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									                               The Healing Codes
                              Thursday Night Q&A
                                 Tom Costello
Tom Costello: This is The Healing Codes Question and Answer teleconference. My
name is Tom Costello and on behalf of Dr. Alex Loyd Services, LLC and The Healing
Codes family I’d like to welcome you to the call.

Tonight in the United States it is September 20, 2007. Everything on this call is being
recorded. The recording is available as a free download from our website:

This Q&A call is one of several ways we support our clients in their use of The Healing
Codes so that you can get the results that you want. Another form of support is the
recording of the calls. However, I would say that the most important and most powerful
and significant support that we provide is the personal coaching that is included in the
packages that you buy. That personal coaching, in my opinion, essentially guarantees
success, if you would use it. I kind of put it out there like this. We normally think of
doing The Healing Codes a couple of times a day as a minimum. In 90 days that’s about
180 times. However, I would say if a person would commit when they get The Healing
Codes to doing it at least 50 times during that 90 day period and use the coaching
sessions that are available – 50 times plus the coaching sessions, that is basically a slam
dunk. That’s going to give you the greatest understanding of how this all works. I’m
thinking you’ve got a 90% shot or more of having results.

We’ve got a Clients Only area on the website. It requires a password and user name to
get in. It’s for clients only. People who don’t own the package of The Healing Codes or
The Success Codes, we ask you to respect that boundary.
The User Name is: healingcodes Pass word: 12days

I ask anybody on the call who is unsure about any part of The Healing Codes process,
what they’re experiencing, what they’re doing, how to do it and so on, this is a great
opportunity. I suggest that your questions serve you, serve other people on the call and
serve people listening to this recording. I get that kind of feedback, somebody says, “I’m
so glad that person ask a question about” x or y or z. “That’s exactly what I wanted to
know.” It’s a good opportunity.

We like these calls to for people to tell us of their successes or even their trials and
tribulations. This is just like life, a couple steps forward, one back and so on. But this
really is a very effective tool to have on your path.

Our disclaimer is that The Healing Codes are not intended to diagnose or treat any
physical or mental condition or their symptoms. The Healing Codes deals with issues of
the heart. It is on those spiritual issues that we focus our attention. The opinions I

The Healing Codes                       09.20.2007                                        1
Thursday Night Q&A                                                             Tom Costello
express are oftentimes entirely my own. If they serve you I’m pleased. If they don’t, just
let them go flying by.

I weave some points in as we go along. I would prefer questions to be asked. That
makes it more interactive, more interesting, I think. Jodi, please explain to folks how to
get into the queue or knock themselves out.

Jodi: (Gives technical directions)

Participant: (Laurie, New York) This is my first time on a call, but I’ve been able to
listen to a few of them. They’re a great resource. I thank you. I was calling because in
working with my coach he indicated I have an energy reversal. I was wondering if you
could talk a little bit more about that. Is this something that I have all the time or not
necessarily? How might I address it?

Tom Costello: That’s a wonderful question. If you think of your body in this way, just
for demonstration purposes, because it’s really more like an old fashioned car battery that
you have to add water to. Think of your body like a “D” battery. Under normal
circumstances one end is the plus (+) terminal and the other hand is a minus (-) terminal.
That doesn’t mean good or bad. It’s just an indication that one is different than the other.
They could have used “x” or “y”. Under normal circumstances healthy human beings,
the head is typically the plus end of the battery. The feet are the minus end of the battery.
It seems as though when a person is experiencing one or more situations that can become
reversed. The feet become the plus end of the battery and the head becomes the minus
end of the battery.

Back in the early 90’s when I lived in San Diego I was attending a meeting. It was
interesting. The second of the two speakers got up and said, “I have to tell you folks
something. If you’re a doctor or nurse, acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage person,
pharmacist, if you take prescriptions or you deal with people, I want to talk to you about
polarity.” He said, “The Mayo clinic sends me people when they can no longer do
anything with them. I’m here to tell you that when polarity is reversed in people your
chiropractic adjustments won’t hold, your prescriptions will be of minimal value, your
massages and so on will be of less value than otherwise.” He went through this for about
5 minutes. I was on the edge of my seat, my mouth wide open. This was so interesting
and so fascinating.

He described that through nutrition and herbs and water and breathing and exercise he
was able to correct the polarity of people and gave their bodies a chance to reestablish
balance and normalcy. That is the beginning, for me personally, of the exploration of
energy psychology, energy therapy. I went into Thought Field Therapy and Emotional
Freedom Technique, Tapas Accupressure Technique. All of them subscribe to the idea of
reversal. They sometimes call it polarity reversal or psychological reversal. So do we in
The Healing Codes.

The Healing Codes                       09.20.2007                                        2
Thursday Night Q&A                                                             Tom Costello
The people that tend to reverse are people who are chronically ill. That sometimes is a
sign thats one of the problems, “is it the chicken or the egg?” Did the problem begin
because of a chronic reversal or is the reversal following the chronic problem? People
who use alcohol to an extreme, people who are in toxic environments, toxic not only
from a chemical sense, but in extremely hostile work environments, extremely hostile
home environments would tend to be in that category. I’ve noticed it in people who
describe their condition as “multiple chemical sensitivities”. They would also tend
toward polarity reversal.

Now, does it happen all the time? Well, let’s go back to the description of a battery. In
the old days, you’ll remember, we had to add water to the car batteries periodically. We’d
unscrew the cap and add distilled water and so on. That’s more like the human body.
Having plentiful hydration is supremely important to us. So is breathing, so we’re
adequately oxygenated. The water, in this sense, is the key to our “electrical”

Then if your diet is decent and normal and you give your body a chance to rest and
recuperate, then you have taken several steps in the right direction. Then to eliminate
stress, you’re also in that direction.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re taking heavy-duty prescription drugs or
any one of the other circumstances; intense environment at home or work, or chronic
illness, you’d want to consider the possibility that reversal is going to be a pretty frequent
visitor to your doorstep.

What to do? There are a variety of things you can do to correct polarity. Some of them
are very easy to do. Literally if you’d have gotten into the habit of doing them, you could
do them whenever the thought occurred to you. Let’s talk about a very common one used
by other modalities as well as us.

If you look at the edge of your hand, called the karate chop area. I’m saying this not only
for you, Laurie, but for everybody. If you were going to say you were going to break a
brick or board or something, the karate chop area is that meaty edge of your hand. If you
tap that – if you’re driving your car you could tap it on the steering wheel. If you’re
sitting at a desk, I’m tapping it now on a counter. You could tap it one hand on the other.
You could tap both hands like a drummer, boom, boom, boom, boom. That tapping 7, 8
or 10 times lightly… it’s not a function of really whacking it. Just tapping it seems to
have some kind of relationship to energy flow in the body. That’s one way of doing it.

Donna Eden, in her book called, “Energy Medicine” (considered a great resource) has a
bunch of different things in there. She actually believes and I’ve seen a demonstration by
her of a person who is teaching students whose polarity was reversed. Literally it
scrambled the students. If anybody on this call or listening to the recording is a teacher
or a presenter, you will want to make sure your polarity is correct before you start
presenting. Otherwise people’s eyes start crossing. They become glazed over. You can
have that effect on your students. It’s amazing.

The Healing Codes                        09.20.2007                                        3
Thursday Night Q&A                                                              Tom Costello
Oftentimes people say, “If I don’t know whether I’m reversed or not, and I correct, can I
go from correct to incorrect?” It’s not known to happen. If your polarity is correct and
you’re tapping your karate chop point, you’re going to stay correct. If you’re reversed,
you will correct.

This is a great opportunity to monitor how much water you drink. Dehydration tends to
create this situation.

Participant: I drink a fair amount of water. The other thing I was wondering with doing
the karate chop is if you’re doing that over time, will it correct it so it stays or is it just to
bring it in right this moment and this time?

Tom Costello: It will bring it in at this moment in this time. If there are external
circumstances, any of those that I describe, continuing to exist, you will continue to need
that. When your body develops its ability to balance because you’re environment is
changing or your perception of your environment, which is hugely important…. That’s
where we work in The Healing Codes. The way we perceive stuff says that’s the way
they are. Our body responds to it. If we can correct our interpretations or perceptions
then our body is not stressed and its ability to hold polarity is going to be greater.

Participant: I’ve had a long term issue with my gums. One or two weeks ago somebody
started asking a question about teeth, but it was not thoroughly dealt with. I was
wondering if you have any thoughts on infection of gums and things like that.

Tom Costello: Yes, I do. First of all my opinion is that behind every physical
manifestation, any, is a belief, is an energy pattern. A thought repeated over and over
becomes a belief. Those energy patterns exist. There are some people who believe there
are specific, predictable energy patterns, thought processes, beliefs that will show up as
standard physical manifestations. So, if you have belief A it is sometimes predictable
that condition Z is going to manifest.

I use a resource called “Messages from the Body, Their Psychological Meaning” as a tool
to sometimes zero in or possible beliefs. This is not – nobody on this call wants to buy
this. I’ll just say that. It’s an expensive book, but it’s really not for anybody other than
people in this sort of work because it would make your head explode. There are 740
pages of diseases and so on. It could creep a person out.

Before I go into potential beliefs related to that, let me say that gum infections, dental
issues, are so unbelievably important to deal with from a health standpoint. They’re not
like a sore foot. They need to be handled. Other things need to be sacrificed so that you
can get that handled. I’m not projecting this energy onto you, but I would like to create a
sense of urgency in that dental treatment of gums is one of the most important physical
things you can do for yourself.

Participant: When you say medical treatment?

The Healing Codes                          09.20.2007                                          4
Thursday Night Q&A                                                                  Tom Costello
Tom Costello: Dental actually. Dental, to make sure that any infection in the gums is
handled. There are researchers that suggest the primary cause of heart issues are gum

Participant: I’ve been working on this infection for like a year with alternative
practitioners, with my dentist. It keeps re-emerging.

Tom Costello: Okay, then the other side of the coin is the energetic, the belief standpoint
and what could be happening there. There are a variety of beliefs related to teeth and
which teeth are bothering you and on and on. Let me see how we’re doing. Jodi, do we
have other people in the queue?

Jodi: One at this time.

Tom Costello: If that person will be kind enough to be patient, let’s see if we can explore
this a little bit.

Participant: Thanks, Tom.

Tom Costello: This is an amazing book that has about 6 or 7 pages of things related to
teeth. I haven’t even looked under “g” for gums. It’s talking about putting issues off,
indecisiveness, immobilization, need to move on. It deals with right teeth, left teeth,
upper teeth, lower teeth, incisors, on and on and on. There are a variety of things. Who
is your coach?

Participant: Lorna.

Tom Costello: Okay. I’m thinking Lorna may have this as well. Am I spelling your

Participant: Laurie

Tom Costello: Okay. We have a Lorrie Rivers. I’ve gotten used to misspelling it. I will
take a look at that and will also communicate with Lorna and see where she is on it.
Maybe that will help give you insight into an energy pattern that would serve you to shift,
heal, change.

Participant: Great.

Tom Costello: Thanks for your questions, Laurie.

Participant: Thank you so much.

Participant: (Sue) I’ve been on the Codes now for 16-17 days. I’ve connected with my
coach. Through the process I’ve come to the realization that a lot of my emotional issues

The Healing Codes                       09.20.2007                                      5
Thursday Night Q&A                                                           Tom Costello
that I have are related to ones that I got before I was even born. I’m working. I’ve got
them identified and I’m working on them. But, my question is…. I’ve had my first
Code from my coach. Because this emotional stuff is pretty deep seeded, is there
anything else I can do to speed this process up?

Tom Costello: (Laughter) I’m with you.

Participant: I’m an Aires. I wanted it yesterday!

Tom Costello: I’m with you. “All ahead full” “Am I done yet?”

Participant: I’m a one-on-one heart math provider. I’ve done that route. I’ve done EFT.
I’m studying Donna Eden’s stuff. Any tidbit of info you could give to help speed it up.

Tom Costello: I don’t know of your in-utero energy patterns, but now a days it is
understood that babies, before they’re born, pick up information. They are picking up
sound. They are picking up vibration of emotion. They are picking up whatever is
transmitted hormonally. Rumor has it that a pregnant woman has some hormones going
on. Now, if you just add in some sort of family difficulty, some sort of ambivalence,
some sort of stressing over “whoa! I don’t know how to handle a baby. What do you do
with them? We can’t afford it.” All kinds of things like that are so common simply
because any first-born child with some exceptions - - the ideal scene is everything is
hunky-dory and the woman is so mature and finances and relationship are secure.
They’ve taken steps and are beautifully prepared on all levels for a baby. I frankly have
never spoken to that person that was born that way. But, I’m guessing there must be
some out there.

As you look at this I suggest there are several realities. One of them is your mother, my
mother, all of our mothers was, number one, doing the best she could. We all go “I know
that intellectually.” The amount of static, concern, disapproval and anxiety that our
mothers would have experienced depending on your situation – I was five out of seven. I
can’t imagine that my parents said, “You know what we need? Some more children.”
I’m thinking they were still clueless as to what made them. Nonetheless, they had them.
Now the idea of unwanted pregnancies is far more common than anybody talks about.
The idea that attempted abortions are far more common than anybody talks about. It goes
on and on and on.

The first thought, this is true for me, is that we think we want approval of our parents.
We need it as a species because if they deliver us and then forgot that they had children,
we would perish. That’s not a good thing for the survival of the species. We’re able to
induce them to meet our needs to some degree. However, as we age, I’m talking when
we’re ready to move out of the house, at whatever age that is, the need for approval, the
need for energetic sustenance ought to be shifting to ourselves, number one. Even though
most of us go through sex, drugs and rock and roll as a means to feel good about
ourselves, ultimately approval has to be of a higher vibration, a different nature than any

The Healing Codes                      09.20.2007                                       6
Thursday Night Q&A                                                           Tom Costello
of those. The connection to God, to Spirit, to the Creator – that’s where the approval
comes in.

I kind of suspect this. This is my point of view. Personally I think my mother did not
want me. Secondarily I suspect she probably tried to abort me. But, I don’t know
because she’s dead now. I can’t address that issue. However, I’ve come to the
conclusion I don’t really care. I wanted to be born. Obviously I had the support of the
Maker, simply because I had that energy. So, I made it. There!

If she didn’t want me to be born it wasn’t because of me and it wasn’t because of you, it
was because of their feelings of inadequacy, their emotional incapability, their financial
incapability, their lack of maturity or other things going on in the family. In most
families there are usually lots of things going on.

Wait a minute! I don’t care. I wanted to be born. So, I was born. “I wanted them to
want me.” Why? Frankly, maybe it’s that Aires, I want what I want.

Now as it starts to shift – I feel bad if I added burden to them. But, there were means that
they could have reduced that burden before. Now it’s let me give myself an atta boy and
you an atta girl for that will to be born, that will to live. That’s a good characteristic.
That’s a good characteristic. It is that survival strength, that power, that purposefulness,
that’s a good trait. Atta girl. Atta boy.

My parents could do what they could do. They couldn’t do what they couldn’t do. That’s
not my deal. That was their deal. What I know of their backgrounds and what they
experienced before, during and after the depression, I’m going, “They had stresses in
their life that I have never experienced.” I don’t really have a clue to what that was like.

Now their relationship to me, their wanting or not wanting, their caring or not caring,
their loving or not loving, their nurturing or not nurturing is not that important. When
you really get down to it, here I am. In fact, the inputs and lack of inputs that they have
provided really have resulted in us being on this phone call tonight; you from your end
and me from my end. For that, wow! Mother and Father, I’m grateful. The positive
inputs and not-so-positive inputs all went into shaping us into who we believe we are. If
some of those beliefs don’t serve us, if they dented our identity, if you will, well, it’s time
for me to remove those dents, to get them repaired. I know how to repair them.

I use my hands to do The Healing Codes. I can repair the dents in my identity.

Now when we stop fighting what is or what was, “I should have been nurtured. I should
have had a silver spoon. I should have been cared for. I should have been…..” Okay,
now that we’re done with that, it was what it was. It is what it is. Next.

As we stop resisting what was or what is we can take that same amount of energy and
focus on what it is we want. What condition do I want to experience in my life? What
intellectual, mental clarity? What emotional completeness, authenticity, fullness,

The Healing Codes                        09.20.2007                                        7
Thursday Night Q&A                                                              Tom Costello
wholeness do I want to experience? What sort of spiritual certainty do I want to create,
do I want to know that exists? What kind of financial condition, abundance, do I want?

All those things are basically related to how we see ourselves. If we see ourselves based
upon the inputs that they provided or didn’t provide – Wait a minute! None of us on this
call restricts our viewpoint of ourselves to what our second-grade teacher said or however
that person viewed us. No. You’ve got to get more views. Need more input, more input.

The most important of all inputs is the one we give ourselves, our own self-talk. Because
a lot of those people are basically (not a lot of them, all of them) operate on what I call
the static-electricity principle. When they build up static by shuffling across the carpet of
their life and they touch me or you or you or you and we get shocked, it’s not because of
us. It’s because they’ve built up that static. That static, to me, is self-disapproval that has
overflowed. They have to release it because of the anxiety it is causing in them. They
turn to blame and disapproval and yelling and hitting and whatever other release
strategies are normal in that day in age.

Whatever! Now my choice is to create what I want. We all know on some level I get
more of what I put my attention on. As I heal the threats that I’ve absorbed as a child,
and you too… “I’m afraid of this. I’m afraid of that. I’m afraid of the other thing.” I
think we’ve got to go to a couple of different areas: self approval and God approval and
connect that God is so interested in our full life (those are my beliefs) that’s as constant
as gravity. If I say a swear word gravity doesn’t change. If I’m nice to somebody trying
to cross the street, gravity doesn’t change. If I’m whistling gravity doesn’t change. If
I’m whining gravity doesn’t change. I think that constancy is an indication of God’s love
and support and caring and flow of life force. That’s a foregone conclusion to me. It’s a
done deal. My job is to self approve and align with that God energy; generosity,
kindness, compassion, fun, laughter, light-heartedness, joy, did I say enthusiasm? That
sort of thing. Acceptance, peace, gratitude, appreciation all those are good vibrations.

That was a long answer. I hope that zigzagging back and forth across the field touched
upon something that you were interested in, Sue.

Participant: Yes, it does. One of the things that you were talking about on an earlier
calls connects to this a little bit. I think I need a little more clarity on this. I’m leading
into another question if that’s okay.

Tom Costello: Sure.

Participant: The call was talking about what’s going on around you, the negative
emotions. If you have negative emotions and you attract people who are negative around
you. If you’re working on the positive, shouldn’t you just attract people that are positive
to you? Is that true? Is there some area there that’s kind of gray based on where you are
in your own process?

The Healing Codes                         09.20.2007                                         8
Thursday Night Q&A                                                                Tom Costello
Tom Costello: I’d like to delve into that a little bit. First of all emotions are emotions.
They serve a purpose. They are all good in the appropriate context. Anger is a fantastic
emotion in the proper circumstances. If a saber toothed tiger or some other real threat
were to approach you, you want to be able to access anger. That is the best vibration to
have. It will give you the most strength. It will give you the most speed. It will give you
the most ferocity. It will increase your chances of survival. That’s really what you want
to have.

Now, when you go out for ice cream and somebody in line can’t decide on whether to get
chocolate or vanilla ice cream cones and you go into anger, hello, that is inappropriate.
That is not really a threat. That person is threatening your need. Your need is, “I’ve got
to get my ice cream cone. I want it. I expect to get it right now. This guy is going too
slow with his choice…..” Now, that’s a little child’s belief system that somebody
ordering ice cream too slowly is dangerous, is threatening to their happiness.

That would be a good thing to heal. I do not want to be operating, when I go shopping or
ice cream buying, I don’t want to be operating as a 5-year-old child. That’s not how I
want to live my life. I want to be peaceful about it. I want to enjoy the whole process;
looking at all the list of ice creams. As you have these emotions and they’re chronic….
Chronic would be that little ice-cream anger thing, not the legitimate, serious threat and
now I’m angry. Anger is, to me a vibration of stop. I want to stop this condition from
proceeding or continuing. That’s very good.

You can know that certain people can gravitate toward that. If you’re going to be a
police officer, you’d better have some orientation toward stop. That’s all they do, right?
They don’t go around giving little flowers, “It’s nice you’re not jaywalking. Thank you
for not speeding. Here, for not doing bad things, I’d like to give you a pat on the back.”
They don’t do that. They’re looking for something to stop. That has to be an awful
vibration. Which may explain why the statistics say that police people, officers, die 6
years after retirement on average. Why? Just think of the energy that they have to take
in over a course of 20 years. They don’t see the best of human nature. They see just the
opposite. That’s toxic. That says to me there’s a great opportunity for The Healing
Codes organization.

Now when you focus on what you want and you choose your vibration you will
recognize that somebody angry around you or nearby is expressing that static that I talked
about. They may not have walked across the carpet, but something in their environment
has triggered bad feelings about themselves. They’re looking to release some of those
bad feelings in the way of anger or blame or fault finding or criticism or sarcasm or a lot
of different ways to do that.

As you focus on what you want and you become aware of when you vary from the good
feeling things, then you’re going to be on your path more regularly.

As you drive down the highway they have these little dividers between the lanes. Your
tire hits them, thump, thump, thump, thump. Those things don’t indicate, “Hey you’re

The Healing Codes                       09.20.2007                                      9
Thursday Night Q&A                                                           Tom Costello
doing it wrong. Go turn in your car. Get rid of your license.” They are instead saying,
“You need to adjust your movement. Adjust a little to the right or a little to the left.” It’s
just an awareness enhancing device. Ah! The first time you experience that as a new
driver you might go, “What’s wrong with me? I made a mistake. I did something bad.”
After a while if it occurs later on in your driving career it’s “Okay, I’ll adjust.” There’s
no wrong making. There’s no disapproval interpretation gotten out of that experience.
As you go down the road you just adjust, adjust, adjust…. If you find yourself getting
angry in the ice cream parlor or some similar experience where it seems inappropriate,
you go, “Oh, wow. This is interesting. I’m worked up. Let me back up in my mind and
see what got triggered before, maybe an hour, couple of hours before where there was
some, “I could have done. I should have done. I didn’t do. What’s wrong with me?”
Or, you took in energy from someone else who was releasing static and you thought it
was about you rather than, “Oh, that guy’s really staticy.” You took it in and said “It’s
about me. It’s about me.”

We do that because most of us get raised in environments of disapproval. That’s how we
get managed. “You’re a bad little boy. You’re bad.” “Your sister’s bad. You’re just as
bad as your sister.” “You and your sister have a bad competition.” Right? We learn this
terrible, terrible lesson. This is it: The way to get me to change my behaviors is for me
to beat myself up. That is so toxic. That is so poisonous. We go around beating
ourselves up. I often refer to this: I’m looking out the window. I see some flowers.
Some of them are opened. There are buds that have not yet opened. I’m going to put you
folks on hold. I’m going to go out there and kick those flowers to get them to open.
You’d go, “What? That’s weird!” Of course it’s weird, but we beat ourselves up all the
time. We wouldn’t do that flowers, but we do it to ourselves all the time. This is a great
opportunity to shift that to “atta girl” and “atta boy”.

Approve of ourselves for being where we are on our path. I’m here legitimately. I made
a whole bunch of choices. Some, ah, whatever, but I’ve adjusted, I’ve adjusted, I’ve
adjusted and here I am. I’ve made choices, made decisions, took actions, failed to take
actions, made decisions that were effective, made a lot that were ineffective, bumped into
walls, but here I am. Rather than kicking myself for all those mistakes which is a fairly
common experience for me and others, is to go, “Well, I want to make more effective
choices. I want to be more compassionate, more loving, in higher vibrational alignment.
I want to laugh more. I want to smile more. I want to embrace people more. I want to
listen more. I want to care more not only for them but starting with me.”

Another long answer.

Participant: It was a good answer, Tom.

Tom Costello: What else do you have, Sue?

Participant: One other thing and then I’ll stop asking questions. The Adam’s Apple,
what does that connect to? Does it connect to anything?

The Healing Codes                        09.20.2007                                      10
Thursday Night Q&A                                                              Tom Costello
Tom Costello: Yes, it does. I’m searching for it in my mind and filing system. Perhaps
Patricia, on the call will know that answer. I can’t find it. It is definitely directed to one
of the control centers. All four of those, when you draw lines into the body, “Yeah, it’s
hitting a good thing.”

Participant: Okay. Thank you very much.

Participant: (Karen, Oregon) What is the name of that book you were referring to, the
740 page book with all the details. Can I ask?

Tom Costello: Yep. Michael Lincoln is the author of it. “Messages from the Body, the
Psychological Meaning” It’s about $130. 740 pages. You could get exercise from
practicing lifting it.

Participant: What was his last name?

Tom Costello: Lincoln         Like “Lincoln, Lincoln, fo finkin….” I’ll send you a link if
you’d like.

Participant: Okay. Thank you. My comment was for the lady who was asking about the
teeth. I’m aware of how important they are, the teeth and gums and bad health. I was
actually having a lot of just weird pain when I was first doing the Codes. I actually can’t
remember if it was before I started doing the Codes. I think it actually flared up when I
started doing the Codes. So I started focusing on the Code specifically for teeth and
gums and stuff. It has really, really helped. I had weird little pains that were traveling up
my cheeks. Just really odd stuff. It basically just disappeared. I just wanted to put that
in there.

Tom Costello: Do you have any awareness, Karen, of some sort of emotional

Participant: I definitely do. In fact the first Code that was from my coach, the special
Code (Custom Code), from David Brady, I actually had this visual of a tree and all the
branches at the top were manifestations this core belief that is an erroneous belief that
God is sometimes there and sometimes not there. I think that relates directly to the
support issue – it’s not really bones is it? It’s the gatro-intestinal. Any way that seems to
be what the connection was. Does that make sense to you?

Tom Costello: Yep.

Participant: My focus a lot is that God is always with me and always has been with me
even though my perception has been that sometimes he wasn’t. It really was the
perception that he wasn’t that caused all the drama that made it seem like he wasn’t.

Tom Costello: That point of view, that knowing of the connection to God, as far as I’m
concerned, that is the ultimate important awareness. If I were an appliance, a refrigerator

The Healing Codes                        09.20.2007                                      11
Thursday Night Q&A                                                              Tom Costello
or something, I want to be plugged in. There is no wall for us as individuals to plug in.
We can plug in with our hearts and minds. To be able to say, “I am worthy of this
connection. I’ve been created by the Creator.” It’s hard for me to conceive of “put him
in the reject pile.” That doesn’t work for me. I think that tuning in to that on a cellular
level so that it is so known (kind of like standing on the ground), so solid and stabilizing.
Once that is in place, whew!

Participant: I know. It kind of fixes everything.

Tom Costello: Really that knowingness is another way for setting the stage for opening
the doors in our minds and hearts and cells to all of this magnificent creation. “Wow, I
can really participate in life now. How fun is this? Why didn’t somebody tell me?”

Participant: What’s interesting is that I didn’t realize that I even had that belief. I
consider myself to have unwavering belief and faith in God’s being there. It was very
interesting to have that realization after I did that Code. Then have a little visual thing.
Then look back on my life at parental input that created that belief. “Ah ha!” I wondered
why there’s been this on again, off again in my life. It’s been very, very dramatic. I have
just never been able to understand it. It’s been very disconcerting.

Tom Costello: That’s interesting. I’d like to suggest something else for you to look at.
I’m speaking to the wider audience as well. I have conversations with people who recall
at an early age when they prayed to God or Jesus to come to save them from some
difficult situation. When God and Jesus didn’t walk through the front door the child felt
as though they had been abandoned. “Well, that proves I can’t rely on you.” They make
that decision as little children and spend the rest of their life with that as a programming
statement. “I definitely can’t rely on those two.” They don’t have that belief in being
able to fall back on the support system.

Then you take another group like most of have heard, “Wait until your father comes
home.” Well, that, from a God standpoint is “You’re going to be punished by God.”
Whoa! There’s fire and hell and brimstone and that sort of thing. You don’t want God to
catch you. Oh, by the way, God knows everything. “Wow, now I’m in big trouble.” So
many people go, “I’ve got to spend my time looking over my shoulder or up into the
clouds hoping God doesn’t notice me. I hope he doesn’t notice me.” I have to creep
around and try not to be seen, try not to be noticed. “He could really come and smite me
because I was mean to the next-door neighbor’s dog.” You know that’s punishable by

Now these little kids are trembling at the thought of God. We say God is love and God is
good. Let’s relate to God. The kid is going, “Please don’t tell him I’m here. Please!”
Now we’re trying to hide. I think the fundamental point I want to make here is I believe
there are two core concepts. First of all in all this approval/disapproval conversation that
we’ve been having, or I’ve been having with you over the last month or so – I found my
notes. It started on July 9th in my journaling. This underlying belief is there: We were
told you are bad. We interpreted that in the first person, “I am bad.” I have no doubts

The Healing Codes                        09.20.2007                                     12
Thursday Night Q&A                                                             Tom Costello
that I heard, overheard, references like “He is bad.” Or somebody in the family saying,
“We are bad.” Or somebody on the outside saying, “They are bad.” I am sure those
energetic inputs have been delivered to all of us as little children. We go, “Uh-oh.” Add
in (I was brought up Catholic) original sin. Other religions have the sinful nature, the
dark nature and so on. I would say if we could heal the belief that “I am bad. You are
bad. He is bad.” Actually when I did the Code today on this I said “she” too. Because
I’m half my mother. He/she/we/they are bad. I wanted to heal that. I wanted to know
the truth. “I am good. You are good. He/she/we/they are good.” I thought, “Wow, what
an interesting concept.” If we were good, if we knew right down to the bottoms of our
toes, we are good, “I guess I don’t have to worry about God anymore coming and smiting
me and hitting me with lightening and what not.” I don’t have to worry about hiding
myself from other people or trying to control this essentially bad nature.

If I’m good I could just focus on what I want. I know that my choices are not for self-
aggrandizement, not to disadvantage other people, not to do harm, not to tilt the playing
field. It would be to do good. Why? Because if my nature is good, good things make
me feel good. I’ll do things that make me feel good. Now that I’m not spending all my
time trying to control this darker inner self of mine. What a freeing concept for me
today. We are good.

I thought, if I want to have a conversation with my conscious mind I say, “I”, if I’m
talking to my subconscious mind, almost like it’s a separate thing, it’s going to relate
more effectively to the “You”. So I say, “I’m good and you’re good.” Really? I don’t
have to protect you from anybody noticing who you are? “Nope. I’m good.”

If you guys are open to it, I’d suggest the next time you do a healing Code, heal that first
nonsense about “bad”, erroneous beliefs, misinterpretations. And focus on feeling and
knowing and sensing your good. I’ll tell you, if you’re good, the distance between you
and God is mighty short, mighty small. The distance between you, if you’re bad, and
God necessarily is greater. I’d be so distinctly different than God, of course I’d be
vibrationally different, attitudinally different and so on. To protect myself from any
smiting that might be going on, I’d better be hiding.

No, it’s time for us to come out and recognize who created us, whose image we’re
created in. It’s kind of a neat idea.

Participant: (Patricia, Okalhoma) Tom!

Tom Costello: You got the answer?

Participant: Yes I do.

Tom Costello: That’s my girl!

Participant: The Adam’s Apple is the spinal cord and central nervous system and

The Healing Codes                       09.20.2007                                      13
Thursday Night Q&A                                                             Tom Costello
Tom Costello: Adam’s Apple is spinal cord, thyroid and central nervous system. Those
are probably good things. You want energy going to those three. Thank you.

Participant: There you go. You’re welcome.

Tom Costello: Let me just take a couple of minutes to go over what I consider to be the
fundamentals of doing The Healing Codes. This falls into what I was just talking about
actually. I’ll make that connection.

Number one, don’t try so hard to do the Codes perfectly. You’re already good. You are
already good. If you’re doing them, you’re doing them right. It’s a very wide boulevard
as compared to a tight-rope. “Uh-oh, uh-oh!” Let that go out. That’s the old days.
You’re good. Doing it and knowing you’re good at the same time allows the maximum
amount of energy to flow back into the healing centers.

The Healing Codes are designed to redirect that energy in an effort to have the body shift
out of fight-or-flight, that is, stress. That is the perception of threat. That is “Uh-oh, I’m
in danger. I’m at risk. I’m vulnerable.” To “I’m okay. I’m safe.” I have a sense of
certainty, connectedness and feeling that I’m good probably supports that idea.
Relaxation allows the body to recognize and interpret those signals as a declaration of
peace. The immune system turns back on in full force and does what it needs to do to
take care of the body.

On a previous call I believe I spoke about energizing. The energy going into the
fingertips – this is one of the things we do at the Heart Transformation Weekend is the
energizing of multiple people supporting other people as they do the Codes. That
energizing, that’s why we drink water. That’s why we breathe deeply to let that oxygen
in. Move around to support the lymphatic system as it cleanses the cells and tissues and
moves waste products out of the body. We rest to give the body time to handle these
maintenance tasks that it’s capable of doing given then opportunity and materials. One of
the materials is decent food.

If you’re eliminating cellular stress, those cellular memories, deep seeded stress as you
do The Healing Codes you basically have the ingredients. Your ability to turn in to a
vibration that stabilizes you, energizes you, supports you and keeps you at a higher
vibration – like tuning your piano. You tune it perfectly and it becomes more and more
perfect as we become practiced at it. Perfect is a long way off for most of us. We’re
looking for improvement. We’re looking for progress, not perfection. As we tune into
these emotional vibrations we recognize that it feels better to be pleasant than it does to
be unpleasant. Wow, there’s a novel concept. There are different ways to deal with
situations rather than seeing them all as threatening.

I would suggest that individually as we raise our vibrations we are impacting everybody
we think of, everyone we talk to, everyone we see, everyone we interact with simply
because if we are these wired dynamos now because of what we’re doing, the energy that

The Healing Codes                        09.20.2007                                      14
Thursday Night Q&A                                                              Tom Costello
we are broadcasting, transmitting has got to be lighting the way for so many other people
to move in that same direction.

Our sense of peacefulness is communicated to others. You can take an emergency room
environment in the hospital. You have some very stable, confident, wholesome kind of
person walk in. It’s like putting calm over stormy troubled waters. “Wow, what just
happened here?” How did it just become calm? Everyone on this call, everyone using
The Healing Codes has the same characteristic. I’ve noticed that people want to be
around you. People are responding differently to you. That’s what’s going on. They’re
responding to that calming, peaceful, more harmonious, higher-vibration energy pattern
that you are.

In other words, I’m less staticy.

Participant: (Sue) I wanted to get your e-mail address.

Tom Costello:

Jodi: No further questions at this time.

Tom Costello: In that case I’m going to give all you folks the rest of the night off.
How’s that for a thoughtful kind of person? Really, if we have a choice to be light-
hearted or serious in the appropriate context, choose light-hearted. It gets more done. It
is easier to move a lighter vibration than a heavier vibration. Sometimes, and this has
certainly been a habit of mine over the years, when I really want to communicate a point
that I believe is really important, I become more serious. That puts people into fight-or-
flight, which makes them not able to receive it. They’re so busy defending themselves.
So I’m making them close the door and delivering what I believe to be important. It
bounces off the door. Wow.

Years ago somebody said, “That’s the wrong approach you’re using, Tom.” I say to you
and I say to me, because we’re good, we can lighten up about it. A little more giggling, a
lot more laughter is a better way to communicate and a better way to be with ourselves
and other people.

I want to thank all of you for being on the call tonight, for your questions. Jodi, thank
you for your help.

Goodnight folks.

The Healing Codes                       09.20.2007                                     15
Thursday Night Q&A                                                            Tom Costello

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