So, You Want To Be A Leader by ProQuest


Among the questions asked most often was, "How do I obtain a copy of my transcript?" The answer to this question was clearly stated on our Web site; one was tempted to wonder why the caller hadn't first checked the Web site. There are dozens of examples of leaders who lost their vision for their organization, with the result that the organization failed: * Kodak lost its premier standing in the photography business because its leadership didn't believe that digital cameras would last. * IBM, which once controlled the computer market, missed the vision that desktop computers would play a significant role. * The u. S. auto industry just barely re -invented itself so as to remain competitive with foreign manufacturers. * The U.S. education sector is still trying to determine the role of for-profit education. * Borders closed hundreds of stores in part because it failed to prepare for the e-book revolution. *Yet there are as many examples of leaders who cast a new vision such that their organizations prospered: * The cell phone industry quickly surpassed the traditional land-line business. * Bottled water quickly became one of the most profitable products for many beverage companies. The fundamental services they provide - e.g., scheduling courses and classrooms, registering students, recording grades and generating transcripts, managing graduation processes, etc. - remain the same.

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