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					       guidelines amenitykits
       by Dan Green


                                                               in a

                                                                        Finding comfort in the
                                                                          air is easy with these
                                                                         impressive travel kits
                                                                        that can take you from
                                                                              the plane straight
                                                                                to your business
                                                                              meetings in style.

                                                                        British Airways
                                                                        Anya Hindmarch
                                                                        designed First
                                                                        Class kit
         ritish A

                                                                           British Airways
                  esy of

                                                                      by renowned British designer,

08 |                         |
   With the evolution of                      Many other airlines also
   customers’ taste in this modern       offer some impressive ideas
   age, many passengers no longer        on creams or perfumes and
   only base their choice of airline     other toiletr y products.
   on its routes, comfortable seats,     Singapore Airlines have a
   or even its miles. Many of us,        special kit on their new first
   surprisingly, actually choose an      Class Airbus routes, with all
   airline because of its amenity        its first Class kits containing
   kit and how exclusive the             ferragamo products. virgin
   offering is.                          Airlines, on the other hand,
        As a frequent traveller,         offer a design by the fabulous
   Business Development Manager          ozwald Boetang, featuring

                                                                              Kowloon Hotel 1/2 V
   with an Australian corporation,       innovative contents.
   Andrea van Dyck, 35, admits                unfortunately, i feel that uS
   that her one obsession with the       carriers on the whole fall flat
   airlines these days is with the       in its offerings. it’s a shame, as
   amenity kits they offer. “i just      you can spend the same amount
   love it when i can get classy stuff   of money on a first Class flight
   on the airlines, that will keep       with American Airlines as you
   me in style when i arrive at my       can with British Airways, yet,
   destination,” she says. “especially   the product offerings are so
   so, when they give away really        much different.
   good, valuable stuff, such as
   Salvatore ferragamo products          BUSINESS OFFERINGS
   on Singapore Airlines!”               Airline products on Business
        You may laugh, but some          Class generally don’t fare well
   of these bags are actually            compared to its luxurious first
   being sold on eBay for large          Class counterpart. Most of the
   sums. Maybe you work for a            time, travel kits provided for
   big corporate company, and            Business Class passengers are
   you are being flown around            made available for the sake of
   the world on first Class. that        it. Some airlines have even
   kit, perhaps, could be one of         done away with amenity kits
   the best gifts you could bring        in their Business Class. While
   home to your loved ones.              times are tough and fuel
                                         charges are high, i believe
   COLLECTOR’S EDITIONS                  that it is important for airlines
   for many years now, British           to spoil their Business Class
   Airways has had collectors’           passengers, especially since
   kits designed and created by          they’re paying substantially
   renowned British designer,            extra for luxury travel. And
   Anya hindmarch. her purses            as the saying goes, it is the
   and handbags sell for big bucks       little touches that make all
   in boutiques worldwide. And           the difference. in my view,
   by flying first Class on the          virgin Airlines wins hands
   airline, you are given your           down for the best Business
   own Anya hindmarch purses.            Class kit.
   What’s more, they are regularly            Frequent Traveller checks
   changing its style, making it         out the Business and first Class
   the ultimate collectors’ item         sections of various airlines to
   for passengers.                       see what is on offer.

has had collectors’ kits designed and created
Anya Hindmarch.
                                                                                                          BRITISh AIRwAyS FIRST CLASS                with the current security regulations.
                                                                                                          The Anya Hindmarch designed                In addition, First Class passengers
                                                                                                          bag is packed with goodies from            also receive Ferragamo sleep shades
                                                                                                          Penhaligons, such as eye cream, lip        and socks in classy chocolate brown.
                                                                                                          balm, moisturiser and body lotion. It      The sleep suit, on the other hand, is
                                                                                                          is a status bag, as people actually        by Givenchy.
                                                                                                          flaunt their bags by the pool at some
                                                                                                          top star hotels, as if to show “I just
                                                                                                          flew First Class on British Airways.”
                                                                                                          Recognising its cult status, the airline   JAL FIRST CLASS
                                                                                                          keeps changing the bag design, so          Don’t be fooled by its outer
                                                                                                          that its passengers won’t look passé       appearance when you receive the
                                                                                                          carrying it around. Additionally, the      amenity kit onboard JAL’s First
                                                                                                          airline also offers a great sleep suit     Class. While it looks basic on the
                                                                                                          with a First Class logo, which is          outside, it is one of the largest
                                                                                                          definitely a status symbol.                bags, comprising of all Shiseido
                                                                                                                                                     products. There are separate kits for
                                                                                                                                                     the ladies and the gentlemen. The
                                                                                                                                                     men’s kit has a fabulous cleansing
                                                                                                          VIRGIN UppER CLASS                         mousse, a brilliant revitalising cream
                                                                                                          Designed by the renowned British           and a hydrating lotion, all packed
                                                                                                          tailor Ozwald Boetang, Virgin Airline      in a bespoke Shiseido plastic box.
                                                                                                          offers a smart kit with plenty to offer.   Eyeshades and a cooling towel
                                                                                                          Also included in the kit are a luggage     for legs and feet are included.
                                                                                                          tag and a pen. The sleep suit is the       Refreshment mouth strips and
                                                                                                          most comfortable out there and most        earplugs also form part of the kit.
                                                                                                          business class products do not offer
                                                                                                          this to passengers. What’s great
                                                                                                          is that these suits don’t spoil after
                                                                                                          washing, so it can be used long after      EmIRATES FIRST CLASS
                                                                                                          your trip is over.                         A separate kit is available for men
                                                                                                                                                     and women, with both offering
                                                                                                                                                     Bvlgari products. The men’s kit
                                                                                                                                                     contains a deodorant (admittedly,
                                                                                                          ANA BUSINESS & FIRST CLASS                 the best idea ever, but I am still
                                                                                                          The Japanese do this right. They           clueless as to why the women don’t
                          From Top:                                                                       offer so much but most of it is for        receive one. Maybe us men are more
                          First Class Amenity                                                             the purpose of the flight, so most         in need?) There are perfumes and
                          Kits for Men’s &
                          Ladies; Business                                                                of the creams that are included in         lotions wrapped up in spiffy looking
                          Class Amenity Kits
                          for Men’s & Ladies.                                                             the kit are contained in sachets           bags. A small mirror for the ladies is
                                                                                                          for easier disposing after use. For        also on offer.
                                                                                                          practicality purposes, the airline does

                                                                                                          not package its kit as a take-home
                                           esy of Emirat

                                                                                                          souvenir. Also on board for the flight
                                                                                                          are sleep suits and slippers.              my ABSOLUTE DREAm kIT
                                        Photos court

                                                                                                                                                     if i could design the perfect
                                                                                                                                                     kit, it would be the bag from
                                                                                                          SINGApORE AIRLINES                         British Airways, the creams of
                                                                                                          FIRST CLASS                                la Prairie that were once offered
                                                                                                          Ferragamo, need I say more?                by Cathay Pacific, a miniature
                                                                                                          Singapore Airlines became the              deodorant that only emirates
                                                                                                          first airline to showcase Salvatore        Airlines seem to do, a lip balm,
                                                                                                          Ferragamo toiletries onboard. The          eye cream and a small spray of
                                                                                                          kit contains great size bottles of         some cologne from Singapore
                                                                                                          perfume or cologne (for him or for         Airlines, as well as a strong
Courtesy of Singapore Airlines

                                                                                                          her), moisturiser, facial cream and a      listerine mouthwash, floss and
                                                                                                          face spray. All are contained in 100       toothbrush and the pyjamas
                                                                                                          ml bottles, so they are in keeping         from virgin Atlantic.
                                                                                            First Class
                  10 |                                     |     Suite kit

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