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									Not long ago, on MSNBC (dot) com there was a viral video that showed a toilet on top of a go-cart which
went at a very high speed. The video stated; "World's Fastest Toilet" but is it really - no way I say! First,
Japan has toilets on several of their bullet trains moving at 200 plus miles per hour, but there are also
toilets on the ISS, albeit high-tech toilets, and those toilets are in orbit at 17,000 miles per hour. Still,
let's say it was the fastest toilet "On Earth" or on the ground - well, nope not even close to 200 mph,
certainly not on a go-cart.

How about in the Earth's atmosphere? No, the Concorde had toilets on it, traveling faster than the
speed of sound, also the B-1 Bomber has a toilet, which although the USAF does not publish the true
speed of this bird, I dare say it blows away a bullet train, Concorde, and any other earthly vehicle.

The Space Shuttle has a toilet, but while it is launching you can't use it in the atmosphere, and all the
astronauts are strapped in for landing so it is the fastest unusable toilet in that case, but it's still faster
than the go-cart speed demon sitting on the commode traveling around an oval track, by the way he
wasn't using it either, he was too busy driving!

So, whereas it is nice to see everyone in the media make a play for the dummed down Internet Surfer
and trying to get their little viral videos going using juvenile humor, let's leave the real speed records to
the adults of the high tech world, not some yahoo that graduated from a garden tractor with a beer
"drink holder" to a racing style go-cart with a toilet bolted to it.

I mean give me a break and speaking of breaks I hate to remind the Facebook crowd that it is probably
time you got a job - before you forward me anymore of these inane videos - they just are not funny any
longer - it's getting rather pathetic.

The social media crowd's crappy choices in viral videos aren't much better than their political choices
when voting if you ask me, and I know you didn't but, I am telling you anyway, so please get a life. Oh
and stop recommending Facebook stock and no, I don't want to "friend" you on any silly social network.

Lastly, before I let you go here, the Earth is spinning at over 600 mph, and the planet is going around the
Sun at 10s of thousands of miles per hour, and the Sun is going around the Milky Way at some believe to
be 45,000 miles per hour, so by the time you've completed your business - let's just say that toilet has
traveled quite a ways my friend - think about it.
Well, that's it for now, so please consider all this and think on it, because a brain is a terrible thing to
waste, but hey maybe you do need a good flush?

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