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									 3D model printing

 As there is an exclusively new field for 3D graphic artists to enter the world of 3D, the
demand is rising for them at present. Artists are now given the opportunity to take part in
the business known as 3D model printing. So, here comes the question; what is 3D Model
printing? Well, this is a technology that is becoming much more obtainable than it was in
the past that allows the creation of anything virtually. In another word, it is a perfected
form of manufacturing items. Here comes another question; how is 3D model printing
pertinent to artists? 3D model printing can give assistance artists who are looking to turn
their ideas into substantial objects. Let me explain.

It is believable that 3D model printing is much easier and unproblematic than traditional
methods such as CNC cutting or molding. Through this method, virtually any product can
be formed out of virtually any material. Artists have to work harder and limit their
designs to stick to the manufacturing process when a design is made for a long-
established manner of manufacturing. Conversely, with 3D model printing, artists have to
make sure the walls of an object are thick enough, and that’s about it! IT is noticeable
that very smart designs have come through 3D model printing. For instance, artists have
developed unique forms of rubics cubes, objects like balls within balls, plastic springs,
and other objects that are unheard and unbelievable of with traditional methods of

There is an endless amount of potential that can be produced through 3D model printing!
Virtually anything can be created with the amazing specifications of 3D printers. These
printers use a variety of materials, from ceramics, to metals, to plastics, all the way to
precious metals. There are so many options in what you can create with your designs. If
you want to print a model in white gold, you can do it! If you need something
mechanically strong like titanium, you can get it! You can even use stainless steel to
create your own tools! Even, you can print models in bendable materials. Artists have
already taken benefit of their talents, and formed some very neat products across the web.
At some companies, artists can upload their models to be created and sold at 3D model
printing companies. As artists always make commission, and don’t have any overhead,
this has been an appropriate business for them.

 Artists have also used 3D model printing to generate character models from their own
designs, as well as prototypes. If a designer were promoting a new product to be
manufactured, 3D model printing could produce a prototype to view and hold – for
sponsors to see. Opposed to plainly seeing a design on a computer, how shocking would
that be for a sponsor to hold the “new” phone they would be sponsoring in? 3D model
printing could truly prove its value within this aspect. This idea of 3D Model Printing is
cleanly fantastic, because it gives artists so much more liberty when it comes to
manufacturing and making money for artists. There simply isn’t a better choice of
manufacturing for artists!

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