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Migraine is a type of headache that is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light. In severe cases migraine

sufferers may need to lie down, draw the curtains and put on soothing music until the throbbing pain and discomfort stops.

For women, migraines may be caused by the onset of the monthly period - commonly known as the Pre-Menstrual

Syndrome (PMS). In this case, it is not alarming because the cause is attributed to hormonal imbalance. Despite medical

advances scientists have yet to uncover the underlying causes for migraines. However, it is always safe to consult your

family doctor in cases of frequent and severe migraines as this could be a symptom of a more troubling sickness.

There are various prescription drugs available in the market today which helps migraine sufferers. These drugs are

recommended to be taken at the onset of migraine. However, there may be undesirable side effects like insomnia or its

opposite, which is sedation. These drugs may also cause sexual dysfunction.

Here are some natural herbal and home remedies that migraine sufferers can use to relieve the pain without fear of the

unwanted side effects of prescription drugs:

Feverfew.This is the best documented herb for preventing migraine and is said to work for about 70% of sufferers. This

herb contains a phytochemical called pathenolide which alleviate migraines. This herb reduces nausea or vomiting during

migraines. Recommended daily dosage is 125 mg of dried leaf preparation with.2% parthenolide.

Butterbur. This is a shrub-like plant which produces extract that is used to treat migraine, asthma, stomach cramps,

coughs and allergies. The plant is native to Europe and Asia, and is also grown in parts of North America. It belongs to the

ragweed family so those allergic to ragweed are cautioned against using it.

California poppy. This herb contains a muscle relaxant and pain relieving properties which help in migraines. No

reported side effects are associated with this herb.

Peppermint and Lavender oils. Mix these oils and rub into the temples to relieve migraines. Alternatively, Eucalyptus

oil may also be used.

Skullcap.This herb has sedative properties that help reduce stress, anxiety and muscular tension.
Garlic and onion. These are not only delicious cooking ingredients, but are also great home remedies. They reduce

clotting and assist in thinning the blood. Clotting often leads to migraines. Another good anti-clotting herb is Gingko

Balboa. Recommended daily use of Gingko Balboa is 240 mg daily.

Willow. This is extracted from the bark of the willow tree which contains, Salicin, a chemical similar to the active

ingredients in aspirin. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Those allergic to aspirin should not take this herb.

Cayenne. Like the other peppers, Cayenne has Capsaicin which increases the threshold for pain. It is often given as a

nasal spray.

Kava-Kava. This herb has a mellowing effect that's helpful in stress-related migraines. Valerian is another herb

recommended when the migraine is caused by stress.

Rosemary. Like peppermint and lavender oils, Rosemary is used externally. Rub on temples and forehead to relieve


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