Speed Dating Apparel and Accessories by jennyyingdi


									                 Speed Dating: Apparel and Accessories
                  Saturday, February, 26 | 1:45-3:00 p.m. Room 361, Session 6-8

 Here’s your opportunity to learn about some of the new products, services, and solutions in the apparel
 and accessories categories. This Speed Dating session will offer each participating vendor time for a “fast
                      facts” presentation about their product, service, or solution.


2Tone Apparel
PO Box 7762; Tempe, AZ 85281
P (480) 580-6440 / (602) 561-1726
Gerald Turner, gerald@2toneapparel.com
2Tone Apparel’s design concept incorporates a continuous seam running from the neck to the end
of the sleeve on each side; that is one full color in the front and another on the back. Thus,
allowing schools a distinct way to show their colors and pride. (Design Patent # 29/343,221)

MOGO Design
Booth #3612
913 NW 50th Street; Seattle, WA 98107
P (206) 285-0663; F (206) 285-0638
Christine Johnson, christine@getmogo.com
Visit MOGO to score a FREE Charmband! MOGO, the interchangeable magnetic charm bracelet
that rocked the gift world in 2010, now brings Team Spirit and Greek Love to CAMEX. Show your
school spirit with MOGO! We Just Click!

Youth Monument Clothing, Inc.
225 West 38th Street; Los Angeles, CA 90037
P (602) 705-6631; F (323) 606-8186
Nick Ventura, nick@youthmonument.com
Youth Monument specializes in fashion forward garments and provides large department stores,
boutiques, and specialty stores with the hottest men and women’s fashions. We have in house
apparel and graphic designers that follow the hottest trends in the fashion world and translate
that into amazing apparel.


10 Canfield Drive, Markham; ON Canada L3S 3J1
tollfree: (888) 315-4632 ext. 128; P (905) 472-2070; F (905) 209-1185; C (647) 217-0095
Elisabeth Windfeld, elisabethw@lineamarketing.com
Stunning lineup of great Campus products! Global collection of jewelry that demonstrates a
passion for style, fashion and art –at Campus prices. Or our Tote du Jour insulated lunch bags –
and our fun and functional collapsible storage or customized/licensed Neat Seats. Email us for our
Campus Collection brochure!!

Independent College Bookstore Association
Booth #2539
287 Fourth Street #4; Ashland, OR 97520
P (541) 488-2591; F (541) 488-4286
Marty Duncan, MartyDuncan@ICBAinc.com
Since its inception in 1927, Independent College Bookstore Association (ICBA) continues to be the
only professional cooperative dedicated exclusively to institutional collegiate retail stores. ICBA
provides the opportunity for owners and decision makers committed to putting their schools and
students first and to openly and enthusiastically share operational improvements. ICBA does this
by providing exceptional programs and services including buying programs, professional
development and much more.

Memory On Hand
Booth # 622
220 Concord Ave; Cambridge, MA 02138
P (612) 991-2463 / (877) 234-4493
Andrew Kitzenberg, Andrew@MemoryOnHand.com
Memory On Hand is introducing one of the hottest new products of 2011 to CAMEX- The MoH
Band! It's a flash drive bracelet that comes in many colors and styles and is a must have for any

1085 van voorhis rd suite 225; Morgantown, WV 26505
P (574) 514-3694; F (304) 413-0417
Chris Yura, chris@sustainuclothing.com
SustainU is an American clothing company focused on social, economic, and environmental
sustainability. By creating 100% recycled apparel in the USA we hope to change the way people
think about not only their clothing, but how they live their lives.


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