The Life Cycle of the Butterfly by yurtgc548


Ashley Miller
   As the moon circles the Earth, the shape of the
    moon appears to change; this is because
    different amounts of the illuminated part of the
    moon are facing us.
   The shape varies from a full moon (when the
    Earth is between the sun and the moon) to a
    new moon (when the moon is between the sun
    and the Earth).
   New Moon- Day 0/Day 29
   Waxing Crescent- Day 4
   First Quarter- Day 7
   Waxing Gibbous- Day 10
   Full Moon- Day 14
   Waning Gibbous- Day 18
   Last Quarter- Day 22
   Waning Crescent- Day 26
   New Moon
   Waning Crescent
   Full Moon
   First Quarter
Please re-read the information on the phases of
   the Moon and try again.
   You answered correctly, way to go!
   Hobbies: Reading

   Major: Elementary

   Goal(s): I hope to find
    a teaching job in
    Michigan after

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