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									Deathly cancer

A new report finds that the overall death rates for cancer fell (1.6% a year) among U.S children
and adults. The downward trends show how much progress has been made in screening,
prevention, early intervention as well as the treatment of cancers.

- Incidences of breast cancer remained stable, after the steep declines of the early 2000s. -
Childhood cancers have risen by 0.6% per annum since the 1990s, however the significant
decline in deaths from cancer that started in during the 1970s is still going strong. - Colorectal
cancer diagnosis and death rates are still going down, largely because more of us are using
screening tools like colonoscopy to detect cancers earlier, when most treatable.

- Incidences of lung cancer and death continue to drop for men and women mostly due to fewer
people smoking. The rates of cancer have dropped most in places with strong tobacco cessation

- Prostate cancer death rates have gone down since the early 1980s, but how much PSA testing
contributes to this drop remains unclear.

- Death rates from cancer have gone down for nearly all ethnic groups.

The first is the increased diagnosis of melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. The other
bit of bad news is that cancers linked to obesity are going up. The review of over 7,000 studies
offers support for links between obesity and higher risk of colorectal and postmenopausal
cancers of the breast, cancers in the esophagus, pancreas, kidney and uterus. Not being active
was tied to colon cancer risk, as well as the chances for postmenopausal cancers of the breast and

The just released report on the death rates for cancer is the first time the relationship between
being obese and getting cancer has been the focus of attention.

We have been educated to believe that our modern Western Health Care system is the most
advanced health care system and that's the reason we are all enjoying an increase in life

People today are dying, not from cancer but from the treatments themselves. Chemotherapy and
radiation destroys body cells indiscriminately, both good ones and bad cells. The strength of the
immune system is the most important factor in fighting cancer and it needs to be nurtured, not

Supermarkets and processed foods are without doubt the biggest contributors to cancer.

It works for all cancers, even advanced and it works for everyone but no one can profit from it.
What you will not be told is that the current success rate for cancer using orthodox treatments is
only 3 percent whereas those few doctors who are using alternative or natural ways to treat
cancer, can have up to a 90 percent cure rate. Curing cancer means removing the reasons why it
first grew because if you don't, it will only come back and that's when it becomes deadly.

Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist specializing in natural health. If you want to be
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