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					              Get Rid of Bed Bugs: Simple Tips
The term Cimex lectularius might not bear any significance to you but it should actually do.
This is the biological term for one of the worst nightmares any household owner can ever
conceive; bed bugs. If you have ever experienced their irritating bites, you will appreciate why
every household owner should learn how to get rid of bed bugs. The small reddish-brown (4-
5 mm long) mostly reside within the bed area and survive on human blood resulting in your
skin itching. The problem with these bites is infection especially amongst kids whose skin is

The question that arises at this juncture is how to eradicate or even avoid them in the first
place. Mostly, you might bring them home from hotels especially on international travel. As
such, you need to be extra careful to check the beddings you sleep on in any hotel. Always
check for droppings or brown body casing around the bed rest or under the mattress. If at all the
infestation is already in your house, this will call for a treatment option.

There are many options in the market including sprays, and special dust products. However,
bed bugs are resistant to most of these options and only steam heating will kill them effectively.
This works efficiently because it is safe when applied on beddings or seats. It is advisable to
call qualified exterminators to carry out the steam cleaning as it involves a lot of work and they
have the expertise and equipment to ensure none of the breeding bugs get back to the house.
Temperatures of over 120 degrees are used to wash all your bedroom garments thus effectively
wiping away the infestation. Professional exterminators will also offer other DIY solutions if the
infestation affects just small areas within the house including specialized sprays. To get rid of
bed bugs you need to get advice from an expert as this will save you a lot of trouble.


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