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									                    Making the Most out of Overnight Camping Trips

The lure of the great outdoors is a mischievous thing. It sneaks up unsuspected and before one
knows it, they’re hooked onto it for life. Camping harks back to the days of old when nomadic was
a way of life and not a lifestyle statement. Times have changed and today, camping is viewed as a
leisure activity, a vacation of sorts, to be enjoyed and experienced. According to one school of
thought, it is best to camp alone, without any organized assistance to act as a fail-safe measure.
They believe in taking nature on in its ruggedness and emerging out trumps. Campers belonging to
this group view the activity as a challenge and it gives them immense pleasure to rough it out.

The other school of thought seems to take the leisurely route out. They prefer to let an established
third party to handle all the details on their behalf which leaves them to focus on the enjoyable
part of camping. Considering that it is one of the hottest global holiday destinations in the world
right now, overnight camping in Dubai is slowly gaining in popularity. Having sampled all the
human-forms of leisure activities (theme-parks, water-worlds, hotel stays, beach-sports, etc.) that
are on offer, tourists are now looking to go back to nature.

But before one goes exploring the outdoors, it’ll do them a world of good to pay attention to things
such as those mentioned below:

The tent is the focal point of any camping trip. A tent that’s been properly pitched and setup is the
true secret behind a happy camper. Time and speed too are of essence, as the weather conditions
in the outdoors can sometimes change within minutes. It therefore is a good idea to get familiar
with the working of the tent, by pitching it up a few times, in the garden or at the local park. When
on tour, select a site that is relatively protected from the elements, preferably at an elevated
location, on a patch of flat soil that’s firm enough to support all the weight.

It is rather tempting to try out new outfits when on vacation but camping is slightly different.
Layering is the way to go here and one should have a minimum of three, to scale up or down as the
weather conditions change. Similarly, even with the advancements in technology and the safety net
that various gadgets provide, it is not too difficult to get lost in the wilderness. It therefore makes
sense to explore cautiously, using a combination of anchor points or landmarks to trace back your
footsteps, should the need arise.

The campers utility kit is a must have on every trip. Common contents of the kit include, lighting
gear, matches, water, energy bars, GPS unit, cell phone, multi-purpose knife set, a length of sturdy
rope, etc.

Of course, if one belongs to the latter school of thought as discussed earlier, they’d be better off
by availing of a desert safari tour operator. Simply make sure that they possess the adequate
expertise and experience in all the services that they offer and one should be good to go.
Ultimately, it truly does not matter which school of thought one belongs to. All that matters is the
camping bug and how severe the addiction is...

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