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                                                             a HeritageWest publication • spring 2012

                                                  Refinancing Your Auto Loan
                                                   Most people have probably heard about the benefits of
                                                   refinancing a loan on their home. With today’s low rates,
                                                    a mortgage loan refinance could considerably lower
                                                    your monthly payments and take some stress out of
                                                     your life.

                                                     But did you know you could also lower your car
                                                      payments by refinancing your auto loan much like
                                                      you can by refinancing a mortgage loan?

                                  The nice thing about an auto refinance is that the process is much simpler.
                                  Home refinancing generally requires a lot of paperwork along with an
                                  appraisal or inspection which in turn makes it more complex.
                                  Most auto loan refinance applications take less time than picking up an
•	 Marketing	Promotions           order at a fast food drive-thru. Once the transaction is complete, the new
•	 Facebook	First	Friday	         lender pays off the old loan and then receives the car’s title.
                                  With historically low interest rates, this is a great way to trim your
•	 New	and	Improved		
   Banking	Services               monthly budget. The exact savings will depend on the remaining balance
                                  of the existing loan, the difference between the old interest rate and the
•	 Change	in	Terms	Notice
                                  new, and the term of the new loan. An auto refinance typically results in
•	 Family	and	Friends	Bike	Ride   at least hundreds of dollars saved.

                                  Find out if an auto refinance is right for you by comparing your car’s loan
                                  rate with our current rates. HeritageWest is proud to offer some of the
                                  lowest rates in the market. If you bought your car on a short term loan
                                  and suddenly your monthly budget mushrooms, an auto refinance might
                                  be a good option. Or, if you’ve leased your car and are thinking about
                                  buying it, consider an auto refinance.

                                  Any of our loan experts would be happy to help see how much you can
                                  save. Just call or stop by one of our branches for more information.
Marketing Promotions
 When talking about Spring, Robin Williams once said             directly. So if you want to see who wins, be sure to “like” our
“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” What an       Facebook page.
 appropriate way to celebrate the season when things come
 to life. And that same attitude is contagious here, too.        National Credit Union Youth Week. In addition to the
 Take a look at some of the fun promotions we have going on      two-month long youth celebration, we also plan to join with
 this spring.                                                    other credit unions around the country to celebrate our
                                                                 wonderful youth members April 22-28. Specifically during
Young Saver Superheroes. We have probably all heard “the         this week, our branches will have additional activities
youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” And what better     and contests designed just for youth members. Be sure to
way to be prepared for the future than by learning how to        stop by any of our branches during this week to check out
manage your money while you are still young? Through all         the festivities.
March and April, we will put the first $5 in all new youth
accounts opened* (0-17 years old). And don’t forget about
special youth certificates with a minimum of $100 to open
that are available at any time.

Help your young superheroes learn about the benefits of
saving money and spending wisely. Whether a teen with
a car or an eight-year-old with an allowance, our financial
experts can help review options that are appropriate for your
young saver superheroes.

Member Appreciation Month. Our youth aren’t the only
superheroes around. We feel that all of our members are
superheroes. That is why we will celebrate our incredible
members throughout the month of April. Every weekday in
April we will give away $100 to one of our members.* That
means there is a total of $2,100 to give away and 21 chances
to win. Plus, each of our daily winners will be entered to
win a cruise valued at up to $5,000!

And it’s easy to qualify. If you’re a member, you’re eligible.
The more products you have with the credit union, the
more chances you have to win. The daily winners will                *Some restrictions apply. Visit our website or talk to a member
be announced on our Facebook page as well as contacted              service representative for complete details.

Facebook First Friday Giveaways
Have you joined us on Facebook? If not, now is a great time      Then be sure to check the first Friday of the month to see
to “like” our page.                                              what we are giving away that day.

Beginning in April, we will be giving away free stuff on         And this isn’t the only time we will be giving stuff away,
Facebook the first Friday of each month. From t-shirts and       just the only scheduled time. Check back often for other
HeritageWest “swag” to gift cards and event tickets, you can     giveaways, credit union announcements, marketing
win all kinds of free stuff.                                     promotions, industry news, and useful articles to help save
                                                                 you some time and money.
It only takes a few seconds to make sure you don’t miss out.
Simply go to to “like” us.
New and Improved Banking Services                             Change in Terms Notice
We are excited to announce that later this summer we          As part of our efforts to enhance our system and processes,
will be launching new and improved banking services!          please note that the following modifications will apply to
                                                              member accounts, effective July 1, 2012.
On Monday, July 2, 2012, we will introduce an enhanced
system, as well as new online banking and bill payment         Balance Computation Method
services. While much of this update will be behind the         We use the average daily balance method to calculate
scenes, there will be several new features along with an       dividends and obtain the APY on accounts.  The average
updated look to some of the services we provide.               daily balance method applies a periodic rate to the
                                                               average daily balance in your account for the dividend
Online Banking                                                 period. The average daily balance is calculated by adding
In addition to many of the features you already enjoy,         the balance in the account each day during the dividend
you will be able to view your balances at-a-glance,            period and dividing that figure by the number of days in
                                                               the dividend period.
establish alerts from the home page, and customize your
page layout.
                                                               Dividend Compounding and Crediting
Mobile Banking Apps                                           Share Accounts, Share Certificate Accounts and IRA
You will be able to access expanded features on both          Accounts dividends are compounded and credited
                                                              quarterly.  Money Market and Checking Accounts are
Android and Apple devices.
                                                              compounded and credited monthly.
Share Certificate Programs
                                                               Certificate Specials & Flex Certificates
Our new flex term share certificates allow you to choose
your own term.                                                 Certificate Specials and Flex Certificates will automatically
                                                               renew at the lower standard certificate term for the rate
Payment and Deposit Processing                                 in effect on the renewal date, unless the owner(s) notifies
                                                               the credit union otherwise on or before the maturity date.
Submit all of your payments and deposits to one
centralized location.
                                                              Account Deactivation / Reactivation
Member Statements                                              In the event of certain account misuse, the credit union may
One of the new features that HeritageWest members              deactivate your account. Account misuse may be a result of:
will enjoy is a new statement format that is easier to read   • A negative balance that is over the allowed Account
and easier to manage. The new format will have an “At-          Protection Program limit.  Account is suspended and
A-Glance” summary section of all accounts allowing              may be reactivated at the discretion of the credit union
members a quick snapshot of account balances. Our               and may be subject to the reactivation fee.
new simplified design includes features such as a three-
                                                              • Delinquent Accounts (31 days) - Account Protection
hole punch for easy filing and larger fonts for increased
                                                                coverage ($500 limit) is suspended and may be
visibility. Members will receive their April statement
                                                                reactivated at the discretion of the credit union.
with the new features and design.
                                                              • Delinquent Accounts (61 days) - The  account (card) is
Look for more details in the coming months on our               subject to deactivation and may be reactivated at the
website and other communication outlets.                        discretion of the credit union and may be subject to an
                                                                account reactivation fee.

                                                              • The fee for this is $25.00.

                                                               Upcoming Events
                                                                April 22-28:    Youth Week
                                                                May 28:         Memorial Day - Branches Closed
                                                                July 2:         New System Update
                                                                July 4:         Independence Day - Branches Closed
Family and Friends Bike Ride
With spring in the air and sunshine in the sky, it is time                                            Date: Saturday, May 12, 2012
again to plan for our annual charitable bike ride. On                                                 Location: Settlement Canyon Dam, Tooele (near toll booth)
Saturday, May 12, we hope you will be able to join us for our
3rd Annual HeritageWest Family & Friends Bike Tour.                                                   Safety Review: 7:45 am
                                                                                                      Start Time: 8:00 am
The casual 33-mile route through Tooele Valley is designed
to accommodate all levels of riders with little uphill riding.                                        Finish: Stansbury Park Branch
This isn’t a competitive race; rather, this is a fun ride to
                                                                                                      So whether you are a seasoned pro looking for a nice warm
support a great cause and promote a healthy lifestyle. The
                                                                                                      up or haven’t ridden a bike for years, everyone is invited
money raised from this event will go directly to the We
                                                                                                      to join us. Please come enjoy a fun ride with friends while
Promise Foundation® to help children who are battling
                                                                                                      helping to make a difference in a child’s life. For more
tremendous hardships and life-threatening illnesses. For
                                                                                                      information including registration form and route notes,
more information about our charitable arm, please visit
                                                                                                      visit and click on the Bike Tour
                                                                                                      link at the bottom of the page.
Anyone who wants to participate is asked to donate/raise at
least $25. Participants who register by April 20 will also be
guaranteed a free shirt.

During the ride, there will be rest stops at the 11th and 22nd
miles at our North Tooele and Grantsville branches. We will
also have SAG Wagons available throughout the ride to help
provide any supplies, drinks and even a little boost to the
finish if needed.

   Branch Locations                                                                                      Lobby Hours
   TOOELE                                                                        562 N. Main             Monday-Friday                9:00am-5:30pm
   STANSBURY PARK                                                                200 Millpond            Saturday                     9:00am-1:00pm
                                                                                 430 E. Main
   NORTH TOOELE                                                                  88 E. 1000 North        Drive-up Hours
   SOUTH JORDAN                                                                  3557 W. 9800 South      Monday-Friday                9:00am-6:00pm
                                                                                                         Saturday                     9:00am-1:00pm

                                                                  800 662 9522

                Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000
       and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government

         National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency