Ways to Help Your Eyelashes Grow Back

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					Ways to Help Your Eyelashes Grow Back

With all the countless ways and treatments invented in pursuit of beauty, there are still times
that instead of achieving those wanted results; your body is actually harmed. One of the things
that you always dream of is having beautiful and long eyelashes but instead of growing those
long and thick lashes you’ve always wanted, they are actually lost and fell out. But before you
grieve for your lost lashes, there is actually good news for you: eyelashes grow back.

Due to excessive use of mascara or eyelash curler, your eyelashes experience great stress that
they fall out. You may be alarmed with this but to save you from dismay, eyelashes, like any
type of hair, can actually grow back. But the rate of growth of your eyelashes can take months.
In order for your eyelashes to grow back at a faster pace, you need to follow the tips below.

1. Watch what you eat. Even though the fact that eyelashes grow back is comforting enough,
you should still help those lashes in their growth. One effective way is to include foods rich in
vitamins and minerals that aid in the growth of your eyelashes. These include foods rich in
protein, Vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc and B vitamins. Watching what you eat does
not only make your eyelashes to grow back faster but it also helps you in becoming healthier.

2. Avoid using heavy eye makeup. Applying heavy mascara is the suspect for the shedding of
your lashes. Avoid as much as possible using heavy make up because it is hard to remove and it
stresses your lashes. Waterproof mascaras should also be avoided because these are harder to
remove than the ordinary ones. Your eyelashes will be exposed to great stress that will
eventually impede their growth.

3. Use eyelash conditioners and lubricants. Vitamin E oil is an effective eyelash conditioner that
lengthens and strengthens lashes. Home remedies such as petroleum jelly and olive oil are also
good lubricants that thicken your lushes. Just apply an ample amount using an eyelash brush
before going to sleep. In addition, conditioners and lubricants can add shine to your eyelashes.

Having those long and thick eyelashes is always every woman’s dream but you should not stress
your lashes just to possess those desired lashes. Great stress and excessive use of eye makeups
and treatment are responsible for those lost lashes. But the fact that eyelashes grow back can
save you from the dismay. But you still need to take good care of your lashes to aid their

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