Medical Tests Are Causing Cancer by johngeomard


									Medical Tests Are Causing Cancer

Cancer does not just happen! Needless high radiation medical testing is harming patients. Toxic
testing is on the rise and with it, the rise in cancer risk, so says expert, Dr. Eric Topol, chief
academic officer of the Scripps Health system.

The largest cancer causing culprits are X-rays, imaging, and CAT scans. Author of a new book,
"The Creative Destruction of Medicine," Dr, Topol discusses how medical test radiation harms
the patients.

It is now an accepted medical fact that measuring the sugars on the surface of cells has become
the most FDA-approved cancer biomarker. The counting of the glycoprotein receptor sites on the
surface of cells (like fuzz on a peach) can literally forecast the patient's health risk. The
diagnostic question is, "Is the cell half bald or half covered? Smart sugars are designed by nature
to grow fuzz on the peach. Smart sugars are the KEYS to the future of medicine and healthcare.
Some smart sugars modulate the immune system.

We don't know for sure if radiation on the human body can be blocked by sugars or not. The
scientists were surprised to learn that cells were protected from electron beam microscopy
damage when those cells were coated with the sugar trehalose.

The following steps will help you to avoid cancer, and they can potentially help to slow, or even
reverse the aging process, increase energy levels and help your body to ward off a whole host of
health problems.

Step 1: Detox

Cancer, and most other health issues, are primarily caused by toxin build ups in your body. Do a
colon cleanse, a liver cleanse, a gallbladder cleanse, a lung cleanse, a fat tissue cleanse and a
lymphatic cleanse. Getting the toxins out of these key areas will allow your body to begin
fighting the menace of cancerous cells.

Step 2: Minimize Toxin Intake

Since you've gone to great lengths to rid your body of toxins, it's time to reduce the intake of
toxins on a daily basis. Listen, none of us will ever be able to totally stop toxins from entering
our bodies, but you can take steps to reduce your intake of toxins today.

Step 3: Reduce Electromagnetic Energy Around Your Body

Step 4: Feed Your Body on Life-Giving Foods
As much as you can, reduce the intake of processed dead factory-foods, and switch to life-giving,
raw organic foods to supply your body with the cancer avoiding nutrients and life-giving energy
that you need.

Step 5: Change Your Thinking

Learn to recognize negative thinking and self-defeating inner dialogue. Rid your life of this
negative energy and your thoughts will begin to energize your body instead of killing it.

These are the steps you need to act on to stop living a life of sickness and low energy, and to start
living a victorious, healthy and energy-charged existence.

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