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									              The Different Uses of Floor Mats
Mats have been a staple at most homes for time immemorial due to their functional appeal.
Using these mats in your home not only protects your floor but they also trap any dirt that
visitors may trail into your house thus making the cleaning process of your home much easier.
However, floor mats are not only used in the home. Here are some of the types of mats that you
can come across and their various uses.

       1. Door mat: As the name suggests, this type of mat is typically placed at entry ways.
       The door mat will be used to scrape off dirt and debris from people’s shoes before they
       walk into your home. Door mats will typically be made out of sturdy materials such as
       coir so as to scrape off the dirt much more easily. You can also find them made out of
       aluminum and other hard materials. Door mats will come with a message printed on
       them, typically “welcome” but you could also opt to have yours customized to your own

       2. Wrestling mats: These types of floor mats are typically found in gymnasiums. At the
       gyms, these mats are used to protect athletes such as wrestlers and gymnasts from the
       hard floor when they are engaging in their sport. The mats are made to withstand shock
       and will not succumb easily to wear and tear. Wrestling mats are typically made from
       PVC rubber foam, which is designed to absorb impact.

       3. Industrial mats: These mats are specifically made for factories. Factories and
       manufacturing plants tend to be quite noisy. The mats are put in place to absorb the
       noise levels thus making it a healthy working environment for the people that are
       employed there.

Different types of mats will have different cleaning instructions. Generally, most mats can be
vacuumed however, it is pertinent that you read the cleaning instructions beforehand so as to
avoid damaging your mat by mistake.

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