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									Nose, Art and Surgery

When I reflect on how I was brought down the path of becoming a specialist in facial cosmetic
surgery, it reminds me of my true love for artistry says Phoenix Rhinoplasty expert. Since
childhood, I have enjoyed not only the appreciation of art (paintings, sculpture, poetry,
performance, etc), but I also have an unstoppable drive to create art. I started with crayons and
pencils when I was young, but have since written fiction and poetry, painted in oils, and sculpted
in clay. For decades, I even had a passion for working with wood, but alas, that is now too
hazardous to my hands. The joy of creating something from an amorphous canvas, ball of clay,
pile of wood or blank computer screen is hard to articulate, but time does not seem to pass when
an artist is at work.

As I pursued my medical career, I continued to work on my art (although sufficient time was
often hard to set aside), and only knew that for some reason I enjoyed surgery and procedures
that involved working with my hands. Once I saw my first rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery,
however, I was absolutely HOOKED! The joy I felt watching the combination of surgical skill,
medical knowledge and artistic vision left me without a doubt that I wanted to know all there is
to know about the artistry of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery say Phoenix reconstructive
rhinoplasty expert. Because so much of our identity and communication is in the face, I
developed a passion for all facial procedures with an unstoppable drive for natural looks with
lasting and functional improvement.
My studies, collaboration with many accomplished nasal surgeons, and fellowship with a renown
facial cosmetic surgeon have given me the tools to consistently deliver to patients artistic, natural
and functional nasal improvement. Each time I meet a new patient in consultation for
rhinoplasty, it is a joy to work with them and develop a vision together as we image the
improvement they desire. The surgery is yet another joy, and an honor that I cherish. Bringing a
change to the face of a patient that they enjoy truly is humbling and brings a level of satisfaction
that is impossible to articulate. I am extremely fortunate to do what I love.

I continue to contribute to my field as well as keep abreast of all that is new in the world of facial
cosmetic surgery (especially rhinoplasty - my first love), and I continue to practice art in the
more classic forms. To me, balance of medical science, manual dexterity and artistic vision is
the key to achieving improvements that bring smiles to the faces of my patients and give me the
greatest personal satisfaction.

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