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THE COUNCIL                                                       the Regulations and other rules and procedures
Origin                                                            approved by the Council from time to time and for
                                                                  the time being in force.
1. The Council for the Indian School Certificate
   Examinations was established in 1958 by the               Examinations
   University of Cambridge Local Examinations                6.   The Council conducts the Indian Certificate of
   Syndicate with the assistance of the Inter-State               Secondary Education, the Indian School
   Board for Anglo-Indian Education. It is registered             Certificate and the Certificate of Vocational
   under the Societies Registration Act No. XXI of                Education, Examinations.
   1860.                                                     7. There is a Committee on Examinations and
Recognition                                                     Subject Committees for drawing up and revising
                                                                syllabuses and receiving criticisms and
2. The Delhi Education Act, 1973, passed by                     suggestions. The Council has its own teams of
   Parliament, in Chapter I under Definitions Section           trained examiners, specialists and competent
   2 (s), recognises the Council as a body conducting           advisers.
   public examinations.

Constituents                                                         INDIAN SCHOOL CERTIFICATE
3. The Council has been so constituted as to secure
                                                                                  CHAPTER 1
   suitable    representation      of:   Governments
   responsible for affiliated schools in their               A. Introduction
   State/Territories, the Inter-State Board for Anglo-
   Indian Education, the Association of Indian               1.   The Indian School Certificate Examination has
   Universities, the Association of Heads of                      been designed as an examination, through the
   Anglo-Indian Schools, the Indian Public Schools’               medium of English, in accordance with the
   Conference, the Association of Schools for the                 recommendations of the New Education Policy
   I.S.C. Examination and eminent educationists.                  1986, after a two-year course of studies beyond
                                                                  the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
Administration                                                    (Year-10) Examination or its equivalent.
4. The Council is administered by an Executive               2.   Private candidates are not permitted to appear for
   Committee consisting of the Chairman and four                  the examination.
   members. The Chief Executive and Secretary of             B.   Conditions of eligibility for admission to
   the Council is the   ex-officio Secretary of the               Class XI
                                                             1.    Candidates who have been awarded Pass
5. The Chief Executive and Secretary acts as                       Certificates in the Indian Certificate of
   Secretary to the Council under the authority of the             Secondary Education Examination with passes in
   Chairman. Subject to the overall control of the                 five subjects including English are eligible to be
   Council and the Executive Committee, the Chief                  admitted for preparation in courses of study
   Executive and Secretary exercises all powers of                 leading to the Indian School Certificate
   the Council related to the administration of the                Examination.
   examinations in accordance with the provisions of

2.    (a) The eligibility of candidates who have been               awarded Pass Certificates may be admitted to
          awarded Pass Certificates in an equivalent                Class XII by 31st August, under intimation to the
          examination      conducted     by    another              Council, at an affiliated and registered school,
          Examining Board will be decided by the                    prior to the year of the examination, provided
          Chief Executive and Secretary of the                      such a candidate fulfils all other conditions as per
          Council. The conditions of eligibility are as             the Regulations.
                                                                3. Candidates entered as school candidates in
           (i) The candidate must have been awarded                accordance with 1 or 2 above and who are not
               a Pass Certificate in accordance with               awarded Pass Certificates will be permitted to
               the requirements of the Board at an                 re-appear for the examination once only in the
               equivalent examination taken at one and             year following their failure but not thereafter,
               the same sitting.                                   without further attendance at an affiliated and
                                                                   registered school.
           (ii) The candidate must have obtained pass
                marks in accordance with the                        They must apply on the special form provided for
                Regulations of the Board in English                 the purpose, which will be obtainable from the
                and four other written subjects,                    Council’s office, through the Heads of Schools
                                                                    from which the candidates appeared for the
                accepted by the Council.
                                                                    examination in the previous year and were not
                                                                    awarded a Pass Certificate.
     (b)   Eligibility Certificate: Heads of Schools
           may ADMIT PROVISIONALLY in Class                     4. Candidates who have been awarded Pass
           XI, a candidate who has been thus awarded               Certificates will be permitted to enter for a
           a Pass Certificate by another Examining                 Supplementary Pass Certificate in any/all of the
           Board. They must submit to the Council                  subjects offered for the ISC examinations earlier
                                                                   by the candidates (provided that the subjects under
           immediately on granting provisional
                                                                   consideration are still being offered for the
           admission certified true copies of the                  examination in the year in which the candidates
           Statement of Marks issued to the candidate              wish to enter) without further attendance at an
           by the Examining Board. If the candidate is             affiliated and registered school OR after studying
           found to be eligible, the Council will issue            an additional subject(s) for two years. Such
           an Eligibility Certificate to the Head of the           candidates must apply on the special form provided
           School concerned in respect of the                      for the purpose, which will be obtainable from the
           candidate.                                              Council's office through the Heads of Schools from
                                                                   which the candidates appeared originally for the
C. Conditions of Entry                                             ISC examination.
1. Entry to the Indian School Certificate                       5. There is no age limit for candidates taking the
   Examination in the case of eligible candidates                  examination.
   who are being entered for the first time is
   restricted to candidates with a minimum of 75%               D. Minimum Attendance Requirement
   attendance of the working days during each year
                                                                    Candidates whose attendance is below 75% of the
   of the two-year course at school(s) affiliated to the
                                                                    working days are ordinarily not eligible to sit for
   Council and registered for the Indian School
   Certificate Examination. The last date of                        the examination. However, the Chief Executive
   computing attendance at schools is February 15,                  and Secretary has the authority to condone the
   of each of the two year course.                                  shortage of attendance in the case of candidates
                                                                    whose minimum attendance is not less than 60%
     Candidates may be entered only by the school
     they are attending and in this respect, the decision           of the working days in each year of the two year
     of the Head of the School is final.                            course. This is inclusive of absence due to illness
                                                                    and other special circumstances. Heads of Schools
2. Candidates who are entered as school candidates
                                                                    may represent, to the Chief Executive and
   in accordance with (1) above, and who were not
   Secretary, cases of candidates who deserve                                  CHAPTER II
   special consideration for condonation of shortage
   of attendance in Class XI and / or XII, provided          IMPORTANT NOTE: The responsibility for the
                                                             correct selection of subjects to meet university or
   that the attendance of such candidates is not less
                                                             professional requirements of a candidate or
   than 60% of the working days, during each year of
                                                             candidates will be that of the Head of the School.
   the two year course.
                                                             A. Subjects of Examination
   The last date for computing attendance at school
   is February 15, of each of the two years.                           Part I - External Examination
                                                             Compulsory Subjects
E. Withdrawal of Candidates
                                                             1.     English
   Candidates may be withdrawn at any time prior to          2.     Environmental Education
   the commencement of the examination, provided
                                                             Elective Subjects
   that, once the entries have been acknowledged as
                                                             3.     An Indian Language
   accepted by the Council's office, Heads of
   Schools may only withdraw candidates:                     4.     A Modern Foreign Language
                                                             5.     A Classical Language
   (a) on account of illness of the candidates, duly
                                                             6.     Literature in English
       certified by a registered medical practitioner;
                                                             7.     History
                        OR                                   8.     Political Science
   (b) at the express written request of the                 9.     Geography
       parents/legal guardians of the candidates.            10.    Sociology
   Applications for withdrawal of Class XII                  11.    Psychology
   candidates will have to be submitted on the               12.    Economics
   special form provided by the Council's office.            13.    Commerce
F. Syllabuses                                                14.    Accounts
                                                             15.    Business Studies
   The Regulations and Syllabuses of the Indian
                                                             16.    Mathematics
   School Certificate Examination are included in
   this booklet, copies of which are obtainable from:        17.    Physics
   M/s Frank Brothers & Company (Publishers) Ltd.,           18.    Chemistry
   4675 – A, Ansari Road, 21 Daryaganj, New Delhi            19.    Biology
   – 110002. Tel: (011) 23263393, 23279936,                  20.    Home Science
   23271871, Fax: (011) 23269032.                            21.    Fashion Designing
   NOTE: It is mandatory for the Heads of Schools            22.    Electricity & Electronics
   to ensure that all students registered for the            23.    Engineering Science
   examination are provided with a copy of the               24.    Computer Science
   Regulations and Syllabuses for the year of the            25.    Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing
   examination in which the candidate is appearing.          26.    Geometrical & Building Drawing
G. Disqualification                                          27.    Art
   If any of the Regulations made herein and for the         28.    Music (Indian or Western)
   conduct of the examination is not adhered to, the         29.    Physical Education
   candidate or candidates concerned may be                  30.    Environmental Science
   disqualified.                                             3
                                                             31.    Biotechnology
                                                         3   3
3                                                           3. The prescribed syllabus for Class XII will be
Note: The following subject combinations are not               examined externally by the Council on the subject
permitted for the ISC Examination:                             matter of the syllabus for each subject.
(i) Physics with Engineering Science.                       4. The result of the Indian School Certificate
                                                               (Year- XII) Examination will be based on the
(ii) Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing           with           external examination at the end of Class XII and
     Geometrical & Building Drawing                            on Socially Useful Productive Work and
          Part II - Internal Examination                       Community Service, evaluated internally by the
(i) The examination at the end of Class XI will be
    conducted by the school and the promotion of            C. Choice of Subjects
    candidates from Class XI to Class XII will be the           All candidates for the Pass Certificate must enter
    responsibility of the Head of the School in                 and sit for English (compulsory), Environmental
    accordance with the attendance and pass criteria            Education (compulsory), with three, four or five
    as laid down by the Council for the Indian School           elective subjects and must have been evaluated
    Certificate Examinations.                                   internally by the School and secured a pass grade
(ii) Socially Useful Productive Work and Community              in Socially Useful Productive Work and
     Service (Compulsory).                                      Community Service (compulsory).

   The assessment in “Socially Useful Productive            Note:
   Work and Community Service” will be made by              1. A candidate may not enter for more than seven
   the school and the result will count towards the            subjects including the compulsory subjects
   award of the Certificate. The school will be                English and Environmental Education.
   required to follow the instructions sent by the
   Council in the matter of keeping records of the          2. A School may not enter candidates for subjects for
   work and the assessment of each candidate in                the teaching of which no provision is made by the
   “Socially Useful Productive Work and                        School.
   Community Service”.                                      3. The responsibility for the correct selection of
B. Scheme of Examination                                       subjects to meet university or professional
                                                               requirements of a candidate or candidates will
1. (a) The syllabuses in English (Compulsory) and in           be that of the Head of the School.
       Indian/Foreign/Classical Languages (Elective)
       have not been bifurcated. Questions will be          4. Certain subjects have practical papers.
       set from the entire syllabus for the year-XII           Candidates offering such subjects must also take
       examination.                                            the practical examination; otherwise the subject in
                                                               question will be considered incomplete.
   (b) The syllabuses in Environmental Education
       (Compulsory) and Elective subjects (except           D. Awards and Conditions for Awards
       Indian/Foreign/Classical Languages) are                  1. PASS CERTIFICATES will be awarded to
       prescribed separately for Class XI and Class                candidates who at one and the same
       XII. The syllabus prescribed for Class XI will              examination attain the pass standard in four or
       be examined internally by the school and the                more subjects which must include the subject
       syllabus for Class XII will be examined                     English and have attained a pass grade in
       externally by the Council.                                  SUPW and Community Service as
2. The examination at the end of Class XI will be                  examined/assessed internally by the School.
   conducted by the schools and the promotion of                2. SUPPLEMENTARY PASS CERTIFICATES
   candidates from Class XI to Class XII will be the               will be awarded to candidates who have
   responsibility of the Heads of the Schools in                   obtained PASS CERTIFICATES and who
   accordance with the attendance and pass criteria                appear in a subsequent examination and attain
   as laid down by the Council.                                    the pass standard in one or more subjects.

   3. STATEMENT OF MARKS will be issued to                         an agreement by each candidate entered for the
      all candidates who appeared for the                          examination with the Council to assign such
      examination.                                                 copyright to the Council.

The pass mark for each subject is 40%.                        H. Evaluation of Answer Scripts

E. Issue of Results                                           1. The evaluation of answer scripts and of other
                                                                 work done by candidates during the examination
   All results will be issued through the Heads of               is within the domestic jurisdiction of the Council
   Schools, to whom results will be sent as soon as              and, therefore, no candidate, outside person or
   possible after the award has been completed. The              authority has jurisdiction to check/scrutinise the
   result sheets show the result in the examination as
                                                                 answer scripts or other work done by any
   a whole and also indicate the standard reached in
   each subject taken, except Socially Useful
   Productive Work and Community Service, by                  2. The marking of answer scripts and of other work
   grades ranging from 1 to 9, 1 being the highest               done by candidates during the examination
   and 9 the lowest. Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 indicates          conducted by the Council or its examiners and the
   a pass with credit, 7 or 8 indicates a pass and 9 a           results of such marking shall be final and legally
   failure. Very good is indicated by 1 or 2.                    binding on all candidates. The Chief Executive
   The standard reached in Socially Useful                       and Secretary of the Council will not, except in
   Productive Work and Community Service                         his absolute discretion, enter into correspondence
   (internally assessed) will be shown on the result             about results with candidates or their parents or
   sheets by grades A, B, C, D or E: A being the                 guardians or other persons claiming to act in loco
   highest, and E the lowest. A, B, C or D indicate a            parentis.
   pass and E a failure.
                                                                   The Council does not undertake to re-evaluate
F. Certificates, etc.                                              answer scripts after the issue of results.
1. Pass Certificates/Supplementary Pass Certificates
   will be issued through the Heads of Schools as             I.   Enquiries concerning examination results
   soon as possible after the issue of results.                    1. All enquiries concerning examination results
2. Duplicates of Pass Certificates/Supplementary                      on behalf of the school candidates must be
   Pass Certificates are not issued instead a                         made to the Chief Executive and Secretary
   statement of examination result may be requested                   of the Council by the Head of the School
   for.                                                               concerned only and must reach the Council’s
3. Duplicates of Statements of Marks will be issued                   office, not later than the specified date.
   on receipt of prescribed form forwarded by the                     Schools are asked to bear in mind that a large
   Head of the School and on payment of the                           number of answer scripts are re-marked by
   prescribed fee.                                                    Chief Examiners before the awards.
4. Migration Certificates will be issued on request                    Enquiries should be restricted only to results
   by Heads of Schools concerned to candidates who                     which are significantly below the standard
   have been awarded Pass Certificates and on                          suggested by the candidate’s school work in
   payment of special charges.                                         the subject.
G. Ownership     of   answer    scripts and other                  2. The accuracy of a subject grade awarded will
   materials                                                          be checked on request, in one or more
                                                                      subjects, provided that the Head of the School
   All written replies (answer scripts), question
                                                                      forwards the application. Such applications
   papers and any other work done by candidates                       must be made in the proforma prescribed by
   during the examination and the copyright therein                   the Council and must be received at the
   are the property of the Council and will not be                    Council’s office not later than one month after
   returned and every application to enter for the                    the declaration of results. Schools will be
   examination (whether through a school or by an                     required to pay the charges for each recheck
   individual candidate) will be deemed to constitute
as prescribed by the Council from time to

    The recheck will be restricted to checking             3. If the Head of a School considers that the results
    whether:                                                  in any one subject are significantly below
                                                              reasonable expectation, the Chief Executive and
    −   all the answers have been marked;
                                                              Secretary of the Council may ask the examiners
    −   there has been a mistake in the totalling             for special notes on the main weaknesses shown
        of marks for each question in the                     by the work of a few selected candidates from the
        subject and transferring the marks                    school. It is necessary to limit such notes to one
        correctly onto the first cover page of                subject per school on any one occasion of
        the answer booklet;                                   examination and to restrict the enquiry to the work
                                                              of not more and not less than six candidates
    −   the continuation sheets attached to the               whose work is significantly below the standard as
        answer booklet, as mentioned by the                   suggested by the candidates’ school work in the
        candidate, are intact.                                subject. Applications for special notes must be
    No other re-evaluation of the answer script               received in the Council's office not later than one
    or other work done by the candidate as                    month after the declaration of results. Charges
    part of the examination will be carried out.              commensurate with the work involved will have
                                                              to be paid to the Council by the school.
(i) No candidate, person or organisation shall be
    entitled to claim re-evaluation or disclosure or       J. Re-examination:
    inspection of the answer scripts or copies of it          The Chief Executive and Secretary of the
    and other documents as these are treated as               Council shall have the power to hold a
    most confidential by the Council.                         re-examination or an additional examination, if he
                                                              is satisfied that such a re-examination or additional
(ii) The recheck will be carried out by a                     examination is necessary.
     competent person appointed by the Chief
     Executive and Secretary of the Council.               K. Last date for retaining answer scripts:
(iii) On rechecking the scripts, if it is found that          The Council does not undertake to retain answer
      there is an error, the marks will be revised            scripts of candidates later than 60 days after the
      accordingly.                                            date on which the results are declared.
                                                              For enquiries concerning examination results
(iv) The communication regarding the revision of              attention is invited to paragraph I above.
     marks, if any, shall be sent to the Head of the
     School.                                                                  CHAPTER III

(v) The Council will not be responsible for any            A. Awarding Committee
    loss or damage or any inconvenience caused             There will be an Awarding Committee consisting
    to the candidate, consequent to the revision of        of five members of which the Chief Executive and
    marks and no claims in this regard shall be            Secretary of the Council will act as Convener. The
    entertained.                                           functions and powers of the Awarding Committee
(vi) The Council shall revise the Statement of             will be:
     Marks and Pass Certificate in respect of such         (i) to consider all cases of unfair means reported
     candidates whose results have changed and                 to the Chief Executive and Secretary of the
     after the previous Statement of Marks and                 Council by the supervising examiners of the
     Pass Certificates have been returned by the               examination centres or by examiners during
     Head of the school.                                       the marking of scripts or by any other source
The decision of the Chief Executive and
Secretary of the Council on the result of the              (ii) to take decisions on such cases in accordance
scrutiny and recheck shall be final.                            with the provisions of the Regulations of the
                                                                examination and following the procedures
                                                                approved by the Council.

B. Use of unfair means                                             (iii) substituting answer scripts or getting
                                                                        answer scripts replaced during or after the
   1. If the Awarding Committee is satisfied that a
                                                                        examination with or without the help of
      candidate has made arrangements to obtain                         any person connected with the
      unfair help in connection with the question                       examination centre, or any agency within
      papers from any person connected with the                         or outside the examination centre, shall be
      examination centre or any agency within or                        reported to the Chief Executive and
      outside the examination centre, the candidate                     Secretary of the Council and their results
      is liable to have his/her results in the                          in the examination as a whole will be
      examination as a whole cancelled.                                 cancelled.
   2. (i) Candidates who are detected in giving or            4.   If it is subsequently discovered and the
      obtaining, or attempting to give or obtain,                  Awarding Committee is satisfied that
      unfair assistance, or who are otherwise                      candidate/s has/have either copied from other
      detected in any dishonesty whatsoever,                       candidate/s or given opportunity to other
      relating to the examination, will be reported to             candidate/s to copy from them or
      the Chief Executive and Secretary of the                     communicated dishonestly with other
      Council and may be expelled from the                         candidate/s, their results in the paper or
      examination room forthwith and refused                       subject or subjects in question or their results
                                                                   in the examination as a whole will be
      admission to subsequent examination papers.
       (ii) The Supervising Examiner or any member            5.   A candidate detected in approaching directly
       of the supervisory staff shall seize the answer             or indirectly an examiner or any member of
       scripts in which the use of unfair assistance is            the staff of the Council with the object of
       detected/suspected.                                         influencing him/her regarding any candidate's
       (iii) The Supervising Examiner shall send the               examination result shall have his/her result in
       seized answer scripts with a report giving the              the examination as a whole cancelled.
       details of the evidence and the explanation of         6.   Candidates found guilty of disorderly conduct
       the candidates concerned to the Chief                       or causing disturbance in or near the
       Executive and Secretary of the Council                      examination room are liable to be expelled
       without delay and, if possible, on the day of               from the examination room forthwith and will
       the occurrence.                                             be refused admission for subsequent
                                                                   examination papers.
       (iv) In case the candidates concerned refuse to
       give explanatory statements they should not            7.   (i) Candidates are not permitted to have in
                                                                   their possession, while in the examination
       be forced to do so, only the fact of refusal
                                                                   room, any book, memorandum or pocket
       shall be recorded by the Supervising
                                                                   book, notes, paper, mobile phones or wireless
       Examiner and attested by two members of the                 devices, except the correct question paper.
       supervisory staff on duty at the time of the                Candidates using slide rules as permitted by
       occurrence.                                                 the Regulations must see that any information
       (v) The Supervising Examiner has the                        (formulae or other data) shown on them is
       discretion to permit such candidates to answer              securely covered. They must also return any
       the remaining part of the question paper but                incorrect question paper to the Supervising
       on answer sheets that are separate from those               Examiner immediately.
       in which the use of unfair means was                        (ii) Candidates are not permitted to have in
       detected/suspected.                                         their possession any object or instrument
                                                                   which may be used as a weapon during the
   3. Candidates found guilty of:                                  course of the examination.
       (i) bringing in answer sheets; or                           (iii) Candidates disregarding the above
       (ii) taking out or attempting to take out                   cautions are liable to have their results in the
            answer sheets; or                                      examination as a whole cancelled.

8. (i) Persons     obtaining admission to the                 14. Provided that no penalty under these
   examination on false representation shall be                   Regulations shall be imposed except after –
   expelled from the examination hall forthwith                   (i) giving the candidate an opportunity of
   and will be reported to the Police.                            making such representation in writing as
    (ii) Candidates who are impersonated shall be                 he/she may wish to make in that regard;
    reported to the Chief Executive and                           and
    Secretary of the Council and their results in                 (ii) taking the representation, if any,
    the examination as a whole will be cancelled.                 submitted by the candidate within the
                                                                  period    allowed  to   him/her,   into
9. (i) The decision in respect of the results of
   candidates who are detected/suspected of
   using unfair means may be delayed                      C. Power to alter, cancel results, certificates, etc.
   considerably and their results will not be                 1. The Chief Executive and Secretary of the
   issued with the results of other candidates.                  Council shall have the power to alter or
                                                                 cancel the results of a candidate after it has
    (ii) Candidates whose results in the
                                                                 been declared, if
    examination as a whole have been cancelled
                                                                 (i) the candidate is found guilty of having
    may be debarred from entry to any subsequent                 used unfair means;
    examination.                                                                         or
10. A person who commits an offence under these                  (ii) a mistake is found in his/her result;
    Regulations but is not a candidate, shall be                                         or
    dealt with as under:                                         (iii) it is observed that an attempt has been
                                                                 made to unfairly alter the marks of a
    (i) The Chief Executive and Secretary of the                 candidate by either tampering with the script
    Council may, if he so decides, hand over the                 or any other means.
    case to the Police.
    (ii) In the case of a teacher or a person                 2. The Chief Executive and Secretary of the
    connected with an institution, his/her                       Council shall have the power to cancel a Pass
    misconduct shall be reported to the Governing                Certificate/Supplementary Pass Certificate
    (or Managing) Body of the institution for                    which has been defaced or altered in any
    necessary action.                                            detail or which has been obtained by
                                                                 impersonation or by or misrepresentation of
11. Entries for subsequent examinations may not                  facts or by fraudulent or dishonest means of
    be accepted from a school where any member                   any kind.
    of the staff has at any time committed any
    offence under these Regulations.                                         CHAPTER IV
12. If the Awarding Committee is satisfied that           A. General Arrangements
    the use of dishonest means in a paper or
    papers has been widespread at a centre, the               1. Date of examination: The printed timetable
    Awarding Committee reserves the right to                     will be made available to all schools well
    cancel the results of all candidates of that                 before the examination.
    centre in the paper or papers concerned, or of            2. Centres of examination: Centres for each
    the entire examination as a whole at the centre              town or area will be arranged by Heads of
    if several papers are involved.                              Schools concerned in consultation with the
13. For cases of use of unfair means not covered                 office of the Council.
    by these Regulations, the Awarding                        3. Registration Forms: Registration forms will
    Committee may enforce penalties according                    be sent to schools in July on application for
    to the nature of the offence.                                registration to Class XI.

           The forms and charges must be sent to the                          No charges are payable to the Council for
           Council, New Delhi, by the specified date.                         these, but there may be a special local fee to
           Late entries will not be accepted.                                 cover the cost.
      4. Correction and Confirmation of Entries for                       9. Refunds:
         Class XII: Correction of Entries shall be sent
                                                                              Examination charges are not refundable.
         to schools in August and Confirmation of
         Entries in October.                                              10. Infectious diseases: Candidates who have
                                                                              been exposed to any infectious disease cannot
      5. Transfer of Examination Centre: The
                                                                              be examined at a centre unless they are out of
         transfer of a candidate from a centre in one
         town to a centre in another town will be
         allowed only within the same examination                             If a candidate is suffering from an infectious
         and for reasons accepted as adequate and on                          disease and is declared medically fit to sit for
         payment of a special charge. An additional                           the examination he/she may be permitted to
         charge may be made if it is necessary to send                        appear for the examination after proper
         copies of question papers by air to the centre                       arrangements are made for his/her isolation
         of transfer. Applications, naming the town to                        and separate supervision. The scripts of these
         which a transfer is desired, should reach the                        candidates should be packed in separate
                                                                              envelopes and the school should seek the
         Council's office at least two months before
                                                                              advice of a registered medical practitioner
         the commencement of the examination.
                                                                              with regard to the fumigation of the scripts
      6.   Particulars of Candidates: Great care must                         before their dispatch to the Council’s office.
           be taken to ensure that the particulars of each                11. Time allowance for Question Papers: Any
           candidate are entered in exactly the same way                      time specially allocated for reading through
           as they were entered for the ICSE or                               question papers will be stated on the question
           equivalent Certificate. No subsequent changes                      papers.
           in the particulars of the candidate will be
           permitted.                                                     12. Materials to be provided for by candidates:
                                                                              Candidates must provide themselves with
      7. Entries for a Supplementary Pass                                     pencils, erasers, mathematical and dissecting
         Certificate: Candidates who have obtained                            instruments and art materials. They are
         Pass Certificates of the Indian School                               required to write their answers with black ink
         Certificate may subsequently enter for one or                        pens. Fountain pens and ballpoint pens may
         more subjects. A candidate who attains the                           be used, but pencils may be used only for
         pass standard in one or more of the subjects                         diagrams. The use of slide rules is permitted
         offered will receive a Supplementary Pass                            in science subjects, but candidates using them
         Certificate.                                                         should state this on their answer scripts and
                                                                              should be warned of the possible loss of
      8. Examination Charges:* The scale of                                   accuracy involved. Information such as
         charges will be notified separately. Bank                            formulae or other data which appears on slide
         Drafts should be made payable to the Council                         rules must be securely covered before they are
         for    the     Indian   School     Certificate                       taken     into    the    examination     room.
         Examinations, New Delhi. Payment should be                           Mathematical tables will be provided;
         sent at the time of submitting the Correction                        candidates are not allowed to take
         of Entries.                                                          mathematical tables into the examination
                                                                              room. Candidates are permitted to use Casio
           Arrangements for practical examinations and                        fx - 82 MS (Scientific Calculator).
           visits of examiners are made by the local
           conveners, with the approval of the Council.                       Note: Calculators of other makes with similar
                                                                              functions are also permitted.
    The Council reserves the right to increase the charges, should
    this prove necessary.

13. Special Consideration: Heads of Schools                       express themselves clearly and to present
    may submit school estimates on a special                      their answers neatly and accurately is taken
    form available from the Council's office for                  into account in assessing their work in all
    any candidate for whom special consideration                  subjects.
    is asked because of illness or other difficulty
    experienced during the course of the                   B. Special Papers and Alternative Syllabuses
    examination.                                              The Council is prepared to consider requests for
14. Statement of Results: Special charges are                 special papers:
    payable to the Council for the issue of a                 (i) in a subject for which no provision is made in
    certifying statement of an examination result;                these Regulations,
    this amount should be forwarded with the
    application. The statement will normally be               (ii) on a syllabus different from that prescribed in
    sent to the authority to whom it has to be                     one of the subjects of the examination. Such
    submitted.                                                     papers and syllabuses must be of an equal
                                                                   standard with those to which they are
15. Textbooks: No books are prescribed except                      proposed as alternatives.
    those that are mentioned specifically; the
    Council does not undertake to recommend                   Special charges to cover the extra cost involved
    textbooks.                                                will normally be payable for each paper especially
                                                              made for a small number of candidates.
16. Standards in Subjects: In every subject,                  Applications should be made to the Council at
    unless otherwise stated, standards will be                least two years before the examination is to take
    assessed on the performance in the different              place.
    papers of the subjects.
17. Clarity and neatness: Attention is called to           C. Equivalence and Recognition:
    the fact that the ability of candidates to                 Schools are notified.

                                                                                                                   School Code No:__________
                                      PROFORMA FOR A RECHECK OF SUBJECT GRADE

To                                                                              From:
The Chief Executive and Secretary,
Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations,
Pragati House, 3rd Floor,
47 – 48, Nehru Place,
New Delhi – 110 019
Dear Sir/ Madam,

I hereby apply for a recheck in the result of candidate ____________________________________________________
Index No.                                                      in subjects (s) :

 S. No.                  Subject                    Subject Code              S. No.                 Subject                     Subject Code

     1.       ___________________                                               2.        ___________________

     3.       ___________________                                               4.        ___________________

     5.       ___________________                                               6.        ___________________

     7.       _________________

in accordance with the ISC Examination Regulations and Syllabuses March 2012 Chapter II I. (2).
The result of the recheck may be communicated to me in due course.
A Bank Draft for Rs. _____ (at the rate of Rs. ___/- per subject) in favour of The Council for the Indian School Certificate
Examinations payable at New Delhi is enclosed herewith as charges for the recheck.
                                                                                                                      Yours faithfully,
Bank Draft No. _________
Date: ____/_____/ _______                                                                                Signature of the Head of the School
Note: 1. The accuracy of a subject will be checked on request in one or more subjects per candidate.
          2. The applications for recheck must be sent to the Council’s office not later than one month after the results are
          3. This form may be photocopied, if required.
                                                                                                            School Code No:_____________
                               ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SLIP FOR RECHECK CHARGES – 2012
                                                               Details (To be filled by the candidate/school)
                                                               DD No.:
                                                               Bank Name:
For Office use only                                            Amount:
Receipt No.:                                                   Name of Candidate:
Date:                                                          Index No.:


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