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                A Tribute                                          Greetings from Clarence W. Dupnik
       to Sheriff Clarence Dupnik                                          Sheriff Since 1980
                                                                       Welcome to the Pima County Sheriff Department’s Annual Awards Ceremony for
  Your 50 years of service are truly remarkable. Your career           2008. I once again have the honor of publicly recognizing the men and women of
   achievements are too intricate to summarize. Your eight             this Department, and the citizens of our community, who have risen to a level of
                                                                       unrivaled service. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department holds a reputation for
 consecutive terms as Sheriff of Pima County speaks volumes
                                                                       professionalism that is unmatched in Southern Arizona. This reputation is the result
about your entrusted leadership to your constituency; and your         of the dedication and commitment of all the members of our organization. You will
  enhanced and continued focus on public safety has defined            see that all of the employees being honored here tonight have performed their jobs in
                         your legacy...                                an exceptional manner, and have risen above the high standard that is set every day
                                                                       by the men and women of this Department.
                                                                            Once a year, we gather together to pay tribute to people who have taken action
  Your experience, sacrifice and dedication have made you a
                                                                       above and beyond what is expected of them in their everyday lives. Whether
  professional institution in the law enforcement community.           employees of this Department or not, we are all citizens of Pima County and hold an
                                                                       abiding interest in the safety and security of our community. You will see that the
Thank you, Sheriff Dupnik, for 50 years of public service to the       actions taken, that are being honored tonight, were the result of a personal decision to
       citizens of Pima County and the city of Tucson.                 sacrifice something in pursuit of the common good.
                                                                            Whether the achievement was in taking life saving measures, exceptional risks,
                                                                       or was the result of extraordinary teamwork to accomplish a difficult task, the result
                       Congratulations!                                was the same. These employees knew what was expected of them, yet they went
                                                                       further, dedicating themselves to achieving more than a job well done. They are
                                                                       being honored here tonight because they are representative of the kind of service and
                                                                       selflessness that allows the citizens of Pima County to safely live and work in this
                                                                            We will recognize citizens who, with no obligation to act, and often with
                                                                       disregard for their own safety, took action to help others and further the cause of
                                                                       public safety and saw a need, and demonstrated selfless servitude in responding to
                                                                       that call and represent the very best that this community has to offer.
                                                                            I am very proud of all the employees that make up the Pima County Sheriff’s
                                                                       Department. They give of themselves on a daily basis, representing this Department
                                                                       and Pima County in an honorable and professional manner. It is on behalf of them
                                                                       that I welcome you here tonight.

                                                                       Clarence W. Dupnik, Sheriff of Pima County

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Table of Contents                                                                                2008 Awards Ceremony
                                                                                                  Committee Members
            Greetings from the Sheriff ........................................ 1

            Schedule of Events .................................................... 3
                                                                                                              Bureau Chief Bradley J. Gagnepain
            Awards (list of medals) ............................................ 4
                                                                                             Captain Shawn T. Cooper                Sergeant Joe DeCormis
            Award Recipients ...................................................... 5        Captain Christopher G. Nanos           Sergeant Cathryn E. Masters
            Medal of Valor .......................................................... 10     Captain Christopher M. Radtke          Sergeant Alex Montoya
                                                                                             Corrections Captain India Davis        Sergeant James G. Ogden
            Purple Heart ............................................................ 13                                            Sergeant Christopher A. Rogers
                                                                                             Lieutenant Gary Anderson               Corrections Sergeant John Rooney
            Public Safety Achievement Medal......................... 17                      Lieutenant Deanna J. Coultas
                                                                                             Lieutenant Scott W. Martin             Deputy Nicole Feldt
            Public Service Achievement Medal ...................... 20                       Lieutenant David Peru                  Deputy Christy Lawson
                                                                                             Lieutenant Lisa R. Sacco               Detective Curtis Strickland
            Sheriff’s Citizen’s Medal ......................................... 28                                                  Corrections Officer David Krzysik
                                                                                             Lieutenant Karl Woolridge
                                                                                             Corrections Lt. Brooke Moore           Corrections Officer Anthony Lucas
            Shannon Russell Award .......................................... 32

            Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate ...................... 34
                                                                                                                   Ms. Kathryn D. Callan
            Sheriff’s Unit Commendation                                                                             Mr. Todd M. Lepird
              Certificate ............................................................. 61                         Ms. Catherine Lesinski
                                                                                                                    Ms. Dana Y. Muñoz
            Special Recognition .................................................. 71                            Ms. Patty Reyes-Hendricks
                                                                                                                   Ms. Annette Romero
            In Memory Of ........................................................... 76
                                                                                                                   Ms. Linda S. Woodruff
            Special Thanks .......................................................... 78                 Mr. Rudy Castro, Community Representative

            Awards Committee .................................................. 79

            Tribute to Sheriff Dupnik....................................... 80

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      Special Thanks                       Schedule of Events
                                               Social Hour and Registration
                                                           5:30 p.m.
                                                          No host bar
            Mr. Jim Callery
       Caesar’s Palace – Las Vegas                  Posting of the Colors
                                        Pima County Sheriff’s Department Color Guard
           Doubletree Hotel
                                                    “National Anthem”
     Mr. David “Fitz” Fitzsimmons                     Ms. Alisha Peru
           La Paloma Resort                      (Daughter of Lt. David Peru)

         Mr. Derric Martinez                              Invocation
                                         Father John Allt, St. Rita in the Desert Parish
            Ms. Alisha Peru
     University of Arizona Athletics                        Dinner
                                                            6:30 P.M.
       Ventana Canyon Resort
        Westward Look Resort           Mr. David “Fitz” Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star
                                                  Mr. Jim Callery, Guitarist
                                                Mr. Darric Martinez, Magician

Supporters of the 23rd Annual                    Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik

     Awards Ceremony                              Presentation of Awards
                                               Bureau Chief Richard J. Kastigar
                                                   Captain Shawn Cooper

                                         Father John Allt, St. Rita in the Desert Parish

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                                     Awards                                                         In Memory of
  The Pima County Sheriff’s Department Awards Ceremony provides for the presentation         Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers
of certificates and decorations to members of the Department and citizens of the community
           and to recognize acts of heroism, the performance of outstanding service,
        or injuries sustained in the line of duty. Individuals may be selected to receive
                      any of the awards listed below in order of precedence:
                                                                                                      Joe Cataldo – Tucson
                                                                                                         23 Years of Service
                                  Medal of Honor
                                                                                                      Roy Jones – Tucson
                                   Medal of Valor
                                                                                                         26 Years of Service
                                   Medal of Merit
                                                                                                      Bob Riney – Tucson
                                     Purple Heart                                                        9 Years of Service
                        Public Safety Achievement Medal                                            George Tessier III – Tucson
                       Public Service Achievement Medal                                                  6 Years of Service

                              Sheriff’s Citizen’s Medal                                         Angelo DiGiovanni – Green Valley
                                                                                                         16 Years of Service
                            Shannon Russell
             Outstanding Corrections Officer of the Year Award                                    Daniel Sullivan – Green Valley
                       Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate                                                 6 Years of Service

                   Sheriff’s Unit Commendation Certificate                                     Gertrude (Trudi) Dubs – Green Valley
                                                                                                         3 Years of Service
                                Special Recognition

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         In Memory of                                                            2008 Award Recipients
                                                    Anders, Det. Scott - Pg. 21            Herndon, Mr. Michael – Pg. 50       O’Connor, Dep. Ryan - Pg. 37
                                                    Anderson, Mr. Arthur - Pg. 35          Humane Society - Pg. 72             Odell, Dep. Michael - Pg. 19
                                                    AVID - Pg. 73                          Iverson, Dep. James - Pg. 18        Ogden, Dep. Derek - Pg. 16, 58
                                                    Ballou, Mr. Ron - Pg. 29               Jacobs, Dep. Gabriel - Pg. 37       PCADC Angel Tree - Pg. 54
                                                    Boivin, Mr. Micah - Pg. 29             Janes, Sgt. Harold - Pg. 51,66,68   PCSD Honor Guard Unit – Pg. 66
                                                    Boudreau, Det. Melody - Pg. 37         Jimenez, Dep. Francisco - Pg. 15    Personnel Unit - Pg. 68
                                                    Bowe, Dep. Tiberius - Pg. 37           Joiner, Dep. Brett – Pg. 37         P. C. Animal Care - Pg. 72
                                                    Boyce, Ms. Jenifer - Pg. 40            Kane, Mr. Thomas - Pg. 50           Portrey, Mr. Tony - Pg. 25
                                                    Butler, C.O. Matthew - Pg. 41          Kripner, Mr. Christopher - Pg. 27   Price, Dep. Thomas - Pg. 26
                                                    Carey, Ms. Talia - Pg. 22              Kripner, Mr. Michael - Pg. 27       Reyes-Hendricks, Ms. Patty - Pg. 55
                                                    Cervantez, Dep. Eric - Pg. 8, 11, 14   Law, Dep. James - Pg. 16, 19        Roberts, Mr. Joshua - Pg. 41
                                                    Circle K Corp. - Pg. 42                Lopez, Dep. Pedro - Pg. 52          Rockwell, Dep. Jason - Pg. 56
                                                    Communications Day Shift - Pg. 62      Lyle, Dep. Elliott – Pg. 37         Rojas, Mr. Raul - Pg. 29
                                                    Couture, Det. Karen - Pg. 43                                               Ruff-Duval, Ms. Martha - Pg. 27, 31
                                                    Dabb, Dep. Kurt - Pg. 18               Madewell, Mr. Paul - Pg. 29         Rupp, Dep. Jonathon - Pg. 57
                                                    Derrick, C.O. Brent - Pg. 33           McFarland, Mr. Doug - Pg. 29        Salmon, Dep. Matthew - Pg. 12, 14
                                                    Deschenes, Det. Therese - Pg. 21       McGrath, Dep. Clifford - Pg. 37     Sandoval, Mr. Felipe - Pg. 29
                                                    DDS Unit - Pg. 64                      Melendez, Mr. Benjamin - Pg. 29     Santa Maria, Dep. Francisco - Pg. 37
                                                    Dixon, Dep. Matthew - Pg. 44           Molchan, Dep. Donald - Pg. 53       Schwartz, Dep. Tory - Pg. 8, 11, 14
                                                    Dunaway, Dep. Scott - Pg. 9, 45        Monreal, Mr. Steven - Pg. 53        Seeley, C.O. Byron - Pg. 58
                                                    Easton, Dep. Lawrence - Pg. 8, 11      Morrison, Ms. - Pg. 75              Shafer, Det. Scott - Pg. 37
Gary Lee Luker            Richard C. McKinley       Eells, Mr. Wayne - Pg. 45              Murphy, Sgt. Joseph - Pg. 37        Shinn, Mr. Jerry - Pg. 9, 31
Corrections Officer        Former Sheriff’s Deputy   Fimbres, Mr. Gilbert - Pg. 29          Murphy, Sgt. William - Pg. 24       Sidoni, C.O. Nicholas - Pg. 59
                                                    Garcia, Dep. Jeffrey - Pg. 37          Neuss, Dep. David - Pg. 37          Smith, Dep. David – Pg. 9, 60
                                                    Giffords, Congresswoman - Pg. 74                                           Soza, Mr. Mark - Pg. 29
                                                    Gil, Dep. Laura – Pg. 37                                                   Sperry, Ms. Madeline - Pg. 50
                                                    Gonzales, Mr. Frank - Pg. 46                                               Summerfield, Dep. Larry - Pg. 44
                                                    Gonzales, Mr. Frederick - Pg. 46                                           Sykora, Ms. Eileen - Pg. 29
                                                    Gonzalez, Dep. Augustine - Pg. 37                                          Tobin, Mr. Ron - Pg. 29
                                                    Graff, Mr. Ken - Pg. 48                                                    Velasco, Dep. Jose - Pg. 9, 11
                                                    G. V. Golf Unit - Pg. 70                                                   Walsh, Dep. Michael - Pg. 37
                                                    Greene, Dep. Kori - Pg. 49                                                 Welch, Mr. Adam - Pg. 29
                                                    Haufe, Dep. Bruce - Pg. 12, 14                                             Welsh, Ms. Paula - Pg. 18, 31
                                                    Hedrick, Det. Kenneth - Pg. 23                                             Whitbeck, Det. Jeffrey - Pg. 37
                                                    Henson, Mr. Dennis - Pg. 50                                                Wyche, C.O. Lawrence - Pg. 60

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                         Officer Involved Shooting                                                                               Department of Homeland Security
                                                                                                                                Director Leesa Berens Morrison
                                                                                                                                In December 2006, Ms. Leesa Berens Morrison was appointed by Governor Janet
     On June 1, 2008, a gunman terrorized Pima                    responding deputies updated. Even after losing visual         Napolitano as the first confirmed director of the newly-created state Department of
County in a shooting rampage that crossed the Tucson              contact with the car, he was able to find the suspect who     Homeland Security. Prior to her appointment, Ms. Morrison served for 17 years as an
area, endangering countless lives as he fired several             was traveling in a different direction on a different road.   Arizona Assistant Attorney General practicing administrative, civil and criminal law;
hundred shots at houses, vehicles, and responding law             Mr. Shinn was able to stay with the suspect vehicle until     and 12 years as a prosecutor in the Criminal Division of the Attorney General’s Office.
enforcement officers. During the course of this rampage,          another deputy was able to take position and pursue the       In July 2005, as part of her border security program, Governor Napolitano directed
two Pima County Sheriff’s Deputies were wounded                   convertible.                                                  Ms. Morrison to create and lead the Arizona Fraudulent Identification Taskforce, an
and a Tucson Police Officer was killed. Ultimately, the                Deputy Sheriffs responding to Deputy Cervantez’          integral part of the Governor’s “Strong Border, Secure Arizona” initiative; a statewide
fortitude, intrepidity, and courage of the responding law         call for assistance next located the suspect vehicle in the   multi-agency taskforce.
enforcement officers resulted in the timely capture of this       Rincon District near Sabino Canyon and River Roads.
murderer.                                                         Deputy Jose Velasco attempted to take a position of           As Director of the State Department of Homeland Security, Ms. Morrison is
     Shortly before 10:00 am, Foothills Deputies                  cover to engage the suspect but was met by another            responsible for developing Arizona’s statewide strategy on Homeland Security
responded to a report of numerous shots fired at a                volley of rifle fire that struck his patrol car. Before       preparedness and for overseeing the Federal grant funding process. She has been
residence by a suspect who fled in a red convertible.             Deputy Velasco could return fire, the suspect fled with       instrumental in the support and acquisition of much needed grant funding; with the
Deputy Eric Cervantes was on duty when he heard                   Velasco in pursuit. Deputy Lawrence Easton arrived to         Pima County Sheriff’s Department receiving over 3 million dollars for equipment
the broadcasted call. He obtained a description of the            assist Deputy Velasco as the pursuit continued south          utilized by the Department to fight border crime. Ms. Morrison’s efforts have
suspect’s car and located it at the intersection of Oracle        to Tanque Verde Road and turned east where Tucson             provided the Pima County Sheriff’s Department with the tools and support needed
and Ina. The driver brandished an assault rifle toward            Police Officers joined the deputies. Three times during       to successfully assist the Arizona Department of Homeland Security in fulfilling their
Deputy Cervantez who then attempted to detain him.                this pursuit, the suspect stopped his vehicle, positioned     commitment to serving the citizens of Pima County, and keeping the borders safe.
As Deputy Cervantez stepped from his patrol car, the              himself over the front seat of his car, and fired shots at
suspect unleashed a barrage of gunfire striking Deputy            the pursuing Deputies and Police Officers.                    Ms. Morrison’s dedication to public safety is unmistakably proven by her
Cervantez in the shoulder and hitting the patrol car                   The suspect continued on Tanque Verde Road to            involvement as chair and co-chair on multiple committees. Ms. Morrison chairs the
numerous times.                                                   Tomahawk where he turned north. As Deputy Easton              Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center Oversight Committee and co-chairs
     Deputy Cervantez attempted to return fire.                   and Tucson Police Officer Eric Hite followed, they            the National Governors Associate Governors Homeland Security Advisory Council
Although wounded by rifle fire, Deputy Cervantez had              turned into the suspect’s line of fire as he ambushed the     Border Security Committee; Border Governors’ Conference Border Security Work
the presence of mind to recognize a number of citizens            officers. Officer Eric Hite was mortally wounded by the       Table; and Governor’s Emergency Preparedness Oversight Council.
within his line of fire. Therefore, he held his fire as           barrage and the suspect escaped into the neighborhood
the suspect fled southbound on Oracle Road. Deputy                only to be located by Deputy Tory Schwartz on Catalina        In special recognition and appreciation of her outstanding assistance to the Pima
Cervantez, wounded and bleeding, initiated a pursuit of           Highway.                                                      County Sheriff’s Department and support of public safety in Pima County, Ms.
the heavily armed suspect stopping only when his patrol                When Deputy Schwartz saw the suspect vehicle, he         Morrison is hereby presented with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Special
car succumbed to the damage sustained in the initial              made a U-turn and tried to pursue the car. The suspect        Recognition Award.
confrontation.                                                    stopped his car, stood up in the convertible and fired
     Mr. Jerry Shinn was traveling in his private vehicle         several rounds at Deputy Schwartz. One round struck
near Oracle and Ina when he witnessed Deputy                      Deputy Schwartz in the side of the head. The suspect
Cervantez being shot. He saw Deputy Cervantez pursue              then fled up the Mt. Lemmon Highway with Deputy
the suspect but noted the suspect eluded the deputy               Schwartz, despite his wound, still in pursuit. The
by making a U-turn. Mr. Shinn called 9-1-1 from his               suspect stopped again on Mt. Lemmon firing repeatedly
cell phone and alerted the Communications Center of               at Deputy Schwartz. Although he was wounded and
the suspect’s location and direction of travel. Mr. Shinn         without back up, Deputy Schwartz remained in pursuit
followed the suspect for over ten miles while keeping             until his patrol car, having been struck by numerous

                                                              6                                                                                            75
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords                                                          rounds, ceased to operate. The suspect again eluded
                                                                                                                                                          a violent, heavily armed felon. For his uncompromising
                                                                                                                                                          pursuit of an adversary of Pima County and the State
                                                                                               Deputies Scott Dunaway and David Smith                     of Arizona, his act of gallantry and intrepidity, and
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is the youngest woman ever elected to
                                                                                          responded to Deputy Schwartz’s call for assistance.             his unwavering courage as he risked his life above
the Arizona State Senate, serving her hometown of Tucson from 2000 to 2005.
                                                                                          Deputies Dunaway and Smith located the suspect                  and beyond the call of duty, Deputy Velasco’s actions
Now representing District 8 in the United States House of Representatives,
                                                                                          vehicle in the Molino Basin Picnic area, detaining the          render him conspicuously above the expected standards
Congresswoman Giffords has continued her long tradition of interest in and support
                                                                                          suspect at gunpoint until responding backup Deputies            of conduct. Therefore, Deputy Jose Velasco is hereby
for issues affecting Southern Arizona. Her congressional district encompasses over
                                                                                          could arrive and assist with the arrest.                        awarded the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Medal of
nine thousand square miles, which includes 114 miles of border shared with Mexico.
                                                                                               Deputy Eric Cervantez’s actions displayed courage,         Valor.
This proximity makes it crucial for her to be focused on legislation concerning the
                                                                                          resolve, and composure in responding to a threat and                 Deputy Lawrence Easton’s actions displayed
many issues related to human rights and border security that have come to the
                                                                                          recognizing the danger to citizens in the area. He risked       courage, resolve, and composure in responding
forefront of governmental attention in recent years.
                                                                                          his life to protect the community from a violent, heavily       to a deadly threat. He risked his life to protect the
                                                                                          armed felon. For his uncompromising pursuit of an               community from a violent, heavily armed felon. For
As a member of Congress, Congresswoman Giffords has supported the men and
                                                                                          adversary of Pima County and the State of Arizona, his          his uncompromising pursuit of an adversary of Pima
women who serve in the armed forces of the United States and their families by
                                                                                          act of gallantry and intrepidity, and his unwavering            County and the State of Arizona, his act of gallantry and
supporting legislation that improved the Montgomery GI Bill, ensuring better access
                                                                                          courage as he risked his life above and beyond the              intrepidity, and his unwavering courage as he risked his
to a four-year education for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan; expanding the Family/
                                                                                          call of duty, Deputy Eric Cervantez’s actions render            life above and beyond the call of duty, Deputy Easton’s
Medical Leave Act to include additional time off work for families of injured service
                                                                                          him conspicuously above the expected standards of               actions render him conspicuously above the expected
members; providing tax relief to military families and overseeing the improvements
                                                                                          conduct. Therefore, Deputy Eric Cervantez is hereby             standards of conduct. Therefore, Deputy Easton is hereby
to facilities and care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. She currently serves
                                                                                          awarded the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Medal              awarded the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Medal of
on the House Committee on Armed Services, including the Subcommittee on Air
                                                                                          of Valor. Furthermore, Deputy Eric Cervantez sustained          Valor.
and Land Forces and the Subcommittee on Readiness. She is also a member of the
                                                                                          a gunshot wound while engaged in an action against                   Mr. Shinn’s actions displayed courage, resolve, and
House Committee on Foreign Affairs; including the Subcommittee on the Western
                                                                                          an adversary of Pima County. Deputy Eric Cervantez is           composure. His persistence enabled the Pima County
Hemisphere and the House Committee on Science and Technology, specifically the
                                                                                          hereby awarded the Pima County Sheriff’s Department             Sheriff’s Department to eventually locate and arrest an
Subcommittee on Energy and Environment.
                                                                                          Purple Heart.                                                   armed suspect who had shot three local law enforcement
                                                                                               Deputy Tory Schwartz’s actions displayed courage,          officers. Mr. Shinn’s actions were clearly far above and
With regard to immigration and border protection, Congresswoman Giffords
                                                                                          resolve, and composure in responding to a deadly                beyond what the Sheriff’s Department would expect
authored the current Employment Verification Act, resulting in Arizona becoming
                                                                                          threat. He risked his life to protect the community from        from citizens as he placed himself in harm’s way to aid in
the first state to utilize the E-Verify system to verify employees’ eligibility to work
                                                                                          a violent, heavily armed felon. For his uncompromising          the capture of this violent, heavily armed felon. For his
in the United States. She also fought to secure increased funding for the State
                                                                                          pursuit of an adversary of Pima County and the State            uncompromising pursuit of an adversary of Pima County
Criminal Alien Assistance Program, which provides financial reimbursement
                                                                                          of Arizona, his act of gallantry and intrepidity, and his       and the State of Arizona, his act of courage, and his
to local law enforcement agencies for the apprehension and detention of illegal
                                                                                          unwavering courage as he risked his life above and              assistance to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Mr.
immigrants. This legislation is especially significant to the Sheriff’s Department
                                                                                          beyond the call of duty, Deputy Tory Schwartz’s actions         Jerry Shinn is hereby awarded the Pima County Sheriff’s
as the only statutory provider of a secure detention facility in Pima County. Her
                                                                                          render him conspicuously above the expected standards           Department Citizen’s Medal.
support for border security includes efforts to increase technology and electronic
                                                                                          of conduct. Therefore, Deputy Tory Schwartz is hereby                Deputy Scott Dunaway and Deputy David Smith’s
surveillance, and support for the Border Patrol in the form of additional training and
                                                                                          awarded the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Medal              actions displayed courage, resolve, and composure.
equipment. Finally, she supports stricter penalties for employers who knowingly hire
                                                                                          of Valor. Furthermore, Deputy Tory Schwartz sustained           Although they were in grave danger, they confronted a
undocumented workers.
                                                                                          a gunshot wound while engaged in an action against              suspect who had shot multiple times at Sheriff’s Deputies
                                                                                          an adversary of Pima County. Deputy Tory Schwartz is            and Tucson Police Officers. For their actions in capturing
For her devotion to duty and continued support of the security of our nation,
                                                                                          hereby awarded the Pima County Sheriff’s Department             an adversary of Pima County and the State of Arizona
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is hereby presented with the Pima County
                                                                                          Purple Heart.                                                   and his fortitude, Deputy Scott Dunaway and Deputy
Sheriff’s Department, Special Recognition Award.
                                                                                               Deputy Jose Velasco’s actions displayed courage,           David Smith are hereby awarded the Pima County
                                                                                          resolve, and composure in responding to a deadly threat.        Sheriff’s Commendation.
                                                                                          He risked his life to protect the community from

                           74                                                                                                                         7
Deputy Eric Cervantez
                                                                                                        Arizona Verified Information
Deputy Cervantez risked his life above and beyond the call of duty.
He continued to pursue an armed suspect, even after he was injured
                                                                                                            Destruction (AVID)
by gunfire.
                                                                                     Identity theft affects millions of people across the        not hesitate to get involved. AVID generously donated
                                                                                     country every year. Unfortunately, Arizona is               their equipment and personnel at eight different Shred-
Deputy Cervantez suffered a gunshot wound while engaged in an action against an
                                                                                     ranked number one for identity theft and fraud              A-Thons throughout Pima County and shredded over
adversary of Pima County.
                                                                                     cases. To combat this growing crime, the Pima               50,000 lbs of documents!
                                                                                     County Sheriff’s Department partnered with Arizona
                                                                                     Verified Information Destruction (AVID) in a summer         For their outstanding efforts, exceptional service,
                                                                                     Identity Theft Awareness campaign. During these             and continuing support of the Pima County Sheriff’s
                                                                                     hard economic times, it would have been easy for            Department and the citizens of Pima County, Arizona
                                                                                     the company to turn the Sheriff’s Department down.          Verified Information Destruction is hereby presented
Deputy Tory Schwartz                                                                 However, when the idea was pitched to them, they did        with this Special Recognition.

Deputy Schwartz risked his life above and beyond the call of duty. He continued to
pursue an armed suspect, even after he was injured by gunfire.

Deputy Schwartz suffered a gunshot wound while engaged in an action against an
adversary of Pima County.

Deputy Lawrence Easton
Deputy Easton performed a distinguished act of gallantry which renders him
conspicuously above the expected standard of conduct. He continued to pursue an
armed adversary of Pima County while being shot at by the suspect, placing himself
in harms way.

                           8                                                                                                                73
           Pima Animal Care Center and the                                                                                                         Deputy Jose Velasco
                                                                                                                                                   MEDAL OF VALOR
          Humane Society of Southern Arizona                                                                                                       Deputy Velasco performed a distinguished act of gallantry which renders him
                                                                                                                                                   conspicuously above the expected standard of conduct. He continued to pursue an
                                                                                                                                                   armed adversary of Pima County while being shot at by the suspect, placing himself
                                                                                                                                                   in harms way.
In February of 2008, the Sheriff’s Department served             Due to the filthy, cramped living conditions, all the dogs
multiple search warrants in a large-scale, dog-fighting          were in need of immediate medical treatment, some
investigation. As a result, numerous animals were                with serious physical conditions.
seized, to include 148 dogs. All but four of these
dogs were identified as pit bull terriers, which were            The Pima County Animal Care Center assisted in the
bred for fighting. All of the animals needed to be               grueling on-sight collection of the dogs and subsequent
catalogued and evaluated. Additionally, the fighting             transportation. The Humane Society of Southern                                    Deputy Scott Dunaway
dogs required separate housing. Detectives called the            Arizona not only arranged housing and medical care
Pima County Animal Care Center and the Humane                    for the animals, they also orchestrated the adoption and                          SHERIFF’S COMMENDATION CERTIFICATE
Society of Southern Arizona for assistance in dealing            long-term fostering of some of the dogs. The Humane                               Deputy Scott Dunaway’s actions displayed courage, resolve, and composure.
with the seemingly overwhelming scene. Both agencies             Society, in particular, took on the task of organizing                            Although he was in grave danger, he confronted a suspect who had shot multiple
responded and quickly coordinated resources from                 the outpouring of support from the public, which                                  times at Sheriff’s Deputies and Tucson Police Officers. For his actions in capturing an
across the state to ensure these dogs were properly              turned their not very sizable facility into a veritable                           adversary of Pima County and the State of Arizona and his fortitude, Deputy Scott
handled.                                                         M.A.S.H. unit, with employees and volunteers working                              Dunaway is hereby awarded the Pima County Sheriff’s Commendation.
                                                                 around the clock to provide care for these small dogs.
The Pima County Animal Care Center went above                    The subsequent influx of people wishing to adopt
and beyond their normal responsibilities by arranging            the dogs strained the Humane Society’s resources to
for the transport, housing, and medical care of the              the brink of collapse. Employees from both agencies
seized fighting dogs. They also coordinated with                 worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of all the animals,
agencies statewide to arrange for long-term housing              while simultaneously documenting and preserving                                   Deputy David Smith
of the fighting dogs. The Humane Society of Southern             the evidence that would be necessary for the case to
Arizona also volunteered their assistance in evaluating          successfully conclude.                                                            SHERIFF’S COMMENDATION CERTIFICATE
the animals, by providing an on-site veterinarian to                                                                                               Deputy David Smith’s actions displayed courage, resolve, and composure. Although
assess the animals’ conditions, and provided several             The Pima County Sheriff’s Department and the citizens                             he was in grave danger, he confronted a suspect who had shot multiple times
employees to assist in the search of the properties. They        of Pima County are eternally grateful to both agencies                            at Sheriff’s Deputies and Tucson Police Officers. For his actions in capturing an
also assisted with the coordination of the removal of            for their continued support and willingness to assist                             adversary of Pima County and the State of Arizona and his fortitude, Deputy David
many other animals, including fish, goats, and chickens;         with protecting animals from abuse while aiding with                              Smith is hereby awarded the Pima County Sheriff’s Commendation.
which were later placed for adoption.                            the successful prosecution of the arrestees.

While previous investigations were still ongoing, in             For their outstanding efforts, exceptional service,
March of 2008, both agencies once again came to the              and continued support of the Pima County Sheriff’s
aid of the Sheriff’s Department and its mission to stop          Department and the protection of animals in Pima
animal cruelty. The agencies provided human and                  County, the Pima County Animal Care Center and
                                                                                                                                                   Mr. Jerry Shinn
physical resources to assist in the seizure of 851 small,        the Humane Society of Southern Arizona are hereby
                                                                                                                               Mr. Jerry Shinn     SHERIFF’S CITIZEN’S MEDAL
mixed-breed dogs seized in a hoarding investigation.             presented with this Special Recognition.
                                                                                                                              no photo available   Mr. Shinn provided the Pima County Sheriff’s Department with vital information via
                                                                                                                                                   his cell phone, while following an armed suspect’s vehicle through the city. Mr. Shinn
                                                                                                                                                   clearly went above and beyond his responsibilities as a member of our community
                                                                                                                                                   and provided exemplary service to the citizens of Pima County.
                                                            72                                                                                                                 9
                           Medal of Valor                                                            Special Recognition
   “Heroic acts arise out of desperate circumstances”                                           In special recognition and appreciation of outstanding
                                                                                                 assistance to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department
                                                                                                     and support of public safety in Pima County.
Awarded to a member of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department who is distinguished
by an act of gallantry while engaged in an action against an adversary of Pima County,
  the State of Arizona, or the United States of America. The act renders the recipient
                 conspicuously above the expected standard of conduct.

                                                                                                            This Year’s Recipients
                                                                                                    Humane Society of Southern Arizona
                                                                                                     Pima County Animal Care Center
                                                                                              Arizona Verified Information Destruction (AVID)
                                                                                                     Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords
                                                                                         AZ Dept of Homeland Security Director Leesa Berens Morrison

                              This Year’s Recipients
                             Deputy Eric Cervantez
                            Deputy Lawrence Easton
                             Deputy Tory Schwartz
                              Deputy Jose Velasco
                              Deputy Bruce Haufe
                            Deputy Matthew Salmon

                                          10                                                                              71
   Green Valley Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers
          Command Post Golf Unit
Throughout the year of 2007, a small band of volunteers         The Command Post Golf Unit has answered calls, day
quietly participated in seventeen major field operations        and night, and has provided an invaluable service to the
in and around the Green Valley area, supporting                 Pima County Sheriff’s Department and the communities
law enforcement efforts. This group of Green Valley             in and around Green Valley. Their tireless efforts,
Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers, known as “Command               and outstanding team performance, have not gone
Post Golf Unit,” has supported missions at major crime          unnoticed.
scenes, DUI Check Points, Public Accidents, and Public
Safety Awareness fairs. The Unit is comprised of a              For their dedication to the Pima County Sheriff’s                        Deputy Eric Cervantez        Deputy Lawrence Easton
manager, drivers, technical personnel, and a clean-up           Department and community, the Command Post
crew.                                                           Golf Unit is hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Unit

                                                                                             Enid Bernard
                                                                                             Paul Brown
                                                                                             William Campbell
                                                                                             Ronald Clark Sr.
                                                                                             Edward Farver
                                                                                             Ronald Greulich
                                                                                             John Packer
                                                                                             Verna Rogge
                                                                                             Carol Roskey
                                                                                             Gloria Simmers
                                                                                             Madeline Sperry                             Deputy Tory Schwartz           Deputy Jose Velasco
                                                                                             John Van Dyke

                                                                                                                           These four brave deputies risked their lives on June 1, 2008 in
                                                                                                                           an effort to protect the citizens of Pima County. They are truly
                                                                                                                              deserving of the Medals of Valor being awarded tonight.

                                                           70                                                                                                    11
                        Deputy Bruce Haufe
                        Deputy Matthew Salmon
                                                                                                                                Personnel Unit
                        On February 29, 2008, Deputies Matthew Salmon and Bruce Haufe responded to a
                        request to check a residence for a domestic violence suspect. The suspect had earlier
                        assaulted his girlfriend by punching and choking her. At one point during this                Sgt. Cathryn Masters             Ms. Elma Esquer
                        violent assault, the suspect covered the girlfriend’s face with a pillow, placed a gun to
                        her head, and threatened to kill her.
                                                                                                                    Sgt. Harold “Buddy” Janes         Ms. Alicia Montoya
                                                                                                                       Sgt. John Stuckey III          Ms. Elizabeth Ochoa
                        When Deputy Salmon and Deputy Haufe arrived at the residence, the suspect
                        immediately fled towards a shed where he mounted an ATV quad runner. Both
                                                                                                                       Ms. Karina Carrasco            Ms. Yolanda Ortega
                        deputies gave chase. When they finally caught up with the suspect, Deputy Haufe               Ms. Christine Carrillo           Ms. Doreen Press
 Deputy Bruce Haufe     struggled to pull the suspect off the quad-runner while Deputy Salmon attempted to
                        deploy his Taser on the suspect.
                                                                                                                         Ms. Diana Castro             Ms. L. Marie Saline
                                                                                                                       Mr. Lacey Colter Sr.            Ms. Florina Teran
                        The suspect fell off the quad-runner and managed to retrieve a .50 caliber handgun,
                        which was concealed somewhere on his body. While still struggling with the
                                                                                                                     Mr. Preston Conner III                Ms. Lori Koullias,
                        suspect in a close proximity ground altercation, Deputy Haufe grabbed the suspect’s
                                                                                                                                                     Pima County Human Resources
                        handgun; however, the suspect was still able to fire two shots. One bullet struck
                        Deputy Salmon in the center of his chest and the second bullet ripped through
                        Deputy Haufe’s left hand. Although he had been shot, Deputy Salmon immediately
                        returned fire, fatally wounding the suspect. By grabbing the suspect’s weapon at the
                        time he was attempting to fire it, Deputy Haufe caused the weapon to “stove pipe,”
                        a malfunction that disabled the weapon. This provided Deputy Salmon the precious
                        time he needed to stop the threat.

                        Both deputies required immediate medical attention. Deputy Haufe broke his foot
Deputy Matthew Salmon   during the struggle with the suspect and has had to undergo numerous surgeries
                        to repair his left hand. He still suffers hearing loss from the loud report of the
                        suspect’s handgun going off next to his head. Deputy Salmon’s ballistic vest may
                        very well have saved his life, but he still suffered severe chest trauma and required

                        These types of events are dynamic and fast moving. Less than three minutes elapsed
                        from the moment these two deputies arrived at the residence until the shooting was
                        over. Yet, despite significant injuries and trauma from one of the largest caliber
                        handguns ever made, both deputies continued to stay in the fight. These deputies are
                        alive today because of their teamwork and tactics used in the face of extreme danger.
                        Therefore, Deputy Matthew Salmon and Deputy Bruce Haufe are hereby awarded
                        the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Medal of Valor along with the Pima County
                        Sheriff’s Department Purple Heart.

                                                    12                                                                                          69
                                       Personnel Unit                                                                                                     Purple Heart
On June 29, 2007, the Personnel Unit was faced with the          Of most concern were the vacant positions as 9-1-1
daunting task of staffing the Department with over sixty         Call-taker, 9-1-1 Dispatcher, Public Safety Transcription    Awarded to a person serving in any capacity with the Department who has been,
civilians for twenty different positions. In addition,           Technician, and vacant positions as Intake Support            or may hereafter be, wounded or killed under any action against any adversary
it was necessary to continue the scheduled hiring of             Specialist and Public Safety Support Specialist at the            of Pima County, the State of Arizona, or the United States of America.
Deputy Sheriffs and Corrections Officers. In short,              Adult Detention Center. With several of these positions
the expectation was to staff all positions to ninety-five        showing vacancies of more than ten people, current
percent capacity within a year.                                  staff members were under a tremendous burden.
                                                                 Within three months, the Personnel Unit managed what
Lead by Sergeant John Stuckey, Sergeant Cathryn                  seemed to be an impossible task. All of the vacancies
Masters, Sergeant Harold Janes, and Ms. Liz Ochoa, the           in the Communications and Transcription Units were
Personnel Unit understood the importance of their task.          filled, with additional applicants being screened in the
Ms. Karina Carrasco and Ms. Christine Carrillo worked            event of an unforeseen vacancy. This hiring process
closely with Ms. Lori Koullias of Pima County Human              benefited other employees within the Department who
Resources to schedule processes, answer applicant                were now able to take vacation time and not be asked to
questions and screen them for qualifications. Ms.                work overtime shifts. The Transcription Unit reduced
Yolanda Ortega and Ms. Florina Teran sent and received           the number of cases pending transcription to none that
references from every applicant and ran countless                were older than twenty-four hours.
computer inquiries. Ms. Marie Saline and Ms. Alicia
Montoya met with applicants and ultimately readied               The entire Personnel Unit worked together on
them for employment. Ms. Doreen Press, Ms. Elma                  these hiring goals with little complaint and a clear
Esquer, and Ms. Diana Ortega provided support to the             understanding of what had to be done. While it is a
process by managing the psychological assessments                continuous task to keep these positions filled, the effort
and interviews. Since every applicant must undergo a             put forth by the Personnel Unit in the last year make
background investigation, Mr. Preston Connor and Mr.             them deserving of the Sheriff’s Unit Commendation.
Lacey Colter remained busy.

                                                                                                                                                        This Year’s Recipients
                                                                                                                                                       Deputy Eric Cervantez
                                                                                                                                                       Deputy Tory Schwartz
                                                                                                                                                        Deputy Bruce Haufe
                                                                                                                                                      Deputy Matthew Salmon
                                                                                                                                                      Deputy Francisco Jimenez

                                                            68                                                                                                      13
                                                                         Corrections Honor Guard
                                                                         Corr. Sgt. Nathan Hart
                                                                         C.O. Peter Basznianyn
                                                                         C.O. Jesus Espinoza
                                                                         C.O. Charles Gallego
                                                                         C.O. Brian Hunt
                                                                         C.O. Anthony Lucas
                                                                         C.O. Shawn Maag
                                                                         C.O. Booker Myles
                                                                         C.O. Mary Myles
                                                                         C.O. Elsa Navarro
                                                                         C.O. Lindsay Young
              Deputy Eric Cervantez         Deputy Tory Schwartz

                                                                         Rifle Team
                                                                         Sgt. Stephen Carpenter
                                                                         Sgt. George Economidis
                                                                         Sgt. Patrick Hilliker
                                                                         Sgt. Harold Janes
                                                                         Sgt. James Murphy
               Deputy Bruce Haufe          Deputy Matthew Salmon         Sgt. Russell Ponzio
                                                                         Sgt. John Stuckey III
                                                                         Deputy James Iverson
                                                                         Deputy John Morris

These four deputies sustained injuries while engaged in an action
  against an adversary of Pima County, as the direct result of
 hostile criminal action. They are truly deserving of the Purple
             Heart Medals they are receiving tonight.

                                      14                            67
            Pima County Sheriff’s Department                                                                           Deputy Francisco Jimenez
                                                                                                                       On March 2, 2008, Deputy Francisco Jimenez responded to a report of a man
            Honor Guard and Rifle Team Unit                                                                             assaulting a woman in a vehicle in the 3300 block of East Alvord. When he located
                                                                                                                       the vehicle, he began to approach the car on foot. Without warning, a male subject
                                                                                                                       jumped out of the driver’s seat and charged Deputy Jimenez. The male had brass
The Pima County Sheriff’s Department’s Honor                 events a year beyond their normal duty assignments        knuckles on his fist and struck Deputy Jimenez in the head, causing a laceration with
Guard Unit, under the supervision of Sergeant Dennis         and represent the Sheriff’s Department and the citizens   substantial bleeding.
Chavarria, has received high acclaim from both within        of Pima County to the highest degree.
and outside of Pima County for their professionalism.                                                                  Deputy Jimenez was able to fight through his injury and continued to try to subdue
They are renowned for their dedication, sharpness of         For their dedication to the Unit, tireless efforts and    the subject. He was able to get on the radio and request back up. Other deputies
movement, and commanding appearance.                         excellence, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department          arrived on scene and assisted Deputy Jimenez in securing the subject. From
                                                             Honor Guard Unit is hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Unit     statements given by the enraged suspect, it was obvious that his intention was to
The PCSD Honor Guard Unit serves as the model for            Commendation.                                             cause significant injuries to Deputy Jimenez.
which others strive. They perform over two dozen
                                                                                                                       Deputy Jimenez was transported to the hospital by ambulance where he received
                                                                                                                       several stitches in his head. He also suffered a concussion as a result of the assault.
                                                                                                                       The suspect was charged with Aggravated Assault for his vicious attack on Deputy
               Honor Guard                                                                                             In recognition of his actions, and for injuries sustained as a result of this assault,
                                                                                                                       Deputy Francisco Jimenez is hereby awarded the Pima County Sheriff’s Department’s
            Sgt. Dennis Chavarria                                                                                      Purple Heart.
               Deputy Avery Cox
     Detective Lee Ann Dobbertin
      Deputy Christopher Garcia
       Detective Kevin Kubitskey
             Detective Tracy Suitt
         Deputy Monica Torralba
   Deputy Jose “Rene” Valenzuela

                                                        66                                                                                         15
                     Deputy James Law: Public Safety Achievement Medal                                        The shooting death of Tucson Police Officer Erik Hite
                                                                                                              occurred on June 1, 2008. Since Sheriff Deputies were
                                                                                                                                                                              call count to zero. Since that date, the DDS Unit has
                                                                                                                                                                              achieved this goal almost on a weekly basis.
                     Deputy Derek Ogden: Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate                                   also involved in this incident, scores of reports were
                                                                                                              generated. The DDS Unit had all dictated reports                For their exemplary team effort in reducing the
                     On February 12, 2008, Deputy James Law, who had not yet completed the Basic Law          by deputies and/or detectives transcribed within 30             extensive backlog of reports, while working as a
                     Enforcement Academy, participated in a “ride-a-long” with Deputy Derek Ogden, as         minutes of receipt, thus enabling them to forward any           cohesive team in expeditiously providing accurate
                     a required part of the academy’s curriculum.                                             and all information about the incident to any requestor.        reports to the Sheriff’s Department, law enforcement
                                                                                                                                                                              community and the public, the Digital Dictation Systems
                     At approximately 1130 hours, while on patrol, Deputy Ogden became involved in a          By August 7, 2008, the DDS Unit achieved the once               Unit is deserving of the Sheriff’s Unit Commendation.
                     “suspicious activity” call. After receiving a description of a stolen vehicle that was   seemingly impossible task of reducing the pending-
                     associated with the call, Deputy Ogden began looking for the vehicle. Based on the
                     description of the vehicle, Deputy Ogden realized that the stolen vehicle may have
                     also been used in a recent residential burglary.
 Deputy James Law
                     Deputy Ogden and Deputy Law heard radio transmissions from other deputies that                                   Ms. Barbara Cochran                               Ms. Sylvia Lebel
                     the vehicle in question had been located in the area of the Tucson Mall. The driver                          Mr. Arthur Weatherwalks, Jr.                          Ms. Janice Lester
                     had pulled into the parking lot of the Tucson Mall and all of the occupants fled on                              Ms. Stephanie Abalos                              Ms. Sarah Linarez
                     foot.                                                                                                            Ms. Sandra Armstrong                            Mr. Daniel Maniskas
                                                                                                                                       Ms. Regina Billings                             Ms. Laura Maniskas
                     Deputy Ogden and Deputy Law quickly located one of the fleeing suspects and gave                             Ms. Catherine Bounds-Morales                        Ms. Bonnie McCarty
                     chase as the suspect ran inside to the upper level of the Mall. While running past                             Ms. Dolores Bracamonte                         Ms. Amy Leigh Mollison
                     several stores, the suspect discarded stolen jewelry and a handgun. As Deputy Law                                  Ms. Amy Brown                             Ms. Susanna Muñoz Carranza
                     and Deputy Ogden gave chase, the suspect attempted to jump over the railing of the                                Ms. Melissa Casarez                             Ms. Tamela Phelan
                     upper level.                                                                                                       Ms. Julie DeMaille                          Ms. Doreen Quattropani
                                                                                                                                       Mr. Stephen Fenton                               Mr. Raul Ramirez
                     Fortunately, Deputy Law was able to grab the suspect’s right foot, preventing him                                 Ms. Maryann Ferrari                            Ms. Juanita Reinhardt
                     from jumping. Deputy Law was able to hold the suspect, as he dangled head first                                   Ms. Linda Heithaus                              Ms. Jade Robinson
                     from the second floor, preventing him from falling until. Deputy Ogden arrived at                                Ms. Veronica Howard                               Ms. Janice Russell
Deputy Derek Ogden   the scene and helped Deputy Law pull the man to safety. The suspect was arrested for                              Ms. Amara Hudgin                               Ms. Yvonne Sanchez
                     burglary in the first degree, theft, and misconduct involving weapons.                                       Ms. Linda Huffstetler-Dearing                       Ms. Charlotte Towne
                                                                                                                                      Ms. Lorna Keydoszius                             Ms. Leslie Valencia
                     Deputy Ogden and Deputy Law not only captured the suspect, but they may have                                        Ms. Alicia Lara                              Ms. Lisa Woodworth
                     also saved the suspect from serious injury or death. For their quick actions, Deputy                              Ms. Crystal Lawson                               Ms. Carrie Zweig
                     James Law is awarded the Public Safety Achievement Medal; and Deputy Derek
                     Ogden is awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                                                16                                                                                                                       65
                  Digital Dictation Systems Unit                                                                      Public Safety Achievement Medal
In October 2007, the Digital Dictation Systems (DDS)           In just under one year, members of the DDS Unit have    Awarded to members of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department
Unit had an average call count in excess of 2,000 calls        not only trained the 18 new employees, but reduced                or members of other public safety agencies
every 24-hours. In addition, there was a two-year              the call-pending count significantly. The backlog of     for meritorious service involving imminent personal danger,
backlog of involvements that required updating.                involvement updates has been eliminated; call count              extreme physical challenge and/or hardship.
During this same time period, the Department                   now averages less than 100 dictations for a 24-hour
authorized an increase in staffing from 12 full-time           period; and in essence, the members of the DDS
transcribers to 30, requiring the near simultaneous            Unit have created an environment where reports are
training of 18 probationary employees.                         transcribed within 24-hours of being received.

                                                                                                                                         This Year’s Recipients
                                                                                                                                         Deputy Kurt Dabb
                                                                                                                                        Deputy James Iverson
                                                                                                                                         Deputy James Law
                                                                                                                                        Deputy Michael Odell

                                                          64                                                                                        17
                     Deputy Kurt Dabb: Public Safety Achievement Medal
                     Ms. Paula Welsh: Sheriff’s Citizen’s Medal
                                                                                                                    Ms. Beatrice Brito                     Mr. Joseph Riley
                     On May 7, 2008, Deputy Kurt Dabb was on duty in the Foothills District when he
                     overheard a “man down” call being dispatched. Deputy Dabb, who is assigned to the             Ms. Jackie Denman                      Mr. Michael Sirmon
                     School Resource Unit, realized he was just blocks away from the call location. He arrived   Mr. Richard Komorowski                   Ms. Barbara Ward
                     on scene within thirty seconds to find Nurse Paula Welsh conducting cardio pulmonary
                     resuscitation on an unconscious man who was not breathing nor had any pulse.                 Ms. Michelle Mitchell                   Ms. Jenna Watson
                                                                                                                     Ms. Tami Pangle                     Ms. Marie “Terry” Yslas
                     Deputy Dabb coordinated with Ms. Welsh and began two-person CPR for several critical
                     minutes until paramedics arrived. The victim was transported to the hospital where a            Mr. Tony Portrey
                     heart beat was obtained. He survived this unfortunate incident thanks to their quick
                     thinking and composure in the face of what would have meant certain death were it not
                     for their intervention.

Ms. Paula Welsh      For the life-saving aid they rendered to a person in dire need, Ms. Paula Welsh is hereby
no photo available   awarded the Sheriff’s Citizen’s Medal and Deputy Kurt Dabb is presented the Public
                     Safety Achievement Medal.

                     Deputy James Iverson
                     On May 31, 2008, Deputy James Iverson was off duty enjoying a day at home with
                     his sons when a neighbor knocked on his door, urgently requesting help for a woman
                     who had fallen into a swimming pool. Deputy Iverson did not delay in rushing to her
                     aid and upon his arrival found the woman poolside, unconscious and not breathing.
                     After confirming that someone had called 9-1-1 to activate emergency medical
                     response, Deputy Iverson began to administer CPR to the victim. He continued
                     CPR for an extended period of time until he was relieved by arriving Tucson Fire
                     Department paramedics. Although the woman died in the hospital a few days later,
                     Deputy Iverson’s efforts to revive her were not in vain. It allowed her family precious
                     time with their loved one.

                     In his haste to get to the victim, Deputy Iverson did not have time to get his shoes.
                     As a result, he received severe burns to the bottom of his feet due to the sweltering
                     pavement.                                                                                                        Communications Day Shift Unit
                                                                                                                       Beatrice Brito, Michelle Mitchell, Terry Yslas, Jackie Denman,
                     For his undaunted concern for the welfare of his neighbor, and selfless decision to                          Richard Komorowski, Michael Sirmon
                     act without hesitation, Deputy James Iverson is hereby awarded the Public Safety
                     Achievement Medal.

                                                 18                                                                                                 63
             Pima County Sheriff’s Department                                                                                 Deputy James Law
                                                                                                                              During his days as a Recruit, Deputy James Law was involved in a foot chase that

              Communications Day Shift Unit                                                                                   would end at the Tucson Mall with him grabbing on to a suspect, while the suspect
                                                                                                                              attempted to leap off the second floor railing. Deputy Law not only saved the suspect
                                                                                                                              from serious injury or possibly death, he captured a criminal who was later charged
                                                                                                                              with burglary in the first degree, theft, and misconduct involving weapons.
Sunday, June 1, 2008, was not an ordinary Sunday                   As the pursuit continued through Tanque Verde and
morning in the Communications Center. At 0949 hours,               Sabino Canyon, Tucson Police officers assisted. At
the Center was hit by multiple 9-1-1 calls reporting               approximately 1029 hours, TPD Officer Eric Hite was
shots fired at a residence in the 8400 block of Placita de         fatally shot by the suspect.
la Manzana, in the Overton and Shannon area. 9-1-1
Dispatcher Beatrice Brito was working the North talk               During this time, 9-1-1/Dispatch Supervisor Tony
group and quickly dispatched deputies to the shots fired           Portrey coordinated the efforts of the Communications
call. At 1004 hours, Deputy Eric Cervantez transmitted             team. 9-1-1 Dispatcher Michael Sirmon, with trainee
that he had been shot at the intersection of Ina and Oracle        9-1-1 Dispatcher Jackie Denman, was working South.
Roads. The events of the day quickly became chaotic. Ms.
Brito broadcasted a Code 999 to assist Deputy Cervantez.
                                                                   When the Code 999 was broadcast, Mr. Sirmon took over
                                                                   dispatching South and Ms. Denman was delegated to
                                                                                                                              Deputy Michael Odell
                                                                   answering phones. Ms. Denman was asked to maintain
                                                                                                                              On July 25, 2008, while working in the San Xavier District, Deputy Michael Odell
9-1-1 Call Takers Barbara Ward and Marie Yslas took                constant telephone contact with Tucson Police dispatch.
                                                                                                                              responded to a report of an unknown problem. The caller was a female who was
calls from passersby with information regarding the                9-1-1 Dispatcher Joseph Riley was asked to coordinate
                                                                                                                              reporting that her infant son was not breathing. Upon arrival, Deputy Odell found
suspect’s location and direction of travel, but some of            the response of the Department of Public Safety Ranger
                                                                                                                              the mother to be very hysterical.
the information was conflicting. 9-1-1 Dispatcher Jenna            for air support, and would answer incoming calls as he
Watson was assigned to answer phones during this                   could. At 1030 hours, 9-1-1 Dispatchers Tami Pangle and
                                                                                                                              The mother took Deputy Odell into the house and led him to the back bedroom where
time and was also busy taking information regarding                Michelle Mitchell reported for duty and were assigned to
                                                                                                                              he observed the infant lying on the floor in a pool of water. The child was motionless,
the shooting. Between 0945 hours and 1145 hours,                   answer phones.
                                                                                                                              not breathing, and his lips were bluish in color. He checked for a pulse, but did not
Communications staff answered 237 incoming phone
                                                                                                                              find one. Deputy Odell began CPR on the child and advised Communications to
calls, and made 95 outgoing calls. Those numbers                   Pulling together as a team always makes complicated
                                                                                                                              have paramedics expedite their response. The mother stated that the child had been
indicated a 160% increase in calls when compared to most           incidents go more smoothly within the Communications
                                                                                                                              in the bathtub taking a bath. When she went to check on him, she found him face up
other Sundays.                                                     Center. With every person in the Center working
                                                                                                                              and floating in the water. Deputy Odell continued to give the child breaths and chest
                                                                   together, communicating with each other, the entire
                                                                                                                              compressions until paramedics from Drexel Heights Fire relieved him several minutes
One passerby followed the suspect for ten miles, keeping           group approached this challenging incident as a team.
Communications personnel updated on the suspect’s                  Their actions exhibited an outstanding degree of
location. Deputies re-encountered the suspect at the               dedication above and beyond professional standards.
                                                                                                                              While attending to the child, Deputy Odell had to contend with the family who was
intersection of River and Swan at 1014 hours. 9-1-1
                                                                                                                              very upset over the events taking place. This made the situation all the more difficult.
Dispatcher Richard Komorowski was working the East                 For their hard work and dedication, these members of the
                                                                                                                              Deputy Odell was particularly affected by this incident as he has children and
talk group, as deputies from the Rincon district pursued           Pima County Sheriff’s Department Communications Unit
                                                                                                                              grandchildren of his own. For his exemplary actions, Deputy Michael Odell is hereby
the suspect who continued to fire at deputies.                     are hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Unit Commendation.
                                                                                                                              awarded the Public Safety Achievement Medal.

                                                              62                                                                                         19
         Public Service Achievement Medal                                                                    Sheriff’s Unit
              Awarded to members of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department
                                                                                                         Commendation Certificate
  or members of other public safety agencies for exemplary performance of assigned duties
during the year. The actions of the member must exhibit an outstanding degree of dedication            Awarded to Units within the Pima County Sheriff’s Department
                  and devotion above and beyond professional standards.                           for exemplary service, above and beyond the normal performance of their
                                                                                              assigned duties. The Unit must have distinguished itself by performing as a team
                                                                                                          to accomplish a specific, extraordinary goal or objective.

                                                                                                                        This Year’s Recipients
                                                                                                                   Communications Day Shift Unit
                                                                                                                    Digital Dictation Systems Unit
                                                                                                             Green Valley SAV – Command Post Golf Unit
                                                                                                               PCSD Honor Guard & Rifle Team Unit
                                                                                                                            Personnel Unit

                                 This Year’s Recipients
                               Detective Scott Anders
                             Detective Therese Deschenes
                                   Ms. Talia Carey
                             Detective Kenneth Hedrick
                              Sergeant William Murphy
                                  Mr. Tony Portrey
                                Deputy Thomas Price

                                            20                                                                                       61
Deputy David Smith                                                                                                     Detectives Scott Anders and Therese Deschenes
Deputy David Smith’s actions displayed courage, resolve, and composure. Although                                       In March 2007, Detective Therese Deschenes, a member of the Community Problems
he was in grave danger, he confronted a suspect who had shot multiple times                                            Unit assigned to investigate animal cruelty allegations, received information from
at Sheriff’s Deputies and Tucson Police Officers. For his actions in capturing an                                      the Humane Society of the United States that a breeder of illegal fighting dogs was
adversary of Pima County and the State of Arizona and his fortitude, Deputy David                                      operating in Pima County. She and her partner, Detective Scott Anders, began what
Smith is hereby awarded the Pima County Sheriff’s Commendation.                                                        would turn out to be an extensive investigation into the underground world of illegal
                                                                                                                       dog fighting.

                                                                                                                       The investigation progressed into 2008, and its scope seemed to have no end. After
                                                                                                                       almost one year of tireless work; Detectives Deschenes and Anders had networked
                                                                                                                       resources from 3 counties, 11 civilian agencies, 5 police departments, the Pima County
                                                                                                                       Attorney’s Office, the Counter Narcotics Alliance, the United States Department of
                                                                                                                       Agriculture, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in an effort to gain
                                                                                           Detective Scott Anders      substantial insight into the dog fighting world and the criminal syndicate that had
                                                                                                                       roots in Pima County. In February 2008, Detectives Deschenes and Anders worked
                                                                                                                       diligently and tirelessly to prepare for simultaneous service of multiple search
Corrections Officer Lawrence Wyche                                                                                     warrants.

On March 7, 2008, Corrections Officer Lawrence Wyche was working in his assigned                                       The result of Detective Deschenes’ and Detective Anders’ extraordinary efforts is
housing unit at the Main Jail Tower of the Pima County Adult Detention Center.                                         unprecedented. Through innovation and diligence they garnered cooperation from
C. O. Wyche was monitoring dayrooms when he overheard an inmate’s phone                                                local law enforcement, civilian agencies, and the federal government to bring three
conversation and noticed that the inmate appeared to be upset. Concerned for the                                       illegal breeding operations, with nationwide ties, to justice. Their efforts resulted in
welfare of the inmate, C. O. Wyche approached him once he had completed his phone                                      the seizure of 144 fighting dogs, 5 properties and $10,969 in cash. Additionally, 73
call and struck up a conversation. During their conversation, C. O. Wyche learned                                      weapons were taken from the hands of criminals, numerous indictments to include
that the inmate’s wife had information about the homicide of a taxicab driver that had                                 six arrests locally for animal cruelty and dog fighting, as well as, one arrest for child
occurred on March 5, 2008.                                                                                             pornography. Arrests have also been made in New York, Georgia, and Texas with
                                                                                                                       other out of state warrants and arrests still pending.
C. O. Wyche contacted the Security Services Sergeant and informed him of the
information he had learned. The recording of the phone conversation was reviewed                                       Preparation for trial lasted long after the service of the search warrants with the daily
and the information was forwarded to the Tucson Police Department’s Homicide             Detective Therese Deschenes   processing of mounds of evidence seized at four properties. All of this work was in
Unit. At the time, there had been no leads in the case. With this information, three                                   addition to the other animal cruelty cases for which they were also responsible, to
arrests were made in connection with the homicide.                                                                     include the seizure of over 800 dogs and puppies in March of this year.

C. O. Wyche’s observation and communication skills ultimately assisted with the                                        This case could not have been successful without the tireless information gathering,
arrest of three homicide suspects. His actions demonstrated true dedication to                                         sharing, and organizing performed by Detectives Deschenes and Anders. Their
public safety and commitment to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. For his                                          willingness to gather not only evidence, but education and insight into the world of
extraordinary efforts, Corrections Officer Lawrence Wyche is hereby awarded the                                        dog fighting, and provide invaluable assistance in preparing the case for trial with the
Sheriff’s Commendation.                                                                                                Pima County Attorney’s Office, demonstrates their diligence in protecting the citizens
                                                                                                                       and animals within Pima County.

                                                                                                                       For their outstanding efforts, Detective Scott Anders and Detective Therese Deschenes
                                                                                                                       are hereby presented the Public Service Achievement Medal.

                           60                                                                                                                       21
Ms. Talia Carey                                                                            Corrections Officer Nicholas Sidoni
On November 12, 2007, Sheriff’s 911-call taker, Talia Carey, was working in the            On the evening of March 25, 2008, off-duty Corrections Officer Nicholas Sidoni was
Communications Unit when a call came in at approximately 1300 hours; a male                unloading articles from his personal vehicle in front of his home when he suddenly
subject was making suicidal threats. Ms. Carey heard a co-worker struggling with the       noticed an individual running down the opposite side of the darkened street. A few
caller in an attempt to obtain information. When she realized her co-worker was at a       seconds later, he observed a second person carrying a flashlight and chasing after
stand-still with the caller, Ms. Carey, without hesitation, offered to take over.          the first individual. When they passed a house, Corrections Officer Sidoni used
The call came in on a cell phone, which initially only provides the deputies with a        the ambient light from a porch to identify the second person as a Sheriff’s Deputy.
general location. With the caller refusing to provide further information, the most        He then heard the Deputy yell at the fleeing man “stop, you are under arrest.”
responding units could do was to circulate in the area, which consisted of several         Disregarding the fact that he was off-duty, and unaware of anything occurring except
square miles.                                                                              knowing the Deputy needed assistance, Corrections Officer Sidoni immediately
                                                                                           joined the foot pursuit.
Ms. Carey spent nearly 30 minutes on the phone with the caller, who was very
uncooperative and abusive. Ms. Carey was eventually able to develop a rapport              When Corrections Officer Sidoni reached a turn in the roadway, he heard a Taser
with the caller. She learned that the caller was armed with a handgun and was              being deployed and verbal commands from the Deputy for the suspect to stop
somewhere in a residential neighborhood that he was unfamiliar with. Since this            resisting. When he arrived at the scene, the suspect was on one knee and attempting
was occurring during the middle of the afternoon, there was a potential danger to          to stand up. Corrections Officer Sidoni identified himself as a Corrections Officer and
children who might be playing in the area. Ms. Carey continued speaking with the           pushed the suspect’s shoulder in an attempt to knock him back to the ground. The
caller, finally convincing him that the Department’s only goal was to get him the help     suspect continued to resist and the Deputy once more utilized his Taser in an attempt
that he needed. The caller finally relented and gave his name and location, which          to control the suspect. Corrections Officer Sidoni then grabbed hold of the suspect’s
allowed deputies to find him in less than two minutes. Deputies were able to resolve       legs and rolled him onto his stomach. This allowed the Deputy to gain control of the
the situation quickly and safely without further threat to the suicidal subject, general   upper torso of the suspect and apply handcuffs with the assistance of Corrections
public or responding deputies.                                                             Officer Sidoni. Corrections Officer Sidoni then stood by for backup Deputies to
Ms. Carey performed exceptionally during a very stressful situation; displaying a
calm demeanor, professional attitude, and exemplary communication skills. For her          Corrections Officer Sidoni has never received formal training specifically for engaging
outstanding degree of dedication to public safety above and beyond professional            in foot pursuits. However, when he saw the situation unfold before him, he knew he
standards, Ms. Talia Carey is hereby awarded the Public Service Achievement Medal.         could not stand idly by. He knew that a fellow employee, a Sheriff’s Deputy, was in
                                                                                           need of assistance and did not hesitate to act. He utilized what training he had been
                                                                                           given and his instincts for doing the right thing. Even in his off-duty time, he did not
                                                                                           disregard his duty to the citizens of Pima County.

                                                                                           For his selfless actions, possibly placing himself in danger to assist with the
                                                                                           apprehension of a fleeing suspect, Corrections Officer Nicholas Sidoni is hereby
                                                                                           awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation.

                            22                                                                                        59
Corrections Officer Byron W. Seeley                                                       Detective Kenneth Hedrick
Corrections Officer (C.O.) Byron W. Seeley has provided the Pima County Sheriff’s         As a member of the Major Violators Unit of the Counter Narcotics Alliance, Detective
Department with nearly 23 years of dedicated service in the Ajo District. C. O.           Kenneth Hedrick has been involved in a significant number of investigations during
Seeley’s knowledge of his job and the professionalism with which he carries out           the past two years. In 2006, the unit was recognized by the Arizona Department of
assigned duties is without equal.                                                         Public Safety by receiving the Director’s Unit Citation for “outstanding performance
                                                                                          and significant contribution toward attainment of the department’s mission.”
C.O. Seeley has been a willing and enthusiastic participant in numerous special           Detective Hedrick is always one of the first to volunteer to not only take a case, but
projects. Most recently, his tireless work in upgrading the energy efficiency of both     to assist his fellow detectives in any way possible. Like other members of the unit,
Property and Evidence storage buildings in Ajo is to be commended. These buildings        Detective Hedrick is subjected to working varying and extended hours, including
were purchased as bare frames. C.O. Seeley diligently insulated the walls and ceilings    nights and weekends, and is called out on a frequent basis. Detective Hedrick has
and installed sheet rock; subsequently taping, texturing, and painting both buildings.    been the case agent on numerous significant investigations, and in fact, last year was
He installed window air conditioners, which created a more comfortable working            the case agent in more investigations than any other unit member.
environment in each building during the hot summer months; and facilitated the
installation of utilities to the Ajo District temporary duty trailers. This required      In one recent investigation, Detective Hedrick was the case detective reference
digging ditches for water, sewer and power lines, as well as installation of the lines.   a marijuana trafficking organization. Working with two different confidential
                                                                                          informants, Detective Hedrick identified a major marijuana supplier in Nogales,
For his efforts above and beyond the call of duty and his extraordinary commitment        Sonora, Mexico, that was arranging for loads of marijuana to be transported from
to service, Corrections Officer Byron Seeley is hereby awarded the Sheriff’s              Tucson to Arkansas. After seizing two loads of marijuana totaling 543 pounds during
Commendation.                                                                             C.N.A. investigations, and identifying a third load of about 260 pounds that was
                                                                                          seized in Texas, all of which were tied directly to the Mexican supplier, Detective
                                                                                          Hedrick set up a “controlled delivery” of marijuana to Arkansas. Utilizing his
                                                                                          confidential informants, 264 pounds of marijuana was picked up from a stash house
                                                                                          in Phoenix and was ultimately delivered under law enforcement control to Little
                                                                                          Rock, Arkansas. Traveling to Arkansas along with his supervisor, and working
Deputy Derek Ogden                                                                        in conjunction with the DEA Task Force in Little Rock, Detective Hedrick directed
                                                                                          the activities that led to agents arresting four suspects after a successful controlled
Deputy Ogden was involved in a foot chase that led him into the Tucson Mall. The          delivery to a local supplier. They also seized approximately $110,000 in drug
chase came to a dramatic end when he assisted a fellow deputy with pulling a suspect      currency and several vehicles.
to safety after the suspect had attempted to leap off the second floor railing. Deputy
Ogden helped save the suspect from serious injury or possibly death.                      In another recent investigation, Detective Hedrick, working in an undercover
                                                                                          capacity, identified a local hydroponic marijuana dealer and set up an undercover
                                                                                          deal. Detective Hedrick purchased two pounds of high grade hydroponic marijuana
                                                                                          at the suspect’s home and the suspect was then arrested. During the search warrant
                                                                                          service, detectives recovered another 1½ pounds of hydroponic marijuana, as well as
                                                                                          $20,000 in drug currency.

                                                                                          In addition to his duties at C.N.A., Detective Hedrick is a member of the Pima
                                                                                          County Regional SWAT Team, where his duties include being a breacher and sniper.
                                                                                          Detective Hedrick manages to balance his time between assignments without conflict.
                                                                                          In recognition of his outstanding police work and dedication to duty, Detective
                                                                                          Hedrick is hereby awarded the Public Service Achievement Medal.

                           58                                                                                        23
Sergeant William Murphy                                                                  Deputy Jonathon Rupp
In May of 2007, Detective Sergeant William Murphy recognized the need for a way to       On November 12, 2007, a Pima County Sheriff’s Department Dispatcher had put
have suspects, and other people of interest to law enforcement, flagged in the Pima      out an Attempt to Locate (ATL) message regarding a homicide suspect who had
County Sheriff’s Department’s database. This would allow deputies to be able to          overpowered a guard at the Gila County Juvenile Detention Center and escaped. The
identify suspects that can be arrested on probable cause or be temporarily detained to   suspect was 16 years of age and had been awaiting trial on two counts of homicide.
allow investigators to interview them on a pending matter. This need was magnified       In addition, the suspect had a prior arrest and conviction for using a rifle to shoot
when Sergeant Murphy was assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit as a supervisor          someone on a school bus. This individual had demonstrated on numerous occasions
and became increasingly frustrated when a suspect from a serious family assault fled     that he would use lethal force and was not afraid to confront law enforcement officers.
the scene prior to the arrival of law enforcement and remained free prior to a warrant   The investigation at the Detention Center determined that the suspect had stolen a cell
being issued.                                                                            phone from the guard, and he was believed to have contacted his brother who lived in
                                                                                         Sells, Arizona.
Sergeant Murphy quickly realized that the PC Alert Program would not only be a way
to hold suspects accountable in a more timely fashion, but would help immensely in       Using this information, Deputy Jonathon Rupp positioned himself to monitor traffic
officer safety as well.                                                                  westbound on Arizona Highway 86 from Robles Junction, leading toward Sells.
                                                                                         While watching the highway, Deputy Rupp observed a green Nissan pick-up truck
Since the PC Alert Program has been initiated, 165 suspects have been discovered and     pass his location. The truck returned registered to the same post office box in Sells
arrested after being stopped by deputies in the field, or when they were being booked    that the suspect used as his address. Deputy Rupp knew that there was a chance the
into the Pima County Adult Detention Center by an outside agency.                        suspect was in the Nissan pick-up truck.

                                                                                         Knowing there were no Deputies available for back-up, Deputy Rupp utilized
Sergeant Murphy recognized the challenge facing the Department’s ability to safely
                                                                                         assistance from the Tohono O’Odham Police Department and conducted a high
and thoroughly investigate crimes, and he was able to bring together resources from
                                                                                         risk felony stop on the vehicle. Once the car stopped, the suspect fled on foot into
the Information Services Section, Terminal Operations Section, and the Pima County
                                                                                         the desert area and Deputy Rupp began to chase him. As Deputy Rupp pursued
Adult Detention Center to see this project through. Sergeant Murphy’s efforts did
                                                                                         the suspect, the suspect stumbled and fell to the ground. Deputy Rupp took the
not stop at the successful implementation of the PC Alert Program; he was personally
                                                                                         opportunity to seek cover and deploy his Taser. Shortly thereafter, the suspect
involved in overseeing the training necessary to install this new program.
                                                                                         struggled to get to his feet, presumably to continue running. Knowing the suspect
                                                                                         was considered dangerous, Deputy Rupp used his training and physically engaged
In recognition of his untiring dedication to the full implementation of the PC Alert     the suspect, knocking him to the ground. Deputy Rupp quickly gained control of the
Program and his contributions to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department and the            suspect, placed him in handcuffs and took him into custody.
citizens of Pima County, Sergeant William Murphy is hereby awarded the Public
Service Achievement Medal.                                                               When the ATL information was given by the dispatcher regarding the escape at the
                                                                                         Gila County Juvenile Detention Center, Deputy Rupp immediately recognized that
                                                                                         the individual might try to get to his family in Sells. He used his observation skills
                                                                                         to identify the suspect vehicle, and then tactically engaged the suspect in an effort to
                                                                                         apprehend him. He demonstrated foresight by requesting assistance from the nearest
                                                                                         law enforcement agency, and used sound tactics to secure the suspect in as safe a
                                                                                         manner as possible. For his exemplary actions, Deputy Rupp is hereby awarded the
                                                                                         Sheriff’s Commendation.

                           24                                                                                        57
Deputy Jason Rockwell                                                                       Mr. Tony Portrey
In October 2007, Deputy Jason Rockwell was assigned to the Pima Regional Training           June 1, 2008 was an extraordinary day in Pima County, and the Sheriff’s Department
Center as the Department Armorer. The first task he was assigned was to complete            Communications Day Shift Unit reacted in an extraordinary manner. Dispatchers,
an inventory of all Department weapons and correct the system used to manage the            Call-Takers and 9-1-1 Dispatch Supervisor Tony Portrey were spectacular in their
weapons owned by the Department. This task was arduous and made more difficult              response to a tragic, drawn out event; remaining professional and efficient despite the
by past mismanagement and improper conduct by former Department members.                    demands placed upon them.

This task was difficult enough to complete by starting at the very beginning.               9-1-1 Dispatch Supervisor Tony Portrey was monitoring a downed aircraft call when
However, it was made even more challenging because Deputy Rockwell took over the            the call came in about a shooting that was occurring in the Foothills District. The call
project after it had already been attempted by previous staff. Former staff members         would result in Deputies being shot, Deputies seeking and chasing the suspect, and a
had spent the previous twelve months attempting to reconcile the inventory, yet they        Tucson Police Department (TPD) Officer being shot and killed.
were unsuccessful. Due to this fact, Deputy Rockwell first had to determine what had
already been done on the inventory before he could decide how to proceed to finish          Once the call came in, Mr. Portrey directed his personnel, made notifications,
the task.                                                                                   reassigned personnel to maintain an open line of communications with TPD,
                                                                                            initiated the response of air support, turned up the Gateway repeaters and ensured
Deputy Rockwell was able to overcome the difficulty of picking up where                     a dispatcher staffed Gateway. Additionally, Mr. Portrey made fifty-seven incident
someone else had left off on a very tedious and time-consuming project. He sifted           related phone calls and answered forty-three.
through numerous documents and computer records to determine what had been
accomplished and what still needed to be done to complete the inventory. In addition        Mr. Portrey, understanding the importance of interagency communications, assigned
to completing his other job responsibilities, Deputy Rockwell spent numerous hours          a Call-Taker to call TPD Communications Unit on the direct line. He then instructed
identifying and correcting all issues related to the weapons inventory. In spite of these   the Call-Taker to keep the line open for immediate updates to be shared between
difficulties, Deputy Rockwell completed the inventory in less than four months and          agencies. Realizing air support would be advantageous in this dynamic, cross-
was able to account for all active department-owned weapons. His thoroughness               town shooting spree, he requested the Department of Public Safety (DPS) Ranger
enabled him to locate numerous weapons that had previously been entered in the              helicopter to launch. He also initiated the interoperable radio path Gateway. This is
inventory as lost or stolen. Deputy Rockwell was also able to find weapons that had         the common method by which DPS Ranger communicates with deputies and it also
previously been unaccounted for. His diligence saved the Department potential               allows TPD and PCSD units to communicate with each other. Although Gateway was
embarrassment, as many of the “missing” weapons that he located were set to be              not used by TPD or PCSD field units, it was immediately available if they opted to do
listed in the National Crime Information Center database as missing or stolen, when         so.
they were, in fact, either in the armory or issued to department employees.
                                                                                            Mr. Portrey’s actions, professionalism, and knowledge played a huge role in the
It is important once again to note that Deputy Rockwell accomplished in a matter of
                                                                                            facilitation of the suspect’s capture. He also played an integral role in the team efforts
months what the previous staff had been unable to do after a year. He accomplished
                                                                                            put forth by members of the Communications Unit, to increase the margin of safety
this task in a very timely manner, thereby saving the Department countless staff
                                                                                            for the Sheriff’s Deputies and Tucson Police Officers in the field. For his hard work,
hours and correcting a very large problem. The inventory is now more complete and
                                                                                            dedication and outstanding performance, Mr. Tony Portrey is hereby awarded the
accurate than it has ever been.
                                                                                            Public Service Achievement Medal.
Due to Deputy Rockwell’s dedication to duty and meticulous efforts, he is hereby
awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation.

                            56                                                                                          25
Deputy Thomas Price                                                                     Ms. Patty Reyes-Hendricks
Deputy Thomas Price started his career with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department in     Ms. Patty Reyes-Hendricks has been with the Corrections Bureau for 12 years. During
1978. In 1979, he took on the additional responsibilities of both SWAT and Search and   that time, she has served the Department as an Intake Support Specialist, Intake Support
Rescue. He has continued in both assignments without a break in service since that      Supervisor, and Program Coordinator. Ms. Reyes-Hendricks has always excelled in every
time. Over the last thirty years, Tom has accomplished what no other member of the      position she has held with the Bureau. In her current position as Program Coordinator,
Sheriff’s Department has achieved. Between the two disciplines, it is estimated that    she was tasked with multiple technology based projects that support all divisions
he has participated in 4,000 missions.                                                  within the Corrections Bureau. In the past year, Ms. Reyes-Hendricks was instrumental
                                                                                        in completing several of those automation projects. She handled each project from
Despite the continuous exposure to danger over the years, he has saved numerous         conceptual phase to implementation and testing. Of these projects, three are most notable.
lives and impacted countless more. He has been recognized as “Officer of the
Year” both at state and local levels by two different civic organizations. He was       In late 2007, the Sheriff’s Department took over 24/7 bond acceptance for all agencies.
also nominated as “National Officer of the Year” by one of those organizations. He      To streamline the operation, Ms. Reyes-Hendricks automated the “Bond Out and
has received numerous letters from citizens within our community, and across the        Release Order,” which is used to report those who have bonded out to the courts. This
United States, expressing their gratitude for his Search and Rescue efforts involving   new automation is driven by information entered into the Jail’s database, which avoids
themselves or their family members. He has received 105 letters of appreciation from    duplication of effort and error while enabling an automatic calculation of the inmate’s next
members of the Sheriff’s Department, as well as from twenty-one other local, state,     court date.
and federal agencies. Furthermore, he has been awarded fifteen commendations, a
Public Safety Achievement Medal, a Medal of Merit, and the Department of Public         In coordination with Sheriff’s Information Services, Ms. Reyes-Hendricks supervised
Safety Civilian Medal of Valor.                                                         the creation of an electronic visitation scheduling program. This program also links to
                                                                                        the Jail’s database to obtain live inmate housing data. Department staff is able to track
As if this were not enough, Deputy Price was a vital part of developing and             visitation schedules by viewing electronic records of past visits and manage future
integrating Tactical Emergency Medical Support, otherwise known as TEMS, into           visitations with historic data. This has reduced phone calls from the front desk to
local SWAT operations. He is also a TEMS instructor for the National Tactical           the housing units, since the program is visible to officers in the pod. This program is
Operators Association.                                                                  comparable to software that is currently for sale on the open market and vendors have
                                                                                        described our program as innovative and cutting edge.
Deputy Price’s keen insight and affable personality has had a far reaching impact on
several generations of police officers. His ability to communicate with people from     Perhaps her greatest accomplishment this year is the design and creation of an electronic
all walks of life, from small children to dignitaries, demonstrates a combination of    incident reporting system for Corrections Bureau incidents. This electronic report writing
confidence and reassurance. He is a unique individual who has given the Sheriff’s       system takes the place of over 50 different report types processed daily and provides an
Department and the citizens of Pima County thirty years of dedication, expertise, and   electronic tracking system for incident, location, major charges, and complaint types. Ms.
unwavering commitment. Given the enormity of his accomplishments, and the impact        Reyes-Hendricks developed this program from conception utilizing resources already
he has had on the community during that time, Deputy Thomas Price is hereby             available within the existing database. Again, she worked in conjunction with Sheriff’s
awarded the Public Service Achievement Medal.                                           Information Services for many months to fine tune the fields and create reports free of
                                                                                        redundancy. As a result, real time reports are available by officer’s name, incident type,
                                                                                        inmate’s name, time frame and location to any Bureau manager. Additionally, reports
                                                                                        are linked to the Sheriff’s law enforcement database. If this were not enough, Ms. Reyes-
                                                                                        Hendricks voluntarily provided training on the system’s use to over 400 Corrections
                                                                                        Bureau members on all three shifts!

                                                                                        Without Ms. Reyes-Hendricks’ expertise, dedication, and attention to detail, these projects
                                                                                        would not have been a success. Therefore, Ms. Patty Reyes-Hendricks is hereby awarded
                                                                                        the Sheriff’s Commendation.

                           26                                                                                        55
                 Pima County Adult Detention                                                                                                         Ms. Martha Ruff-Duval: Sheriff’s Citizen’s Medal
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. Michael Kripner and Mr. Christopher Kripner:
                 Center’s Angel Tree Committee                                                                                                       Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate
                                                                                                                                                     On the evening of July 26, 2008, 18-year-old Martha Ruff-Duval was babysitting for
For the 2007 holiday season, members of the Pima                 from 4 months to 17 years. They also handmade tree                                  family friends in the Corona De Tucson area. Nine-year-old Michael Kripner and
County Adult Detention Center (PCADC) formed                     ornaments, decorated the briefing room at the PCADC,                                his seven-year-old brother, Christopher, were enjoying the evening with Ms. Ruff-
the “Angel Tree Committee” in an effort to provide a             and promoted the project throughout the Corrections                                 Duval when two small girls ran to their home from across the street. The girls were
personal service to the community of Pima County.                Bureau to ensure its success.                                                       frantically seeking help for their older sister who had just been shot. Knowing the
The members recognized that there was a need in the                                                                                                  young girls to be the sisters of one of her best friends, Ms. Ruff-Duval ran to the
community to help under-privileged children who,                 Due to the generosity and big hearts of the Angel Tree                              residence to provide assistance. She located her friend, Alexandria Salinas, on the
otherwise, would not be able to fully enjoy the holidays.        Committee members, these children had a very special                                floor of a bedroom in the residence.
                                                                                                                           Ms. Martha Ruff-Duval
                                                                 holiday season that they will always remember. For
In their free time, the committee members collected,             their selfless efforts, the Pima County Adult Detention
                                                                                                                                                     Ms. Ruff-Duval was immediately aware of how severe the injuries were to her friend
wrapped, and delivered over 375 holiday gifts of toys            Center Angel Tree Committee members are hereby
                                                                                                                                                     and began administering first aid. She stayed with her friend until paramedics
and clothing to 37 needy children within the Marana              awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation.
                                                                                                                                                     arrived, doing what she could to aid and comfort her while praying for her to live.
Unified School District. These children ranged in age
                                                                                                                                                     Unfortunately, her friend died from her injuries.

                 Corrections Lieutenant Amber Barber               Corrections Sergeant Denise Strang
                                                                                                                                                     Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Christopher and Michael escorted
                 Corrections Sergeant Victoria Dalbey               Corrections Officer Sonia Larsen
                                                                                                                                                     the younger children from the scene and ensured their safety in another residence.
                 Corrections Sergeant Barbara Mattes                 Corrections Officer Mary Scott
                                                                                                                                                     Christopher then went outside to await the arrival of emergency personnel to ensure
                  Corrections Sergeant John Rooney                          Mr. Mark Boyce
                                                                                                                                                     that they were directed to the correct address without delay.

                                                                                                                                                     After the arrival of medical assistance, Ms. Ruff-Duval stayed on the scene and was
                                                                                                                                                     able to assist law enforcement officers with their investigation. Though she had just
                                                                                                                                                     experienced a shocking and harrowing event, she was able to provide investigators a
                                                                                                                            Mr. Michael Kripner      concise and detailed account of what had transpired.

                                                                                                                                                     For her compassionate and heroic attempts to save the life of her friend, and for her
                                                                                                                                                     valiant assistance to investigators at the scene, Ms. Martha Ruff-Duval is hereby
                                                                                                                                                     awarded the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Citizen’s Medal.

                                                                                                                                                     For their courage and composure during very distressing circumstances, and
                                                                                                                                                     the immense compassion displayed for the young siblings of the victim, Mr.
                                                                                                                                                     Michael Kripner and Mr. Christopher Kripner are hereby awarded the Sheriff’s

                                                                                                                           Mr. Christopher Kripner

                                                            54                                                                                                                  27
              Sheriff’s Citizen’s Medal                                         Deputy Donald Molchan
                                                                                On the morning of March 30, 2008, Deputy Donald Molchan responded to a house fire
                                                                                in Green Valley. Deputy Molchan arrived promptly and ensured all family members
Presented to citizens of the community who are not members of the Pima County   were evacuated. The ensuing interview of the residents revealed the family dog was
   Sheriff’s Department for exemplary service to the citizens of Pima County.   still trapped inside the house. Despite a language barrier, Deputy Molchan was able to
                                                                                obtain a description of the home’s floor plan and acted quickly. He entered the home
                                                                                to search for and rescue the dog; however, was unsuccessful after an initial attempt.
                                                                                He subsequently obtained more details from the family and attempted a second time.
                                                                                On his hands and knees through thick smoke he found the dog cowering under a bed.
                                                                                He grabbed the dog by the collar and exited the residence, avoiding injury to himself
                                                                                and certain death to the family’s dog.

                                                                                Deputy Molchan’s action’s helped reduce this family’s trauma during this unfortunate
                                                                                incident. For his compassionate actions and high regard for the value of life, Deputy
                                                                                Molchan is hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation.

                                                                                Mr. Steven Monreal
                                                                                In June of 2006, Mr. Steven Monreal, a 9-1-1 dispatcher for Ajo, assumed the duties of
                                                                                radio and computer technical support for the Ajo District. In addition to performing
                                                                                his duties as a dispatcher, Mr. Monreal assists the radio shops and IST in Tucson
                                                                                with programming and installing computer equipment for the Ajo District. He also
                                                                                maintains the district command post so it will be available when needed.

                                                                                Mr. Monreal will come in to assist with any emergency situation, such as the loss of
                                                                                electrical, radio or telephone service; not only at the district office, but to the town as
                                                                                well. He has gone out at all hours of the night to trouble-shoot radio and computer
                           This Year’s Recipients                               problems, while still performing all of his regular duty assignments. He has even
                                                                                responded to these situations while on vacation or on his regular days off.
               Mr. Ron Ballou               Mr. Felipe Sandoval
             Mr. Micah Boivin                Mr. Jerry Shinn                    Mr. Monreal was also involved with the implementation of the new 9-1-1 telephone
                                                                                system, the rewiring of radio and computer cables, and installation of new equipment
            Mr. Gilbert Fimbres              Mr. Mark Soza                      for the district.
             Mr. Paul Madewell              Ms. Eileen Sykora
            Mr. Doug McFarland               Mr. Ron Tobin                      Because of his persistence and dedication to his job responsibilities within the Pima
                                                                                County Sheriff’s Department, Mr. Steven Monreal is hereby awarded the Sheriff’s
           Mr. Benjamin Melendez             Mr. Adam Welch                     Commendation.
               Mr. Raul Rojas                Ms. Paula Welsh
           Ms. Martha Ruff-Duval

                                     28                                                                      53
Deputy Pedro Lopez
On March 21, 2008, Deputy Pedro Lopez, while on patrol in the Foothills District,
                                                                                                                     Deputy Palomino Rescue
responded to a burglary call. This incident involved several suspects who had stolen
two vehicles, keys to the vehicles and home, a shotgun, credit cards, the homeowner’s       Shortly after noon on February 6, 2008, Deputy Hector            The driver’s side door of the patrol car was crushed
Social Security card, and several other miscellaneous items.                                Palomino was responding to a reported motor vehicle              in a closed position. The damage to the interior of the
                                                                                            collision at Ajo Way and Kinney Road. As he drove                car and the prisoner partition prevented removing
Once on scene, Deputy Lopez had the homeowner call her bank to put a freeze on              westbound on Ajo Way at La Cholla Boulevard, an                  Deputy Palomino through any other door. The rescuers
her credit cards and to see if there were any pending charges. It was discovered that       eastbound pickup truck turned into the path of his               forcefully tore open the patrol car’s driver’s door as
money had recently been withdrawn from her checking account. There was also a               patrol car. The vehicles collided in the intersection and        another bystander took photographs, capturing the
pending charge at a Best Western Inn Suites in the Tucson area. Deputy Lopez then           Deputy Palomino’s car was sent careening off the road            heroic nature of their actions. Together, the rescuers
contacted the hotel and advised the manager of the situation. He was able to obtain         and over a large boulder. The impact with the boulder            attempted to suppress the fire using a handheld fire
information that showed the homeowner’s check card had been used to rent a room at          caused Deputy Palomino’s car to overturn, landing on             extinguisher as others untangled Deputy Palomino
the hotel and the room was registered under the homeowner’s name. Deputy Lopez              the driver’s side, trapping Deputy Palomino behind the           from the car’s interior and pulled him to safety. They
put together a team of deputies and officers with the Tucson Police Department to           steering wheel.                                                  continued to render aid to Deputy Palomino until other
make contact with the suspect(s) at the hotel.                                                                                                               responding law enforcement and fire personnel could
                                                                                            Immediately after the collision, a dozen witnesses               arrive and further stabilize the situation.
Once at the hotel, Deputy Lopez and his co-workers located the suspects and the two         rushed to the patrol car while others aided the other
stolen vehicles. Deputy Lopez also discovered a set of keys in one of the vehicles          driver and directed traffic. The initial impact with the         Deputy Palomino was airlifted from the crash scene. He
which did not belong to the original homeowner. After making several calls, Deputy          truck had inflicted catastrophic damage to the front end         was treated for his extensive injuries and was expected
Lopez was able to determine who the keys belonged to and made telephonic contact            of the car dislodging the engine from its mounts and             to fully recover. The entire passenger compartment of
with that owner. The owner advised Deputy Lopez that his work truck had been                breaking the fuel lines. Gasoline from the broken lines          the patrol car was consumed by the fire shortly after
broken into and several items had been stolen. Deputy Lopez made arrangements               ignited a fire in the engine compartment and heavy               Deputy Palomino was pulled from his car. Had it not
with that owner to have the keys returned to him the next day.                              smoke emanated from the car. Deputy Palomino lay                 been for the immediate, concerted efforts of these twelve
                                                                                            unconscious in the patrol car as the flames began to             citizens it is highly unlikely that Deputy Palomino
During this investigation, other stolen property, to include property from thefts that      spread toward the passenger compartment.                         would have survived this horrific accident.
had been committed by the suspects in the hotel parking lot, was recovered. Deputy
Lopez was advised that these suspects were also suspects in several other burglaries,       Without regard for their safety, these heroic citizens           For knowingly risking their safety to save a life and
both in Pima County and the City of Tucson.                                                 approached the car and broke out its remaining                   for displaying courage and perseverance in the face
                                                                                            windows in an effort to reach Deputy Palomino.                   of catastrophe; these twelve citizens were presented a
When Deputy Lopez responded to the home to take the burglary report that day, he            The damage to the car was too extensive to reach                 Sheriff’s Citizen’s Medal and Certificate at the Board
used his investigative skills to build upon the trail that the suspects had left in order   the stricken deputy. Together, they pushed the 4000              of Supervisor’s Meeting held on March 4, 2008. The
to find their current whereabouts. Once they were located, he continued his tenacious       pound car back to an upright position. As they did this,         Sheriff’s Department would like to recognize and thank
investigation and was able to link the suspects to other crimes they had committed          flames began to leap from under the hood across the              these individuals tonight for their selfless display of
that same day. Further investigation revealed other incidents in which the suspects         windshield of the patrol car.                                    heroism.
might have been involved. Their names were provided to detectives in order to
provide them with leads and additional information in their cases.

Deputy Lopez’s commitment and dedication to duty led to several suspects being
arrested for multiple crimes, including First Degree Burglary. For his actions, Deputy
Pedro Lopez is hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation.

                            52                                                                                                                          29
    Deputy Palomino Rescue                                                        Sergeant Harold Janes
                                                                                  In October 2007, Sergeant Harold Janes was assigned as the Rangemaster at the Pima
                                                                                  Regional Training Center (PRTC). Upon assuming the position of Rangemaster, he
                                                                                  was assigned numerous priority projects that needed immediate attention. The PRTC
                                                                                  was also going through staffing changes and the entire staff was new to the unit.

                                                                                  Despite the Department’s weapons inventory being assigned a full twelve months
                                                                                  prior to Sergeant Janes’ arrival, it had yet to be completed. Within four months of
                                                                                  Sergeant Janes being assigned to the Center, the weapons inventory was complete
                                                                                  and more accurate than it had ever been. This success was a direct result of Sergeant
                                                                                  Janes’ direction, management and involvement in the process. The inventory was no
                                                                                  small task and required hundreds of hours to locate all weapons, cross-reference serial
                                                                                  numbers, contact personnel, and search computer databases. The process involved
                                                                                  correcting numerous erroneous serial numbers and entries of “missing” and “stolen”
                                                                                  weapons in the computer system, which had also affected the National Crime
                                                                                  Information Center database.

                                                                                  While assigned to the Pima Regional Training Center, Sergeant Janes was also
                                                                                  credited with taking the initiative to research and establish which government entity
                                                                                  was responsible for maintaining the road outside the Center and requesting the road
                                                                                  be repaired. Having the road repaired saved Department vehicles from costly repairs
   Mr. Ron Ballou, Mr. Micah Boivin, Mr. Gilbert Fimbres, Mr. Paul Madewell,      brought on by traveling the rugged road in front of the Center.
Mr. Doug McFarland, Mr. Benjamin Melendez, Mr. Raul Rojas, Mr. Felipe Sandoval,
      Mr. Mark Soza, Ms. Eileen Sykora, Mr. Ron Tobin, Mr. Adam Welch             These two projects alone were quite an accomplishment and took a tremendous effort
                                                                                  by Sergeant Janes to complete. However, he was integral in numerous other projects
                                                                                  and improvements to the facility. He initiated and coordinated the remodel of the
                                                                                  office; suggested and coordinated the completion of a new computer lab, and had
                                                                                  the foresight to design the new computer lab to be used as a backup to the Sheriff’s
                                                                                  Operations Center, if needed; and initiated the design and completion of a protective
                                                                                  wall along range number five, after seeing a need for the safety of personnel using the
                                                                                  tactical area of the range.

                                                                                  One of Sergeant Janes’ last projects as Rangemaster was to assist with the transition
                                                                                  from the Remington 7615P to the AR-15 patrol rifle. Sergeant Janes stayed in constant
                                                                                  contact with the vendor to facilitate a quick delivery of the AR-15s and developed a
                                                                                  transition plan to get personnel trained and the rifles quickly assigned.

                                                                                  For his efforts and the accomplishments he and his staff attained during his
                                                                                  supervisory assignment at the Pima Regional Training Center, Sergeant Harold Janes
                                                                                  is hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                                      30                                                                     51
                      Green Valley Sheriff’s                                                                                                   Ms. Martha Ruff-Duval
                                                                                                                                               For her compassionate and heroic attempts to save the life of her friend, and for
                   Auxiliary Volunteers, Golf “4”                                                                                              her valiant assistance to investigators at the scene, Ms. Martha Ruff-Duval is
                                                                                                                                               hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Citizen’s Medal. (Page 27)

On November 11, 2007, Green Valley Sheriff’s Auxiliary           Monday was a holiday. It is quite possible that the
Volunteer (SAV) Unit “Golf 4” was doing routine patrol           victim would not have been seen by anyone for many
through various parking lots. As they were driving               hours. Although he was conscious and alert when
through the back parking lot of Carondelet Medical               found, the vigilant patrol work by these SAVs may have
Mall, they found an elderly man lying on the pavement            saved his life.
in a pool of blood. They immediately called for an
ambulance and began to administer first aid.                     For their calm, decisive actions to a person in dire
                                                                 need of higher medical care, Mike Herndon, Madeline
The victim, a 78 year old male, reported that he was out         Sperry, Thomas Kane, and Dennis Henson are hereby
for a walk when he lost his balance and fell, hitting his        awarded the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Sheriff’s
head on the pavement. The parking lot where he was               Commendation.
found was not used on Sundays and the following
                                                                                                                           Mr. Jerry Shinn
                                                                                                                          no photo available
                                                                                                                                               Mr. Jerry Shinn
                                                                                                                                               Mr. Shinn provided the Pima County Sheriff’s Department with vital information
                                                                                                                                               via his cell phone, while following an armed suspect’s vehicle through the city.
                                                                                                                                               Mr. Shinn clearly went above and beyond his responsibilities as a member of our
                                                                                                                                               community and provided exemplary service to the citizens of Pima County. He
                                                                                                                                               is hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Citizen’s Medal. (Page 6)

                                                                                                                          Ms. Paula Welsh      Ms. Paula Welsh
                                                                                                                          no photo available
                                                                                                                                               For the life-saving aid she rendered to a person in dire need, Ms. Paula Welsh is
                                                                                                                                               hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Citizen’s Medal. (Page 18)

     Dennis Henson                 Michael Herndon                     Thomas Kane                Madeline Sperry

                                                            50                                                                                                            31
           Shannon Russell                                                        Deputy Kori Greene
                                                                                  Deputy Kori Greene is currently assigned to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department’s
    Outstanding Corrections Officer                                                Ajo District. She has demonstrated superior knowledge of the Arizona vehicle
                                                                                  traffic laws, and has utilized this knowledge to make traffic stops on suspected drug

           of the Year Award                                                      traffickers in the town of Ajo.

                                                                                  During two recent traffic stops, Deputy Greene developed probable cause
                                                                                  to investigate further and was able to locate and recover a large amount of
                                                                                  Methamphetamine. She was then able to secure confessions from two suspects as to
        In recognition and appreciation of exceptionally high standards,          their knowledge and profit from the transportation and sales of drugs in Ajo. Her
dedication to duty, and professionalism in the day-to-day performance of duties   efforts have resulted in the conviction of one suspect who was sentenced to several
         for the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Corrections Bureau.             years in prison.

                                                                                  The efforts of Deputy Greene have also resulted in the seizure of over 100 grams of
                                                                                  Methamphetamine, Heroin, numerous vehicles, and the seizure of cash and real estate
                                                                                  from the above mentioned suspects.

                                                                                  Deputy Kori Greene has shown a skill far beyond her tenure, which does not go
                                                                                  unnoticed. For her exemplary efforts and dedication to public safety, she is hereby
                                                                                  awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation.

                           This Year’s Recipient
                    Corrections Officer Brent Derrick

                                      32                                                                     49
Mr. Ken Graff                                                                               Corrections Officer Brent Derrick
During the months of May, June, and July 2008, the principal of Sycamore Elementary         Corrections Officer (C.O.) Brent Derrick has been with the Pima County Sheriff’s
School, Mr. Ken Graff, graciously allowed the Pima County Sheriff’s Department              Department for 15 years and has worked all four Corrections Bureau facilities as well
to use the school for the Department’s annual Tactical Advanced Officer Training.           as four specialty assignments. He has further served the Department as a Corrections
During this training, deputies are taught numerous tactics and methods on how to            Training Officer, instructor at the Corrections Academy, and is also weapons
respond to an active shooter in an extraordinary deployment situation.                      qualified for transports and hospital assignments. C.O. Derrick never turns down an
                                                                                            assignment or the opportunity to work in new areas. These additional qualifications
As the training progressed, Mr. Graff accommodated all the needs of the Sheriff’s           make him a versatile employee and a tremendous asset to the Corrections Bureau.
Department. When asked for full access to the school library, he contacted the
neighboring middle school staff to ensure that the joint use facility would be available.   Although C.O. Derrick’s performance over the past 15 years has been exemplary,
Department staff later found that the original plan to share the multi-purpose room         he has exceeded the Bureau’s expectations for excellence during the last year. C.O.
with the summer program students was not practical. When this was brought to Mr.            Derrick voluntarily supervised a crew of inmates to completely refurbish two of our
Graff’s attention, he went out of his way to relocate the students so that Department       larger housing units. Due to rising populations and legal demands, these units needed
staff could have unrestricted use of the room.                                              to be refurbished quickly to incorporate rising mental health populations. C.O.
                                                                                            Derrick worked tirelessly with his crew for several weeks to accomplish the mission.
Mr. Graff proved to be an accomplished diplomat and liaison when, early on, a               Contractor quotes estimated that the work required in each pod would take at least
concerned parent became upset about the activity which was taking place in close            three weeks and possibly longer. His unique supervisory style and dedication to task
proximity to the students who were participating in the summer program classes. Mr.         motivated his inmate crew to stay focused and complete each pod in less than two
Graff appeased the parent by explaining the safety measures being employed, as well         weeks. He worked autonomously and did not require direct oversight to accomplish
as talking about the significant benefits this training was providing to the deputies.      renovation. The newly refurbished pods are now populated with inmates and with
                                                                                            staff members who take pride in their newly refurbished environment.
Using the school campus created a realistic training environment that better prepared
the Pima County Sheriff’s Department to protect the citizens of Pima County. This           In recognition and appreciation of his exemplary dedication, exceptionally high
training would not have been possible without Principal Ken Graff. For his assistance       standards, dedication to duty and professionalism in the day-to-day performance
and generosity throughout our time at Sycamore Elementary School, Mr. Ken Graff is          of his duties for the Corrections Bureau, Corrections Officer Brent Derrick is hereby
hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation.                                                  awarded the Shannon Russell Corrections Officer of the Year Award.

                            48                                                                                         33
          Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate                                                         Mr. Frederick Gonzales
                                                                                                    Mr. Frederick Gonzales has served the citizens of Pima County for many years
                                                                                                    through his work at the Pima County Attorney’s Office and his current position at
               Awarded to members of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department,                          the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. Mr. Gonzales is a Public Safety Support
          members of other law enforcement agencies, or citizens of the community                   Specialist for the Criminal Investigations Division who over the years has continually
  for dedication to public safety, outstanding commitment and devotion to the Department,           demonstrated his willingness to make the system work for victims and citizens in our
                                                                                                    community. His efforts have streamlined the process by which countless fugitives
                            or exceptional service to the community.                                have been identified, located and arrested.

                                                                                                    Mr. Gonzales is an investigator, an administrative assistant, and a dispatcher to a
                                                                                                    multi-agency task force. In addition to the variety of tasks this assignment entails,
                                    This Year’s Recipients                                          he is often asked to assist other units within the Criminal Investigations Division.
                                                                                                    These requests require knowledge and expertise in areas outside of those for which
                                                                                                    he is responsible, whether it is casework, computer problems, running video/audio
      SAV Arthur Anderson              SAV Dennis Henson             Deputy Derek Ogden             equipment during interviews, contacting other agencies, preparing photo line-ups, or
                                                                                                    assisting and covering for other Public Safety Support Specialists; he performs every
   Detective Melody Boudreau          SAV Michael Herndon        PCADC Angel Tree Committee
                                                                                                    task with the utmost professionalism. He never declines a request for assistance and
      Deputy Tiberius Bowe            Deputy Gabriel Jacobs        Ms. Patty Reyes-Hendricks        seems happy to help anyone who asks.
        Ms. Jenifer Boyce             Sergeant Harold Janes       Former C.O. Joshua Roberts
                                                                                                    Mr. Gonzales answers to many supervisors and he consistently completes his
Corrections Officer Matthew Butler       SAV Thomas Kane              Deputy Jason Rockwell          assigned tasks in exemplary fashion. His efforts help to keep the Sheriff’s Department
    Circle K Tucson Division         Mr. Christopher Kripner        Deputy Jonathon Rupp            in good standing with members of the community and other agencies across the
                                                                                                    country. His good humor and wry comments have often brightened the sometimes
    Detective Karen Couture            Mr. Michael Kripner       Deputy Francisco Santa Maria       grim mood of fugitive investigations.
     Deputy Matthew Dixon              Deputy Pedro Lopez       Corrections Officer Byron Seeley
                                                                                                    Mr. Gonzales has set the bar high and is an inspiration to all who have had the
     Deputy Scott Dunaway               Deputy Elliott Lyle          Detective Scott Shafer         opportunity to work with him. He embodies the ideals of professionalism, dedication,
        SAV Wayne Eells              Deputy Clifford McGrath   Corrections Officer Nicholas Sidoni   and devotion to duty, and his efforts have impacted the lives of many who will never
                                                                                                    hear his name. In recognition of his outstanding service and contributions to the Pima
      Deputy Jeffrey Garcia          Deputy Donald Molchan            Deputy David Smith            County Sheriff’s Department, Frederick Gonzales is hereby awarded the Sheriff’s
       Mr. Frank Gonzales              Mr. Steven Monreal            SAV Madeline Sperry            Commendation.
     Mr. Frederick Gonzales          Sergeant Joseph Murphy        Deputy Larry Summerfield
   Deputy Augustine Gonzalez           Deputy David Neuss            Deputy Michael Walsh
         Mr. Ken Graff               Deputy Ryan O’Connor          Detective Jeffrey Whitbeck
       Deputy Kori Greene                                      Corrections Officer Lawrence Wyche

                                                34                                                                             47
Mr. Frank Gonzales                                                                           Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteer Arthur Anderson
In August 2004, Mr. Frank Gonzales, then the Records Unit Supervisor, took over              While off duty and at the Green Valley bowling alley on September 28, 2007, Green
responsibility for the Department Vehicle Immobilization Program. As this program            Valley Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteer Arthur Anderson was preparing to bowl when
moved forward under his supervision, the Records Unit developed a tracking                   he heard someone yell that a man was in distress at one of the other lanes. SAV
program for immobilized vehicles to ensure statutory compliance and Department               Anderson rushed to the lane to find a man unconscious and the people around him
accountability. To date, the unit has processed approximately 10,000 vehicles under          trying to talk to him and make him comfortable. SAV Anderson noticed the man was
this statute, accounting for over 3/4 of a million dollars in administrative fees utilized   not breathing. He got down on his knees, checked the victim’s breathing passageway,
to fund the program under a statutory provision.                                             and then started chest compressions. As a result, every so often the man would take a
                                                                                             deep breath.
In 2006, Mr. Gonzales was instrumental in the implementation of on-line public
record releases of Department accident reports, saving the Department operational            Rural/Metro paramedics arrived and relieved SAV Anderson, continuing with chest
expenses and providing a convenient service to the community.                                compressions and administering oxygen and AED. Paramedics transported the man
                                                                                             to a hospital; however he was still not breathing on his own. When SAV Anderson
In October 2007, Mr. Gonzales was promoted to Records Manager. During that                   later followed up on the man’s condition, he discovered the man was alive, but in a
year, thanks to his outstanding leadership, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department             coma.
was certified by the State of Arizona in Electronic Records Retention; at the time,
only one of four agencies in the state to meet the criteria. At present, all Department      Although a volunteer with the Sheriff’s Department, Arthur Anderson was just
records have been converted to digital format, to include all cold case homicides,           beginning to enjoy time off when this incident occurred. At that time, he was like any
enabling detectives to review cases immediately and more effectively. Because of             other citizen of Green Valley, but he did not respond like one. He used his training
his knowledge and experience in this field, Mr. Gonzales is currently a Review               and experience to take quick action when others appeared unsure about what to do.
Committee Member with the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission for Records                    SAV Anderson intervened in a medical emergency and enabled the victim to take at
Retention. Frequently, representatives from other agencies seek his expertise in             least intermittent breaths until paramedics arrived. Although it is unknown what
matters regarding retention of public records.                                               caused the victim’s distress, it is clear that the actions of SAV Anderson were life
                                                                                             saving in nature. Therefore, for his outstanding efforts and quick action, SAV Arthur
                                                                                             Anderson is hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.
Mr. Gonzales also manages the Digital Dictation Systems Unit. Since October of
2007, the Department has hired 18 transcribers. Thanks to appropriate staffing levels
provided by the Department, coupled with excellent training and unit productivity,
this year the call count was dramatically reduced from an average of over 1,300 calls
to less than 100 calls during a 24-hour period, meaning all reports are completed
within 24 hours of dictation.

For his exemplary leadership and contribution to the Pima County Sheriff’s
Department, Mr. Frank Gonzales is hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation.

                            46                                                                                          35
     Deputy Scott Dunaway
     Deputy Dunaway’s actions on June 1, 2008, displayed courage, resolve and
     composure. Although he was alone and in grave danger, he confronted a suspect
     who had shot multiple times at Sheriff’s Deputies and Tucson Police Officers. For
     his fortitude and actions in capturing an adversary of Pima County, Deputy Scott
     Dunaway is awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

     Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteer Wayne Eells
     On the evening of Sunday, April 27, 2008, Green Valley Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteer
     (SAV) Wayne Eells was home in bed when he smelled smoke. He immediately
     got dressed and went outside to see where the smoke was coming from. SAV
     Eells grabbed his pickup keys and SAV radio and proceeded to drive around
     the neighborhood. He soon discovered a building fully engulfed in flames. The
     building was a local air conditioning business. Flames were coming from the roof
     of the building and there were no fire trucks in sight. SAV Eells called the Sheriff’s
     Department’s Communications Center and had the Rural Metro Fire Department

     This is a typical example of the dedication and professionalism SAV Eells displays
     when he reports for duty. His commitment to his community and the mission of the
     Pima County Sheriff’s Department is unwavering. For his exceptional service to the
     community, SAV Wayne Eells is hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation.

36                              45
                          Deputy Larry Summerfield
                          Deputy Matthew Dixon
                                                                                                                                                       Linda Vista Fire
                                                                                                                    In the early morning hours of April 24, 2008, deputies responded to two large apartment complexes at Linda
                          During the early morning hours of January 28, 2008, the Pima County Sheriff’s             Vista and Thornydale Roads regarding reports of multiple buildings on fire. Responding deputies and fire
                          Department received a report of a drunk driver endangering other drivers on the           personnel arrived to find two apartment buildings in the final construction phase completely engulfed in
                          roadway. The description of the vehicle was given to patrol deputies and Deputy           flames, which then spread to, and destroyed, an adjacent building occupied by several families.
                          Matthew Dixon located the vehicle. Deputy Dixon attempted to pull the vehicle over
                          by activating his lights and siren. The driver fled from Deputy Dixon and it was later    The quick actions by the first deputies arriving on the scene were directly responsible for the successful
                          learned that the driver was a wanted felon. Deputy Dixon gave chase, remaining calm       evacuation of the residents. The deputies from the Foothills District Midnight Squad went above and beyond
                          and collected, as he relayed information to responding back-up units.                     the call of duty to evacuate those in imminent danger. Risking their own lives, they went door to door in an
                                                                                                                    intensely heated environment to ensure the safety of the residents in the affected buildings.
                          Upon arriving at the river crossing at Camino De La Tierra and the Rillito River, the
                          suspect driver ran the barricades that had been set up due to the high level of water     After the Fire Department extinguished most of the blaze, the Arson Unit was notified. Detectives responded
Deputy Larry Summerfield   in the river crossing. He drove into the rushing water and instantly went from fleeing    to the scene and began the arduous task of investigating the cause of the blaze.
                          suspect to desperate victim. The suspect’s vehicle became stuck in the water, which
                          continued to rise even as the suspect attempted to get out of his car.                    Patrol and SRO deputies located some individuals who offered information on potential suspects. Within
                                                                                                                    hours, four promising suspects were identified. Detectives immediately set out to find these individuals,
                          While awaiting fire department rescue efforts, the subject was swept away from            receiving valuable assistance from the FIST Unit. In the next 16 hours, detectives tracked down the suspects,
                          his vehicle and carried down the rushing river. Deputy Dixon ran along the edge           conducted intensive interviews, served two search warrants, and arrested the suspects responsible.
                          of the water, parallel to the victim, maintaining his light on the subject’s location
                          to coordinate rescue efforts. Deputy Larry Summerfield, a Sheriff’s Department            The damage to the complex was estimated at over 3 million dollars. Though some victims were injured, it was
                          K-9 handler, arrived on scene. Deputy Summerfield retrieved a 30 foot canine lead         a miracle that no lives were lost.
                          from the trunk of his patrol vehicle and ran after Deputy Dixon and the endangered
                          subject.                                                                                  The below-mentioned members of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department exemplify the mission of the Pima
                                                                                                                    County Sheriff’s Department. Therefore, for their exceptional service and devotion to the community and to
                          Several yards downstream, the subject was able to swim towards the bank and cling         the Sheriff’s Department, they are hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.
                          to a tree that was still twenty feet from the bank. Thanks to Deputy Dixon lighting the
                          way, Deputy Summerfield was able to find the subject. Deputy Summerfield threw
                          the lead to the subject and both deputies were able to pull the subject to safety. They
                          promptly took him into custody without further incident.
 Deputy Matthew Dixon
                          Law enforcement is a dynamic job where roles can change in an instant. Ingenuity,                                   Sergeant Joseph Murphy                     Deputy Elliott Lyle
                          quick thinking and ability to use life saving actions are required for anyone to be
                          successful in these situations. For demonstrating all of these qualities, and for their
                                                                                                                                             Detective Melody Boudreau                Deputy Clifford McGrath
                          flexibility in adapting to changing circumstances and moving from the position of                                    Deputy Tiberius Bowe                     Deputy David Neuss
                          pursuer to that of rescuer, Deputy Larry Summerfield and Deputy Matthew Dixon are
                          hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.
                                                                                                                                                Deputy Jeffrey Garcia                 Deputy Ryan O’Connor
                                                                                                                                                  Deputy Laura Gil                  Deputy Francisco Santa Maria
                                                                                                                                             Deputy Augustine Gonzalez                  Detective Scott Shafer
                                                                                                                                               Deputy Gabriel Jacobs                   Deputy Michael Walsh
                                                                                                                                                 Deputy Brett Joiner                 Detective Jeffrey Whitbeck

                                                     44                                                                                                                      37
                                Linda Vista Fire                                                       Detective Karen Couture
                                                                                                       Detective Karen Couture is assigned to the DEA Task Force within the Counter
                                                                                                       Narcotics Alliance. In September of 2007, she was assigned as lead investigator of a
                                                                                                       local drug case that ultimately revealed an intricate organization with connections on
                                                                                                       both national and international levels.

                                                                                                       On September 22, 2007, Foothills patrol units responded to what was believed to be
                                                                                                       a burglary in progress. Upon arrival, suspects fled in vehicles from the residence
                                                                                                       that was later learned to be a distribution point for marijuana. Patrol units pursued
                                                                                                       and apprehended three suspects and 5,100 pounds of marijuana. Upon her arrival,
                                                                                                       Detective Couture began the arduous task of search warrant execution and sifting
                                                                                                       through mountains of evidence, which led to an additional seizure of 5,700 pounds of
                                                                                                       marijuana from the residence.

                                                                                                       The tedious task of analyzing forensic evidence on over 600 bales of marijuana
                                                                                                       linked it to drug ledgers at the residence and eventually led her to identify a major
                                                                                                       Drug Trafficking Organization. Drug ledgers revealed that nearly 205,000 pounds
                                                                                                       of marijuana had been transported from the residence in the previous nine months.
                                                                                                       Money ledgers seized indicated that the organization received over 102 million dollars
Detective Melody Boudreau   Deputy Tiberius Bowe         Deputy Jeffrey Garcia   Deputy Laura Gil
                                                                                                       from the distribution of marijuana during that time frame.

                                                                                                       This marijuana seizure was determined to be the third largest in Tucson Metropolitan
                                                                                                       history. The proceeding investigation resulted in 18 search warrants at residences,
                                                                                                       banking institutions, and tax firms. To date, 10 vehicles, 4 residential properties, 3
                                                                                                       businesses and associated real estate are pending seizure for state forfeiture.

                                                                                                       While maintaining a heavy case load, Detective Couture has tirelessly dedicated
                                                                                                       her efforts to the post seizure investigative follow-up in an effort to ensure the
                                                                                                       exploitation of all investigative leads and the successful prosecution of this
                                                                                                       investigation. For her exemplary efforts, Detective Karen Couture is hereby awarded
                                                                                                       the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

Deputy Augustine Gonzalez   Deputy Gabriel Jacobs        Deputy Brett Joiner     Deputy Elliott Lyle

                                                    38                                                                            43
Circle K Corporation, Tucson Division
For the past several years, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department has hosted an
                                                                                                                                Linda Vista Fire
Annual Halloween Safe Night at Tucson Electric Park, providing children in the
metropolitan Tucson area a safe environment to celebrate the holiday. The Tucson
Division of the Circle K Corporation is an invaluable asset to these festivities.

The Circle K Corporation’s Tucson Division has been an exceptionally enthusiastic
and energetic catalyst, providing a large portion of the candy that is distributed to the
children attending the event. During the first year of their involvement, they collected
seven hundred pounds of candy. The second year, they doubled that amount. In
2007, their efforts alone contributed to more than one-third of all the candy that was
given to the hundreds of children in attendance.

Without the involvement of the Tucson community, the Department would not
be able to host events such as the Halloween Safe Night. For their generosity and
compassion in assisting the Pima County Sheriff’s Department with this worthwhile
endeavor, the Tucson Division of the Circle K Corporation is hereby awarded the
Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.
                                                                                             Deputy Clifford McGrath       Sergeant Joseph Murphy         Deputy David Neuss     Deputy Ryan O’Connor

                                                                                            Deputy Francisco Santa Maria   Detective Scott Shafer        Deputy Michael Walsh   Detective Jeffrey Whitbeck

                            42                                                                                                                      39
Jenifer L. Boyce                                                                                                       Corrections Officer Matthew Butler
Jenifer Boyce, even though not an employee with the Sheriff’s Department, has                                          Former Corrections Officer Mr. Joshua Roberts
devoted many hours in support of numerous departmental projects and staff over
the past twenty-seven years. Jenifer never seeks recognition or reward and truly feels                                 In June 2007, Corrections Officer Butler and former corrections officer Joshua Roberts
that she is a part of the Sheriff’s Department family. She proudly does her part.                                      were requested to assist with the repair and routine maintenance of a newly acquired
                                                                                                                       body alarm system. This system, when activated by an officer, identifies the need for
Jenifer has volunteered at fundraisers for the Corrections Heroes Assistance Team.                                     assistance by initiating an alarm in the Central Control Room of the Pima County
This program provides support to members of the Department who are called                                              Adult Detention Center. Both men took the initiative to learn all of the computer
to active military service. Members of this project also support the family of the                                     aspects, functionality, and repair issues of the body alarms, repeaters, and the infrared
Department member while their loved one is serving in the military. Jenifer spends                                     transmitters for this system.
time on the Angel Tree Program, an effort that provides needy families with food and
gifts during the holiday season. She helps prepare food and entertainment for the                                      Corrections Officer Butler and Mr. Roberts’s dedication and diligence were vital in
Fourth of July celebration at the Training Center, volunteers at the Halloween Safe                                    identifying equipment malfunctions and inaccuracies in the computer system, as well
Night for Kids event, and has aided her husband in his role as a Peer Support Team            Corrections Officer       as integration problems between the hardware and software. They also interacted
Member. Jenifer is also very active with the 100 Club of Arizona. This organization            Matthew Butler          with the manufacturer of the system to gather additional information to identify and
provides financial and emotional support to public safety personnel who have been                                      correct problems within the system.
injured in the line of duty, or to the family members when public safety personnel are
killed while serving their community. She has responded to area hospitals to be with                                   For their hard work and dedication to this project, which is vital to the safety and
family members during these times and has spent countless hours preparing meals            Former Corrections Officer   security of fellow officers, program volunteers, and visitors alike, Corrections Officer
and delivering 100 Club benefits.                                                             Mr. Joshua Roberts       Matthew Butler and former corrections officer Joshua Roberts are hereby awarded the
                                                                                               no photo available      Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.
In tragic times when Tucson-area public safety members are killed in the line of
duty, Jenifer voluntarily sews mourning bands so that staff can appropriately show
their respect and support. To date, she has provided over 5,000 mourning bands for
officers’ badges.

Jenifer participates in all of these programs because she is thankful for the hard work
and dedication that is demonstrated every day by the members of this Department.
She recognizes the sacrifices being made and feels that it is her responsibility to give
of herself in return. For her outstanding service and continuing commitment to the
Pima County Sheriff’s Department and the citizens of Pima County, Mrs. Jenifer L.
Boyce is hereby awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                            40                                                                                                                     41
88   1
Table of Contents

        2           87
Schedule of Events

             Awards                             Special Thanks
                                               Anthony’s in the Catalinas
                                                   Doubletree Hotel
                                             Loews Ventana Canyon Resort
                                                  Loews Coronado Bay
                                                    Metro Car Wash
           Medal of Honor
                                                Phoenician in Scottsdale
            Medal of Valor                        Tucson Hilton East
                                                        U of A
           Medal of Merit
                                                   Westin La Paloma
            Purple Heart                     Tucson Hilton El Conquistador
                                                    Mr. Jim Callery
   Public Safety Achievement Medal
                                                  Deputy Philip Cutler
   Public Service Achievement Medal             Mr. David Fitzsimmons
                                                   Ms. Alexa Pearson
       Sheriff’s Citizen’s Medal                  Mr. Matthew Sacco
  Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate
Sheriff’s Unit Commendation Certificate   Supporters of the 24th Annual
         Special Recognition                  Awards Ceremony

                   4                                      85
2009 Awards Ceremony   2009 Award Recipients
 Committee Members

         84                      5
               Medal of Valor
“Heroic acts arise out of desperate circumstances”
                                                     In Memory of....
                                                               Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers

                                                                                          - Winston Churchill

                                                      SAV Edward (Ted) Baily #3443             SAV Charles Gribble #3752

                                                      SAV Annamae Bousquet #5862                 SAV Frank Rauth #2696

                                                        SAV Dave Carlisle #3878                 SAV Phillip Sewell #6195

                  This Year’s Recipients                SAV Chuck Elliott #2837                 SAV Joan Vincent #4100
                Deputy Kenneth Atwell
                  Deputy David Baird
             Deputy Christopher McCracken

                          6                                                          83
                                     Hazardous Chemical Response

      Kenneth Slawinski
        Former Deputy #373

  Richard W. (Smitty) Smith
           Former Deputy

        Stephen P. Tyra
      Corrections Officer #2241

   Mr. Kenneth C. Maurer
 PCSD Civilian & Former TPD Officer

                82                                7
Public Safety Achievement Medal

                 This Year’s Recipients
Deputy Erin Allen                         Deputy Anthony Doran
Deputy Justin Alquist                     Deputy Stephen Howell
Deputy David Baird                        Deputy Eric E. Johnson
Deputy Cody Bierman                       Deputy Anthony Moore Jr.
Deputy Joseph Cameron                     C. O. Jesus Ortiz

                           8                                         81
     Fire Victim Rescue

80           9
Attempt to Revive Shooting Victim

                10                  79
Southern Arizona Office of Mothers Against
        Drunk Driving (MADD)

                    78                      11
12   77

                 76   13
     Epic Productions

14          75
     Public Service Achievement Medal

                This Year’s Recipients

74                       15
Gary Triano Cold Case Investigation

                 16                   73
              Special Recognition

                      This Year’s Recipients

                         Mr. Mathew Baller
                   Mr. Robert Cavazos, Raytheon
            S. Peder Cuneo D.V.M., University of Arizona
                          Epic Productions
                  Mr. Mark Jones, C.A.P.E. Program
    Judge Jan E. Kearney, Arizona Superior Court in Pima County
                     Ms. Nina Schatz, P.C.W.I.N.
Southern Arizona Office of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
         Mr. Reid H. Spaulding, P. C. Facilities Management
                   Mr. Kenneth White, Raytheon

                               72                                 17
PCSD Technical Operations Section

               18                   71
Records Maintenance Unit

           70              19
20   69
Property and Evidence Unit

            68               21
     Canine Unit

22       67
Canine Unit   Sheriff’s Citizen’s Medal

                    This Year’s Recipients
                    Mr. Kenneth Hansen
                     Mr. Larry Phipps
                    Mr. Michael Pineiro

     66                       23
     Pima County Sheriff’s Department Air Unit

24                      65
Pima County Sheriff’s Department Air Unit

                    64                      25
Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate

                     This Year’s Recipients
    Deputy Alvaro Arizpuru                  Mr. Albert Letzkus
       Ms. Regina Billings                    Mr. Gil Lewis
       Mr. Ronald Brown                   Sergeant Scott Lowing
   Deputy Michael Buglewicz                C. O. Salvador Loya
   Sergeant Dennis Chavarria             Detective Jessica Martin
     Sergeant Jeffrey Copfer              Ms. Juanita Martinez
      Deputy Jason Davila               Detective Mark Martinez
          Mr. Steve Fay                  Chaplain Steve Martinez
      Ms. Diane Gonzales                   C. O. Elsa Navarro
    Detective Brian Greeno            Detective Juan Carlos Navarro   Corrections Bureau Security Services Unit
   Detective Alberto Gutierrez           Ms. Annabelle Quihuis
      Ms. Sandra Hawkins                  Ms. Tanya Remsburg
      FBI S. A. Jay Henze                Detective Richard Rosler
  Detective Richard Hernandez              Ms. Yvonne Sanchez
    Deputy Michael Johnson                   Mr. Gary Taylor
    Deputy Kenneth Kimpel             Former C. O. Rodolfo Verdugo
    Deputy Heather Lappin

                                 26                                                      63
Corrections Bureau Security Services Unit   Avenida Del Cazador Fire

                    62                                 27
     Corrections Bureau Administrative
              Segregation Unit

28                  61
Corrections Bureau Administrative
         Segregation Unit

                60                  29
         Sheriff’s Unit
     Commendation Certificate

                    This Year’s Recipients

                          Air Unit
                        Canine Unit
     Corrections Bureau Administrative Segregation Unit
        Corrections Bureau Security Services Section
                 Property and Evidence Unit
                 Records Maintenance Unit

                Burglary Task Force Units:
                       Burglary Unit
             Foothills District Directed Patrol
              Rincon District Directed Patrol
          Tucson Police Department BRAVO Unit

30                            59
Members of the Resort Burglary Task Force

                   58                       31
     Resort Burglary Task Force

32               57
Resort Burglary Task Force

            56               33
34   55
54   35
36   53
52   37
38   51
50   39
40   49
48   41
42   47

                                  “       here liberty dwells,
                                      there is my country.”
   THE                                              -Benjamin Franklin

                 SINCE 1865....

            46                                 43
  Saluting our 2009 Deployed                                    Military Personnel

    Deputy            Deputy           Deputy         Corr. Officer         Corr. Officer       Corr. Officer
Howard Anderson   Michael Barnett   Luis Cornidez    Mathew Civitella     Ronald Garcia    Alfred Hanabergh

    Deputy           Deputy           Deputy           Corr. Officer         Corr. Officer    Corr. Officer
   Lee Hays       Henry LaRoque     Robert Muzzy       David Krzysik       Peter Robeson   Charles Spencer

    Deputy         Corr. Sergeant   Corr. Sergeant        PSSS                SAV               SAV
   Bill Nuñez     James Crandall    Nathan Hart       Alfred Gomez        Tammy Simmons     Robert Wydler

                                                                        Thank You!
                       44                                                      45
Greetings from the Sheriff ~

                            Welcome to the Silver Anniversary of the Pima County Sheriff’s
                            Department Annual Awards Ceremony. This year marks the
                            twenty-fifth anniversary of this event. From its modest
                            beginnings a quarter century ago as a barbecue at the Fraternal
                            Order of Police Lodge, to the elegant and fun-filled evening that
                            it has become, the opportunity to honor the men and women
                            who serve this community has been a privilege to which I look
                            forward every year. The recipients honored tonight represent the
                            service and sacrifice that is given every day by so many people
                            who live and work in this community. Tonight’s occasion gives
                            me the chance to thank each of them for choosing to give of
                            themselves in service to others.
 The choice to become a public safety employee is never taken lightly. Tonight’s award
 recipients knew when they pinned on their badges or signed their loyalty oaths that they were
 becoming a part of something larger than themselves. Beyond the organization for which they
 work, the community of Pima County as a whole has benefited from the dedication and
 commitment of these individuals. By taking on the responsibility of working within this
 organization, they chose to honorably serve every citizen, and to do right by them at each
 turn. All of these award recipients have gone beyond what is normally expected to perform in
 ways that distinguish them from others.

 In addition to the employees who are receiving awards tonight, there are volunteers and
 community members who have given more than has ever been asked of them. These are people
 who, with no expectation of compensation or appreciation, acted in the face of diversity to
 assist or aid another. These honorees took action at a moment’s notice, some at personal risk,
 simply because it was the right thing to do.

 We gather tonight, to celebrate and honor the men and women who through their acts of
 courage, gallantry and sacrifice represent the best of this organization and the community. We
 have come a long way in the pageantry that makes up the presentation of these awards, but the
 meaning behind them remains the same. And so, on behalf of all the men and women of the
 Pima County Sheriff’s Department, it is my privilege to welcome you to our twenty-fifth Annual
 Awards Ceremony.

                                  Clarence W. Dupnik, Sheriff of Pima County
                              Table of Contents

Greetings from the Sheriff........................................................................... 1
Schedule of Events ........................................................................................ 3
Awards (list of medals) ................................................................................. 4
Award Recipients ........................................................................................... 5
Medal of Honor (past recipient) ............................................................... 7
Medal of Valor (present & past recipients) .........................................                            8
Medal of Merit (past recipients) ............................................................. 10
Purple Heart (past recipients) .....................................................................
Public Safety Achievement Medal ...........................................................12
Public Safety Achievement Medal (past recipients) ...........................15
Public Service Achievement Medal ..........................................................16
Public Service Achievement Medal (past recipients) ........................ 20
Achievement Medal (past recipients) ......................................................21
Sheriff’s Citizen Medal ................................................................................. 22
Sheriff’s Citizen Medal (past recipients) ................................................. 31
Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate ........................................................ 32
Sheriff’s Unit Commendation Certificate ............................................. 69
Special Recognition ....................................................................................... 78
Military Salute ................................................................................................. 86
2010 Awards Committee Members......................................................... 90
In Memory Of ................................................................................................ 92

      Schedule of Events
Social Hour and Registration
                     5:30 p.m.
                    No host bar

    Posting of the Colors
  Pima County Sheriff’s Department Color Guard

      “National Anthem”
           Ms. Cortney Noel Radtke
    (Daughter of Captain Christopher Radtke)

   Father John Allt, St. Rita in the Desert Parish

                      6:30 P.M.

  Mr. David “Fitz” Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star
              Mr. Jim Callery, Guitarist

            Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik

  Presentation of Awards
           Lieutenant Deanna Coultas
           Lieutenant Karl Woolridge

   Father John Allt, St. Rita in the Desert Parish

 The Pima County Sheriff’s Department Awards Ceremony provides for the
presentation of certificates and decorations to members of the Department
    and citizens of the community and to recognize acts of heroism, the
    performance of outstanding service, or injuries sustained in the line
     of duty. Individuals may be selected to receive any of the awards
                     listed below in order of precedence:

                             Medal of Honor

                             Medal of Valor

                             Medal of Merit

                              Purple Heart

                    Public Safety Achievement Medal

                    Public Service Achievement Medal

                         Sheriff’s Citizen Medal

                 Sheriff’s Unit Commendation Certificate

                   Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate

                           Special Recognition

                               2010 Award Recipients
Anderson, Det. Christy............... Pg. 33            Meister, Corr. Lt. John................................. Pg. 19
Anderson, Mr. Donald (2)......... Pg. 34, 36            Murphy, Sgt. William.................................... Pg. 14
AZ DPS Southern Air Rescue... Pg. 80                    Navarro, Ms. Angelinah............................... Pg. 27
Barksdale, Mr. Matt...................... Pg. 23        Nice, Dep. Randall (2).....................................Pg. 9
Berikoff, Mr. Philip (2)................. Pg. 37, 72    Othic, Dep. Maurice...................................... Pg. 51
Bishop, Mr. Brian........................... Pg. 24     PCSD Communications 911
Boudreau, Det. Melody............... Pg. 17                  Manager & Training Team.............                             Pg. 34
Burrow, Ms. Jackie......................... Pg. 38      PCSD DUI Unit................................................ Pg. 70
Cermak, Ms. Cathy....................... Pg. 18         PCSD Park Enforcement/
Checketts, Mr. Ron....................... Pg. 25             Search & Rescue Unit...................... Pg. 74
Cleland, Mr. Jared.......................... Pg. 24     PCSD SAV Field Operations Division..... Pg. 72
Cooper, Captain Shawn T........... Pg. 85               Pima Regional Bomb Squad......................... 76                  Pg.
Cutbirth, Corr. Sgt. Robert....... Pg. 39               Polito, Mr. Nicholas...................................... Pg. 52
Easton, Dep. Lawrence Steven...Pg. 40                   Portrey, Ms. Tina............................................ Pg. 53
Evans, Ms. Amy C........................ Pg. 41         Province, Mr. Kyle........................................ Pg. 24
Felix, Mr. John............................... Pg. 42   Province, Mr. Ryan....................................... Pg. 24
Flores, Ms. Cynthia...................... Pg. 41        Quattropani, Ms. Doreen............................ Pg. 54
Funkhouser, Mr. Lindy............... Pg. 79             Rademaker, SAV John (2)............................ Pg. 55, 72
Gilstrap, Ms. Jennifer................... Pg. 26        Ramirez, Mr. Raul........................................... Pg. 54
Hess, Det. Theresa......................... Pg. 43      Rios, Mr. Miguel............................................. Pg. 56
Hierstein, Dep. Robert................. Pg. 44          Rivas, Ms. Glenda........................................... Pg. 41
Iverson, Dep. James.......................Pg. 40        Russo, Mr. Robert.......................................... Pg. 29
Kastigar, Chief Richard J............ Pg. 85            SARA/SARCI................................................... Pg. 58
KUAT - TV/Channel 6..............              Pg. 82   Schilb, Det. Matthew (2)............................... Pg. 60, 61
LaFontain, C. O. Edwina............. Pg. 13             Smith, Ms. Christine...................................... Pg. 62
Lange, Ms. Drema.......................... Pg. 27       Smith, SAV Perry........................................... Pg. 63
Lanning, Det. Daniel....................... 45 Pg.      Sullivan, Mr. John............................................ Pg. 30
Lauer, Mr. Steve.............................. Pg. 25   Tarnow, Det. David......................................... Pg. 64
Lopez, Ms. Hilda............................ Pg. 28     U. S. Bank........................................................... Pg. 83
Lynn, Dep. Matt............................. Pg. 40     Weber, Mr. David........................................... Pg. 84
Martinez, Mr. Daniel..................... Pg. 46        Whitehouse, Ms. Melanie............................ Pg. 29
Maynard, Dep. Horace................ Pg. 47             Wilson, Ms. Teresa......................................... Pg. 65
McDonough, SAV Joseph..........Pg. 48           .       Woodruff, Ms. Linda..................................... Pg. 66
McGillicuddy, Det. Muriel......... Pg. 49               Zimmer, Ms. Cheryl....................................... Pg. 67
McGrath, Det. Brian..................... Pg. 50          5
    As a special tribute in celebration of the 25th Annual Awards
   Ceremony, past recipients of Pima County Sheriff’s Department
     medals will be featured in this year’s special edition of the
                             program book.

  Congratulations to all recipients, past and present, who have been
recognized for their bravery, extrodinary efforts, and dedication to law
            enforcement and the citizens of Pima County.

                      MEDAL OF HONOR

    Awarded by the Sheriff to a member of the Department who has been
distinguished in a conspicuous manner through a specific act of gallantry and
       intrepidity, risking his/her life above and beyond the call of duty.

                              PAST RECIPIENT

                       Deputy Richard Carmona, 2000

                                 MEDAL OF VALOR
           “Heroic acts arise out of desperate circumstances”
  Awarded to a member of the Department who has been distinguished by an act
   of gallantry while engaged in any action against an adversary of Pima County,
     the State of Arizona, or the United States of America. The act renders the
         recipient conspicuously above the expected standard of conduct.

                                                     2010 RECIPIENT

                                                 Deputy Randall Nice

                                   PAST RECIPIENTS

Sgt. Craig Newburn, 1988         Deputy James Grisham, 1999        Deputy Eric Johnson, 2005
C. O. Donald Schneck, 1988       Deputy Scott Gustafson, 2000      Deputy Joel Bealert, 2006
Ms. LuAnn Hill (RN), 1994        Deputy Eric Johnson, 2000         Deputy James Iverson, 2006
Deputy Masaki Ferraris, 1996     Deputy Terry B. Parish, II 2000   Deputy Lorence Jove, 2007
Deputy Richard Pettitt, 1996     Deputy James Roat, 2000           Deputy Eric Cervantez, 2008
Deputy Stephen Carpenter, 1997   Deputy Allen Williams, 2000       Deputy Lawrence Easton, 2008
Deputy George Economidis, 1997   Deputy Russell Gibson, 2002       Deputy Bruce Haufe, 2008
Deputy Lillian George, 1997      Deputy Clifford McGrath, 2002     Deputy Matthew Salmon, 2008
Deputy Scott Martin, 1997        Corr. Sgt. Dale Peet, 2003        Deputy Tory Schwartz, 2008
Deputy Thayer Thacker, 1997      C. O. Torrence Brewer, 2003       Deputy Jose Velasco, 2008
Deputy Stephen Carpenter, 1998   C. O. Billy Oliver, 2003          Deputy Kenneth Atwell, 2009
Deputy Erick Maldonado, 1998     Dep. Anne Cathey-Spencer, 2004    Deputy David Baird, 2009
Deputy Robert Vaitkus, 1998                                        Dep. Christopher McCracken, 2009
                             Recipient of      2 Awards
                             One Medal of Valor
                             One Sheriff’s Unit Commendation Certificate

                             On Friday, July 9, 2010, shortly after 0200 hours, Deputy Randall Nice
                             of the DUI Unit attempted to stop a speeding vehicle near Campbell
                             Avenue and Roger Road. The vehicle increased its speed and began
                             fleeing westbound. Deputy Nice caught up to the car in an effort to read
Deputy Randall Nice          the license plate. As Deputy Nice closed in on the car, its occupants
                             began shooting at him through the car’s rear window at close range.
Deputy Nice remained calm and reported his situation to Communications. He continued pursuing the
car, despite the grave danger presented by the ongoing threat of numerous rounds being fired at him.
Deputy Nice reported to Communications that his car had been hit. The fleeing suspects lost control
of their car near Prince Road and left the roadway, crashing into a large utility pole. The passenger
was gravely injured and trapped inside the car and the driver fled into the desert area. Although he
was without backup, Deputy Nice contained the scene and coordinated the response of Tucson Police
Department officers and other deputies. Once containment was set, a Sheriff’s canine located and
apprehended the driver within minutes of the incident. The driver was subsequently charged with the
Attempted First Degree Murder of Deputy Nice and the First Degree Murder of the passenger who
died at the scene.

A search of the car located five firearms within the passenger compartment. One handgun had been
emptied during the attack on Deputy Nice and another semi-automatic “Tec 9” failed when it
malfunctioned. Numerous spent casings were recovered from the car’s interior. Deputy Nice’s patrol
car was struck by three rounds, disabling his driver’s side front tire, impacting the push bars, and
breaking the passenger side turn signal lamp.

Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, Deputy Nice displayed extraordinary fortitude in both
his judgment and actions as he continued to pursue the fleeing felons. Deputy Nice was alone and
his backup was responding from a considerable distance as he was shot at by two desperate criminals
intent on killing him.

For his gallantry and actions conspicuously above the expected standards of conduct for a Deputy
Sheriff while engaged with an adversary of Pima County, Deputy Randall Nice is hereby presented
the Pima County Sheriff’s Medal of Valor.

                  MEDAL OF MERIT

      Awarded to a member of the Department who has been
 distinguished by an act of heroism not involving criminal action.
When an actual or attempted lifesaving act is being considered, the
    deed must have been at the risk of the recipient’s own life.

                         PAST RECIPIENTS

    Lt. Lawrence Seligman, 1988         Deputy Keith Smith, 1993
    Deputy Ralph Mongold, 1988          SAV Jaime Rendon, 1993
    Deputy Richard Carmona, 1992        Deputy Frank Alvillar, 1995
    Deputy Thomas Price, 1992           Deputy Karl Jensen, 1995
    C. O. John Colsonas, 1992           Deputy Brian Cleburn, 1998
    Deputy Karen Cavazos, 1993          Deputy Joseph Harvey, 1999
    Deputy Billy Durham, 1993           Deputy Harold Lock, 1999
    Deputy James Ogden, 1993            Deputy Daniel Preuss, 1999

                                  PURPLE HEART

  Awarded to a person serving in any capacity with the Department who has
  been wounded or killed while engaged in any actions against an adversary
   of Pima County, the State of Arizona, or the United States of America, or
   as a direct result of hostile criminal action, or as a result of maltreatment
       by a captor or captors while being held hostage, or as an indirect
       result of hostile criminal action, such as being injured in a vehicle
                accident directly caused by a criminal adversary.

                                      PAST RECIPIENTS

Sgt. Craig Newburn, 1988           Deputy Angus Desch, 1995       Deputy David Kerton, 2003
Deputy Ernest Calvillo, 1988       Deputy Jesse Huggins, 1995     C. O. David Keys, 2003
Deputy Richard Carmona, 1988       Deputy Kenneth Coultas, 1996   C. O. John Cain, 2004
Deputy Duane Croop, 1988           Deputy Lillian George, 1996    C. O. Larry Clingensmith, 2004
Deputy Randall Graves, 1988        C. O. Joyce Rizzo, 1996        Deputy Timothy Graham, 2005
C. O. Donald Schneck, 1988         Deputy Scott Martin, 1997      C. O. Judith Shulley, 2005
Deputy Robert Boyd, 1989           Deputy Jacob Nickell, 1997     C. O. Joseph Kelly, 2006
Deputy Stephanie Harding, 1989     Deputy Robert Vaitkus, 1998    Deputy Ryan Roher, 2007
Deputy Phillip Cutler, 1990        C. O. Terry Deuel, 1998        C. O. Jonathan Civittella, 2007
Sgt. Ronald Ochs, 1991             Deputy Richard Carmona, 2000   Former C. O. Patrick McGraw, 2007
Deputy Donald Bacon, 1991          Deputy Anthony Stevens, 2002   Deputy Eric Cervantez, 2008
Deputy James Robinson, 1991                                       Deputy Bruce Haufe, 2008
C. O. William J. Braskamp, 1992                                   Deputy Matthew Salmon, 2008
C. O. James Austin, 1994                                          Deputy Tory Schwartz, 2008
                         PUBLIC SAFETY
                       ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL
Awarded to members of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department or members of other
public safety agencies for meritorious service involving imminent personal danger,
extreme physical challenge and/or hardship. This award is also applicable for those
     members who administer medical assistance that, but for the member’s
              intervention, the individual(s) would not have survived.

                                2010 RECIPIENTS

                 Corrections Officer Edwina LaFontain
                      Sergeant William Murphy

                               On April 30, 2010, Corrections Officer Edwina LaFontain was in
                               the process of exiting the inmate elevator on B-Level of the
                               Superior Courts. Before she was able to open the cage door of
                               the elevator to allow the inmate to exit, the elevator door
                               inexplicably slammed shut. The elevator suddenly shot upward,
                               increasing in velocity with each moment. During the rapid ascent
                               through 12 ½ floors, Officer LaFontain maintained her
                               composure. Although she did not know exactly what was
                               happening, she told the inmate to remain calm, stand near the
                               cage door, bend his knees and brace for an impact. Officer
                               LaFontain realized whatever was happening, the elevator would
 Corrections Officer           eventually stop and the impact would be significant. At the
                               moment of impact, Officer LaFontain and the inmate were
  Edwina LaFontain
                               violently thrown upward colliding with the ceiling of the elevator
                               car and then were hurled back onto the floor. Although shaken
up, Officer LaFontain called on her radio for assistance. Not knowing their location in the
elevator shaft, she worked with the staff to help locate the car and soon learned they were on
the Penthouse level.

While waiting for rescue, Officer LaFontain was concerned that whatever malfunction caused the
rapid ascent might also soon cause the elevator to plummet 12 stories to the ground floor.
Despite her worry, she remained calm and relayed information about the immediate medical
condition and possible injuries of both herself and the inmate. Fearing the elevator might fall at
the slightest movement, Officer LaFontain told the inmate to remain calm and sit quietly,
limiting unnecessary movements. During the approximately 17-minute wait for rescue, she
continued to calmly communicate over the radio and calm the inmate who was visibly frightened
and crying uncontrollably. Once the doors were pried open, she did not rush through to safety
as many people would have done. Instead, she courageously insisted the inmate exit the elevator
first and only then did she climb into the safety of the corridor.

Corrections Officer LaFontain’s quick and courageous actions reflect highly upon the Pima
County Sheriff’s Department. She maintained her composure, even during the terrifying moments
of the actual ascent of the elevator. She continued to control the situation, the inmate, and
communications to ensure the safety of both herself and the inmate and to bring rescuers to
them in an expeditious manner.

For her selfless disregard for personal safety while attempting to preserve a life, Corrections
Officer Edwina LaFontain is hereby presented the Pima County Sheriff’s Public Safety
Achievement Medal.

                 On August 25, 2010, Sergeant William Murphy, the Motorcycle
                 Enforcement Unit supervisor, was conducting school zone
                 enforcement near Agua Caliente Elementary School. While he
                 was in that vicinity, Sergeant Murphy heard the Department’s
                 Communications Center dispatch patrol deputies to a report of
                 a drug overdose involving a two-year-old child who had ingested
                 his mother’s prescription drugs. The frantic mother and the
                 child’s grandfather were on the telephone with emergency
                 dispatchers receiving directions on administering Cardio
                 Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to the toddler. The child was
                 unresponsive, turning blue, and no longer breathing.
   Sergeant      Sergeant Murphy arrived at the residence within moments of
William Murphy   the call. He quickly located the callers in the backyard of their
                 home, noting that their efforts to resuscitate the child were not
                 working. The child was limp, and his face and lips were blue.
                 Sergeant Murphy took the child and began giving rescue breaths.
                 He cleared the child’s airway and successfully forced air into the
                 child’s mouth until color returned to the child’s face. Eventually,
                 the child began to breathe again and start to cry. Medical
                 personnel later arrived on-scene and quickly transported the
                 child to Tucson Medical Center.

                 Hospital staff and fire personnel credited Sergeant Murphy with
                 saving the child’s life. The child would have succumbed to the
                 drugs within only a couple of minutes if Sergeant Murphy had
                 not administered rescue breathing. Sergeant Murphy’s quick
                 response and timely intervention prevented the tragic death of
                 this toddler. The child is expected to fully recover thanks to
                 Sergeant Murphy's actions.

                 For his meritorious service in administering medical assistance,
                 Sergeant William Murphy is hereby presented the Pima County
                 Sheriff’s Public Safety Achievement Medal.

                              PUBLIC SAFETY
                            ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL

                                   PAST RECIPIENTS

Lt. Robert Kimmins, 2000           Deputy Joel Bealert, 2004         C. O. Peter Basznianyn, 2006
Lt. Michael Sacco, 2000            Deputy John Brady, 2004           C. O. Jason Medley, 2006
Sgt. Scott Lowing, 2000            Deputy Brian Greeno, 2004         SAV Jerry Cunningham, 2006
Deputy Rene Lopez, 2000            Deputy Robert Muzzy, 2004         SAV Dave Flyer, 2006
Deputy Christopher Wilson, 2000    Deputy Alexander Tisch, 2004      SAV Hal Lambert, 2006
Corr. Sgt. Kevin Acorn, 2000       P.C.C. Sgt. Sal Mandujano, 2004   Mr. Thomas J. Parker, 2006
Ajo SAV Karen Snell, 2000          Deputy Alvaro Arizpuru, 2005      Deputy Kippy Compton, 2007
Ms. Sandy Hawkins, 2000            Deputy Anne Cathy-Spencer, 2005   Deputy William Farmer, 2007
Ms. Marta Richardson R. N., 2000   Detective James Wood, 2005        Deputy Brian Hill, 2007
Deputy Thomas Price, 2001          C. O. Matthew Butler, 2005        Deputy Erick Maldonado, 2007
Deputy Roger Robinson, 2001        C. O. Shawn Maag, 2005            Deputy Jeremy Olsen, 2007
C. O. Thomas Elchorst, 2001        C. O. Judith Shulley, 2005        Deputy Paul Petropoulos, 2007
C. O. Victor Herdman, 2001         C. O. Steven Street, 2005         Detective Daniel Barajas, 2007
C. O. Paul Hill, 2001              C. O. Vicki Street, 2005          C. O. Daniel Hancock, 2007
C. O. James Von Rostowsky, 2001    C. O. Jonathan Wood, 2005         Deputy Kurt Dabb, 2008
Fire Captain Casey Curtis, 2001    Sgt. William Murphy, 2006         Deputy James Iverson, 2008
Mrs. Kimberly Greene, 2001         Sgt. John Stuckey, 2006           Deputy James Law, 2008
Sgt. Thomas Doubrava, 2002         Deputy Kurt Dabb, 2006            Deputy Michael O’dell, 2008
Sgt. Louis Salica, 2002            Deputy Brad Judd, 2006            Deputy Erin Allen, 2009
Deputy Scott Anders, 2002          Deputy Brian Kunze, 2006          Deputy Justin Alquist, 2009
Deputy Jesus Gomez, 2002                                             Deputy David Baird, 2009
Deputy Gilbert Hernandez, 2002                                       Deputy Cody Bierman, 2009
Deputy Robert Lynn, 2002                                             Deputy Joseph Cameron, 2009
Deputy Jakob Nixon, 2002                                             Deputy Anthony Doran, 2009
Sgt. Terry Parish II, 2003                                           Deputy Stephen Howell, 2009
Sgt. Edward Spinney, 2003                                            Deputy Eirc Johnson, 2009
Deputy James Iverson, 2003                                           Deputy Anthony Moore, 2009
C. O. John Cain, 2003                                                C. O. Jesus Ortiz, 2009

                   PUBLIC SERVICE
                 ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL
Awarded to members of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department or members
 of other public service agencies for exemplary performance of assigned
     duties during a year. The actions of the member must exhibit an
             outstanding degree of dedication and devotion
                above and beyond professional standards.

                            2010 RECIPIENTS

                   Detective Melody Boudreau

                         Ms. Cathy Cermak

              Corrections Lieutenant John Meister

                             On October 7, 2009, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department received a
                             report alleging that Lynda Villaseñor was committing fraud. Detective
                             Melody Boudreau was tasked with the investigation. Reportedly, victims
                             were paying Ms. Villaseñor several thousand dollars to acquire properties
                             on a rent-to-own agreement. The investigations revealed that the
                             properties the victims were occupying were not titled in their names; thus
                             leaving the victims without any legal documentation, protection or rights.

                            This fraud investigation eventually led to Henry Parmley, a victim who
                            was the original owner of one of the properties. Mr. Parmley was an
                            elderly gentleman whom the suspect had befriended and then gained
                            financial control over his personal affairs by obtaining a power of
        Detective           attorney. Ms. Villaseñor also changed the address on his monthly
   Melody Boudreau          retirement and social security checks and began forging his signature in
                            order to deposit the money into her own account. Ms. Villaseñor
eventually stopped paying Mr. Parmley’s bills and moved him out of his own home. She then placed him
into a home that she led him to believe she had purchased for him as an investment. The investigation
revealed Ms. Villaseñor had not actually purchased the home, nor was even legally renting it.

During this period of time, Ms. Villaseñor did not reveal Mr. Parmley’s location to his family or police.
She even went so far as to hide him in different hotels and eventually placed him in a private assisted
living home. To facilitate the fraud, Ms. Villaseñor alienated Mr. Parmley’s family from him and told
him that his family was out to get his money and property. Mr. Parmley believed everything that Ms.
Villaseñor told him, including that a conspiracy existed to cheat him out of his money.
Detective Boudreau talked to Mr. Parmley’s family and was told that they had not seen or talked to him in
almost a year. The family did not know where he lived and was concerned for his safety, even though Mr.
Parmley had told them that he did not want to speak with them. After contacting all of his doctors,
Detective Boudreau eventually located Mr. Parmley and discovered he had an upcoming appointment.
Detective Boudreau arranged to meet Mr. Parmley along with a caregiver. Initially, Mr. Parmley was
reluctant to speak to Detective Boudreau and referred her to Ms. Villaseñor. Mr. Parmley did not believe
that Ms. Villaseñor had emptied his bank accounts, was cashing his retirement checks each month, or had
stopped paying his mortgage, which was leading to the foreclosure of his home.
Detective Boudreau initially arrested Ms. Villaseñor on outstanding warrants. While she was in jail, her
phone calls were monitored. It was during these phone calls that Ms. Villaseñor admitted to pawning some
of Mr. Parmley’s belongings. Ms. Villaseñor and her husband Roy were charged with eleven felony counts
of fraudulent schemes and artifices. Through the investigation Detective Boudreau was able to connect
the Villaseñors to several additional incidents of fraud with other victims that had occurred over several
Detective Boudreau not only stopped the continued financial victimization of Mr. Parmley and other
citizens, but helped reunite Mr. Parmley with his family. For these efforts and commitment to the citizens
of Pima County, Detective Melody Boudreau is hereby presented the Pima County Sheriff’s Public Service
Achievement Medal.
                    Pima County Probation Program Coordinator Cathy Cermak has
                    managed the Domestic Violence Stop Grant since its inception in Pima
                    County over three years ago. The program started with Ms. Cermak’s
                    idea to have a coordinated effort in Pima County between the courts,
                    Victim Services, probation, Pima County Attorney’s Office and the
                    Sheriff’s Department to provide solutions to domestic violence
                    problems in Pima County.

                    The Pima County Sheriff’s Department has benefitted from this grant
                    with funding for a full-time detective, department vehicle, Public Safety
                    Support Specialist, as well as a portion of the Domestic Violence Unit
                    supervisor’s salary. The added personnel are able to work as a team
Ms. Cathy Cermak    with the Pima County Adult Probation Department to try to locate
   Pima County      and arrest domestic violence suspects who have eluded arrest. On
Probation Program   many occasions they are able to seek out these suspects the next day
   Coordinator      versus weeks later. The grant is in its fourth year of operation,
                    resulting in over 1,400 arrests. This has created a safer environment
                    for victims and has held offenders accountable for their actions.

                    Ms. Cermak has taken on the daunting task of staying current on the
                    requirements of the grant. She is also responsible for obtaining
                    statistical information from all the departments involved in the grant
                    and forwarding quarterly and yearly reports to the state. These duties
                    are in addition to her daily responsibilities.

                    For her outstanding efforts and for her commitment to both the law
                    enforcement community and the victims of domestic violence, Ms.
                    Cathy Cermak is hereby presented the Pima County Sheriff’s Public
                    Service Achievement Medal.

                               Since June 2007, Corrections Lieutenant John Meister has commanded
                               the Medical Services Section of the Pima County Corrections Bureau.
                               This section includes the Medical, Mental Health, and Juvenile Units
                               – all high liability and specialized units. Each requires interaction and
                               coordination and daily attention with multiple outside agencies and
                                As commander of the Juvenile Unit, Corrections Lieutenant Meister is
                                a critical member of the Juvenile Transition Team. This team consists of
                                juvenile judges, probation officers, pretrial services staff, teachers, the
                                Department of Juvenile Corrections, and the Department Head of the
                                Psychology Graduate Student Program at the University of Arizona.
Corrections Lieutenant The goal of this team is to provide an incarcerated juvenile with the
                                tools needed to transition successfully to the community or other
       John Meister
                                secure care setting. Working with teachers, Corrections Lieutenant
                                Meister helped develop a Portable Transition Plan that a juvenile
will be able to take with him or her upon release from custody. This plan provides juvenile offenders
and their educational team or employer detailed information to assist in helping make their transition
back to the community a successful one. As a result of their successes, the team has been invited to
make a presentation at the state conference hosted by the Arizona Department of Education so that
other facilities may replicate the work.
Corrections Lieutenant Meister’s work also includes overseeing the Medical and Mental Health Units
of the Adult Detention Complex. During his tenure, he was recognized by Superior Court Judge
Howard Fell for his outstanding work with mentally ill inmates. Corrections Lieutenant Meister sits
on the Mental Health Steering Committee hosted by Judge Fell, along with representatives from the
County Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, Probation Department, Department of
Institutional Health, Southern Arizona Mental Health Clinic, La Frontera Mental Health Clinic, Con
Med Healthcare Management, and other mental health providers. This group often has conflicting
goals, but Corrections Lieutenant Meister’s leadership and teamwork have reduced conflicts and
improved conditions for the Department’s large number of mentally ill inmates.
Lieutenant Meister was critical to the success of the transition of a new medical provider (Con Med.)
three years ago and constantly reviews and works with them to assess and improve medical care
and records to track inmate care. He has developed and implemented a management system that
significantly reduced the use of restraints in the jail. He was instrumental in the development of a
new procedure utilizing wristbands to track and monitor timely medications. The wristband system,
which reduced County liability and increased inmate safety, was recognized in a recent audit by the
National Commission on Correctional Healthcare, which intends to share the program with other
facilities throughout the Nation. Thanks to the partnership developed between his section, other
sections of the department, Con Med and the Department of Institutional Health, the Corrections
Facility received a 100% rating with no deficiencies.
In recognition of his untiring commitment and innovative work in these three areas, Corrections
Lieutenant John Meister is hereby presented the Pima County Sheriff’s Public Service Achievement
               PUBLIC SERVICE

                       PAST RECIPIENTS
                         2000 - 2009

Lt. Robert Kimmins, 2000                Ms. Catherine Lesinski, 2007
Lt. Michael Sacco, 2000                 Mr. Michael Tuinstra, 2007
Detective Raymond Ford, 2000            Sgt. William Murphy, 2008
Sgt. Willie Belin, 2001                 Detective Scott Anders, 2008
Deputy George Economidis, 2001          Detective Therese Deschenes, 2008
Corr. Sgt. James Hendricks, 2001        Detective Kenneth Hedrick, 2008
Corr. Sgt. Sean Stewart, 2001           Deputy Thomas Price, 2008
SAV Carson Babb, 2001                   Ms. Talia Carey, 2008
SAV Marie Neal, 2002                    Mr. Tony Portrey, 2008
Mr. Edward Wayman, 2003                 Sgt. Ramon De La Torre, 2009
Deputy Christopher Rogers, 2004         Sgt. Richard Pearson, 2009
SAV Joseph Cataldo, 2004                Detective Robert Fiore, 2009
SAV Jean Jervis, 2004                   Detective Miguel Flores, 2009
SAV Richard Jervis, 2004                Detective James Gamber, 2009
SAV Tom Sidebotham, 2004                Detective Keith St. John, 2009
Mr. Asa Bushnell, 2005                  Ret. SAV Commander Robert Hoeckelberg, 2009
Sgt. David Peru, 2006                   Deputy U. S. Marshal Jeffrey Baptista, 2009
DPS Sgt. Edward Slechta, 2006           ATF S.A. Jeffrey Bell, 2009
Ms. Rhonda Lesnewski, 2006              FBI Forensic Accountant Kelly Goldsmith, 2009
Ms. Kimberly Cleburn, 2007              Deputy C. A. Willilam McCollum, 2009

               ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL

                       PAST RECIPIENTS
                         1988 - 1999
Sgt. Charles McHugh, 1988              Mr. Enrique Serna, 1993
Deputy Kenneth Pearman, 1988           Lt. Paul Wilson, 1994
Detective Gary Dhaemers, 1988          Sgt. Larry Cripe, 1994
Detective Douglas Fiscella, 1988       Deputy Donald Kester, 1994
Detective Roland Youngling, 1988       Dr. Richard Carmona, 1994
C. O. William Castaneda, 1988          Lt. Shawn Cooper, 1995
C. O. Dennis Nultemeier, 1988          Deputy Mike Blair, 1995
Mr. Juan Nunez, 1989                   Deputy John Durns, 1995
Sgt. Warren Alter, 1990                Deputy Ray Brock, 1996
Sgt. Theodore Martin, 1990             Mr. Paul Freeman, 1996
Deputy Paul Leonardi, 1990             Deputy Bob Cavazos, 1997
Reserve Dep. Carlton Oglesby, 1990     C. O. Walter Love, 1997
Med. Coord. Jeanice Dattilo, 1990      Sgt. Tom Hayden, 1998
SAV Frances Garchow, 1990              Sgt. Bob Leon, 1998
SAV Wolfram Quast, 1990                Sgt. Doug Witte, 1998
Sgt. Roy Keller, 1991                  Deputy Lisa Flores, 1998
Deputy Robert J. Ferrier, 1991         Deputy Derek Huenneke, 1998
SAV Robert Lindsay (deceased), 1991    Deputy Randy Ledy, 1998
Search & Rescue Council, 1991          Deputy James Lukosky, 1998
Deputy Robert Cavazos, 1993            Deputy Raymond Smith, 1998
Deputy Jesus Celaya, 1993              C. O. Dennis Hawkins, 1998
Deputy Gary Dhaemers, 1993             C. O. Ruben Robles, 1998
Deputy Gary Force, 1993                Sgt. Rick VanSkiver, 1999
Deputy John Patze, 1993                Deputy Scott Lonergan, 1999
Ms. Elizabeth Patze, 1993              Mr. G. Duke McPhail, 1999
Ms. Barbara Popp, 1993                 Mr. Wolfram Quast, 1999

                  SHERIFF’S CITIZEN MEDAL

Presented to citizens of the community, who are not members of the Sheriff’s
     Department, for exemplary service to the citizens of Pima County.

                             2010 RECIPIENTS

        Mr. Matt Barksdale               Ms. Hilda Lopez
        Mr. Brian Bishop                 Ms. Angelinah Navarro
        Mr. Ron Checketts                Mr. Kyle Province
        Mr. Jared Cleland                Mr. Ryan Province
        Ms. Jennifer Gilstrap            Mr. Robert Russo
        Ms. Drema Lange                  Mr. John Sullivan
        Mr. Steve Lauer                  Ms. Melanie Whitehouse

Mr. Matt Barksdale   In the early evening hours of October 2, 2009, a deputy was
                     working near the intersection of Benson Highway and Belvedere
                     conducting DUI and traffic enforcement when he observed a vehicle
                     operating in a manner consistent with impaired driving. The deputy
                     stopped the vehicle to conduct a DUI investigation.

                     The DUI investigation indicated that the driver was impaired and the
                     driver was arrested. When the deputy attempted to handcuff the
                     male driver, he pulled away from the deputy and began to run away
                     from the traffic stop to evade arrest. The deputy chased the fleeing
                     suspect and commanded him to stop. The fleeing suspect kept
                     running and the deputy deployed his Taser in order to stop him.
                     The Taser deployment was unsuccessful. The suspect continued to
                     run, scaling a fence at the edge of a mobile home park as the deputy
                     pursued, calling for assistance over the radio.

                     Inside the mobile home park, Mr. Matt Barksdale had witnessed the
                     deputy chasing the individual and yelled to the deputy the last
                     direction he saw the suspect run. Mr. Barksdale also shouted to the
                     deputy that he was a “fugitive officer” and that he had his handcuffs
                     with him. The deputy acknowledged him and continued running
                     as Mr. Barksdale joined him in the foot pursuit. Several bystanders
                     pointed to the north end of a nearby building. Mr. Barksdale was able
                     to outpace the deputy and ran around the corner toward the rear of
                     the building.

                     When the deputy rounded the far corner of the building, he
                     observed that Mr. Barksdale had the suspect on the ground and was
                     securing him in handcuffs. Once in custody, it was discovered that
                     the suspect driver had prior DUI arrests and a suspended driver’s
                     license due to his past DUI arrests. The driver was charged with two
                     counts of Aggravated DUI and Resisting Arrest.

                     For his bravery and exceptional efforts to apprehend a fleeing
                     criminal and for protecting his community, Mr. Matt Barksdale is
                     hereby presented the Pima County Sheriff's Citizen Medal.

  Mr. Brian Bishop         Mr. Jared Cleland           Mr. Kyle Province      Mr. Ryan Province
On November 11, 2009, friends Kyle Province, Ryan Province, Brian Bishop, Jared Cleland and Eli
Medvescek went for a hike in Pima Canyon. Little did they know when they started out that day
that their hike would end in a life and death struggle for one of them, and would bring out the
bravery and loyalty of friendship in all of them.

Approximately two hours from the time they left the trailhead, the group accidentally went off
the trail. In an attempt to return to the trail above them, Mr. Medvescek tried to scramble up a
steep, rugged hillside. The others chose a different route and safely reached the top, but when Mr.
Medvescek did not arrive, they realized something was wrong and began searching for him. They
discovered that Mr. Medvescek had slipped and tumbled approximately 30-40 feet down the slope.

The group of young men hurried to Mr. Medvescek’s aid. He was unconscious, badly battered, and
bleeding heavily from his head. Keeping calm, two of the men attempted to obtain phone service
while the others tended to Mr. Medvescek. They were able to stablilize Mr. Medvescek’s position,
control the bleeding, and ensure that he continued to breathe.

When help arrived, only three of the rescuers could make their way down the steep hillside. The
young men were asked to assist the rescuers by holding oxygen tanks, the backboard and other
equipment. Mr. Medvescek was carried up the slope and taken down the trail where he was airlifted
to a hospital for further treatment. Mr. Medvescek sustained many significant injuries, some
life-threatening. He spent several weeks in the hospital and in-patient rehabilitation, but was
expected to make a full recovery.

If it had not been for the quick-thinking of Mr. Medvescek’s friends and their decisive action, he
may not have survived. Despite the fact that these young men watched their friend suffer severe
injuries and fight for his life, they all kept their composure and worked together as a team.

For their brave life-saving actions and ability to remain calm during a critical accident, Kyle
Province, Ryan Province, Brian Bishop, and Jared Cleland are hereby presented the Pima County
Sheriff’s Citizen Medal.
                    In April 2010, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department assigned off-duty
                    deputies to work security for KFMA Day, an alternative rock concert,
                    at the Pima County Fairgrounds. This concert was attended by nearly
                    15,000 people, many of whom were drinking.

                    At approximately 9:00 p.m., Deputy Eric Heath encountered a fight in
                    the crowd. As Deputy Heath began breaking up the fight, he was
                    tackled by a drunken male who quickly placed him in a choke hold.
                    As the male was choking Deputy Heath with one arm, he used the
                    other to grab hold of Deputy Heath’s sidearm and attempt to pull it
                    from its holster.
Mr. Ron Checketts   Mr. Steve Lauer and Mr. Ron Checketts were in the crowd, working
                    for the concert promoter as non-uniformed security. Observing the
                    attack on Deputy Heath, they immediately came to his aid and, with
                    the help of Deputy Nicholas Phaneuf, were able to pull the subject off
                    of Deputy Heath. They then controlled the suspect’s arms and
                    assisted in handcuffing him. Mr. Lauer and Mr. Checketts also assisted
                    Deputy Heath in escorting the combatants to a security office while
                    Deputy Phaneuf attempted to locate more law enforcement resources
                    in the raucous crowd.

                    Through their quick action in assisting a deputy under attack, these
                    two citizens likely prevented a disastrous outcome. By inserting
                    themselves, they stopped an out-of-control, intoxicated man from
                    disarming a sheriff’s deputy in a chaotic, crowded environment. For
 Mr. Steve Lauer    these actions, Mr. Steve Lauer and Mr. Ron Checketts are hereby
                    presented the Pima County Sheriff’s Citizen Medal.

                        On November 23, 2009, Ms. Jennifer Gilstrap was going about
                        her business as a citizen of Pima County. She noticed a vehicle
                        being driven by a man wearing heavy gloves and riding on a flat,
                        shredded tire. She knew that there was something suspicious about
                        the vehicle. With no regard for her own safety, and no idea what
                        the actual story was with the vehicle, she dialed 911 on her cellular
                        phone and followed the vehicle to a nearby shopping center. She
                        observed the driver and his passenger get out of the vehicle and
                        use a pay phone. She continued to watch them and saw them
                        board a Sun Tran bus. She remained on the telephone with
                        Sheriff’s Department communications and provided all of the
                        information about the men as the incident unfolded, and she even
Ms. Jennifer Gilstrap   noted the route number of the bus that the men took.

                        As if these actions were not enough, Ms. Gilstrap also took several
                        photographs of the two men with her cellular phone at several
                        different points throughout the incident. Based on the information
                        provided by Ms. Gilstrap, deputies were able to apprehend the two
                        men as they disembarked the bus at the Laos Center. It was later
                        determined that the abandoned vehicle that Ms. Gilstrap initially
                        observed was, in fact, stolen. The suspects were charged with
                        multiple felonies.

                        Law enforcement officers depend upon concerned citizens to
                        provide information in many different scenarios. In this particular
                        instance, Ms. Gilstrap noticed something suspicious and took the
                        initiative to call for law enforcement involvement. She knew that
                        what she was observing just did not “look right” and yet she did
                        not just turn away. She got involved even to the extent that she
                        took photographs of the men who were eventually arrested.
                        Without her concern and willingness to take the extra step to
                        become involved in the welfare of her community, these men may
                        never have been apprehended.

                        For her refusal to look the other way when something seemed out
                        of place and her perseverance in gathering information that led to
                        the arrests of these two men, Ms. Jennifer Gilstrap is hereby
                        presented the Pima County Sheriff’s Citizen Medal.

                        In the early evening hours of December 11, 2009, deputies were
                        dispatched to a house fire in the Pima County Sheriff’s
                        Department’s Catalina District. Prior to the arrival of deputies
                        and fire department personnel, Ms. Drema Lange and Ms.
                        Angelinah Navarro saw the fire and went toward the residence.

                        Ms. Lange and Ms. Navarro both witnessed their neighbor
                        carrying furniture out of the house and then going back into
                        the burning residence in an attempt to carry out more items.
                        They saw the man collapse inside the house. Both women
                        entered the residence and carried the victim out of the house.
                        They had moved him to the front yard as the first responding
  Ms. Drema Lange       emergency units arrived.

                        As the first deputy came on scene, she noted that there was a
                        tree that had caught fire near the victim and the two women.
                        Ms. Lange and Ms. Navarro assisted the deputy by carrying the
                        male victim further away from the residence to a safe location
                        across the street where the man was assessed by medical

                        Due to the heroic efforts of the two women, the victim survived
                        this tragic event without suffering any serious burns.
                        Unfortunately, his home became engulfed in flames and was a
                        total loss.

Ms. Angelinah Navarro   For their courageous actions and teamwork in assisting their
                        neighbor during a perilous occurrence, Ms. Drema Lange and
                        Ms. Angelinah Navarro are hereby presented the Pima
                        County Sheriff’s Citizen Medal.

                  Although Ms. Hilda Lopez is not a member of the Pima County
                  Sheriff’s Department, she has chosen a career in helping others by
                  managing her own care home for the elderly. What makes her
                  stand out from the crowd is just how much she cares.

                  After placing a sign in her front yard advertising her care home,
                  Ms. Lopez accepted a 79-year-old male named Henry into her care
                  home. Henry needed much more than physical care. Little did
                  Ms. Lopez know that Henry had been conned into believing that
                  his family was trying to steal his money and he was being followed
                  by members of drug cartels. The suspect in the case had also
                  convinced Henry that she was his only friend and that his social
Ms. Hilda Lopez   security and retirement checks had been discontinued, when in
                  fact she was cashing his checks. During this time, Henry’s family
                  and the police had no idea where he was or if he was even alive.

                  Once Ms. Lopez realized that Henry's family was unaware of his
                  location, she contacted the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.
                  Ms. Lopez attempted to explain to Henry what the suspect was
                  doing, but Henry was still convinced that the suspect was the
                  only one who cared for him. Ms. Lopez not only assisted the
                  Pima County Sheriff’s Department in locating Henry, but she also
                  assisted with getting Henry to trust the deputies, members of the
                  Attorney General’s Office and his family. She even took Henry
                  to the bank, social security office, and the post office to help him
                  learn the truth.

                  Throughout the entire event, Ms. Lopez was never compensated
                  for the care she gave Henry during his stay, nor has she asked for
                  any kind of payment. Ms. Lopez continues to stay in contact with
                  Henry and his family.

                  Without Ms. Lopez's help, Henry might have lost all of his
                  retirement funds because he placed his trust in the wrong people.
                  Ms. Lopez went above and beyond her duties as a caregiver and
                  citizen, making it possible to prosecute the suspect in this case
                  and reunite Henry with his family.

                  For her extraordinary compassion, Ms. Hilda Lopez is hereby
                  presented the Pima County Sheriff’s Citizen Medal.

                         On March 7, 2010, PSSS/Retired Deputy Edward Kennedy and his
                         wife were walking their dogs on an isolated part of Pima Farms Road
                         in Northwest Tucson when suddenly Mr. Kennedy collapsed, falling
                         to the ground. He had suffered a life-threatening cardiac event. His
                         wife immediately began cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

                         Two good Samaritans appeared on scene to assist in this life-saving
                         effort: off-duty firefighter Rob Russo from the Golder Ranch Fire
                         Department and dental hygienist Melanie Whitehouse. Both Mr. Russo
                         and Ms. Whitehouse performed mouth-to-mouth and cardiac
                         compressions until Northwest Fire Paramedics arrived on scene.

   Mr. Robert Russo      Mr. Kennedy was electronically shocked by a defibrillator and given
                         other life-saving interventions by the paramedics. He was then
                         immediately transported to Northwest Hospital. After several
                         months of recovery and follow-up treatments, Mr. Kennedy was able
                         to return to work.

                         If not for the heroic efforts of Mr. Rob Russo and Ms. Melanie
                         Whitehouse, it is doubtful that Mr. Kennedy would be with us today.

                         For their unselfish act of compassion, quick thinking and ability to
                         take action, Mr. Rob Russo and Ms. Melanie Whitehouse are hereby
                         presented the Pima County Sheriff’s Citizen Medal.

Ms. Melanie Whitehouse

                    In the days before October 1, 2009, a man and pregnant woman
                    inexplicably decided to take a Cadillac sedan for a drive into one of
                    the more rugged canyons in the Reddington Pass area. On their trip
                    into Espiritu Canyon, they became stranded in a very remote area
                    and remained stuck in the wilderness for three to four days without
                    any provisions. After several days and with the pregnant woman in
                    severe distress, the man began hiking out for help.

                    Mr. John Sullivan, a Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation
                    employee who works the Reddington Pass area came across the man.
                    Mr. Sullivan offered care and support until an ambulance arrived. He
                    also obtained information about the woman and the area where they
Mr. John Sullivan   became stranded.

                    Mr. Sullivan then met with Deputy Steven West of the Search and
                    Rescue Unit. Although he had no obligation to help, he joined
                    Deputy West to form a search team, and his exceptional knowledge
                    of the area and physical ability greatly aided in the search.

                    Deputy Shawn Degan responded to the hospital to obtain what
                    information he could from the man who was difficult to understand,
                    but Deputy Degan relayed what clues he had to Deputy West and
                    Mr. Sullivan. After approximately an hour of hiking and
                    searching, the two men came across the conscious but barely
                    responsive woman.

                    Mr. Sullivan assisted Deputy West by utilizing his medical training to
                    assess the situation and administer initial treatment to the woman.
                    Eventually, she was stabilized and prepared for transport. Without
                    hesitation, Mr. Sullivan assisted in carrying the woman to a
                    makeshift landing zone where she was airlifted to the hospital.

                    Mr. Sullivan’s caring nature and dedication to assisting a fellow
                    human being in need has not gone unnoticed. His skill, knowledge,
                    and abilities helped the deputies solve the mystery of where to find
                    the woman and lend aid. Had Mr. Sullivan and the two deputies not
                    functioned as a team, this woman and her unborn child would have
                    surely perished.

                    For his dedication, compassion, and exemplary service to the citizens
                    of Pima County, Mr. John Sullivan is hereby presented the Pima
                    County Sheriff’s Citizen Medal.
                    SHERIFF’S CITIZEN MEDAL

                              PAST RECIPIENTS
Mr. Robert August, 1991       Ms. Kemberly Covarrubia, 2002   Ms. Cheryl Ladd, 2006
Mr. Timothy Beumler, 1991     Mr. Christopher Evans, 2002     Mr. Richard Lanasa, 2006
Ms. Phyllis Carmack, 1991     Ms. Norene Filsinger, 2002      Dr. Peter Likins, 2006
Mr. Tim Hattrick, 1991        Mr. Jesus Cruz, 2003            Ms. Yolanda Salgado, 2006
Mr. Harold Holzman, 1991      Mr. Robert Durham, 2003         Ms. Ashley Bennett, 2007
Mr. Willy D. Loon, 1991       Mr. Chester Gary, 2003          Mr. Victor Chavira, 2007
Mr. Samuel Morey, 1991        Mr. Rene Hernandez, 2003        Mr. Jim Click, 2007
Ms. Candace Radnothy, 1991    Mr. Ryan Lim, 2003              Mr. Dillon Ferrel, 2007
Mr. Thomas Eickoff, 1992      Mr. Martin Thomas, 2003         Mr. David Fitzsimmons, 2007
Mr. James Brown, 1994         Mr. Frank Valdez, 2003          Dr. David Lovelock, 2007
Mr. Gilbert Ghema, 1994       Mr. Michael Burton, 2004        Mr. Frank Maisano, 2007
Mr. Eugene Kellermann, 1994   Mr. Howard Fair, 2004           Mr. Shawn Pipes, 2007
Mr. Warren Lynch, 1994        Ms. Tammy Flynn, 2004           Ms. Malisa Trimble, 2007
Mr. Frank Mendez, 1994        Ms. Sharon Gardner, 2004        Ms. Natalie Woolfolk, 2007
Mr. Reynaldo Okea, 1994       Ms. Robin Lewis, 2004           Mr. Ron Ballou, 2008
Mr. Orin Ralchart, 1994       Ms. Denean Riley, 2004          Mr. Micah Boivin, 2008
Mr. Kevin Concannon, 1995     Ms. Mary Roach, 2004            Mr. Gilbert Fimbres, 2008
Ms. Kerri Lipsitz, 1996       Mr. Dawud Isa Abusida, 2005     Mr. Paul Madewell, 2008
Mr. Brett Kramer, 1996        Mr. Andrew Broderick, 2005      Mr. Doug McFarland, 2008
Mr. Tom Tulloss, 1996         Mr. Daniel Carly, 2005          Mr. Benjamin Melendez, 2008
Mr. Gary Vandernool, 1997     Mr. Brian Hartford, 2005        Mr. Raul Rojas, 2008
Mr. Francisco Fimbres, 1998   Mr. Alexander Johnston, 2005    Ms. Martha Ruff-Duval, 2008
Mr. Donald Caldwell, 1999     Ms. Peggy Lovik, 2005           Mr. Felipe Sandoval, 2008
Mr. Ignacio Pena, 1999        Mr. William Meade, 2005         Mr. Jerry Shinn, 2008
Mr. Vernon Dace, 2000         Mr. Jeffrey Voultas, 2005       Mr. Mark Soza, 2008
Mr. David Dotson, 2000                                        Ms. Eileen Sykora, 2008
Mr. Charles Jiminez, 2000                                     Mr. Ron Tobin, 2008
Mr. James Ryan Wilson, 2000                                   Mr. Adam Welch, 2008
Mr. Oscar Cruzalegui, 2001                                    Ms. Paula Welsh, 2008
Mr. Charles Glover, 2001                                      Mr. Kenneth Hansen, 2009
Mr. Kerton Keith, 2001                                        Mr. Larry Phipps, 2009
Mr. Juan Munoz, 2001                                          Mr. Michael Pineiro, 2009
Mr. Michael Valdez, 2001

Awarded to members of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, members of other
 law enforcement agencies, or citizens of the community for dedication to public
      safety, outstanding commitment and devotion to the Department, or
                      exceptional service to the community.

                            2010 RECIPIENTS

     Detective Christy Anderson          Detective Muriel McGillicuddy
     PCSD Communications Manager         Detective Brian McGrath
     & Training Team                     Deputy Maurice Othic
     Mr. Donald Anderson (2)             Mr. Nicholas Polito
     SAV Philip Berikoff (2)             Ms. Tina Portrey
     Ms. Jackie Burrow                   Ms. Doreen Quattropani
     Corr. Sgt. Robert Cutbirth          SAV John Rademaker (2)
     Deputy Lawrence Steven Easton       Mr. Raul Ramirez
     Ms. Amy C. Evans                    Mr. Miguel Rios
     Mr. John Felix                      Ms. Glenda Rivas
     Ms. Cynthia Flores                  SARA/SARCI
     Detective Theresa Hess              Detective Matthew Schilb (2)
     Deputy Robert Hierstein             Ms. Christine Smith
     Deputy James Iverson                SAV Perry Smith
     Detective Daniel Lanning            Detective David Tarnow
     Deputy Matt Lynn                    Ms. Teresa Wilson
     Mr. Daniel Martinez                 Ms. Linda Woodruff
     Deputy Horace Maynard               Ms. Cheryl Zimmer
     SAV Joseph McDonough

                   Detective Christy Anderson is assigned to the Financial Crimes Unit
                   within the Criminal Investigations Division. On April 6, 2009, a
                   report was made to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department alleging
                   that two fraudulent checks had been written on the account of
                   Ortho Development of Utah and passed at a store. Detective
                   Anderson was assigned the case and her investigation revealed that
                   in actuality twenty-two fraudulent checks had been written on
                   Ortho Development’s account by multiple suspects for over $18,000
                   in total.

                   Through her exhaustive investigative efforts, Detective Anderson
                   was able to identify Bobby Blansett as the main suspect in this case.
                   Detective Anderson learned that Blansett was writing the checks and
Christy Anderson   recruiting numerous other suspects to cash the checks in exchange
                   for a small percentage of the check and crystal methamphetamine.
                   In conjunction with the Tucson Police Department, a search warrant
                   was served at Blansett’s residence. Evidence was located showing
                   that he was the check maker and that he had also made dozens of
                   other fraudulent checks on other business accounts in the Tucson
                   area, as well as on some in California.

                   Detective Anderson worked diligently on this case and spent
                   countless hours writing subpoenas to financial institutions,
                   interviewing suspects and victims, coordinating her investigation
                   with that of the Tucson Police Department, and completing over
                   twenty-five supplemental reports. Her hard work and tenacity led
                   to the arrest and conviction of seven suspects for a total of
                   twenty-six felonies. The main suspect, Bobby Blansett, has been
                   charged with fourteen felonies and faces a minimum of twenty-two
                   years in prison.

                   Financial crime investigations require meticulous attention to detail
                   and exhaustive study of each component of the link between
                   suspects and victims. This case was unique in that so many victims
                   and suspects were involved. However, Detective Anderson did not
                   hesitate to follow every piece of information that was available to
                   her in order to make the case ready for prosecution. Her
                   efforts resulted in the victimized business owners resting more
                   easily, knowing that their accounts were no longer compromised
                   and the suspects were in custody. For her exemplary efforts,
                   Detective Christy Anderson is hereby presented the Sheriff’s
                   Commendation Certificate.
                                 Pima County Sheriff’s Department
                            COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER
                                & TRAINING TEAM
Training new dispatchers and call takers is a time consuming process. Most dispatchers spend
11-12 months in training before they are qualified to work on their own. Ten of those months are spent
working with a Telecommunicator Training Officer. The Training Officer is responsible for ensuring
that knowledge imparted in the classroom is properly applied to the tasks of call-taking and dispatching.
Telecommunicator Training Officers are not relieved of their own workload while working with a
trainee; rather they balance this work by using each situation as a learning opportunity for the trainee.
Between January 2007 and January 2009, the number of trained and qualified dispatchers rose from
18 to 28 as a result of increases in the authorized staffing of the unit. The Telecommunicator Training
Officers were responsible for training everyone in these new positions and ensuring they had the skills
necessary to complete the tasks as independently functioning employees. Communications Manager
Patsy Joy was responsible for coordinating with the Personnel Unit the recruiting and testing of the
applicants in order to identify qualified personnel.
In order to bring the training program in line with the Deputy Sheriff Field Training and Corrections
Officer Training Programs, in July 2009, a core group of trainers were challenged to create
standardized Telecommunicator training guidelines. Four employees attended and successfully
completed the Corrections Training Officer course. They, in turn, applied the knowledge they gained
to rewrite existing Telecommunicator Training program documents, lesson plans, standards, anchors,
and milestones, as well as rewrite a checklist for both call-taking and dispatching. By the end of 2009,
all Telecommunicator Trainers were effectively applying all facets of the revised program.
Due to the success of their collaborative efforts in rewriting the guidelines for the extensive training
of Sheriff’s 911 Dispatchers and Call-takers the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Communications Unit
Training Team and Communications Manager Patsy Joy are hereby presented the Sheriff’s
Commendation Certificate.

                        Ms. Patsy Joy         Mr. Donald Anderson           Ms. Katie Callan
                         Manager             911 Training Supervisor    911 Training Supervisor
  Mr. Robert Bonn         Ms. Talia Carey            Ms. Cindy Henderson     Ms. Barbara Ward
   911 Call Taker         911 Call Taker                 911 Call Taker       911 Call Taker

     No Photo

  Mr. Daniel Cancio     Ms. Brittani Caudillo         Ms. Ramona Eason      Ms. Sandra Hawkins
   911 Dispatcher         911 Dispatcher               911 Dispatcher         911 Dispatcher

                             No Photo                                            No Photo

  Ms. Alexis Foreman    Ms. Melissa Martinez           Ms. Cecilia Ochoa   Ms. Stephanie Ramirez
Former 911 Dispatcher     911 Dispatcher                911 Dispatcher         911 Dispatcher

      No Photo

 Ms. Kimberely Smith     Ms. Tina Snellings              Ms. Tami Wood
   911 Dispatcher         911 Dispatcher                 911 Dispatcher

                            Recipient of    2 Sheriff’s Commendation Certificates
                        On November 25, 2008, while driving with his family in the area of
                        Wilmot Road and 29th Street, 9-1-1 Dispatch Supervisor Donald
                        Anderson observed a male in his late teens graffiti a large traffic
                        control box. Mr. Anderson changed his direction of travel and
                        observed the subject also placing graffiti on an electrical box. Mr.
                        Anderson called 9-1-1 and reported the incident to the Tucson
                        Police Department, providing a detailed description of the young
                        male suspect. By the time Mr. Anderson completed the call to 9-1-1,
 Mr. Donald Anderson    the subject had disappeared. About ten minutes later, Mr. Anderson
911 Dispatch Supervisor received a call from a Tucson Police officer requesting that he drive
Communications Section by to identify a detained subject. Mr. Anderson successfully
                        identified the male as the teen who had been vandalizing property.

                             On March 28, 2009, a similar incident occurred. This time,
                             however, Mr. Anderson had his wife drop him off in the area where
                             he again witnessed a subject vandalizing property. Mr. Anderson
                             followed the subject on foot, taking care to appear that he was
                             simply walking along the street. He called 9-1-1 from a convenience
                             store, where he was still watching the subject. A Tucson Police
                             officer responded and detained a suspect. Mr. Anderson again was
                             able to identify the detained suspect as the “tagger.”
                             Within a four-month time period Mr. Anderson was instrumental in
                             the arrest of two subjects he witnessed committing acts of vandalism.
                             Graffiti is widespread in the Tucson area and many people who witness
                             this crime do little or nothing to stop it. Mr. Anderson recognizes the
                             economic impact vandalism has on the entire community and the
                             damage that has been done to the private property of the citizens of
                             Pima County.

                             For his willingness to go above and beyond and to positively represent
                             the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Dispatch Supervisor Donald
                             Anderson is hereby presented the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                      Recipient of    2 Certificates
                      One Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate
                      One Sheriff’s Unit Commendation Certificate
                      Mr. Philip Berikoff served as a member of the Sheriff's Auxiliary
                      Volunteers from May 2008 to October 2010 when he was hired by
                      the Sheriff’s Department as a Public Safety Support Specialist. During
                      his service with the SAV, Mr. Berikoff volunteered in Patrol and Field
Mr. Philip Berikoff   Operations and last year he was called on to assist the Department by
PSSS/SAV - Tucson     providing administrative support in the Criminal Investigations
                      Division Burglary Unit. In his last year as an SAV, Mr. Berikoff
                      dedicated a minimum of twenty-four hours per week working side
                      by side with detectives to locate stolen property, identify potential
                      suspects and provide analytical information to help identify criminal
                      trends. The amount of hours and skill level he provided far exceeded
                      what was required or expected.

                      Mr. Berikoff’s proficiency and dedication were essential during the
                      investigation of numerous burglaries in the Tucson Country Club
                      neighborhood in 2009. Detectives had very few leads on the
                      increasingly dangerous break-ins where the burglars were entering
                      occupied homes in the middle of the night while the owners slept.
                      Mr. Berikoff worked diligently preparing link charts showing the
                      association of suspects and past criminal activity in hopes of finding
                      a connection to the crimes. Detectives were able to interview the list
                      of suspects he provided, and although there has not been an arrest,
                      the burglaries in the area ceased. His work undoubtedly identified
                      the perpetrators and facilitated scaring them off.

                      Mr. Berikoff is highly skilled at his duties and provided quality work
                      far above the expectations of a volunteer. For his exemplary
                      dedication in service to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Public
                      Safety Support Specialist Philip Berikoff is hereby presented the
                      Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                         On March 29, 2010, at 2339 hours, 911 Dispatcher Jackie
                         Burrow answered a 9-1-1 call from a ten-year-old girl reporting
                         that her parents had been shot and killed. Ms. Burrow learned
                         that the girl was now alone with her younger sister. During the
                         next 12 1/2 minutes while deputies were responding to the home,
                         Ms. Burrows calmly handled this very difficult phone call where
                         the fear that these children were experiencing could only be
                         described as unimaginable.

                         Ms. Burrow not only kept the young girl calm and focused, but
                         obtained necessary information for responding units. Ms.
                         Burrow responded to the young girl’s distress in a very
   Ms. Jackie Burrow     compassionate manner speaking softly yet firmly, while helping
    911 Dispatcher       the child to stay focused on the phone conversation and not the
Communications Section   horrific incident she had witnessed. Ms. Burrow gently guided the
                         girl through the call process while giving instructions in order to
                         make the ten-year-old child, along with her younger sister, as safe
                         as possible.

                         The responsibilities of a Pima County Sheriff’s Department 911
                         Call-taker/Dispatcher involve high expectations and unforeseen
                         events requiring that an individual be ready to appropriately
                         handle any situation he or she encounters. The reality of this
                         assignment is that Ms. Burrow, armed with her knowledge,
                         training, professionalism and personal perseverance, was able to
                         protect these children as best she could until deputies arrived to
                         ensure their physical safety.

                         Ms. Burrow’s skills clearly were put to the test on the night of
                         March 29, 2010, and she exercised those skills admirably. Her
                         calm demeanor allowed her to gather vital information that might
                         have been lost in less experienced hands, while handling both the
                         safety of children enduring a horribly tragic situation and relaying
                         information to responding deputies.

                         For her compassion and outstanding professionalism, Ms. Jackie
                         Burrow is hereby presented the Sheriff’s Commendation

                              On February 27, 2010, Corrections Sergeant Robert Cutbirth was
                              assigned as the Main Jail Tower Supervisor. Prior to Corrections
                              Sergeant Cutbirth’s shift, a confidential informant made staff aware of
                              the possibility of a fight in the yards planned for the following day
                              and that the fight was possibly an ambush for staff members who
                              would respond to the incident.

                              With the information provided, Corrections Sergeant Cutbirth
                              immediately took appropriate action to prevent the incident from
                              occurring. However, he also planned to gather evidence by
                              strategically placing a video camera within the recreation areas to
                              capture any incident that might occur. He arranged to have as many
Corrections Sergeant          officers as possible on stand-by to respond, if necessary, and he made
  Robert Cutbirth             the TAC700 Pepperball less-lethal weapon system available nearby for
                              an appropriate response.
The following day, within minutes of the inmates being let into the yard for their recreation time, a
fight broke out between two of them. Both inmates were given multiple orders by officers to stop
fighting; however, they did not comply. Corrections Sergeant Cutbirth deployed the TAC700
Pepperball less-lethal weapon system. He launched multiple bursts at both combatants until they
stopped fighting and compliance was gained. All of the inmates in the yard were ordered to lie on
the ground and they quickly complied. Having sufficient staff already on standby, Corrections
Sergeant Cutbirth gave the order to enter and secure the yard due to Corrections Sergeant
Cutbirth’s pre-planning. Corrections Officers were not forced to rush into a volatile and
potentially dangerous ambush and the situation was resolved safely and within seconds.

The actions of Corrections Sergeant Cutbirth went above and beyond what would be expected of
other Corrections staff. An easy response to the information provided by the informant would
have been to cancel the recreation time for the day. However, doing so would have affected
hundreds of uninvolved inmates by withholding a privilege for no reason, if the information had
turned out to be false. Additionally, Corrections Sergeant Cutbirth recognized the fact that if the
recreation time had been cancelled on this particular day, and the involved inmates did, in fact, want
to set up an ambush situation, they would simply choose another day to do it, and the staff might
not be given the information that would allow them to respond safely. By allowing the recreation
time to occur, and being prepared for any eventuality, Corrections Sergeant Cutbirth turned the
tables on the inmates and diffused a very serious situation.

The quick and decisive actions of Corrections Sergeant Cutbirth prevented a seriously volatile and
possibly life threatening situation from occurring, with minimal risk to inmates or staff. For his
actions on that day, Corrections Sergeant Robert Cutbirth is hereby presented the Sheriff’s
Commendation Certificate.

                         In August 2009, Deputies James Iverson, Lawrence Steven Easton
                         and Matt Lynn developed the foundation for the Operations Bureau
                         Quality Control Program. They started with a concept and a long
                         term goal of improving the quality of our law enforcement
                         operations in the field and developed an extremely successful
                         program. Prior to the implementation of the program, there was
                         no formal review and critique process; therefore, there was no
                         conduit for the exchange of information to improve performance.

                         Deputies Iverson, Easton, and Lynn created procedures and
                         common thresholds for successful reports and investigations. They
                         developed and cemented a cooperative relationship with the
       Deputy            Criminal Investigations Division and drafted Standard Operating
Lawrence Steven Easton   Procedures for the program.

                         Additionally, they created a system to track and report negative
                         performance trends back to the training staff to identify future
                         training needs. Now, through this program, all law enforcement
                         reports generated by the Patrol Division are evaluated and critiqued.
                         The Quality Control Deputies provide feedback to patrol
                         deputies and vital information to supervisors that is critical in
                         managing operations. Since the inception of this program, there has
                         been a dramatic improvement in law enforcement reports,
                         investigations, and tactics.

                         Deputies Iverson, Easton, and Lynn took the program beyond
        Deputy           reviewing reports and became role models, mentors, and training
     James Iverson       officers to assist with the overall development of our deputies.

                         Deputies Iverson, Easton, and Lynn took a leadership role in
                         developing solutions and implementing change. The quality of work
                         by our deputies has improved, communications between specialties
                         is more efficient, and our personnel have a sense of shared
                         success. The quality control program has been a tremendous asset
                         in increasing our responsiveness and professionalism to the public.

                         For Deputy James Iverson, Deputy Lawrence Steven Easton and
                         Deputy Matt Lynn’s exemplary efforts to improve the overall
                         quality and performance of the Operations Bureau, they are hereby
                         presented the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.
      Matt Lynn
                     Child abuse is an alarmingly prevalent problem in Pima County,
                     but through the cooperative efforts of a multidisciplinary team, the
                     Southern Arizona Children's Advocacy Center provides a child-safe
                     environment where child victims of abuse undergo the initial stage of
                     an investigation through which they can begin the healing process.

                     A crucial part of the process is gained through the disclosure given
                     by a child. Skillful forensic interviews are important to ensure the
                     protection of not only the child victims, but also of innocent
                     individuals, and to ensure the conviction of perpetrators.

                     The Southern Arizona Children's Advocacy Center provides three
Ms. Amy C. Evans     specially trained forensic interviewers who conduct digital video
                     recorded forensic interviews. These highly skilled forensic
                     interviewers are Ms. Amy C. Evans, Ms. Cynthia Flores and Ms.
                     Glenda Rivas.

                     Since the opening of the Center in 1996, 10,912 interviews have been
                     conducted, with 893 interviews conducted in 2009. This tragic
                     commentary on the scope of the problem faced by these forensic
                     interviewers on a daily basis represents only substantiated cases of
                     abuse. Because the forensic interview involves a combination of
                     specific specialized interviewing techniques in an environment that is
                     appropriate and supportive for a child, the interviewers are challenged
                     daily with the need to be continuously mindful and diligent. The
                     interviewers must always consider the child's level of development,
Ms. Cynthia Flores   cognitive and language capacities, linguistic skills, and cultural
                     differences. The interviewers must then adjust their language,
                     content, and questioning approach with the children for a competent
                     and successful interview. The hard work and commitment of these
                     forensic interviewers allow law enforcement to move an investigation
                     quickly and thoroughly toward successful prosecution.

                     These dedicated interviewers are tasked daily with the heart
                     wrenching duties of having an innocent child reveal unspeakable acts
                     that have been committed upon them, often by the very ones who
                     are supposed to love and protect them.

                     Therefore, for their tireless work and devotion, Ms. Amy C. Evans,
                     Ms. Cynthia Flores, and Ms. Glenda Rivas are hereby presented the
                     Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.
Ms. Glenda Rivas

                            In the early morning hours of October 10, 2009, Senior
                            Corrections Custodian Mr. John Felix was leading an inmate
                            work crew on routine duty outside the secure perimeter of
                            the Pima County Adult Detention Complex. Without warning,
                            an individual approached Mr. Felix and his inmate work crew
                            shouting profanities and making threatening gestures towards
                            them. At one point, the individual picked up a metal trash
                            can and threatened Mr. Felix and his crew. Understanding the
                            potential for the situation to escalate, Mr. Felix immediately
                            called for assistance. While waiting for officers to arrive, Mr.
                            Felix placed himself between the threatening individual and his
                            inmate workers, maintaining a safe distance and ensuring their
      Mr. John Felix        safety. While doing so, he ordered them to seek refuge in his
Sr. Corrections Custodian   work truck. Even though Mr. Felix has no formal training as a
                            security staff member, he used command presence to his
                            advantage while giving verbal directions to keep the individual
                            at bay until uniformed staff could arrive and take control of
                            the situation.

                            Another instance where Mr. Felix was faced with an
                            unexpected emergent circumstance occurred on January 27,
                            2010. As part of his daily routine, Mr. Felix checked the Main
                            Jail front desk area prior to allowing inmate workers access.
                            During his search, he discovered that a member of the public
                            was lying on the floor of the women’s restroom unresponsive.
                            He recognized the medical emergency and called for assistance.
                            He stood by until uniformed and medical staff arrived and
                            took control of the incident.

                            These are just two examples of how Senior Corrections
                            Custodian John Felix has gone above and beyond his assigned
                            duties. For the selfless protection of his inmate work crew
                            and quick thinking in a medical emergency, Mr. John Felix is
                            hereby presented the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

               In June of 2009, Detective Theresa Hess received information about
               suspicious activity that had been occurring at a residence in the
               Foothills District of Pima County. Based on her training and
               experience, Detective Hess quickly recognized that the activity was
               most likely related to narcotics trafficking.

               Through diligent surveillance activities Detective Hess developed a plan
               that included intelligence and information gathering about the
               suspects. Through several weeks of surveillance, Detective Hess was
               able to identify the individuals involved and determined that they
               belonged to a large and powerful narcotics trafficking organization.
               Her investigative efforts allowed her to obtain several search
 Detective     warrants on various residences which ultimately led to the arrest of
Theresa Hess   eight individuals, the seizure of 200 pounds of marijuana, over
               $275,000 dollars in cash, several homes, cars, body armor and

               Detective Hess’s high degree of motivation, talent and professionalism
               helped to dismantle a large-scale drug trafficking organization.
               Her efforts resulted in not only the successful seizure of the items
               and evidence, but also the return of a feeling of safety and security to
               the neighborhoods that were affected. This narcotics organization was
               responsible for narcotic trafficking, money laundering, and several
               home invasions in the Tucson area. It had been in operation for over
               three decades and the members of the group had believed they were
               immune from the effects of law enforcement efforts.

               Detective Hess recognized details that others may have overlooked,
               which led her to conclude that the activity originally reported as
               simply suspicious was, in fact, much more than that. She did not stop
               her investigation until she had developed the information necessary to
               obtain the search warrants and bring an end to the illegal activities of
               a very dangerous criminal operation.

               For her outstanding effort and service to the Department and the
               citizens of Pima County, Detective Theresa Hess is hereby presented
               the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                             On March 1, 2010, at 0100 hours, a ten-year-old child was
                             sleeping in his bedroom when an adult male stranger gained
                             entry into his home and began sexually molesting him as he lay
                             frozen with fear in his bed.

                             The child’s father was awakened when he heard the child in the
                             bathroom. When the child’s father checked on him, he found
                             that his son had changed into his swimsuit. When his father
                             questioned him about this, the child told him that a man had
                             been in his room and had touched his privates. Because the
                             child is afflicted with Down syndrome, his father initially
                             dismissed his disclosure as a bad dream and sent him back to
                             bed. The father could still hear the unsettled child, so he went
  Robert Hierstein           to the boy’s room and found him awake and frightened. Upon
                             further examination of the room, the child’s father discovered
                             muddy footprints leading up to the child’s bed from the
                             bedroom window and immediately called 911.
Approximately an hour and a half before this call was received, Deputy Robert Hierstein had
patrolled the area, which included the child’s home. He had passed the intersection where the
child lives, observed a small pickup truck that appeared out of place and, finding the truck
suspicious, he stopped to further investigate. He found a beer can next to the truck and the
engine still warm. Deputy Hierstein looked for the driver but was unable to find him. As the
truck was not illegally parked, no enforcement action was necessary, but Deputy Hierstein
documented the circumstances, including the license plate and registered owner information.

As Deputy Hierstein investigated the call that a sexual predator had brazenly entered an
innocent child’s home and sexually molested him, his instinct told him that the owner of the
truck he had noted earlier had to have been involved. He then discovered that the registered
owner had prior law enforcement contact for sexual related crimes. The coincidences were too

The Crimes Against Children Unit responded to investigate the case. With the information
provided by Deputy Hierstein, they were able to identify the owner of the truck as the
perpetrator who was unknown to the child and his family.

Deputy Hierstein’s attention to detail and his familiarity with his beat are the reasons the
predator was identified and captured. While it may be easy to simply drive by an abandoned
vehicle, Deputy Hierstein’s diligence made all the difference in the world to the child and his

For his tenacity and excellent policing senses, Deputy Robert Hierstein is hereby presented the
Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.
                              On March 18, 2010, Detective Daniel Lanning was assigned to
                              investigate a residential burglary that occurred at 4137 E. Coolbrook
                              Drive. The homeowners reported hearing their garage door open and
                              saw a vehicle leaving the area at a high rate of speed. The victims
                              immediately noticed that their two expensive English bulldogs were
                              missing. Beyond the monetary value of these bulldogs, the fact that
                              they were also family pets to the homeowners made the crime that
                              much more egregious. In desperation to recover his beloved animals,
                              one of the victims was able to chase the suspect vehicle far enough to
                              see that it was photographed by a speed camera on Valencia Road.

                               Detective Lanning retrieved the image of the vehicle that was captured
                               by the speed camera and found the vehicle was a Chevrolet Tahoe
    Daniel Lanning             occupied by two men. Unbelievably, the image of the interior of the
                               suspect vehicle included the face of one of the stolen bulldogs.
There was no doubt that the vehicle and occupants in the photo were involved in the theft.
Unfortunately, the vehicle had a temporary license that was partially obscured by the trailer hitch.
Instead of letting the investigation flounder because of a lack of information, Detective Lanning
conducted extensive research with the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles. He located numerous
potential vehicle matches, all of which he tracked down and eliminated.

With no new leads to follow, Detective Lanning developed a media release asking for the public’s
assistance in identifying the two suspects and the vehicle in the photo enforcement picture. The
public was sensitive to the animals being stolen and the interest the story generated resulted in a
multitude of calls to the Department and to 88-Crime. From these calls, Detective Lanning was able
to continue the investigation and follow the new leads.

While pursuing these leads, Detective Lanning discovered a possible location for one of the bulldogs.
He responded to the location and was able to recover one of the dogs and return it to its owners.
Detective Lanning pursued additional information to identify both suspects. Because of the
enormous amount of publicity and efforts of Detective Lanning, both suspects ultimately turned
themselves in and were charged in the burglary.

Detective Lanning’s diligence and tenacity in investigating this case are representative of his
determination in every investigation. In this particular situation, he recognized that the burglary and
theft of the bulldogs represented more than just stolen property to the animals’ owners. He utilized
every resource to continue developing leads in the case. His efforts, resulting in the recovery of
one of the dogs, have not stopped as he continues to hold out hope for that one break in the case
that will lead to the recovery of the other bulldog. For his commitment to the mission of the Pima
County Sheriff’s Department and the Citizens of Pima County, Detective Daniel Lanning is hereby
presented the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                       Mr. Daniel Martinez is the Custodial Supervisor for the
                       Environmental Services Unit in the Corrections Bureau. Mr.
                       Martinez has coordinated many projects within the Pima County
                       Adult Detention Center with results far-above what was expected.
                       His innovative ideas to schedule his limited staff in areas where they
                       can do priority jobs and also accomplish their daily routines have
                       saved the Sheriff’s Department a tremendous amount of money
                       through the reduction of overtime and other valuable resources.

                       Mr. Martinez has been very creative in his scheduling of
                       assignments, often working odd hours and flexing his time off to
                       ensure that the unit did not utilize overtime while maintaining full
Mr. Daniel Martinez
                       service for the Bureau. Mr. Martinez has organized several
Custodial Supervisor   time-sensitive projects utilizing only the resources available to him
 PCSD Corrections      and ensuring all were completed on time. He has developed an
                       inventory control system and created a tool cart for each Senior
                       Correction Custodian to enhance productivity. Each Senior
                       Correction Custodian now has tools specific to his or her

                       Mr. Martinez has worked closely with a primary county-approved
                       vendor for environmental cleaning supplies. Through his diligence
                       and hard work Mr. Martinez coordinated with Waxie Sanitary
                       Supply Company to provide several critical training sessions for the
                       Department’s custodial staff. He has ensured that projects and tasks
                       are completed with outstanding results based on feedback from
                       other areas in the facility. Mr. Martinez anticipates needs based on
                       trends, events and circumstances, approaching each task or
                       challenge in a proactive manner. Mr. Martinez’ efforts in going the
                       extra mile in all aspects of his assignments have not gone unnoticed.

                       For his extraordinary efforts utilizing limited resources, Mr. Daniel
                       Martinez is hereby presented the Sheriff’s Commendation

                 On May 26, 2010, Deputy Horace Maynard of the Civil
                 Enforcement Unit, was given a Writ of Replevin to serve, which
                 requires the eviction of the occupant of a residence from a
                 property. In performing preparatory work for service of the writ,
                 Deputy Maynard learned that the person to be evicted was a
                 70-year old woman who lived alone and that her family, a brother
                 and a son, both lived in another state.

                 Deputy Maynard was only required to evict the woman from the
                 residence and turn the case over to the petitioner. However, aware
                 of the woman’s circumstances, he wanted to be sure she had a place
                 to go. He learned that she had been uncooperative with others who
    Deputy       wanted to help her in the past. Nevertheless, Deputy Maynard
Horace Maynard   contacted both Adult Protective Services and local adult shelters to
                 assist in providing her shelter. Initially, he had no success in
                 persuading the woman to move; however, he used the influence of
                 the woman’s son to coax her into accepting help and being placed in
                 a home.

                 On the morning of June 8, 2010, the scheduled date of eviction,
                 Deputy Maynard was able to contact an adult care home that was
                 willing to take the woman in and help her find more permanent
                 arrangements. The eviction transpired as scheduled and the woman
                 was provided a safe place to relocate.

                 The dedication and tenacity of Deputy Maynard resulted in a Pima
                 County citizen being treated with dignity and respect under adverse
                 circumstances. His actions reflect well upon himself, the Civil
                 Enforcement Unit, and the Pima County Sheriff's Department. For
                 his efforts above and beyond the call of duty, Deputy Horace
                 Maynard is hereby presented the Sheriff’s Commendation

                       Mr. Joseph “Mac” McDonough dedicates his time to the Sheriff’s
                       Auxiliary Volunteer organization. Most recently, he has been
                       assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division. Within the past
                       year, he was instrumental in the completion of a project for the
                       Crimes Against Children Unit that has made Pima County a safer
                       place for its residents, particularly those who are youngest and
                       most vulnerable.

                       The project that Mr. McDonough completed involved the
                       verification of all addresses used by Registered Sex Offenders who
                       reside in Pima County. Although mandated by law to register with
                       the local Sheriff’s Department, some sexual predators either do not
Mr. Joseph McDonough   initially register or do not update their addresses when they move.
      SAV - Tucson     As a result, local law enforcement agencies cannot appropriately
                       notify a community about a sexual predator living in its midst. Mr.
                       McDonough undertook the arduous task of cross-checking the
                       provided addresses and ensuring that they were valid and current.
                       Additionally, he crosschecked all zip codes associated with the
                       addresses to ensure they were correct – particularly if they did not
                       match the listed address.

                       Not only did Mr. McDonough complete this project in an
                       amazingly brief period of time, but in doing so, he allowed
                       detectives to investigate their cases by freeing them from this
                       laborious endeavor. Although this project took several days to
                       complete, he did not complain and simply worked on it until it was

                       The completion of this project ensured that all sexual offenders
                       registered in Pima County were accounted for and living at valid
                       addresses. For his outstanding professionalism and focused
                       dedication to duty, Mr. Joseph “Mac” McDonough is hereby
                       presented the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                            In June 2006, Detective Muriel McGillicuddy reopened an unsolved
                            case or “cold case” involving the kidnapping and sexual assault of a
                            sixteen-year-old girl. The investigation revealed that in 1996, this girl
                            and her friend were at a bus stop located at Rex Avenue and
                            Columbus Boulevard when she was approached by an unknown
                            Hispanic male subject who forced her into his car. The victim’s friend
                            was able to escape and report the incident. The victim was driven to
                            the desert area near I-10 and Kolb Road where she was repeatedly
                            sexually assaulted by the suspect.

                            A sexual assault examination kit was completed on the victim and
                            submitted to a national database known as CODIS (the combined
    Detective               DNA Index System). Nine years later, in 2005, a records hit on the
Muriel McGillicuddy         DNA indicated that a match had been made identifying Eduardo
                            Rafael Rodriguez as the offender of the sexual assault. By this time,
                            the victim had moved out of state and changed her name.
In 2006, Detective McGillicuddy began her investigation and located both the victim and the
witness. Detective McGillicuddy faced additional challenges in this case. She had evidence from
the incident that placed the suspect in the vehicle. However, Detective McGillicuddy found out
the owners of the vehicle had reported it stolen to the Tucson Police Department. Due to records
retention guidelines, all of the reports from the auto theft had been purged by the Tucson Police

Through relentless investigation, Detective McGillicuddy learned that in 1996 the vehicle had been
recovered just two blocks from the suspect’s home. Detective McGillicuddy was finally able to
present the evidence she had gathered to the County Attorney’s Office. She was then advised that
the statue of limitations regarding the recent discovery of DNA evidence beyond the expiration
of such limitation was under appeal before the Arizona State Supreme Court and therefore her
case was initially denied for prosecution.

Detective McGillicuddy did not give up, but remained patient. After learning that the appeal
process had upheld the validity of the DNA evidence, thus allowing the admittance of the
suspect’s identity, Detective McGillicuddy persevered and brought the case before the Grand Jury
in 2009. Through Detective McGillicuddy’s assiduous pursuit of justice, the suspect was sentenced
to fifteen years in prison for kidnapping and sexual assault.

This cold case would not have had a successful conclusion without the tireless efforts of Detective
Muriel McGillicuddy. For her outstanding efforts, Detective McGillicuddy is hereby presented
the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                             Pima County is one of the busiest drug smuggling corridors in the
                             United States, with thousands of pounds of illegal narcotics
                             being transported across the border from Mexico on a regular
                             basis. Competing drug trafficking organizations in their efforts
                             to control the largest routes through the Tucson area bring with
                             them a brutal culture of violence. Because of these organizations,
                             dedicated and talented law enforcement officers are especially
                             valuable to the citizens of Pima County in combating this brand of
                             organized crime.

                              Detective Brian McGrath, a member of the Special Investigations
                              Unit, is tasked with investigating narcotics trafficking organizations.
      Detective               In December 2009, Detective McGrath responded to a large
   Brian McGrath              commercial property on Tucson’s northwest side after patrol
                              deputies located a stolen truck containing an unknown amount of
marijuana at the business. During his initial investigation, he quickly recognized the possibility that
this property was part of a large drug smuggling operation. Detective McGrath obtained a search
warrant for the property. With the aid of his unit and other detectives, approximately 2,600
pounds of marijuana worth nearly a million dollars was seized. Though the owner of the business
was a primary suspect, sufficient evidence for his arrest did not yet exist.

Undeterred, Detective McGrath relentlessly pursued his investigation of this individual. He enlisted
undercover agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration to assist in an interagency effort
to apprehend this criminal. For several weeks, Detective McGrath worked with the DEA agents to
lure the suspect into negotiating the sale of several hundred pounds of marijuana to the
undercover agents. The suspect agreed to a marijuana transaction. On the agreed upon day, the
Pima County Sheriff’s Department and the DEA engaged in a large operation to conduct
surveillance on the suspect and his organization as he prepared for the deal. Detective McGrath
carefully documented events throughout the day and prepared search warrants for the suspect’s
home and business.

The armed suspect was apprehended by the Pima Regional SWAT team as he arrived to meet with
the undercover agents to complete the agreed upon transaction. Shortly thereafter, warrants were
served on his house and business where numerous items of evidence of drug trafficking were
seized. The operation effectively destroyed this organization’s drug transportation network.

Detective McGrath’s persistence and determination resulted in dismantling a very lucrative and
dangerous drug trafficking organization within our community. Detective McGrath is to be
commended for his dedication and professionalism in service to the Sheriff’s Department and the
citizens of Pima County and is hereby presented the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                On June 1, 2010, while working in the Rincon District, Deputy
                Maurice Othic responded to a rescue follow-up call. The caller
                reported a 40-year-old unconscious female who was not breathing.
                The situation was so dire that the caller was referred to Rincon
                Valley Fire for assistance with CPR. Deputy Othic expedited his
                response arriving in less than two minutes. Upon arrival, Deputy
                Othic was met in the front yard by a hysterical eight-year-old boy
                screaming that his mother would not wake up.

                Deputy Othic quickly took control of the situation, calming the
                boy as he made his way to the master bedroom to find the
                unconscious female. Deputy Othic quickly assessed the situation
  Deputy        as the husband was frantically attempting CPR. The victim was pale
Maurice Othic   and had blood coming from her nose and mouth. Without
                hesitation, Deputy Othic stepped in and relieved the husband.
                Deputy Othic continued CPR for over five minutes all the while
                dealing with the emotional husband and distraught child until the
                arrival of paramedics.

                Deputy Othic maintained his composure and calm in a difficult
                situation, while staying focused on his duties to perform
                resuscitative efforts. After paramedics took over, Deputy Othic
                stayed with the family until additional support could arrive. For
                his exemplary actions, composure and compassion in a time of
                crisis, Deputy Maurice Othic is hereby presented the Sheriff’s
                Commendation Certificate.

                       Mr. Nicholas Polito, a Public Safety Support Specialist assigned to
                       the Community Problems Unit, has been with the Pima County
                       Sheriff’s Department since October 2004. In addition to his
                       regular duties, Mr. Polito screens large number of cases that are
                       assigned to the Community Problems Unit to compile
                       information such as methods of criminal operation and times of

                       In so doing, Mr. Polito recently noticed a surge in beer thefts
                       from local convenience stores. While gathering this information,
                       Mr. Polito was able to identify several repeat offenders, including
                       one offender who was responsible for three to five beer thefts a
 Mr. Nicholas Polito   day. Further investigation revealed that this individual was
   Public Safety       stealing the beer and selling it to workers at local construction
 Support Specialist    sites.
Community Problems
                       As a result of Mr. Polito’s research on what would otherwise be
                       considered a low-priority misdemeanor crime with no leads or
                       suspects, Community Problems Unit detectives were given the
                       information to investigate and follow up on. Ultimately, the
                       suspect was arrested for a class four felony.

                       Mr. Polito’s work facilitated the opportunity for detectives to
                       address a surging criminal trend and arrest a habitual offender.
                       He is known for his “can do” attitude and is often called upon by
                       other CID units to support their endeavors.

                       For Mr. Polito’s efforts and contributions well beyond the
                       expectations and duties of his position, he is hereby presented
                       the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                    Over the last few years, Senior Supply Technician Tina Portrey has
                    been instrumental in the advancement of the Supply Unit within the
                    Corrections Bureau. She implemented a paperless ordering system
                    for all sections that has reduced the time it takes to order supplies
                    thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the entire Bureau. These
                    advancements have had a tremendous impact on tracking supply
                    requests, tracking trends in the use of supplies, and ensuring that
                    individual sections have the equipment they need to operate.
                    In addition to creating the ordering system, Ms. Portrey
                    completely rewrote the product list for all supplies offered through
                    the system. Her input has decreased the time it takes for employees
                    to order supplies and has made a necessary chore much easier to
 Ms. Tina Portrey   accomplish. She provides professional and courteous customer
 Sr. Corrections    service to vendors, staff and other stakeholders.
Supply Technician
                    Ms. Portrey is always pleasant and cheerful in the face of some
                    very difficult situations. Her diligent interactions with vendors to
                    ensure that quoted prices and products are correct have saved the
                    County substantial amounts of money and time. She is a true fiscal
                    conservative when it comes to keeping costs down for the Sheriff’s
                    Tina Portrey is an enthusiastic, dedicated, and reliable employee who
                    can always be counted on to get the job done. For her ability to
                    simplify and modernize tasks, as well as for her excellent customer
                    service skills, Ms. Tina Portrey is hereby presented the Sheriff’s
                    Commendation Certificate.

                           In a world of mass producing a high volume of documents
                           generated every day by the Pima County Sheriff’s
                           Department, the tracking and computation of work produced by
                           each transcriber can be a time consuming job. Ms. Doreen
                           Quattropani and Mr. Raul Ramirez of the Transcription Unit
                           recognized that paperwork and time to track each transcriber’s
                           work for the unit could be drastically reduced if kept digitally on
                           the Department’s “P” drive.
                           Ms. Quattropani first created an Excel Spreadsheet for
                           maintaining all unit logs, which included formulae that
                           automatically calculated and transferred the total number of calls
Ms. Doreen Quattropani     and minutes transcribed. Once Ms. Quattropani had the forms
      Public Safety        error-free, she instructed her co-workers on the use of the forms
Transcription Technician   and set up short-cuts on each work station desktop.
   Dial Dictation Unit     Mr. Ramirez’s education, knowledge, and background in computer
                           programming further the work started by Ms. Quattropani. Mr.
                           Ramirez developed a computer program that would automatically
                           take Ms. Quattropani’s initial idea and track all transcriber entries
                           for all work completed on each report. This program automatically
                           calculates not only the individual transcriber’s work, but the work
                           done by the unit as a whole.
                           Many of the hours invested in the development of this program by
                           these employees were completed off duty and away from the office.
                           Ms. Quattropani’s and Mr. Ramirez’s dedication to achieving the
                           success of digitizing this task did not interfere with their
                           responsibility of continuing to transcribe reports for the
                           Department. During this time, their productivity and quality of
    Mr. Raul Ramirez       work was not sacrificed; they continued to maintain an excellent
      Public Safety        work product in addition to their other job responsibilities.
Transcription Technician    The newly developed electronic forms and program have increased
   Dial Dictation Unit      the efficiency of transcribers, made it easier for the supervisors to
                            access information for administrative purposes, and reduced costs to
                            the Department. The dedication displayed by these two people
                            demonstrates their commitment to excellence and their genuine
                            dedication to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.
                            Therefore for their exemplary contribution and service to the Pima
                            County Sheriff’s Department, Ms. Doreen Quattropani and Mr. Raul
                            Ramirez are hereby presented the Sheriff’s Commendation
                     Recipient of    2 Certificates
                     One Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate
                     One Sheriff’s Unit Commendation Certificate
                     Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteer (SAV) John Rademaker recently
                     became Deputy Director of Field Operations for the SAV. His
                     primary duty is scheduling events for the entire SAV organization.
                     Mr. Rademaker organized the SAVs during the Davis-Monthan Air
Mr. John Rademaker   Force Base Air Show, which was a large-scale multi-agency event.
    SAV - Tucson     Mr. Rademaker did a great job with organizing and instructing the
                     SAVs on traffic control and he received numerous compliments.
                     His skills and demeanor are a positive representation of the SAV
                     and the Sheriff’s Department as a whole.

                     As if that were not enough, this past year Mr. Rademaker started
                     working in the Community Problems Unit every Tuesday. He
                     assists the detectives in some of the administrative functions of
                     their job so they are able to complete cases more efficiently. For
                     example, Mr. Rademaker is responsible for checking emails and
                     running serial numbers of stolen items to see if the items were
                     pawned. Additionally, he sorts and catalogues photographs from
                     beer skips. This enables detectives to identify suspects and criminal
                     trends and to complete their investigations, which often leads to

                     Mr. Rademaker’s willingness to perform his work as Deputy
                     Director of Field Operations and also volunteer in CID assisting
                     the Community Problems Unit speaks to his character as well as
                     his commitment to our agency. For his dedication to the Sheriff’s
                     Department and the citizens of Pima County, Sheriff’s Auxiliary
                     Volunteer, Mr. John Rademaker, is hereby presented the Sheriff’s
                     Commendation Certificate.

                      Mr. Miguel Rios is a Senior Corrections Custodian assigned to
                      the Sheriff’s Department’s Material Management Section. He has
                      worked on the custodial crew since August 2006. Mr. Rios quickly
                      established himself as a leader among the custodial staff and became
                      the “point man” on the Section’s fast attack/rover team addressing
                      emergency situations and special short notice requests from
                      anywhere on the Sheriff’s Administration campus. Mr. Rios has
                      distinguished himself as the “go to guy” and a problem solver,
                      always willing to take on special assignments and extra duties.
                      In addition to his regular assigned duties, Mr. Rios voluntarily took
                      on the responsibility of maintaining the Sheriff’s Department pool
  Mr. Miguel Rios     fleet of over 30 vehicles. He ensures that the pool fleet is clean,
                      fueled, and that all required maintenance is scheduled and
    Sr. Custodian
                      completed on time.
Material Management
                      Mr. Rios is a true team player and team leader. No job is too large
                      or too insignificant for him. He approaches every work request and
                      assignment with a positive and willing attitude. Mr. Rios consistently
                      volunteers to assist with weekend projects, comes in early or stays
                      late to make sure a particular job is completed on time, and
                      volunteers to assist his co-workers when needed.
                      Most recently, the Department replaced every modem that had
                      been installed in over 300 patrol cars. This was a monumental task
                      requiring the coordination of the Material Management Unit, the
                      Information Services Unit, and the cooperation of every employee
                      assigned one of the cars requiring work. Knowing the scope of the
                      project and the necessity for timely completion of the work, Mr.
                      Rios volunteered to expedite the installation process. He removed
                      the old modems and installed the new ones in each vehicle so the
                      IST staff could move quickly through programming the new
                      modems. Mr. Rios assisted with this project throughout the
                      summer months, working at all hours, sometimes in extreme heat,
                      removing and installing modems.
                      By volunteering for assignments outside of his everyday
                      responsibilities, Mr. Rios demonstrates that he is truly working in
                      the best interests of the Department as a whole. In completing
                      all assignments with a positive attitude, Mr. Rios serves as a role
                      model for his co-workers and an inspiration for all employees. For
                      his unwavering dedication and commitment, Mr. Miguel Rios is
                      hereby presented the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                   Flashback to 2009 Awards Ceremony

                                                   The talented Mr. David “Fitz” Fitzsimmons

       Awards Committee Member
Mr. Rudy Castro (community representative),
    Sheriff Dupnik and Mrs. Carol Castro

                                                 Emcee Chief Richard J. Kastigar, Sheriff
                                               Dupnik and Emcee Captain Shawn T. Cooper

                Father John Allt

             Southern Arizona Rescue Association
               Search and Rescue Council Inc.
                                     Mr. Richard Kunz, President

In late 2009, the lease for what was known as the old "SARA House" expired, leaving members of
the Southern Arizona Rescue Association (SARA) and the other Search and Rescue Council Inc.
(SARCI) groups without a home and equipment storage space. Recognizing in advance that this
was going to occur, SARCI members sought a location for a new home. As fate would have it, the
United States Forest Service possessed land near the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area, an area where
a majority of search and rescue incidents occur. SARA and all SARCI groups would have a new
home on the site of the former Rod and Gun Club.

Although the site had been selected, the very real and seemingly insurmountable problem of
funding and constructing a building still loomed. Fortunately, the members of SARA and SARCI
are a motivated, pennywise, and resourceful group who come from all walks of life and professions.
Very early on, they realized that this dream could become a reality but it would take a lot of hard

Fund raising efforts began and SARCI group members reached out to the community. With the
assistance of some of the "movers and shakers" within Pima County and the generosity of many
SARA and SARCI group members who took out large loans on personal accounts, the money was
raised and materials were purchased. In addition, these resourceful members went out into the
community and were able to obtain donated materials and equipment. Rather than hire a
construction company to do all the work, the members spent hundreds of man-hours doing work
that could be done by them. In short, a 6,000 square-foot building, complete with parking lot and
natural landscaping, was erected at a price less than two-thirds of what it would have cost using
construction companies and conventional methods.

The end result is a state-of-the art facility, complete with meeting rooms, a large classroom,
bathroom and shower facilities, storage areas, radio room and more. But most importantly, the
building provides a home for these groups that the Sheriff's Department relies on so heavily to
carry out the search and rescue mandate.

For their dedication to the search and rescue effort, their generosity, and especially their hard work
over the past year, the members of the Southern Arizona Rescue Association and all Search and
Rescue Council Inc. groups who have made this building a reality are hereby presented the Sheriff's
Commendation Certificate.


                                         The SARA House
                                          Sabino Canyon

Search And Rescue Council,
Inc, (SARCI), is a non-profit
corporation which
coordinates five all-volunteer
local search and rescue
groups. Through SARCI, the
varied skills of these teams
are combined into a unified,
professional resource
available to local law
enforcement and emergency
service agencies in Pima
County and southern
                 Recipient of     2 Sheriff’s Commendation Certificates
                 On Sunday, August 1, 2010, while shopping with his wife and
                 their two young sons at Sunflower Market located at 7887 E.
                 Broadway, Detective Matthew Schilb heard a request on the store
                 intercom for anyone who knew CPR to respond to the front of
                 the store for an unknown medical emergency. Detective Schilb
                 immediately answered the call, left his family, and ran up front
                 where he found an elderly man lying on the floor, not breathing
                 and with no pulse. Without hesitation, he started chest
  Detective      compressions. Several times while Detective Schilb was
Matthew Schilb   administering CPR, the man took a few breaths on his own, but
                 each time his breathing would stop again. In addition to
                 concentrating on performing CPR and maintaining the fragile
                 breaths the victim was taking on his own, Detective Schilb was
                 forced to contend with uncooperative store patrons who were
                 interfering with his efforts to save the man’s life.

                 Detective Schilb did not stop performing CPR until he was
                 relieved by paramedics. When he relinquished care to them, the
                 victim was breathing on his own and was transported to the
                 hospital. Although it was later learned the man did not survive,
                 he would not even have been given the chance at advanced life
                 support and care but for the quick response and diligent efforts
                 of Detective Schilb.

                 Ordinary citizens who answer the call to service and take the
                 oath to become Deputy Sheriffs know that they are making a
                 commitment to serve their community whether they are on or
                 off duty. They know that what would ordinarily be a peaceful and
                 uneventful day out with the family could, in an instant, become
                 a moment involving life and death decisions. In the instant that
                 Detective Schilb was confronted with the reality of his promise,
                 he responded as he pledged he would and gave the victim the
                 chance to receive the advanced medical care he so desperately

                 For his exemplary actions, even while off duty and with his
                 family, Detective Matthew Schilb is hereby presented the Sheriff’s
                 Commendation Certificate.

                         Detective Matthew Schilb
On October 22, 2009, Detective Matthew Schilb was assigned to conduct an investigation
involving a county employee. It had been brought to the attention of the County Administrator
that there were some inconsistencies in the ordering of cell phones for the county. Furthermore,
Verizon Wireless investigators stated they had located phones that had been purchased by Pima
County in other parts of the country.

Detective Schilb made contact with the department head who advised that the ordering of all cell
phones for the county, excluding the Sheriff’s Department, was handled by a certain employee.
Detective Schilb conducted an interview with the employee during which the employee provided
numerous inconsistent statements and at one point made the statement, “It’s not like I have a
side business selling phones on EBAY.” At this point no mention had been made of selling cell
phones. At the conclusion of this and other interviews, Detective Schilb then led a search of the
employee’s work space and home computers. Numerous items of evidence were seized, including
the employee’s work computer hard drive.

Detective Schilb obtained numerous subpoenas and warrants. Using all the information obtained
and through his investigation, Detective Schilb was able to track down an individual in Mississippi
who was the main buyer of cell phones from the employee. This individual was very
cooperative and worked with Detective Schilb to help compile the paperwork necessary to prove
that the employee was ordering extra phones from the county and then selling them to a make
a profit. Detective Schilb was able to prove that the employee had been doing this for two years
and had made over $65,000.

Detective Schilb’s hard work and persistence have led to the employee being terminated from the
county and being charged with six felony charges relating to theft and trafficking in stolen
property. His work has also resulted in an audit of the county’s Information Technology
Department and the implementation of new checks and balances to ensure that this illegal activity
will not happen again.

For his outstanding efforts and exemplary investigative skills, Detective Matthew Schilb is hereby
presented the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                              Ms. Christine Smith is a Principal Supply Technician in the
                              Corrections Bureau and is responsible for ordering all foods,
                              paper goods, and small equipment used in the Corrections
                              Bureau kitchen. The Corrections Kitchen Facility serves 5,000
                              meals every twenty-four hours. This number is indicative of how
                              large a task Ms. Smith must complete each day. Ms. Smith has to
                              contend with the constantly fluctuating inmate population and
                              ever increasing food costs. Ms. Smith’s ability to adapt quickly
                              when a vendor is suddenly unable to provide a required item as
                              scheduled ensures that every inmate gets fed properly.

                              Ms. Smith is not content to just meet the minimum expectations
    Ms. Christine Smith       of her job. She always takes the extra steps needed to ensure that
Principal Supply Technician   all her personnel have what they need to complete their work
        Corrections           assignments and manages to purchase all supplies at the best
                              prices. Ms. Smith completes these tasks without sacrificing quality
                              and consistency.

                              Ms. Smith’s knowledge of the needs of the facility, combined with
                              her diligence in seeking out ways to save money and cut costs
                              without sacrificing quality, indicates her utmost dedication to
                              serving the Sheriff’s Department.

                              For her professional contribution and dedication, Ms. Christine
                              Smith is hereby presented the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                  Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteer Perry Smith graduated from SAV basic
                  training in October 2009. He wasted no time in volunteering with
                  this award winning organization. Most notably, during the past year,
                  Mr. Smith has been volunteering in the Grants and Planning Unit.

                  Mr. Smith’s initial volunteer schedule called for him to spend at least
                  one day a week working with the off-duty coordinator; however,
                  now it is not unusual for him to be there three days a week. His
                  most important task is the relentless filing of paperwork created by
                  all the off-duty jobs. Mr. Smith spends hours filing paperwork so
                  that the off-duty coordinator can focus his attention on booking
                  and filling the many requests for service that the Department
Mr. Perry Smith   receives from the community.
 SAV - Tucson
                  Mr. Smith’s contributions in time and talent are the equivalent of
                  having an extra paid civilian employee working in the unit. His
                  cheerful attitude and valuable assistance make him an important
                  member of the Grants and Planning Unit. During this time of budget
                  constraints, the volunteer hours that Mr. Smith gives to the
                  Department have helped ensure that the high level of exceptional
                  service to the community remains unchanged.

                  Mr. Smith is dependable, timely and personable. He performs his
                  duties with the utmost diligence and has established himself as a
                  valuable member of the Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers organization.

                  For his devotion to the Sheriff’s Department, the Sheriff’s Auxiliary
                  Volunteers and the community, Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteer Perry
                  Smith is hereby presented the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

               On March 30, 2010, Detective David Tarnow was assigned to
               investigate a residential burglary in which 35 handguns, 15 rifles and
               approximately $300,000 worth of electronics, jewelry and
               collectibles were taken. Detective Tarnow determined the home was
               under renovation and the items were left unsecured when the owner
               was out of town. Detective Tarnow also determined that countless
               construction workers, handymen, housekeepers, and other family
               members had access to the area from which the valuables were taken.

               Detective Tarnow began the investigation by tracking down all of
               the investigative leads and conducting exhaustive interviews with all
               of the potential suspects. The investigation began to stall when no
 Detective     information was developed during the interviews and there was a lack
David Tarnow   of conclusive physical evidence.

               The stolen property had not shown up during any of the initial
               searches of the pawn database. Therefore, Detective Tarnow began a
               meticulous search of the “Leads Online System” and was ultimately
               able to find one of the pendants taken during the burglary. Initially,
               because of its unique design, it had not shown up in the searches.

               Once Detective Tarnow located the first piece of pawned property,
               he was able to track the subject who had pawned it. Detective
               Tarnow then determined that this suspect’s brother had also pawned
               other items taken during the burglary. Using this information,
               Detective Tarnow obtained a search warrant for the brothers’
               residence. From information gathered during interviews, Detective
               Tarnow found out that the burglary was planned by a neighbor of
               the brothers who were disgruntled ex-employees of the victim.
               Several subsequent search warrants resulted in the recovery of a
               portion of the stolen property and the arrest of four individuals.
               As a result of Detective Tarnow’s tireless investigation, he recovered
               $45,000 worth of stolen items and several weapons. This case
               highlights Detective Tarnow’s strong work ethic, persistence, and

               For his commitment to this case and exemplary service to the
               citizens of Pima County, Detective David Tarnow is hereby presented
               the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                             Ms. Teresa Wilson, the supervisor for the Grants and Planning
                             Unit, is tasked with an array of responsibilities that include
                             overseeing off-duty employment, maintaining Rules and
                             Regulations, retaining forms, continuous upkeep of the Pima
                             County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD) employee information
                             database (Portal), researching and compiling reports, and
                             proofreading the training bulletin. During this past year, Ms.
                             Wilson has conducted her duties with only fifty-percent of her
                             staff positions filled.
                             One of Ms. Wilson’s most important and cumbersome
                             responsibilities is her management of multiple department grants.
    Ms. Teresa Wilson        Each year, she is responsible for the research, review, and
                             submission of a number of state and federal grants. She ensures
Specialized Office Support   that the expenditures comply with the grant guidelines, provides
        Supervisor           detailed quarterly reports and tracking information, organizes
   Grants & Planning         paperwork, and notifies affected department personnel of planned
                             grant audits. This year, Ms. Wilson had oversight of eighteen
                             grants totaling over four million dollars that had been awarded to
                             the PCSD, and she assisted in the Department’s successful
                             completion of three federal audits.
                             The submission of grant paperwork can be a daunting task. In
                             addition to the management of the awarded grants, Ms. Wilson
                             has coordinated the submission of seven grants to federal and
                             state agencies, which totaled over eight million dollars in requested
                             One such submission included the State of Arizona Border
                             Security Enhancement Program Grant. Ms. Wilson researched,
                             conferred with the Border Enforcement Section, and submitted a
                             detailed proposal and spreadsheet outlining the unique issues Pima
                             County faces. Through her diligence, she was able to provide
                             thorough details to describe how funding from this grant would
                             assist the Pima County Sheriff’s Department in enhancing border
                             security. In July of this year, the Department was awarded $1.1
                             million in funding, which has already been put to work to enhance
                             deputies’ capabilities in fighting border-related criminal activity.
                             In recognition of her expertise, dedication, and attention to detail in
                             coordinating every aspect of the Department’s grant efforts,
                             Ms. Teresa Wilson is hereby presented the Sheriff’s Commendation

                               Recently, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department implemented two
                               Special Investigations Units within the Criminal Investigations
                               Division to target large-scale and complicated investigations
                               throughout the county. The economic downturn, however, made
                               the hiring of support staff for the detectives in this unit a luxury
                               that could not be afforded. Ms. Linda Woodruff, a Program Services
                               Specialist assigned to the Financial Crimes Unit, has many duties and
                               responsibilities yet has been a valuable asset in support of the Special
                               Investigations Unit. Her experience within the Criminal
                               Investigations Division, as well as her vast knowledge and expertise in
                               numerous criminal information databases proved integral to several
                               complicated investigations.
   Ms. Linda Woodruff
Program Services Specialist Recently, the Unit became involved in a very large-scale money
      Crimes Against        laundering investigation. The case expanded and numerous suspects
    Families/Property       were identified. Ms. Woodruff was instrumental in gathering
                               intelligence, organizing data, and creating link charts for this

                               Her dedication and devotion to the department has helped the
                               Special Investigations Units become more efficient in the cases they
                               are investigating because her assistance allows the detectives to focus
                               more time on targeted suspects.

                               Ms. Woodruff has also taken an interest in the financial and money
                               laundering aspects of many of the investigations. In addition to
                               her work for the Special Investigations Unit, she recently attended
                               several financial crimes training seminars to help her become more
                               efficient in her duties in the Financial Crimes Unit.

                               Ms. Woodruff’s knowledge, experience, and motivation toward
                               criminal investigations have made her a valuable asset to the Criminal
                               Investigations Division. She did not hesitate to step in to help these
                               new units upon their creation, yet she maintained and completed
                               her regularly assigned duties without wavering in her dedication.
                               Therefore, for her investigative skills, diligence, and devotion to the
                               overall accomplishment of the mission of the Pima County Sheriff’s
                               Department, Ms. Linda Woodruff is hereby presented the Sheriff’s
                               Commendation Certificate.

                         Ms. Cheryl Zimmer has served with the Pima County Sheriff’s
                         Department since 1996. She began her career as an Intake Support
                         Specialist with the Corrections Bureau, and has since worked various
                         administrative assignments. She is currently an Administrative Support
                         Specialist-Senior assigned to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department
                         Training Center.

                         In 2006, the Department committed to hosting the Basic Law
                         Enforcement Training Academy for commissioned personnel. Ms.
                         Zimmer was assigned to the Training Center to assume the
                         administrative duties and responsibilities associated with the
                         commissioned basic academy. The duties and responsibilities included
  Ms. Cheryl Zimmer      inventorying and ordering supplies, completing and monitoring
Administrative Support   instructor notifications, constructing a comprehensive spreadsheet to
   Specialist Senior     record information for each recruit, and producing documents for
   Training Section      test results for each recruit and collectively as a class. Her duties also
                         included compiling and preparing correspondence per the reporting
                         requirements established by the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and
                         Training Board.

                         Due to the retirement of a co-worker, Ms. Zimmer assumed
                         additional administrative duties and responsibilities at the
                         Training Center in addition to her regular tasks associated with the
                         basic academy. Her additional duties included preparing documents for
                         the Training Committee, scheduling Advanced Officer Training for
                         Commissioned and Corrections Personnel, administrative duties
                         associated with the Basic Corrections Officer Training Academy, as
                         well as maintaining the Training Calendar and preparing documents
                         and correspondence associated with training courses hosted by the
                         Training Center.

                         Ms. Zimmer assumed all of the extra duties in an exemplary
                         manner. Due to her efforts, the transition was seamless in what could
                         have been a hectic situation. Ms. Zimmer is an extremely
                         conscientious employee who completes her assigned tasks with
                         enthusiasm, an ultimate degree of professionalism and an acute
                         attention to detail. She is thorough, efficient, and supportive to the
                         entire Training Staff. For her dedication to duty, Ms. Cheryl Zimmer
                         is hereby presented the Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate.

                                                            2009 Public Service Achievement Medal
                                                              recipient Sergeant Richard Pearson
      2009 Special Recognition recipient
Mr. Kenneth White, Director, Global Security,
              Raytheon Missles

                                                           2009 Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate
                                                              recipient Deputy Heather Lappin
    2009 Public Service Achievement Medal
      recipient Deputy County Attorney
              William McCollum

              2009 Sheriff’s Citizen Medal recipients 68
             Mr. Kenneth Hansen and Mr. Larry Phipps          2009 Sheriff’s Commendation Certificate
                                                                recipient Deputy Michael Buglewicz

                  SHERIFF’S UNIT
Awarded to units within the Pima County Sheriff’s Department for exemplary
service above and beyond the normal performance of their assigned duties.
The members of the unit must have distinguished themselves by performing
     as a team to accomplish a specific, extraordinary goal or objective.

                             2010 RECIPIENTS

                      Pima County Sheriff’s Department
                                 DUI Unit

                        Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers
                         Field Operations Division

                     Pima County Sheriff’s Department
                   Park Enforcement/Search & Rescue Unit

                         Pima Regional Bomb Squad

                        DUI UNIT
                                     Sergeant Douglas Hanna

                 Deputy David LaFontain                  Deputy Timothy Senne
                 Deputy Randall Nice                     Deputy John Weeks

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department’s DUI Unit has been instrumental in effectively reducing
incidents of impaired driving in Pima County by working in collaboration with other local agencies
while focusing a determined effort on removing impaired drivers from the roadways. The members
of the DUI Unit have extensive training in recognizing the signs and symptoms of impaired
drivers and, in turn, use this knowledge to assist other Department members with these often
complex investigations. Members of the unit must complete over 300 hours of training related to
standardized field sobriety testing, horizontal gaze nystagmus, drug recognition, and crash
investigation. They are often called upon to assist in collision investigations, which result in charges
ranging from misdemeanor DUI offenses to first degree murder.

The DUI Unit has been responsible for planning and coordinating the Sobriety Checkpoint
program. Between January 2009 and July 2010, the DUI Unit, with the assistance of other
personnel, has conducted 32 checkpoints, resulting in 95 arrests with over 25,000 cars passing
through the checkpoints. Surveys provided to motorists at the checkpoints indicate that 94% of
respondents favor the use of these checkpoints in an effort to reduce impaired driving. During
that same period, deputies assigned to the DUI Unit made 655 DUI arrests, accounting for nearly
one-third of all DUI arrests made by Department personnel. These deputies also assisted with 452
other DUI investigations.

The DUI Unit’s responsibilities extend beyond the deterrent effects of enforcement. Members of
the unit are frequently called upon to speak at local schools, community events, and safety fairs
about the dangers associated with impaired driving. Their efforts to educate Pima County residents
on these dangers are aimed at further reducing incidents of drunk driving. DUI deputies work
closely with the Southern Arizona DUI Task Force, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, and
Mother’s Against Drunk Driving in their missions to reduce the toll of impaired driving in this
community. Evidence of the success of this effort is apparent: Pima County has experienced a sixty
percent reduction in fatal crashes in the first six months of 2010 when compared with the same
period in 2009.

Members of the DUI Unit are also responsible for providing basic, advanced, and annual refresher
training to all Department members. Training responsibilities further extend to providing
informative training to newly hired deputy county attorneys, newly empanelled grand juries, and
other local agencies requiring advanced DUI training.

The DUI Unit and its members have been recognized by a number of local and state organizations
for their ongoing commitment and exemplary service to this community. Their efforts have
significantly reduced the drug and alcohol fueled carnage on local roadways. Therefore, for going
beyond the call of duty and any reasonable expectation, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department DUI
Unit is hereby presented the Sheriff’s Unit Commendation Certificate.

                            Pima County Sheriff’s Department
                                       DUI Unit

            L to R: Deputy Timothy Senne, Sgt. Douglas Hanna, Deputy Randall Nice,
                          Deputy David LaFontain, Deputy John Weeks

Mr. Alejandro Apalategui                   Mr. Peter Davis              Mr. David Podorsek
Mr. Rex Andersen                           Mr. Michael Dowling          Mr. John Rademaker
Mr. Philip Berikoff                        Ms. Angie Fimbres            Mr. Hanniel Rodriquez
Mr. Brian Biggs                            Mr. David Goldman            Mr. Fred Ruiz
Ms. Beatrice (Katie) Biggs                 Ms. Lois Gorto               Mr. Morton Sweeney
Mr. Rodney Blanchard                       Ms. Diane Gwozdz             Mr. Peter Szudy
Ms. Constance Boulmay-Blanchard            Mr. Harold Hatten            Mr. Richard Trevaskis
Mr. Philip Bousquet                        Ms. Connie King              Mr. Frederick Webster
Mr. John Bushell                           Mr. William Lardner          Mr. Blake White
Mr. William Calkins                        Mr. Skip McGrogan            Mr. James Williams
Mr. Patrick Clemens                        Mr. Michael Obst             Mr. Richard Wolf

The Field Operations Division of the Sheriff Auxiliary Volunteers is comprised of thirty-three men
and women trained to assist deputies and detectives in a variety of emergency situations and
coordinated events. Over the past year, their service to the Department rose far above any
expectations and their professionalism during service is above reproach.

Led by Director Michael (Mickey) Dowling and Deputy Director John Rademaker, this Division
dedicated over 1700 hours of volunteer time during the 2009 – 2010 fiscal year. The volunteers
spent most of these hours responding to midnight calls or emergencies during the worst weather,
taking the place of commissioned deputies by securing crime scenes, directing traffic, blocking off
dangerous roads or waiting for the power to be restored in neighborhoods. Due to their own
training and recruiting, the Field Operations Division is able to staff these calls with not only the
volunteers, but also the Command Post and other vehicles necessary to have on scene as mobile
offices and facilities. Their quick response and professionalism at such incidents allow for deputies to
return to their duties, and detectives to concentrate on investigations.

In addition to the unscheduled call-outs, the Field Operations Division also responds to coordinated
events where there simply are not enough skilled professionals to work. The El Tour de Tucson is
one such event where the traffic control expertise of the Field Operations Division volunteers is
essential. Another such event is the Davis Monthan Air Show held in March of this year. The Air
Show was being used as a Homeland Security test of multiple agency interoperability in our
community. In preparation for the event, the volunteer directors had to attend numerous meetings
to understand the requirements under the National Incident Management System (NIMS), as well as
host trainings for members to ensure that the volunteers would be in compliance with the testable
areas of the event. Under the careful direction of Mr. Dowling and Mr. Rademaker, the volunteers
endured two extremely long days parking tens of thousands of vehicles while strictly adhering to the
operational guidelines of the event. The SAVs not only surpassed all expectations but took over for
military members less proficient at the tasks at hand. The Field Operations Division also provided more
volunteer staffing to the event than commissioned deputies from the Department, drawing high praise
from the Air Force and coordinating officers of the event.

The Field Operations Division consistently manages to find volunteers willing to respond to emergency
midnight or monsoon calls, ensuring that deputies are available to return to high priority calls. The men
and women who volunteer their own time without compensation to serve in the worst conditions do so
without complaint. Their dedication and service save the Sheriff’s Department over a million dollars every
year. For their unwavering support, dedication and teamwork, the Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers’ Field
Operations Division is hereby presented the Sheriff’s Unit Commendation Certificate.

                                                Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers
                                                 Field Operations Division

   Front row L to R: Richard Wolf, Skip McGrogan, Diane Gwozdz, Mort Sweeney
   Second row: Mickey Dowling (Director), Fred Webster, Connee Blanchard, Rex Andersen, Lois Gorto, John Redemaker (Deputy Director)
   Third row: Pete Szudy, David Goldman, Bill Calkins, Rodney Blanchard, William Lardner, Mike Obst


                                Sergeant George Economidis
             Deputy Brian Boll                           Deputy Michael Johnson, Jr.
             Deputy Shawn Degan                          Deputy Jeremy Ramirez
             Deputy Eric E. Johnson                      Deputy Steven West

We often recognize life saving events by our public safety officers and Good Samaritan citizens when
their heroics save a victim from the threat of death. The search and rescue efforts by members of an
elite unit within the Sheriff’s Department make a practice of life saving on a weekly basis.

The Parks Enforcement/Search & Rescue Unit (PESAR) was established to conduct law enforcement
operations in over 120 parks and properties throughout the county. Additionally, the unit is tasked
with the responsibilities for search and rescue operations for Pima County. This split responsibility is
often challenging and demanding for a unit with limited personnel.

Since the inception of the unit in 2006, members of PESAR have worked in a manner that has not
only displayed their motivation and work ethic, but also a dedication and commitment to the mission
of the unit. Their repeated efforts have elevated the status of the unit within the search and rescue
community, and they have been recognized on a state, national, and international level while
maintaining the highest regard for mission-oriented policing of county parks and properties.

In 2009, the PESAR Unit saw the busiest year in the past decade for overall missions. The unit
conducted 220 missions, including 102 searches and 94 rescue missions. These missions saved a life
from imminent harm, further injury, or even death in the majority of the calls for service. In 2009,
its busiest year of the decade for search and rescue calls, the unit also conducted over 1200 park
checks resulting in over 2400 contacts within the parks and 135 arrests. The year 2010 continues this
trend and is on pace for similar numbers.

At the forefront of much of this effort is the use of mathematics for search patterns for lost persons.
This science was developed at the University of Arizona with Dr. David Lovelock using Pima County
Search and Rescue as a pilot for much of the computer software development. PESAR deputies fully
embraced this concept as a progressive and new way to conduct searches. The successful use of this
technique by the PESAR unit has catapulted its reputation as a leader in the state.

PESAR has helped to refine the program, but more importantly has coordinated or facilitated
Computer Aided Search Information Exchange training for the search and rescue community. This
training has occurred throughout Arizona and to an international audience in Kazakhstan. Real life
application of this technique has saved numerous lives and is now part of a cutting edge, three-stage
search technique. When combined with strict use of the Incident Command System, this technique
produces an efficient and effective search and rescue unit that is consistently called upon and
referred to by outside agencies.

Be it a rappel insertion from a helicopter to rescue a stranded hiker, providing medical attention to
a hiker who became lost in the wilderness, or conducting a swift water rescue in a flooded wash, the
members of PESAR are in the lifesaving business. For their everyday heroics, along with providing a
safe community environment in our recreation areas in record numbers, the members of PESAR are
hereby presented the Sheriff’s Unit Commendation Certificate.

            L to R: Deputy Eric Johnson, Sgt. George Economidis, Deputy Shawn Degan,
       Deputy Michael Johnson, Deputy Steven West, Deputy Brian Boll, Deputy Jeremy Ramirez

                    PIMA REGIONAL BOMB SQUAD
      Sergeant Christopher Rogers             Officer Wes Helvig, OVPD
      Sergeant George Reis                    Officer Justin Weller, Sahuarita PD
      Deputy Monica Torralba                  Officer Kristopher Reeve, Marana PD
      Deputy Jeffrey Craven                   Officer Nicholas Thompson, TIA PD
      Deputy Mark Milam                       Special Agent Jay Henze, FBI
      Deputy John Morris                      Special Agent Albert Gibes, ATF
      Detective Jeffrey Whitbeck              Special Agent Michael Nallin, BATFE

In 2009, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department formed a partnership with metropolitan Tucson
law enforcement agencies and created the Pima Regional Bomb Squad. This endeavor requires the
ongoing, combined effort of the following agencies: Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Oro
Valley Police Department, Marana Police Department, Tucson Airport Authority Police
Department, Sahuarita Police Department, Pasqua Yaqui Tribal Police Department, and the South
Tucson Police Department. The Pima Regional Bomb Squad consists of five investigators and seven
FBI certified bomb technicians. The Pima Regional Bomb Squad also includes two Hazardous
Materials Technicians, two Terrorism Liaison Officers, one Certified Fire and Explosion
Investigator, and one canine handler from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and

This collaborative effort has centralized all investigations involving explosives and improvised
explosive devices within Pima County, allowing ownership and participation within the
investigations by all agencies serviced by the Squad. The Pima Regional Bomb Squad is a unique
and progressive cooperative effort, unlike any other in the United States. In fact, the Federal
Bureau of Investigation is monitoring the progress and development of this Squad as a national
model for regionalization in the bomb squad community.

Squad members have diligently pursued outside funding sources for the wide array of specialized
vehicles and equipment needed to effectively deploy its resources. As a result, a majority of these
items have been purchased with state and federal grant funds. In total, the Squad has acquired
more than $1.1 million in, safety and investigative equipment through various grants and at no cost
to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department or other participating agencies.

The Pima Regional Bomb Squad, in its partnership with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms
and Explosives, has acquired an explosives detection canine to aid with investigations and
pre-event screening. This canine is fully funded by the Bureau and represents a significant
increase in detection capability that was previously unavailable to local law enforcement agencies
within Pima County.

Squad members have attended hundreds of hours of training including FBI Hazardous
Devices School, FBI Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device Post-Blast Investigations,
Advanced Explosives Demolition Techniques, and Homemade Explosives Disposal Techniques.
As a result of their dedication to their field, members of the Pima Regional Bomb Squad are
some of the most highly trained bomb squad professionals in the country and now teach
similar subjects at a national level.

The tremendous growth and advancement of the Pima Regional Bomb Squad in less than two
years speaks volumes of the hard work, dedication and commitment of its members. The
technical knowledge, operational capabilities, and service to the law enforcement community
and citizens of Southern Arizona is unparalleled. Therefore, the Pima Regional Bomb Squad
is hereby presented the Sheriff’s Unit Commendation Certificate.

    L to R: Sgt. Christopher Rogers, Sgt. George Reis, Officer Wes Helvig (OVPD), Officer Justin Weller (SPD),
        Deputy Monica Torralba, Officer Nicholas Thompson (TIAPD), Officer Christopher Reeve (MPD),
   Special Agent Albert Gibes (ATF), Deputy John Morris, Special Agent Jay Henze (FBI), Deputy Jeff Craven

                         SPECIAL RECOGNITION

In special recognition and appreciation of outstanding assistance to the Pima County
           Sheriff’s Department and support of public safety in Pima County.

                                 2010 RECIPIENTS

                            Mr. Lindy Funkhouser
                       Assistant Pima County Administrator
                            Justice & Law Enforcement

                  Arizona Department of Public Safety
                               Southern Air Rescue

                            KUAT - TV Channel 6
                        Southern Arizona’s Public Television

                                   U. S. Bank

                               Mr. David Weber
                    Pima County Graphic Services Department
                       Printing & Reproduction Supervisor

                   Bureau Chief Richard J. Kastigar, Jr.
                       Captain Shawn T. Cooper
                     Former PCSD Awards Ceremony Emcees

                             MR. LINDY FUNKHOUSER
                             ASSISTANT PIMA COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR
                                   JUSTICE & LAW ENFORCEMENT

                              Mr. Lindy Funkhouser has been instrumental in the procurement and
                              implementation of an electronic citation program for use by the Pima County
                              Sheriff’s Department. Mr. Funkhouser is Pima County’s Assistant County
                              Administrator for Justice and Law Enforcement. In this role, he identified
                              deficiencies in existing practices in which criminal and traffic citations were
                              processed by both the Sheriff’s Department and the Justice Courts. In the
                              past, each citation required a transcriber to manually enter the information
                              from these citations into a database at both the court and the Department.
                              This redundancy produced considerable extra work for support staff,
                              requiring the courts to enter into expensive contracts with outside vendors
                              to complete the data entry. These hand-written citations also took additional
                              time for field deputies to complete, which increased the amount of time they
                              were exposed to the dangers of a traffic stop. Additionally, the use of
hand-written citations required considerable time and effort for the actual citing documents that had to
be gathered at the various districts, accumulated in the records section, copied, and then forwarded to the
appropriate court. At any point, the possibility for lost or misplaced documentation existed.

Mr. Funkhouser noted the shortcomings in this process and recognized the need for an automated,
electronic system. The implementation of such a system first required the upgrade of the computer
networks at the local justice court to accommodate the electronic transfer of data on an agency-wide scale.
Mr. Funkhouser worked closely with court staff to successfully resolve this issue. He then identified and
received approval for a funding stream that would finance the procurement of necessary software and
hardware to equip deputies with electronic citation capabilities. The first phase of implementing electronic
citations will equip twenty-five Special Operations deputies, whose primary responsibilities are traffic
enforcement, with the ability to issue electronic citations. Data from these citations will be transferred, in
real time, to the appropriate court database as well as the Department’s Spillman criminal justice database,
thus eliminating the need for redundant data entry. Additionally, the need to copy and transfer paper
copies of citations will be eliminated, and the courts will receive violator information in an expeditious
manner. The implementation plan further calls for expanding this electronic citation program for future
use by all uniformed patrol personnel.

Mr. Funkhouser’s efforts have enhanced officer safety, reduced operating costs, and increased the
efficiency of patrol personnel who will be able to scan licensing documents, complete records checks, and
quickly print a citation in a matter of minutes. For his exemplary service to the citizens of Pima County,
Mr. Lindy Funkhouser is hereby presented the Pima County Sheriff’s Special Recognition Award.

                             Senior Pilot Stuart Anderson
                                   Pilot Brian Amos
                                    Pilot Neil Finch
                                    Pilot Jon Jonas
                                 Paramedic Troy Hayes
                             Paramedic Christopher Hecht
                               Paramedic Phil Castallano
                             Paramedic Geoffrey Lampard
                              Paramedic Neil Williamson

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) Southern Air Rescue Unit has provided air
support for the Pima County Sheriff’s Department for over three decades. Based out of the
Tucson International Airport, “Tucson Ranger” is comprised of nine highly trained,
knowledgeable and motivated individuals who are dedicated to saving lives.

The DPS Southern Air Rescue Unit has flown twenty-one missions for the Department between
January and July of this year. This equates to over forty mission hours in which twenty-eight
victims were found or rescued. Some of the transported victims may not have survived had it
not been for the rescue efforts of this Unit.

The DPS Southern Air Rescue Unit is supervised by Senior Pilot Stuart Anderson who manages
the Unit, balances flight and training time, and ensures adequate staffing and scheduling while
monitoring flight and duty hours.

Another member of the DPS Southern Air Rescue Unit who plays a vital role is Technical Rescue
Instructor Paramedic Geoffrey Lampard. He is responsible for conducting and/or overseeing
all training that pertains to the various insertion and extraction techniques performed during
helicopter rescues. Paramedic Lampard has trained all of the Sheriff’s Department’s Search and
Rescue deputies, as well as a dozen volunteers, to the high standards required for safely
conducting helicopter operations.

For the hundreds of victims they have rescued and saved over the years, and for their dedication
to the search and rescue mission, as well as the citizens of Pima County, the DPS Southern Air
Rescue Unit is hereby presented the Pima County Sheriff’s Special Recognition Award.


                              KUAT - TV / Channel 6
                      Mr. Kevin Crete, Supervisor/Director, Television Studio Shop
                                  Mr. Eric Anderson, Student TV Crew
                                  Mr. Everett Forbes, Student TV Crew
                                Ms. Anna Latta, Production Techinician
                               Mr. Robert Lindberg, Videographer, Senior
                                Mr. Jacobo Ramirez, Producer, Content
                            Mr. Denny Warters, Broadcast Engineer, Senior

In 2007, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik and Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup developed a vision for a Regional
Law Enforcement Memorial Service for fallen peace officers in Pima County. Since its inception, the
Memorial has been held at the Tucson Convention Center’s Grand Ballroom. With over thirty law
enforcement agencies participating, 2010 marked the third year the Memorial was held.

In April 2010, Arizona Public Media/KUAT-TV Channel 6 was contacted to set up a live feed that
would display the video on a big screen during the memorial service in May. Even though the
Memorial was less than a month away, studio supervisor Mr. Kevin Crete was quick to jump

In the following weeks, Mr. Crete met with personnel from the Tucson Convention Center and
the Sheriff’s Department to discuss what was needed to accomplish this task. On the day of the
rehearsal, KUAT-TV Channel 6 was present to set up its equipment and discuss any last minute
issues such as lighting.

Two hours before the Memorial was scheduled to begin, KUAT-TV Channel 6 personnel were
asked about live streaming through their website. Mr. Crete and his crew, which included Mr.
Jacobo Ramirez, Ms. Anna Latta, Mr. Everett Forbes, Mr. Robert Lindberg, Mr. Eric Anderson,
and Mr. Denny Warters, were so efficient and organized that they not only streamed the event live
through their website, they were able to stream through the Sheriff’s Department’s website as well.

Videotaping the Memorial required the KUAT-TV Channel 6 camera operators to constantly
change locations around the room in order to capture all the highlights of the event. They also
moved some of their equipment outside to get video footage of the twenty-one gun salute
performed by the Honor Guard Rifle Detail.

KUAT-TV Channel 6 did not receive any payment for providing the live feed during the
Memorial. In addition, Mr. Crete and his crew were more than willing and eager to assist with the
2010 Memorial and make it the best yet! For their devotion to law enforcement and the citizens
of Pima County, the staff at KUAT-TV Channel 6 is hereby presented the Pima County Sheriff’s
Special Recognition Award.                          82
In September 2009, U.S. Bank Manager Ms. Anita Curran contacted the Pima County Sheriff’s
Department asking if U.S. Bank could offer the assistance of area bank branches in collecting gifts
and raising money for the Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers’ annual Holiday Adopt-A-Family
program. In these times of economic hardship, it was proving difficult to collect donations for
the program, which would mean limiting the number of families assisted; thus, the offer from Ms.
Curran came not a moment too soon.

Over the next few months, Ms. Curran networked among the local U.S. Bank branches to
collect money. Before long, she was contacted to help the program further by fulfilling specific
gift requests, including items of clothing for each family member. Ms. Curran gladly volunteered
the bank’s assistance again and selected numerous tags off the wish list tree. In rapid turnaround,
each wish was fulfilled to the letter, ensuring that even the size and color of each item was perfect.

If that were not enough, just two weeks prior to the Adopt-A-Family event, the Sheriff’s Auxiliary
Volunteers received word of an additional family needing assistance. Once again, Ms. Curran was
called and she rallied the U.S. Bank branches. On December 18, 2009, Ms. Curran arrived with the
gifts already wrapped, including gift and grocery cards for each family. The U.S. Banks’
donations were loaded into patrol vehicles and Command Post Bravo along with all the other gifts
and groceries collected by the SAV. Ms. Curran then personally assisted with the delivery of gifts
at each house, witnessing the true joy and appreciation from the families being helped.

The 2009 Adopt-A-Family event was by far the most successful in recent history and truly
demonstrated the giving spirit and partnership between the Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff’s
Auxiliary Volunteers, and U.S. Bank. The four adopted families had a much more fulfilling holiday
because of the support and assistance provided by U.S. Bank under the direction and coordination
of Ms. Anita Curran.

For their effort and contributions, U.S. Bank is hereby presented the Pima County Sheriff’s Special
Recognition Award.

                                MR. DAVID WEBER

                             Mr. David Weber is the Production Manager for the Pima County
                             Graphic Services Division. As a Production Manager, Mr. Weber is
                             responsible for the printing, copying, binding, folding and
                             presentation of all brochures, books, and other graphic materials.

                             Every year, Mr. Weber coordinates the production of the Pima County
                             Sheriff’s Department’s Awards Ceremony program book, which is not
                             an easy task since the ceremony continues to grow each year. But every
                             year when Sheriff’s Department staff members meet with Mr. Weber
                             to prepare for the ceremony, he offers new and improved methods for
                             meeting the demands of the ever-changing times.

In 2008, Mr. Weber suggested that the program book be redesigned. He also recommended the use
of colored pages, advising it would make the program book look fresh and progressive. The final
product was an amazing transformation.
With last year being one of the most challenging during the design aspect of the program book,
Department staff knew that once the book was ready for production, Mr. Weber would make it his
first priority to do everything possible to get back on schedule and meet an impossible deadline. Mr.
Weber and his staff had to work extra hours in order to produce the highly anticipated final product.
His awareness of the importance of meeting the deadline and producing a spectacular program book is
a rare quality.
This year, Mr. Weber recommended yet another state-of-the-art idea for our 25th Anniversary
edition. He organized meetings with Sheriff’s Department staff and outside vendors in order to
facilitate the coordination of the proper resources necessary to create another distinguished program
book. His professional rapport with the vendors was evident during meetings with Sheriff’s
Department staff. He is always eager to please, very knowledgeable, and well-equipped with samples and
details. Every year he raves about how he looks forward to the Ceremony program book because he
feels it is such an honor to be a part of this special keepsake for the Sheriff’s Department.
Mr. Weber is an extraordinary production consultant. His knowledge of various products and
procedures is respected by those who have had the pleasure of working with him, and his
personality is refreshing. The Pima County Graphic Services Division is extremely fortunate to
employ such a truly remarkable individual.
For his outstanding dedication to the Sheriff’s Department’s Annual Awards Ceremony and his
exemplary production talent, Mr. David Weber is hereby presented the Pima County Sheriff’s Special
Recognition Award.
                   Bureau Chief                               Captain
               Richard J. Kastigar, Jr.                    Shawn T. Cooper

This year marks the silver anniversary of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Annual Awards
Ceremony. What started twenty-five years ago as an informal barbeque at the former Fraternal
Order of Police lodge has evolved into a superlative professional presentation celebrated at the
Grand Ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel.

This yearly event affords the opportunity to formally recognize employees, volunteers, and
citizens for outstanding contributions to the Department and community. The Sheriff presents
various types of awards to distinguish the outstanding contributions to public safety by
individuals for valor, meritorious service, or achievement.

Each year, the ceremony has improved as a direct result of the creative ideas and dedication by
members of the awards committee. As members of the committee for over a dozen years,
Bureau Chief Richard Kastigar and Captain Shawn Cooper have served in the endeavor to
recognize others for their varied accomplishments. In the past decade, as the Masters of
Ceremony for the event, they have entertained banquet attendees with their anecdotes, while
not overshadowing the sincerity of the Sheriff’s gratitude extended to those receiving an award.

For their outstanding efforts as members of the Sheriff’s Department Awards Committee and
their exemplary presentation skills, Bureau Chief Richard Kastigar and Captain Shawn Cooper are
hereby presented the Sheriff’s Special Recognition Award.

Army             Air Force

       Coast Guard

Navy                 Marines
Saluting Our


      HEROES 87
   Corr. Officer          Deputy               Corr. Officer          Corr. Officer
Stephanie Aguirre     Howard Anderson        Matthew Civitella      James Crandall

            Corr. Sergeant             Deputy                     Deputy
             Nathan Hart            Henry LaRoque                Raul Mata

               Deputy                Corr. Officer                Corr. Officer
              Manuel Rios           Peter Robeson                Daniel Salazar

                       Our brave men and women of the
                       United States Armed Forces
    Corr. Officer      Corr. Officer           Corr. Officer      Corr. Officer
Katherine Embleton    Ronald Garcia         Alfred Hanabergh      David Krzysik

         Deputy                Deputy                  Corr. Officer
      Steven Monge           Robert Muzzy              Ryen Rascon

         Deputy                  Deputy
       Gary Stengel          Jesus Verduzco

     T hank You !                      89
                2010 AWARDS CEREMONY
                 COMMITTEE MEMBERS

               Bureau Chief Bradley J. Gagnepain

Captain Shawn Cooper                   Lieutenant Deanna Coultas
Captain Christopher Nanos              Lieutenant David Peru
Captain Christopher Radtke             Lieutenant Lisa Sacco
Corrections Captain Rodney Mayhew      Lieutenant Karl Woolridge
                                       Corrections Lieutenant Sean Stewart

Sergeant Stephen Carpenter, Jr.        Detective Christy Anderson
Sergeant Joseph DeCormis               Deputy Aaron Cross
Sergeant Nicole Feldt                  Deputy Erin Gibson
Sergeant Cathryn Masters               Detective Derek Ogden
Sergeant Alex Montoya                  Deputy Monica Torralba
Sergeant James Ogden                   Corrections Officer Stephanie Aguirre
Corrections Sergeant Barbara Mattes
Corrections Sergeant Elsa Navarro

                         Ms. Katie Callan
                         Mr. Frank Gonzales
                         Mr. Todd Lepird
                         Ms. Stephanie Ramirez
                         Ms. Dana Y. Morales
                         Ms. Annette Romero
                         Ms. Linda Woodruff
                         Mr. Rudy Castro, Community Representative



               a long

In Memory Of. . .
   Mr. John Joseph Clark     Mr. Edward S. “Ed” Herrera          Mr. Roger Palmer
    Former Dispatcher             Retired Deputy                 Retired Captain

    Mr. Ronald T. Conner       Mr. James McConnell                 Mr. Al Sargent
      Former Deputy         Retired Forensic Technician           Former Deputy

    Mr. Jerrold Gatenby       Mr. Charles L. Morrison    Mr. Douglas A. Schultz
     Retired Deputy        Former Corrections Lieutenant     Former Deputy

 Lest we forget . . .                                     Deputy Timothy Graham

                                                          C. O. Shannon Russell

                                                          Deputy Randall Graves

                                                          Deputy Ernest Calvillo

                                                          Deputy Jack Brierly

                                                          Deputy John Anderson

                                                          Deputy Clifford Nelson

                                                          Deputy James Mercer

                                                          Deputy Joe Meeks

                                                          Deputy Andrew Holbrook
                                                          ...the price they paid
Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers
                             “We make a living by what we get,
                            but we make a life by what we give.”
                                                  ~Winston Churchill

             SAV Jim Gentry #3356
                16 Years of Service
                   Green Valley

             SAV Marilyn Iler #2923
                16 Years of Service
                   Green Valley

       SAV Stella Tomasko Kundratos #4790
                 6 Years of Service
                    Green Valley

         SAV John Joseph Obrien #3755
                10 Years of Service
                   Green Valley

           SAV Ronald P. Schade #3557
                10 Years of Service
                   Green Valley

No Pima County General Funds were expended in the production of this booklet.



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