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If you are interested in gaining control of your financial life, you may have tried to budget, you might
even be used to some success. However, a common problem people have when the budget is that it
can not survive for long periods of time. When life begins to be complicated, difficult to maintain
consistency with the budget.

This can be changed, if it simplifies personal finance category is used to create your budget. Let's talk
about how this is done ...

Simple basic personal finance class

I found that there are four basic categories of personal finance that makes it easy for you to budget
your money. They are: personnel costs, giving, investments and reserves.When I say "back up" I'm
talking about the money you set aside to create an emergency fund, to make a purchase with cash
instead of credit cards or other means to borrow money, and for special events, but great .

Now to use the personal finance category effectively, it is important that the orders according to
what is most important. For example, if your goal is to support an emergency fund before investing
or giving, then the reserve category is the first place to put your money. This means that before you
pay your expenses, invest money, or making charitable donations, it gets a number of designated
cash reserves well above estimates.

Now personally, I put them in order: giving, investments, savings and personal expenses ... in that
order. This is because my priority, but it is important that you spend your money according to their
priorities. The more you spend your money according to your priorities, you have control over your
financial life. That said, I suggest you not put personal expenses such as your first class.

The reason for this is if you first pay your expenses, you'll probably never get into the habit of
leaving money or investments. Many people often say that they will start investing or overlook
something when "money". You and I know that never when you're waiting for the "right time" to
make things seem the right time to come. Just do it now and correct it on the fly.

Introduction to Personal Finance category

What is your top priorities when planning your finances? Whether to save money, get out of debt, or
other investments? Write and make a commitment that would 10% of their income on categories
that are most important to you, and do not waver. As of today, and see how easy category of
personal finance can make your financial life easier.

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