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									How to Overcome Stress?
Stress is a part and parcel of each of ours lives, isn't it? Long hanging telephone bills, family responsibilities, professional

tensions are something that creates a lot of tension in our lives. But managing stress is all about knowing our problems

and sorting those out with patience.

Stress isn't always bad, it teaches us many things and the vital among them is management.

What is stress management?

As the name implies, it is about managing your tensions, problems and finding solutions for it. But it's not just this. First

step in management is to identify the source/s of tension in life. This isn't as simple as it sounds. Knowing the causes are

tough, sometimes it is not straight and many a times you overlook the stress-initiating behavior, feelings and thoughts.

What you do when you are stressed out?

The below are some usual traits shown by people:

1. Excessive smoking and drinking

2. Overeating and undereating

3. Sleeping too much

4. Restlessness and consuming over sleeping pills

5. Shouting on others

6. Withdrawing from friends, family and relatives etc.

These are the unhealthy ways of coping with the problem and can cause depression.

Knowing about your stress itself can reduce the causes to some extent. Mind conditioning is the ideal way to deal with it.

Here are few ways of coping with it:

Maintain a journal:

A stress journal can help you identify the source of your tension. It keeps the record of your behavioral pattern and

themes. Therefore, maintaining one is the best option. Write down:

1. What caused you stress?

2. What was your feeling during that situation?(both physical and mental)
3. How did you react to the situation?

4. What remedies did you try to make yourself better?

There are several management tips that can take you out of the dreadful situation. You can either change the situation or

change your reaction. However, you can't always change the situation and it is not healthy to ignore a scenario that needs

to be addressed.

• Mind reconditioning breaks all the mental barriers and focuses on improved concentration, and controlled emotions.

• Exercise, yoga and meditation are also a way to get out of such a situation.

• Sleep on time, take proper diet and focus on positive points rather than negative ones.

• Workout or go for a walk

• Listen to music or watch comedy movies or shows

• Get a soothing body massage.

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