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ICSE Hindi Syllabus

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					                              ICSE Hindi Syllabus
ICSE Hindi Syllabus
The students who choose hindi as a subject in class 11th and 12th needs to do further level of studies
from the ICSE Board Hindi Text Books. Reference book information is also available on our website,
where you will find the books related to ICSE NCERT Pattern.

Our motive is to provide students information about the book and pattern of ICSE to make them aware
about everything related to exams and subjects. Not only for the subject Hindi, you will find
information about different boards and different subject.

You will also find some question papers, sample papers, question bank on our website according to
ICSE Board Hindi Books. You can also download the syllabus from our website. You can also
download some lessons class wise from our website where you will find questions with answers to
understand the chapter more effectively.

you will find information about the reference books which are based on NCERT for more practice. You
will find papers according to pattern of ICSE syllabus and marking which are very useful for the
students specially those who have Hindi as a subject in Board exams.

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The question papers which you will find on our website are made by our professional teachers who
have a very good teaching experience and had a complete knowledge about the subject. By practicing
the sample papers and reading from the books, students can perform well in the examination
conducting by schools and also by ICSE Board.

 ICSE board was established with the basic requirement of setting up a common educational system all
over India and also to help the education of the pupils whose parents are with the central Government
jobs. Their transfers created huge problems for their kids to cope up and that was the prime reason
behind forming this board.

ICSE Board Syllabus for Hindi is posted by us, so that the students get a clear and to the point idea
about what they need to study before the exams without going in any wrong path. As in CISCE board
Hindi is a second language paper, it is among many other regional languages which are part of second
language, so the ICSE Hindi Syllabus consist of a 80 marks written paper and 20 marks internal or
viva. In the ICSE Board Syllabus for Hindi, the theory paper is been divided into two parts.

Part I consist of language part which covers the topics like

a) Composition
b) Letter
c) Comprehension
d) Grammar

Part II covers the long and short questions from the CISCE board prescribed books

The ICSE Hindi Syllabus is almost same for class IX and class X. Only the 20 marks internal / viva
contents are slightly different. In class IX ICSE Hindi Syllabus the 20 marks internal / viva consist of
the following topics: - Assignments given by schools, creative writing of 300 – 400 words and aural
(listening to reading of passages and to write down specific points from those passages)

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