Marcela Calvet by jennyyingdi


Day will come when I'll dress like that.
Posted by: Designer tees | Tuesday, 26 June 2007 at 07:12 AM
It is about time! I am very glad to hear (or read rather), this. Here are my
two cents on the subject. In regards to accessories such as wallets and
briefcases, I have a suggestion: Argentine-American handbag designer
Marcela Calvet who is introducing a new luxury line in leather. The items
include travel bags, briefcases, wallets, etc. I recently purchased one of
the briefcases (and matching wallet), and the leather is so supple, it is
unbelievable. Everything is handmade in Argentina. The price point is
great so I am very happy. I figured I would share my good fortune. By the
way, thank you for allowing me to express myself. Keep up the good

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