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					        The global market for counterfeits: Crime and counterfeiting

                                                The book paints a worrying picture of the global proliferation of
                                                dangerous counterfeits and introduces solutions to remedy the

                                                There is an exponential growth of food fraud, false cosmetics and
                                                false perfumes, informal markets on the Internet, accidents due to
                                                non-compliant equipment and spare parts, the extreme danger of
                                                counterfeit toys made in China, counterfeit cigarettes and
                                                imitation medicines – which cause thousands of patient deaths
                                                each year –, and so on. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and
                                                globalisation, illicit traffic has acquired a transnational dimension.

                                                According to the most conservative estimates, €200 billion is lost
                                                each year to the benefit of pirates and counterfeiters!

                                          How can this scourge be fought? What solutions are provided by
the public authorities through the precautionary principle? What are the strategies adopted by companies to
meet the new challenges of regulating consumer products?

Pierre Delval suggests new remedies, going beyond intellectual-property law, to improve the fight against
the dramatic development in illicit traffic.

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