Philadelphia Under Ed Rendell vs. Michael Nutter

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					Philadelphia in the ‘90s and in the Present
 Democrat    & former
  District Attorney of
 Inherited a $250
  million deficit
 City was on the
  verge of bankruptcy
Balanced  the city’s
 budget within 18
By end of tenure,
 city had $169
 million surplus
Decreased   spending
Eliminated around 1,500 city jobs
Privatized several city functions
Refocused city’s reliance on declining
 industrial sector to tourism revenue
Wanted to rejuvenate Center City
 (Downtown Philadelphia) as source for
 increased tourism
Established   1993
Overseen by Avenue of the Arts, Inc., an
 independent, non-profit organization
“Works closely with district businesses,
 arts and entertainment entities to promote
 the district as a center for tourism and
 commercial activities.”
 Includes   Verizon Hall,
  Perelman Theater, and
  the Dorrance H.
  Hamilton Roof
  Garden, which are
  located under a vaulted
  glass ceiling
 Intended as a civic
  space & accessible to
  all types of people
Detractors contend the surrounding
 neighborhood had little input into its
2005: The Kimmel Center sued architect
 Rafael Vinoly for cost overruns and
 construction delays
Eventually settled for an undisclosed sum
 Also includes the Clef Club, the Freedom
  Theatre, the Academy of Music, the Merriam
  Theatre, Wilma Theatre and the Suzanne
  Roberts Theatre
 2006: $150 million in total earnings, supporting
  6,000 jobs - according to an economic impact
  study by Econsult
 Formerly the
  Philadelphia Saving Fund
  Society Building
 Bank and building seized
  by FDIC in 1992
 1997 – Rendell
  announces renovation
  and conversion to a hotel
 Opened in April 2000
 Formerly   the
  Philadelphia Stock
  Exchange Building
 Completed in 2000
 French flavor mixed
  with American style
 Needed hotel space for
  city to be selected for
  2000 Republican
  National Convention
 1997: Philly teams allied with Pittsburgh teams
  to push for new stadiums
 Railing had broken at Veterans Stadium in 1998
 Pirates threatened to leave Pittsburgh
 Rendell provided political backing to have new
  stadiums built
 Citizens Bank Park opened in 2004 & Lincoln
  Financial Field in 2003
Open   field allows view of Center City
Views of field from street level
Each of the 4 entrance plazas are unique
 in design, reflecting Philadelphia’s design
 plan with its four distinct squares.
Along  with Citizens Bank Park, part of the
 South Philadelphia Sports Complex
Total capacity nearly the same as the Vet,
 but more luxury and wheelchair-accessible
Newer and more modern services
 Aside  from eliminating deficit, seen as having
  reinvigorated city’s image
 Credited with creating Philadelphia’s skyline
 Criticism: only the mayor of “Pine to Vine” –
  the borders of downtown
 150,000 people had left city since 1990
 Neighborhood decline & education system -
  remained problems
 Democrat
 Preceded   by John F.
 Worked under
  Rendell in the city
 Like Rendell, faced
  major budget
 PICA says,
“Look before you leap”

 20   years of experience

 Reforms    of Rendell

 “The next Mayor faces enormous budget challenges.
 As part of the government that produced the Rendell
 reforms of 1992, I’ve done it before and I can do it
 again.” --Michael Nutter
 Re-establish,reform, revise, and institute zoning and
  planning reform

 Make    Philadelphia America’s “Greenest City”

 Stop   crime in its tracks

 Improve    healthcare for Philadelphians

 Decrease    homelessness
 Economic   Storm                     Stock Market Crash
 Drastic Budget Cuts to               68 out of 81 pools Closed
                                       11 libraries shut down
  Balance Deficit
                                       820 jobs lost instantly
 Necessary Job loss
 Preserves health centers

Councilman Frank DiCiccio
   - “I am a Realist, There is no
 Makes  Five Major Areas for “Safety now”
 1. Declaring a limited crime emergency
 2. Attack targeted enforcement zones
 3. Direct crime fighting resources
 4. Increase police force
 5. Improve economy &
       safety will continue to
 Public
  • Drop in homicides by more than
  • Decline in total Part I violent
    crime by 10% in the past two
  • Operation Pressure Point
    resulted in a 51% reduction in
    homicides & an 11% reduction
    in shooting victims in 2009
    compared to 2008 in targeted
 Philadelphia will become a
 greener city and a more
 pleasant place to live.
  • Recycling diversion rate
    increased nearly 2.5 times to
  • Center City litter baskets were
    replaced by 500 BigBelly solar
    powered compacting litter
    baskets and 210 public
    recycling containers
 Philadelphiawill continue to
 help the disadvantaged
  • Homeless Initiative has resulted in
    increased capacity of permanent
    affordable housing by 51% for
    families and 26% for single men
    and women. The Initiative also
    contributed to a 26% drop in
    street homelessness
  • Opened the first licensed halfway
    house for homeless individuals
    with chronic homeless substance
    abuse issues
 Philadelphia’s
 will become more
  • $8.5 million in additional
    delinquent taxes have
    already been collected
  • The variable rate debt has
    been restructured, saving
    millions of dollars
          RENDELL                       NUTTER
 Overcome deficit & generate    Follows reforms of Rendell
revenue                          Restricted by recession
 Cut spending                   Bridge the Storm
 Privatize municipal            Major budget cuts
  functions                      Bring fiscal integrity
 Focus on attracting tourism    Going Green
    • Hotels                     Fighting crime
    • Stadiums                   Only in office for 2 years
    • Theater district
   Improve city’s image
 1.) How does the era in which Rendell was mayor
  differ from the era that Nutter is mayor? How does
  this affect each mayor’s legislation?

 2.)Compare and contrast Rendell’s and Nutter’s
  accomplishments as mayor of Philadelphia.

 3.)How do you think Nutter’s policies will affect
  the city of Philadelphia? How can he further
  improve the city?

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