Things to do at the Yarra River in Melbourne by johnwilson746


									Things to do at the Yarra River in Melbourne

You may or may not know that the city of Melbourne has been built around and
along the Yarra River. It extends up into the Yarra Valley and the Dandenong’s, and
then has sprawled its way around the Port Phillip Bay. Then entire bay has been
closed off with a small gap for ships to enter and exit the harbour. It also means that
the ocean around the bay is usually quite flat, making it a great place to kite surf or
take a boat out and relax on the waters. Maybe even do some fishing or have a few
sundowners as you watch the sunset. The cold season usually starts around May
each year and lasts right through until the sun starts to return back to the southern
hemisphere around October and November.

Regardless of when you decide to visit there, you are going to need a place to stay
when you get there and the best thing to do is check into a hotel, something similar
to, where you can get access to full service and
rooms that will take your breath away. You can get a room that is nice and high up
so you have a great view of the city or perhaps even the river itself. The urban
structure of the city is largely centred on the Hoddle Grid of which the Southern edge
runs along the Yarra itself. Since the city was first established back in the 1800’s it
has since extended to the South bank and Docklands to become a part of the central
business district. If you are in the mood for some sightseeing around the city itself,
you can visit the parliament buildings the Melbourne town hall and royal exhibition
building which are all of significant historical value. It is also the birthplace of Aussie
rules football, an interesting version of rugby that is unique to Australia. Depending
on the time of year, you might be able to catch the Australian Grand Prix and watch
the world’s best drivers battle it out on the track. Then there’s the cricket;
Australians are really big into their cricket and in fact, they are one of the top sides
to beat in the world. Making any cricket matches a treat when you visit the
Melbourne cricket ground.

Whether you are a sports fan, a nature fan or perhaps even a total party animal,
there is plenty to keep you entertained wherever you go, no matter time of the year
it is, and you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself.

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