Why Fun Matters For Families (And How To Have It!)

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					      Why Fun Matters For Families (And How To Have It!)
Whether you're a family of two or ten, it's important to have fun together! However, many parents
are concerned that they need to spend big bucks on big vacations, days spent at an amusement
park or other high dollar activities, but the truth is that fun can happen anywhere -- even in your
own neighborhood! If you're looking for ways to have a good time with your kids, here are a few
suggestions for a fun-packed day!

Pack Sandwiches Made With Whole Grain Bread For A Picnic

To start your day, pack up a picnic basket with sandwiches made with healthy sandwich recipes.
Don't forget to include whole grain bread to keep you fueled for everything else you're planning to
do. If you're not sure which healthy sandwich recipes you should use, ask your kids to create their
own! Give them an assortment of ingredients and let them get creative. Their combinations might
not be exactly what you want to eat, but chances are good that your children will gobble them up!
Don't forget to include foods with essential nutrients like strawberries, blueberries, raw broccoli
and more -- these along with your whole grain bread will help keep you going throughout your

Take A Nature Walk Through A Nature Preserve

Your town probably has a nature preserve and chances are good that you're not taking
advantage of it! Going on a nature walk is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon (after you
enjoyed sandwiches made with whole grain bread), but it can also teach children how to help
preserve the environment and protect the animals that live there. As you walk, point out locally
grown plants, look for butterflies and listen to the birds. Encourage your kids to run ahead (as
long as it's not too crowded) and listen to their laughs as you chase after them.

Head Out For A Treat After The Nature Walk

Once you're worn out from your nature walk, take everyone out for a frozen treat. Ice cream is a
popular option, but if you're looking for a healthier choice, consider frozen yogurt. While frozen
yogurt tastes like ice cream, it can be lower in fat and contain nutrients like protein, thiamine and
potassium. Many frozen yogurt shops allow patrons to choose their own flavours and then top
their yogurt with an assortment of toppings like fresh fruit and more.

End Your Day With A Movie Night At Home

After everyone is tired from your family fun day, head home and jump into pajamas. Find a movie
and pop some popcorn and snuggle down together watching a comedy that will get everyone

This is just one suggestion for a fun-filled day out, but there are thousands of other options.
Consider giving one family member complete control over a day out once a month and you might
be surprised at the ideas your kids come up with!

Maria Noble is a Canadian mother and writer who likes writing about ways to improve her family's
health, including making healthy sandwich recipes ( that are full of
essential nutrients ( A lot of her research comes from
analyzing one of her favourite products whole grain bread ( from

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Description: Having fun together is an important part of being a family. If you're not sure what you can do on a fun-filled day, here are a few suggestions.