The New Global Dangers illicit trade Worldwide

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					World Anti-Illicit Traffic Organization

                      The New Global Dangers Worlwide Chaos, Early Detection

Through its theoretical scope, this book provides a profound re-examination of the processes that
determine our security: cyber-criminality, guerrillas turned drug traffickers, mega-gangs, rogue states,
transnational terrorism, etc.

At a time of worldwide chaos, how can we fight effectively against the proliferation of dangers? Faced
with the re-tribalisation of the world, how do we prevent, control, suppress or attack? Any strategy for
global security that is based on the rules and standards of the past is bound to fail. To meet the
challenges of the new worldwide chaos, sovereign states must optimise the collection and analysis of
strategic information, make it less expensive and design a doctrine based on early alerts. This is a study
for understanding the dark side of globalisation.

CNRS Éditions, collection Arès, November 2009, 14 X 22 cm, list price: €20 including VAT, ISBN:
                                                                                               Written by:
                                                                                             Xavier Raufer
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