Best Cancer Fighting Foods

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					Best Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer can be cured with a nutritious diet of anti-oxidant foods and nutrients.There are so many
foods that fight cancer. Beans: Beans have saponins in them, which make slow division of cancer
cells. Berries: Berries have antioxidants and flavonoids which are anti cancer agents.

Red grapes: Red grapes use bio flavonoids to counter the cancer causing agents. Green leafy
vegetables: They have folic acid and fiber and are found to decrease Uro-digestive cancers such
as mouth cancer, stomach cancer and colon cancer.

Cruciferous vegetables (Broccoli, cauliflower): This type of vegetables induce enzymes that can
fight cancer causing chemicals that are in your food. Sulforaphane in Broccoli helps to fight
colon and rectal cancer.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes have lycopene and prevent mainly prostate cancer along with other cancers.
Green tea: Green tea has ECGC, a chemical that turns on cancer fighting genes.

Spices: Spices such as turmeric, garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, cinnamon have anti cancer

Garlic: Sulfides in garlic supercharge immune system causing them to fight against cancer cells.

Flax seeds: Lignans, a type of phytoastrogen found in flax seeds binds with the estrogen
hormone and prevent breast cancer in women.

Grape fruit: Grape fruit cleans up the mess left behind by carcinogens. It also fight the
development of breast cancer.
Nuts: Nuts in general are crazy about cancer suppression. The Brazil nut has added super power
of Selenium, which can fight prostate cancer.

Lemons and Oranges: These two fruits stimulate lymphocytes, a type of cells that fight cancer

   1. Yoghurt: Acidophilus bacteria found in yoghurt have been shown to have anti-cancer

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