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					Some facts about 3d movies and 3d technology

The biggest step in the moving pictures industry after the integration of sound in movies
is, in my opinion, the invention of 3d technology. 3d technology gives us the illusion of
space and makes movies more spectacular.

At first 3d technologies were implementable only in cinemas in small range, but today
you can even get yourself a 3d TV if you like the idea of seeing this spectacular images at
home. Yes, they do have a higher price than normal television sets, but you also get an
amazing added feature.

3d movies are probably the future of movies. One of the most famous 3d movies that
have appeared is James Cameron’s the ‘’Avatar’’. The set up The truth about this movie
is that the story was not extremely complex. The movie was very popular and ranked
high in the box office exactly because of the fact that it excelled in the 3D video effects.
Since then more and more movies have been filmed in 3d. So if you are by nature a
curious man you may ask yourself how 3d movies work.

So how do 3d movies work? Well on the conceptual level you could make a direct
connection between stereo sound and stereoscopic images (stereo video). So what does
3D video exactly mean? Well essentially all 3d technologies work the same. They are
based on the fact that we have two eyes separated by approximately 2 inches. Because of
this eyes see an image from a slightly different perspective. This is what 3d technologies
use in order to produce the illusion of depth.

All 3D technologies use video filmed by two cameras positioned at slightly different
angles. 3D technologies differ (because there is more than one 3D technologies) from the
way they manage to put the two images on screen and make each eye see one different
image. If the technology manages to do this our brain will automatically make us have
the illusion of depth.

Anyway, even if you do not have the money to go to the nearest shop and buy the best 3d
TV you can still go for seeing a 3D movie in your local cinema. At some point the
technology will evolve and its price will become smaller than it is now.

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