While the occurence of gold in one form or another is relatively

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					Arizona Gold Adventures Nugget Finder Newsletter
www.ArizonaGoldAdventures.com Vol. 4 – Winter 2010
Compiled & Written by Terry Soloman

Arizona Meteorite Exhibition

The Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL) at the University of Arizona in Tucson, is
kicking off its 50th anniversary with a celebration of Arizona meteorite finders,
classifiers, researchers, and collections. The event will feature the largest ever exhibits of
Arizona meteorites and informative displays. LPL will conduct a Meteorite Memory
Project to video record the finders' stories of recovery and identification, and the Tucson
Amateur Astronomy Association will provide telescopes on the UA mall for some sky
watching. For more info, dial up: http://www.lpl.arizona.edu

When: Saturday, 30 Jan 2010, 6:00 pm — 9:00 pm
Location: Kuiper Space Sciences, Room Atrium

Talks: 6:30-7:30
The Catalina Sky Survey: The Search for Hazardous Asteroids from Mt. Lemmon and the
Discovery of Earth-Impacting Asteroid 2008 TC3
Ed Beshore, Principal Investigator, Catalina Sky Survey

OSIRIS-REx: NASA Sample Return Mission from a Primitive Asteroid
Dante Lauretta, Deputy PI, OSIRIS-REx

Humbug Wings of Gold Prospecting Expedition: March 31 – April 7, 2010

Five full days of Arizona Gold Prospecting on some of the best private gold claims in the
Weaver and Bradshaw Mountains. -- Five nights lodging at an AGA partner Motel --
Training on, and full use of, all placer gold mining equipment including Minelab pulse
induction, Fisher and Tesoro VLF gold finding metal detectors; the Drywasher; re-
circulating Highbanker / Sluice; Classifiers; Gold pans and more. -- AGA round-trip
flight from Rich Hill to Humbug, in our Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter. Our aircraft
is equipped with Bose headsets for every passenger, and a voice-activated intercom
system that makes it easy to communicate with the pilot and other passengers throughout
the flight. Settle into your custom leather seat, and fall in love with the special “bubble”
observation windows that make it easy to take professional-looking pictures and video
during your personal low-level aerial tour of Arizona’s Weaver and Bradshaw
mountains! -- A personal tour of the Pero Bonito (Handsome Dog) gold mine, discovered
in 1887, and abandoned in 1937. -- A demonstration of how to properly use a “micro-
blaster” system to free gold found in the solid rock walls and veins of old gold mines
with metal detectors. -- Nugget Shooting, Highbanking and Panning in Humbug and on
Humbug Creek. This is your chance to be one of the first to electronically prospect for
gold where the general public has never been! A privately owned ghost-town and gold
mine, deep in the rugged Bradshaw Mountains and inaccessible to all but the hardiest of
early Arizona gold and silver prospectors. -- The opportunity to appear in the AGA gold
prospecting adventure video of this event, and a complimentary copy of the DVD when
published. -- Four full days of gold prospecting on Rich Hill area gold claims escorted by
private AGA gold claim guides and prospecting instructors. -- A complimentary
“Humbug Wings of Gold Prospecting Expedition” T-shirt and Plaque. -- A Full year
membership in the Weaver Mining District Prospecting Club, giving you access to more
than 2,500-acres of premium Rich Hill area gold claims!

$1,999.00 – per person
$3,798.00 – per couple

Airfare, rental car, food and beverages are not included. Arizona Gold Adventures will
supply breakfast and lunch on the day you fly to Humbug. Expedition spaces are now
Very Limited. Weight restrictions apply. A non-refundable Deposit is required at
booking. Call Terry Soloman NOW at (914) 589-3985 to book, or for more details.

Metal Detecting Hints, Tips & Tricks

Instead of continually buying and replacing coil covers, use a two part epoxy called PC-7,
that is available at most hardware stores. It cleans up with soap and water and is easy to
use. Spread it smooth and level on the bottom of your coil (about ¼” thick), and along the
sides. Let it dry and cure for 24-hours. This is a cheap alternative to buying coil covers –
and as an added plus, you’ll never get dust or rocks between your cover and coil again!

Legend of the Granite Dells, Arizona

In 1866, seven successful gold prospectors were returning to Prescott, with a load of gold
dust and nuggets in several canvas bags from their diggings near Boulder Creek. While
resting and watering their pack animals at Granite Dells, about four miles north of
Prescott, they were attacked by a small band of Indians. Pinned down and near panic, the
prospectors buried the gold in the rocks near the spring, and fought for their lives. The
desperate fight lasted until sunset, leaving just one prospector and a few pack mules
alive. The badly wounded survivor slipped away in the darkness, and finally made it into
Prescott. The next day a party of more than 60-men rode out of Prescott, and found
several wandering pack animals grazing among the bodies of the unlucky
prospectors. The lone survivor did go back to the area weeks later, but was never able to
find where his friends had buried the gold. Some have speculated that the Indians dug up
the treasure and reburied it somewhere else in the same area. In any case the treasure of
gold dust and nuggets may still remain somewhere in the Granite Dells - waiting for
Meteorite Men Debuts January 20th

The Science Channel has commissioned six all-new episodes of the network’s hit special
METEORITE MEN. The series will chronicle modern day treasure hunters Geoff Notkin
and Steve Arnold, as they traverse North America in search of rare, lost pieces of our
universe. METEORITE MEN is scheduled to debut Wednesday, January 20, 2010, at 9
PM (ET/PT). For the new season, viewers join Notkin and Arnold on a quest to find
answers to The Tucson Ring Mystery – one of the most intriguing anomalies in the
meteorite world. The METEORITE MEN also search outside of Odessa, Texas for a
massive, 65,000 year-old meteor buried deep in the ground, and scour West Texas for
tiny pieces of the “Ash Creek Meteorite,” which caught the public’s attention when it
streaked across the sky on February 15, 2009.

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all gold mining equipment and training – Minelab GPX & Fisher VLF gold finding metal
detectors – Drywasher – Highbanker – Sluice - Gold Pan and more; PLUS, a full-year
Rich Hill, Arizona Prospecting Club Membership and, the winner keeps all the gold they
find (Airfare; Rental car & Meals are not included). For more information on our Twitter-
based giveaway, go to our “Free Drawing & Newsletter” page at the AGA website.

Arizona Gold Adventures Inc (AGA), headquartered in White Plains, New York, offers
gold prospecting training and private gold prospecting expeditions and day trips less than
two-hours from Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. AGA Arizona
operations are based in Congress, Arizona 85332. AGA is the leading provider of gold
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