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					Los Angeles Podiatrist - Providing Proper Support and Treatment For the

Many people suffer from bunions, corns and blisters which are all common ailments that effect a
person’s feet. Being able to address the common issues of deformed toes and the appearance of
corns and bunions a podiatrist Los Angeles has the skills necessary to correct any difficulty with
the feet that a person might encounter. In addition to sculpting the foot and correcting improper
bone growth, a foot doctor Los Angeles is able to provide proper support and shaping for the
foot and give people the confidence to go barefoot.

Who is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM), also known as a podiatric physician or
surgeon, qualified by their education and training to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the
foot, ankle and related structures of the leg. Podiatrists are uniquely qualified among medical
professionals to treat most common foot ailments based on their education, training and

Most Common Foot Ailments and Treatments

Bunions: A Bunion is an enlargement of the bone and tissue around the joint of the big toe.
Bunions occur mostly among people who wear tight shoes. Women are more frequently affected
with bunions because of tight, pointed, confining or high-heeled shoes. Bunion pain can be mild,
moderate or severe. The deformity may make it difficult to walk in shoes, especially high-heeled
shoes. Treatments vary depending on the severity of the pain and the severity of the deformity.
Bunion surgery can be performed by a podiatrist Los Angeles in an out-patient surgical center
or a properly equipped office operating room.
Corns: A corn or callus is a buildup of dead skin cells. They are caused by an excessive amount
of pressure or friction on the skin. Fortunately there are many treatments for this problem. The
most common treatment a foot doctor Los Angeles would employ in such cases is, debridement
or shaving of the skin lesion. This can be done in the office and is a painless procedure.

Toe Nail Fungus: Toe nail fungus causes a typical coloration and thickening of foot nails. Most
fungi creep in from the edges and spread downward. They infect the nail bed (the skin to which
the nail is attached) and the matrix (the hidden root of the nail). Oral medication is the only way
to reach these areas.

Diabetic Foot Infection: Diabetes and its complications such as infections are the most common
cause of amputations in the United States. The classic signs and symptoms of an infection
include a red, hot, swollen toe including a foul odor and possible fluid drainage from the toe. The
most common treatment for an infected toe would include oral or intravenous antibiotics and
daily wound care.

Happy Feet

A podiatrist can help restore and correct the feet so that they are positioned for optimal balance
and posture. Creating a beautiful foot that is fully functioning and very attractive, is the main
goal of a foot doctor.

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