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					                    Wearables Business—2006 Editorial Calendar
                                               Calendar and bonus distribution subject to change throughout the year.
                            Ask your sales representative for the most current information or visit

January                                  April                                      2006 SourceBook                           Fall Women’s
   Educational Focus:                       Educational Focus: T-shirts                The 2006 Wearables Business            Wearables
   Golf apparel                             Wearable of the Month:                     SourceBook provides                        Published in mid-October
   Wearable of the Month:                   Bottoms up                                 thousands of promotional
                                                                                       products distributors with                 Apparel designers look ahead
   Towels/robes                             Wear 2 Buy: T-shirts, bottoms                                                         to 2007
                                                                                       comprehensive listings of
   Additional Features:                                                                industry wearables suppliers.              Women’s MarketSource:
   Branding                              Wear 2 Buy Close: 3/7/06
                                                                                       Published in mid-July, it serves           A sourcing guide to women’s
   Wear 2 Buy:                           Ad Close: 3/8/06                              as an invaluable sourcing tool             corporate wearables.
   Golf apparel, towels/robes            Materials Due: 3/15/06                        all year long.                         MarketSource Close: 9/20/06
Bonus Distribution:                                                                    • Plus: Catalog/product
                                                                                       showcases, logos, and                  NEW DATE: Ad Close: 9/14/06
PPAI/Las Vegas; ISS/Long                 May                                           enhanced listings                      NEW DATE: Materials Due: 9/21/06
Beach; ASI/Orlando                          Educational Focus:
                                                                                    Ad Close: 6/13/06
Wear 2 Buy Close: 12/7/05                   Camp shirts
                                            Wearable of the Month:                  NEW DATE: Materials Due: 6/26/06          November
Ad Close: 12/8/05
                                            Neckwear                                                                              Educational Focus:
Materials Due: 12/12/05                                                             August                                        Fashion tees
                                            Additional feature: Technical
                                            innovations in apparel                     Educational Focus:                         Wearable of the Month:
February                                    Wear 2 Buy:                                Fleecewear                                 Sweaters
   Educational Focus: Headwear              Camp shirts, neckwear                      Wearable of the Month:                     Additional features:
                                                                                       Business bags                              Customer service
   Wearable of the Month:                Wear 2 Buy Close: 4/5/06
   Jackets                                                                             Additional feature:                        Wear 2 Buy: T-shirts, sweaters
                                         Ad Close: 4/6/06                              Athleticwear
   Additional feature:                                                                                                        Wear 2 Buy Close: 10/5/06
   Union/USA made                        Materials Due: 4/13/06                        Wear 2 Buy: Fleecewear,
                                                                                                                              Ad Close: 10/6/06
   Wear 2 Buy:                                                                         business bags; athleticwear
                                                                                                                              Materials Due: 10/13/06
   Headwear, jackets                     June                                       Wear 2 Buy Close: 7/6/06
Wear 2 Buy Close: 1/6/05                    Educational Focus: Golf shirts          Ad Close: 7/7/06
                                            Wearable of the Month:                                                            December
Ad Close: 1/9/05                            Healthcare/scrubs                       Materials Due: 7/14/06                        Educational Focus:
Materials Due: 1/13/06                      Wear 2 Buy: Golf shirts;                                                              Sneak-A-Peek at 2007
                                            healthcare/scrubs                       September                                     Wearable of the Month:
March                                                                                  Educational Focus: Jackets                 Kidswear
                                         Wear 2 Buy Close: 5/4/06
   Educational Focus: Woven                                                            Wearable of the Month:                     Wear 2 Buy: Kidswear
                                         Ad Close: 5/5/06
   shirts (twills, denim, dress)                                                       Westernwear                                Plus: Sneak-A-Peek at 2007
                                         Materials Due: 5/12/06                        Additional feature: Catalogs               Product Showcase
   Wearable of the Month:
   Aprons                                                                              Wear 2 Buy:                            Wear 2 Buy Close: 11/2/06
   Additional feature:                   July                                          Jackets, westernwear
                                                                                                                              Ad Close: 11/3/06
   Industry players                         Educational Focus:                      Wear 2 Buy Close: 8/7/06                  Materials Due: 11/10/06
   Wear 2 Buy:                              Restaurant apparel
                                                                                    Ad Close: 8/8/06
   Woven Shirts, aprons                     Wearable of the month:
                                            Accessories, bags, watches,             Materials Due: 8/15/06                    Editorial submissions will be
Wear 2 Buy Close: 2/2/06                                                                                                      used at the discretion of the
                                            aprons, blankets, umbrellas,
Ad Close: 2/3/06                            footwear, gloves, etc.                                                            editor and are not guaranteed
                                                                                    October                                   inclusion.
Materials Due: 2/10/06                      Additional feature:
                                                                                       Educational Focus: Leather
                                            Decorating in a new age
                                                                                       Wearable of the Month:
                                            Wear 2 Buy: Restaurant                     The gift season
Spring Women’s                              apparel; accessories
Wearables Supplement                                                                   Additional Feature: Best
   Published in mid-March                Bonus Distribution:                           Sellers—the people
   Best Sellers—the top products
                                         ASI/Chicago                                   Wear 2 Buy: Leather jackets
   in the women’s market                                                               and accessories; holiday gifts
                                         Wear 2 Buy Close: 6/6/06
   Women’s MarketSource:                 Ad Close: 6/7/06                           Wear 2 Buy Close: 9/5/06
   A sourcing guide to the                                                          Ad Close: 9/6/06
                                         Materials Due: 6/14/06
   hottest women’s wearables
                                                                                    Materials Due: 9/13/06
MarketSource Close: 2/15/06
Ad Close: 2/16/06
Materials Due: 2/23/06

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