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Lady Gaga is really great?


									                                     Lady Gaga is really great?

This madness started a new year, when my friend told me about Lady Gaga. Before that, I knew him
as someone who dresses up in a strange and alien makeup to draw attention. My friend told me that
the image depends on the workstation Gaga was a source of inspiration every time you have to
come away with something creative. This is not a story about my friend, Lady Gaga million follow a
religion because of the unusual flexibility of inspiration and endowed with the unthinkable.

Recognized for his contribution to music extravagant and diverse through an experimental,
performance and music video, Gaga struggled early in his life. Raised a Roman Catholic, which
describes the life of the campus as a diligent, disciplined, but somewhat insecure. His father never
understood the reason behind the increasingly experimental with drugs.

Located in a small apartment, winner of five Grammy Awards began fighting with the creation of a
band with some friends in New York and commuted between New York and New Jersey. In the
process of finding a stage name, decided to call Lady Gaga inspired by the song by Queen.
Considered one of the most influential people by Time magazine, which has sold 23 million albums in
hopes of making one of his best-selling music artists of all time.

Never be afraid to explore her wild side, Gaga as one of the best dressed for U.S.
President Obama described the interaction with Gaga intimidating when she met him at sixteen
inches in the fundraising campaign shoes for Human Rights.

In each issue, Gaga is not the same, whether the genre of music, makeup or style of singing, Gaga
always experimenting, while the opportunity to satisfy their hunger for flexibility. Individually, was
born inspired millions to believe in what they are without regret what is given by God. On the phone,
which combines Michael Jackson show and the instinct for provocation of Madonna. Do not forget,
it still has a unique place in the music world by pairing with veteran artist Tony Bennett to record the
Lady Is A Tramp.

With this release the Way Foundation of birth, Gaga shifted the focus of youth empowerment and
issues like trust, welfare, anti-bullying and professional development. The spiritual influence of the
Indian public speaker, Lady Gaga will be involved in supporting a gay periodically cause. Accused of
being a bad influence like Madonna 25 years ago, Gaga revealed how he felt, no matter what people

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