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					Islam Within The Place Of Work
Recommended practice for HR personnel
Muslims now form among the biggest religious groups within the United kingdom. At any given time
when great misconceptions and stereotypes circulate the media and society concerning the religion, it
is vital to have an effort to make whatsoever levels to visit beyond archetypal images and also to start
to understand Islam and Muslims.
Having a population of roughly 1.5 million Muslims and growing, United kingdom based information
mill employing increasingly more youthful Muslim males and ladies. With this particular increase
comes a larger requirement for HR professionals to understand the particular cultural breathing
Just like people from the background, if they don't feel at ease and understood within their office or
company, chances are that they'll eventually seek employment elsewhere. To be able to increase
retention of youthful Muslims, it's more and more important therefore, their breathing difficulties are
stored in your mind.
The next information consists of fundamental tips and recommendations for HR staff yet others to
keep in mind. Please be aware these are extremely generic recommendations. Muslims vary from
one generation to another, culture to culture, some tend to be more devout than the others and
understanding and practices from the belief are plenty of. This may also be the person is Muslim by
title only and selects to not practice their religion.
A Muslim, both men and women, is anticipated to wish five occasions each day. This prayer involves
facing Makkah (in Saudi Arabia), usually on the prayer pad or clean surface and saying hopes which
consume a process of bowing and prostrating. This often takes between 5 - fifteen minutes with
respect to the individual. Prayer occasions are calculated based on the movement from the sun and
occur at beginning, midday, late mid-day, dusk and during the night.
For Muslims inside your company it may be beneficial to allocate a neutral space to allow them to use
for his or her hopes. This is often a devoted prayer room or just use of a rarely used office or medical
room. This type of space can make your Muslim staff feel at comfort knowing they've somewhere
private and clean to state their hopes.
If staff are needed to be devoted to some desk space at certain occasions it might be smart to agree
with allotted occasions by which they are able to read their hopes. This might involve using break
Friday Hopes
Most Muslim males attend the mosque on Friday days for obligatory congregational hopes. Give your
staff know you realize their needs and agree with a long lunch time and/or allocate their Friday lunch
breaks to convenient occasions. Most mosques conduct hopes at 1.30 p.m. So attempt to goal to
have an hour between 1 - 2p.m.
Fasting takes places throughout the month of Ramadan. Ramadan doesn't correspond nicely to the
Gregorian several weeks because of its approach to calculation. It changes from year upon year by
about 10 days. The greater devout Muslims could also fast on Mondays and Thursdays throughout
every season.
Fasting involves abstinence from food, drink, eating and smoking from beginning till dusk. In the
evening, Muslims typically break their fast with dates and water before proceeding to consume meals.
Within the place of work it is advisable to be familiar with staff who're fasting because this eliminates
potential offence when the employee declines a party invitation to lunch in order to another function
including food.
Most Muslim males is going to be putting on a shirt and tie similar to their co-workers and incredibly
couple of would challenge an outfit code. This is just because dress isn't a place where strict
recommendations appear in Islam.
An area Muslim males may clash with company policy is within their putting on of beards. For those
who have strict recommendations regarding hair on your face or follow certain health insurance and
hygiene methods, then it's smart to make sure that potential male Muslim workers are made
conscious of these methods. It's also wise to be prepared either to compromise on religious grounds
or make sure that beard covers are created available.
Muslim women are needed to pay for their head of hair (hijab) and also to dress decently. Many do
neither but it is advisable to be familiar with the requirements of individuals that do. In case your
company includes a uniform or perhaps a certain dress code make sure it permits the putting on of
hijabs. A lot of companies have finally taken the key to provide hijabs which match the organization
Generally Muslims within the United kingdom take holidays whenever they have to. You will find
however a couple of dates of significance that needs to be noted.
Eid al-Fitr - this holiday remembers the finish from the month of Ramadan and fasting. It's typically a
period when extended families congregate and presents provided to children.
Even though this holiday stretches on the three day period, many Muslims typically have a day
Eid al-Adha - remembers the finish from the Hajj (pilgrimage) and remember the readiness of
Abraham to sacrifice his boy. In Muslim nations sheep, goat's and camels in most cases sacrificed
and also the meat distributed the household, neighbourhood and also the poor. Within the United
kingdom such meat is purchased via a butchers because of our laws and regulations.
Just like Eid al-Fitr, Muslims typically have a day holiday throughout this era.
One of the leading discomforts for Muslims within the British place of work may involve the socialising
culture from the office. Typical business culture involves in the evening mingling in pubs or
restaurants. As Muslims don't drink any alcohol and places for example pubs, bars and discos aren't
considered appropriate venues for relaxation, then Muslim staff may nicely decline such offers.
This shouldn't be construed badly manners of unfriendliness, but instead a positive change in cultures
that needs to be respected. When planning team development outings or exercises or team
excursions always keep in mind a Muslim employee may go through uncomfortable when the venue
is really a pub, bar or perhaps a restaurant serving alcohol. It is usually better to seek advice from
that employee first.
Attempt to think about alternative venues where all staff is going to be comfortable.
You will find certain limitations in regards to what a Muslim can/can't eat.
Meat should always be halal. Such meat continues to be slaughtered based on Islamic practice. If
halal meat can't be acquired then Muslims are permitted to consume Kosher meat too. Pork isn't
eaten whatsoever by Muslims.
Check elements of meals you intend to talk about out or use within staff lunches. Meals not
appropriate for vegetarians could have non-halal meat or meat types (e.g. Gelatine) and can't be
eaten. Similarly, meals with alcohol content ought to be prevented.
A good way to beat any catering difficulties is use a vegetarian option.
Touch/Personal Space
There's a viewpoint among some Muslims that touching between males and ladies ought to be
prevented. While not common within the United kingdom, as in comparison using the Gulf, you might
from time to time run into Muslim males and ladies who don't prefer to shake hands with people from
the opposite gender. If you're unsure then you should wait and find out when they extend their hands
Muslim males and ladies could also find close personal contact between sexes really miserable.
Unless of course you realize otherwise make sure to leave a large amount of personal space.
As pointed out within the introduction, they are broad recommendations only and the quality of
support from the business / HR perspective is going to be entirely determined by the person involved.
Care ought to be taken therefore to not assume the requirements of a employee, but to merely be
familiar with possible issues and resulting interventions if these become necessary.


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