Factors That Can Cause Cancer

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					Factors That Can Cause Cancer
Indeed, not merely food, genetics, and physical activities can harm you and become a risk factor
in getting cancer. Risk factors like radiation technology, pollution and other activities are also
involved here. Let us explain these other risk factor.

Radiation is present across a spectrum from a very high-energy radiation to very-low energy
radiation. 1. Gamma rays
2. X-rays
3. UV rays
4. Visible light
5. Infrared rays
6. Microwaves
7. Radiofrequency waves
8. Extremely low-frequency radiation

Precisely how can radiation be a risk factor in getting cancer?

Radiation technology has two types ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionized molecules are unstable
and quickly underwent some chemical changes; an ionized radiation is proven to be a human
carcinogen (cancer causing agent).

Pollution can be chemical substances or energy for instance noise, heat or light. People today are
wiser to create pollution control programs which they usually name as environmental
management programs. 1. Recycling
2. Reusing
3. Reducing
4. Mitigating
5. Preventing

Exactly how can pollution be a risk factor in obtaining cancer?

Ours has harmful carcinogens that are cancer causing agents which plays a role in acquiring
cancer. Types of cancer that may be connected to pollution are the following:

1. Lung cancer
2. Skin cancer
3. Thyroid cancer
4. Multiple myeloma
5. Breast cancer
6. Stomach cancer

Having said that, in the modern decades, it's been classified as a human carcinogen, and research
has shown exposure to asbestos can up your risk of lung cancer and mesothelioma, a rare type of
Many cancer treatment centers and alternative cancer treatment centers are advising their patients
to be conscious of their environmental activities.

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