of physical advancement, you can increase the number of reps you do.

Make sure that you rest and stretch between the sets. If you continue to push rep after rep, you will
damage your muscles. Your muscles need time to rest to avoid injury.

Track your progress and routine in a journal. Keeping detailed logs of your workouts will help you
know what is working and what needs adjustment. Log the number of reps of the different exercises
you are doing, as well as any weight that you are using while doing them. Also, track your eating
habits. The more details you include in your journal the better you will be able to reference the journal
to see what has given you the best results.
If you have done everything that you can and are not seeing the results you have hoped for, it may be
time to get some help from a professional trainer and maybe a dietician. These professionals know
what is best to help people get fit in a safe and efficient manner. They can help you develop a
schedule that will fit you and your lifestyle. You are sure to benefit from spending the money on a
trainer that will work with you to get fit and stay that way.

Now that you know what you have to do to get a fitness plan that will work for you, get up and get
started. Soon, you will be in excellent physical condition and feeling great!

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