Kenneth Tice Elementary Campus Parent Handbook Learning by jennyyingdi


									Kenneth J. Tice Elementary

"Campus Parent Handbook"

    “Learning for All”
       Welcome To Tice Elementary School!

Dear Parents and Students,

          Learning is an exciting life-long endeavor, and at Tice Elementary
we are proud to continually strive to create positive educational
experiences. On behalf of the faculty and staff at Tice Elementary, it is
our pleasure to welcome you. This school handbook is intended as an
introduction to our programs, policies, and procedures. Each student
also   receives   a   district   handbook,   which   provides      a   detailed
explanation of policies set by our school board. Thank you for being a part
of the Tice Elementary community; we look forward to working with you
and your child to ensure that we all have a great year!


                                                      Judy Holbrook
                                   School Hours
7:10 am - 7:35 am                          Cafeteria opens/Holding areas open
7:00 am – 4:00 pm                          Front Office hours
7:45 am - 10:45 am                         Pre-Kindergarten AM session
12:00 pm – 3:05 pm                         Pre-Kindergarten PM session
7:45 am - 2:00 pm                          Kindergarten
7:35 a m - 3 : 0 5 pm                      1st-5th Grades

    *Please do not drop off students before 7:10 because they will not
   be supervised. Duty staff does not begin until 7:10.

                         Behavior Modification Program


    Tice has a comprehensive behavior modification program (Foundations) to
   ensure the learning environment for all staff and students is physically
   and emotionally safe, socially civil, and academically productive.

    In compliance with Education Code 11.25 Galena Park ISD will implement a
   behavior modification program to provide for the prevention and education
   concerning unwanted physical or verbal aggression, sexual harassment
   and other forms of bullying in schools, or on school grounds.

                                  "In Loco Parentis"

    "In Loco Parentis" describes the relationship of school personnel to
   students. Meaning "in place of a parent," it gives school personnel the
   authority of a parent in supervising students at school.
                                            Dress Code

                  Tice Elementary has implemented a standardized dress code policy

                                ACCEPTABLE ATTIRE INCLUDES:

                Slacks, Shorts, Capris, Skirts, Shorts, and Jumpers (no denim material)
                                   Colors: Navy, Khaki, and Black.
                          ***Belts must be worn on bottoms with belt loops.

                                      SHIRTS OR BLOUSES:
                         Shirts/Blouses must have a collar and be tucked in.
                      Colors: Red, White, and Blue (light blue and/or navy blue)

      Shirts (Pullovers or button) must have collars and be tucked into pants or skirt.
      May not have logo(s) (i.e.: Polo, Izod, Tommy Hilfiger)

* Each campus may designate "spirit days" (pictures, incentives, athletics, etc.) for students to wear
jeans with spirit shirts, and other school approved attire.
* All other rules and regulations, as defined in the Student Code of Conduct, regarding dress and
grooming, will apply.
* Individual schools may limit colors to meet their needs.
*Occasionally throughout the year, there will be fundraisers and students will be able to purchase
“Jean Day" coupons. Standards for student attire will be printed on each coupon.

***Tice will recognize each Friday as "Spirit Day." Students will be allowed to wear a
Tice Spirit shirt and denim jeans/shorts on those days only. In the event that a student
holiday falls on a Friday, students will be allowed to wear their spirit attire on the
preceding Thursday.
    Low cut tops
    Tank tops, Tight knit tops
    Bare midriffs, Spaghetti straps
    Suits
    Spandex shorts or pants
    Torn, ripped jeans/clothing,
    Duster coats, Trench coats
    Tight fitted clothing
    Thongs/Sandals without back straps
    Large or oversized purses and handbags
    Shirts with written reference to alcohol, sex, vulgar language, or symbols that serve to detract
     from a conducive learning environment
    Caps or Hats
    Bandanas
    Earrings on boys
    Pierced ring or stud in visible body parts (e.g. lip, nose, eye brows, tongue)
    Baggy or oversized clothing
    Shirts with gang symbols, slogans, or colors
    Slacks/pants/shirts worn below the waist

  Athletic apparel will not be considered acceptable attire (i.e. pullover jerseys, button-up jerseys,
     or tank top jerseys)
  Facial hair (beards, mustaches), gang related, profane or vulgar language or symbols cut into
     hair, mohawks or tattooed or cut into the skin are unacceptable. The principal of the school
     shall have the discretion to determine if a student's hair and/or grooming is acceptable and
     within appropriate health and safety standards.
  Avoid inappropriate hair color, e.g., orange, green, purple, etc.

 Regular and punctual attendance is essential to the growth and development of students. Every effort
       should be made to ensure students are at school on time. The school cafeteria opens at
          7:10 am for breakfast. No students will be allowed in the school prior to 7:10 am.
    The first bell rings at 7:35 am and students must be in class by 7:45 am. Any student not in
                       attendance by 9:00 am will be marked absent for the day.

    Please try to schedule routine appointments and check-ups during non-school hours whenever
     possible. The Texas Compulsory Attendance Law states that students must be in attendance
                                for 90% of the instructional school year.

       If your child is absent, a written note describing the reason for the absence must be sent on
        the first day the student returns to school. Excessive absences and/or tardier can result in
                                             disciplinary action.

                                            Tardy Policy

Revised October 2010

GPISD Elementary Tardy Policy

The tardy bell rings at 7:45 a.m. Any student not in the classroom by 7:45 a.m. will be considered
tardy. All tardies are considered unexcused unless the principal deems that an extenuating
circumstance was unavoidable (i.e. traffic accidents that backed up traffic, severe weather that slowed
traffic). Tardy students must sign in with the front office to receive a tardy slip. To maximize your
child’s education, it is important that students are in attendance for the entire instructional day.
Tardiness is disruptive and detrimental to the learning process.

Excessive Tardiness Consequences

       Parents will receive written notification after a child has been tardy for 3 times during any 9
        weeks grading period.
       Parents will receive a second notification after a child has been tardy 5 times. This
        notification will also state if a child receives a 6th tardy during any 9 weeks grading period
        they will be assigned to 1 hour of detention. Detention will be in room 605 each Wednesday
        until 4:10pm. Parents will need to provide transportation for their child to be picked up.
        Tice will not provide transportation.
       A third notification will be sent home if a child receives a 7th tardy. This letter will also give
        notification that your child will receive 1 hour of detention on the 8th tardy during a 9
        weeks grading period. Detention will be in room 605 each Wednesday until 4:10pm. Parents
        will need to provide transportation for their child to be picked up. Tice will not provide
       After 9 tardies are recorded during any 9 weeks grading period, the matter will be referred
        to the district truancy officer.
Parents have the responsibility for seeing that their child attends school, on time and on a
regular basis (Board Policy FEA legal/TEC § 25.085). To maximize your child’s education, it is
important that students are in attendance for the entire instructional day.

                                   Assigned Waiting Areas

                 Students arriving 7:10 am - 7:35 am will wait in the following areas:

PK:Classroom holding area             K:Cafeteria stage      1st :Classroom holding area

              3rd:Music room          2nd & 4th :Hallway holding area 5th:Hallway holding area

            All students who arrive to school after 7:45 am must report to the front office
                                       for a tardy slip to class.

                                 Student Arrival Procedures

      All students arriving to school by CAR should be dropped off in the student drop off zone.
      Parents should follow the single lane of traffic through the front parking lot and stay to the
      right. All students must enter through the main front doors. Please make sure students are
      prepared to exit vehicles when entering the drop off zone. Please use caution as you travel
                                        through the parking lots.

       ***The ramp on the side of the school parking lot is reserved for school buses and
                            students with special needs only.***

     ***Students can NOT be dropped off in the parking areas of the parking lots. Parents
             may park in the parking lot and escort students across the drop off
                              lanes to the main entrance.***

         ***Students should NOT be dropped off along the curbs of the adjacent streets.
                             These are NOT supervised areas.***

                               Student Dismissal Procedures

                  All of our dismissal procedures are for the safety our students.

               All students leaving school by CAR, will use the following procedures:

     Staff members will escort all car riders, daycare and Cunningham to the cafeteria. Upon
       entering the cafeteria, students will report to their assigned area. As parents arrive,
    students' will be called by duty staff. At that time, students will leave the building through
   the cafeteria side door to the student pick-up zone. Staff members will assist students in
                                      entering their vehicles.
 Parents shall enter the single car pick-up lane in the front of the building. As cars enter the
 lane, the child's name is reported to the staff members in the pick up lane. Your student(s)
  will be waiting for you in the pick-up zone by the time you pull around. Staff members will
 assist with loading. After loading, parents should exit the parking lot. For student safety,
parents should refrain from honking or signaling their children to approach their cars
                        before they reach the student pick-up point.

                                  DISMISSAL begins at 3:05 pm.

               ***Parents may be asked to park in the adjacent lot and enter the
                              front office for student dismissal.

               ***Please do NOT leave unattended vehicles in the pick up lanes.

      ***Students will NOT be allowed to wait for parents outside of the building. All car
              riders will be required to wait in the cafeteria for parent pickup.

    ***Parents who arrive late (after the last car in line OR 3:15 pm) will need to sign their
                               student(s) out in the front office.

       ***Parents wishing to pick up a student who has already been dismissed from the
           classroom as a bus or daycare van rider must report to the front office.

      ***In the event of rain, car riders and daycare will be held in the cafeteria until the
                       rain clears or someone arrives to pick them up.

  ***Parents are asked to keep their student(s)' dismissal routine as consistent as possible.
 Students will NOT be allowed to change their dismissal routine without a written note from a
                parent/guardian. In the event of an unplanned change, please
                            contact the front office by 2:30 pm.

                                    Bus Transportation

      Riding a school bus is a privilege extended to students by the school district. A behavioral
        expectation contract will be sent home with bus students the first week of school. The
       contract should be read, signed by students and parents, and returned to school. For the
     safety of the students, all riders must observe proper behavior while on the bus AND at the
bus stop. Failure to comply with bus rules may result in temporary or permanent removal from
                                                the bus.

       ***Transportation will only be provided based on the student(s)' home address.
                                               BUS TAGS

Tice began using “Bus Tags,” January 2012, to help us keep track of how bus riders get home from
school. Bus riders will receive a tag that will serve as their “ticket” to ride the bus. Please make sure
that your child has his/her bus tag every day. In the event that your child forgets his/her tag, please
contact the school so that we can provide a note to the bus driver. Please be aware that if this occurs
more than three times your child will receive an activity detention for each day they do not have their
bus tag. If the bus tag has been miss placed you will have to pay $5.00 to replace the tag. After the
third time a student loses a card, they may lose their bus privileges per the Transportation

If for some reason your child is going to be parent pick up instead of a bus rider, you must send a note
to the school. If your child is usually parent pick up, but is going to ride the bus, you must write a note
to the bus driver. If you do not write a note to the bus driver, your child will not be able to ride the bus

                                   Early Release of Students

       Teachers are not authorized to release students to parents who come to the classroom. All
      students leaving the building during the regular school day must be checked out in the front
        office. A valid driver's license or picture ID will be required to sign students out. For the
     safety of our children, only persons listed on the student's emergency card will be allowed to
                                               check them out.


       For the safety and security of guests and students, visitors are required to check in at the
    front office and present a valid driver's license or ID. Your ID/license will be scanned through
     our V-Soft system. Visitors will be given a badge and escorted to the area of the school they
     wish to visit. Upon departure visitors are asked to return to the office to sign out. Parents are
                   not only welcome at Tice Elementary, they are encouraged to visit!

      ***Parents are welcome to escort their student(s) to the classroom on the FIRST DAY OF
       SCHOOL. Beginning the second day of school, parents may escort their student(s) to the
        holding areas or breakfast only after receiving a visitor's badge from the front office.
      We truly appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep the morning arrival times safe and
                                        running smoothly.***

  Note: Visitors are not allowed to visit campus the weeks of District/Curriculum Assessments
                                    and during State Testing.
                        Nurse's Office/Emergency Information

   There is a full-time Nurse on duty during regular school hours every day. If a student becomes
      sick or injured, he/she will be sent to the nurse. If after observation, the illness or injury
  appears to worsen, reasonable effort will be made to contact parents. If parents are not contacted,
                students will be held in the nurse's office until the bell rings and their
    transportation arrives. Students with severe illness or injury will NOT be dismissed by bus.

   ***The school nurse is authorized to dispense prescription medications ONLY to students.

   Parents of students requiring prescription medications at school must visit with the school

       Emergency information cards are to be filled out each school year. Students will bring the
    emergency cards home for parents to fill out the first week of school. During the school year
    if any changes are made in employment, telephone numbers, or alternate contacts, please call
      the front office at 832-386-4050 so that the emergency card can be updated. It is important
                            that the emergency cards are completed entirely.

 Only persons designated on the emergency card will be allowed to pick
                       children up from school.

                                   Cafeteria/School Meals

 Tice Elementary operates a cafeteria, which offers hot, nutritious breakfasts and lunches each school
   day. Each student at Tice is issued an account and numeric pass code to be used for accounting of
breakfasts and lunches eaten. Money to be used for meals can be placed in your child's account at any
  time. When money runs out, students and parents are given notices to replenish the account. Galena
 Park ISD now participates with PAMS (Prepaid Accounts for Meals), an online management system.
Parents may add money to or check balances of student lunch accounts at any time. This online system
 can be accessed through the GPISD website ( under the link for parents. Students
          who bring lunches from home are able to purchase milk/water/juice in the cafeteria.

   ***Federal assistance is available for income-qualifying families. Applications for free/reduced
lunches will be sent home with all students during the first week of school. These applications must
                                        be renewed each year.
                                Parent-Teacher Conferences

       Parent-Teacher conferences are encouraged. If the teacher feels a conference is necessary,
     the school will contact the parent. If for any reason a parent wishes to have a conference with
         the teacher, the parent should contact the teacher. All attempts will be made to conduct
        conferences during the teacher(s) regularly scheduled planning periods Tuesday through
                       Thursday. We normally reserve Mondays for team planning.

    When parents have concerns or issues to discuss, they are encouraged to discuss the issue with
            the classroom teacher first. If the situation is not resolved, parents may address
     the issue with campus administration. Teachers, members of the administration, and parents
               share common goals of creating the best learning experiences for students.

                                        Emergency Drills

     Emergency drills are conducted monthly according to state regulations. Teachers will review
       designated safety routes and procedure with students. Emergency evacuation routes and
                                 procedures are posted in each room.

                            Closing of School/Shelter In Place

During the school year, the district may have to cancel classes before the scheduled dismissal
time (3:00 pm) because of weather conditions or other unforeseen reasons. If circumstances
force the closing of school, all local radio and television stations
will carry the announcement.
Students need to know where they should go in case of an early dismissal. Past experience has
shown that a large number of students are not informed by parents where they are to go in
case of an emergency closing. Phone lines become overloaded, parents cannot call in, and
students cannot call out. The time it takes to make contact delays the time that buses could be
on the road and could endanger the lives of the students and drivers alike. Parents need to
make the decision before their children begin the first day of class each fall, and allow our
phone lines to remain clear for emergency calls. Please have a plan with your student(s).
In the event of an emergency, the school may be ordered to "shelter in place". In this situation,
the school will lockdown and no one will be allowed to enter or exit the building until the order is
lifted. During this time, the students will be supervised and secure.
                                              Field Trips

Tice Elementary teachers plan trips away from school that support curricular objectives.
Normally each grade level plans one trip per school year. A parent or guardian must sign a
permission slip before a student will be allowed to go on any school-related trip. A limited
number of parent chaperones may be asked to accompany the class on the trip.
Chaperones should follow school rules and accept the responsibility of following the procedures
set by the teachers. Students are expected to exhibit excellent behavior as they represent
Tice Elementary away from the campus.

                   School celebrations/Parties/Student’s Birthday

 There will be two (2) "official" classroom parties per year - A Valentine's Day party and a Christmas
 party. Students will be asked to bring money for each party to help fund the activities. Notice will be
 sent home for each event. Due to new state guidelines for student nutrition, Tice will not be able to
                                             offer or serve any
   food item considered to be a "Food of Minimal Nutritional Value" at any time during the school
    day (with the exception of our two classroom parties). However, parents will still be allowed to
      send store-bought "treats" to share with the class for their child(ren)'s birthday. These treats
         may only be served in the classroom. Parents may drop off birthday treats in the front
  office. Parents are not allowed to participate, when students are sent “treats” for their birthday. We
                              apologize for the inconvenience in this matter.
                            Please do not send balloon bouquets to the school.

   This "Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value" policy does NOT restrict the types of foods that
   parents may provide for their OWN CHILD(REN)' s consumption during lunch at school.

                                         Personal Items

 Students shall not bring toys, trading cards, athletic items, electronic devices (cellular phones, game
boys, MP3 players, etc), or any nonessential personal items onto school property unless authorized by
            a staff member. Tice Elementary is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
                                      Electronic Devices

The following electronic devices—cell phones, game boys, MP3 players, etc—should not be brought
to school. District employees shall confiscate any electronic device visible, heard or used during the
   instructional day. Parents shall be notified within two school days after the electronic device is
 confiscated. Confiscated electronic devices shall be held by the school for a period of 30 days after
notification has been made. Parents may obtain the release of the electronic device. After the 30 day
   period has expired, the school shall dispose of the electronic device. Due to the high volume of
  electronic device thefts, Galena Park ISD will not be responsible for the recovery of lost or stolen
                                           electronic devices.
                                 GPISD Board Policy FNCE (Local)

                                        Lost and Found

   All found items will be placed in the lost and found box in the front office. The school cannot
    assume responsibility for students' losses. Proper marking of personal property can reduce
        these losses. Please mark all items such as, coats, jackets, sweaters, lunch boxes, etc.

                                        Telephone Use

       Telephones in the building are for school business only. Students are allowed to use the
    telephones in the front office for limited circumstances only. Students cannot be called out of
              class to take a phone call. Urgent messages will be delivered as needed.


  Every student at Tice Elementary will have assignments to work on at home. Homework will be
  designed to reinforce skills that have been taught at school and will not contain any new skills or
    learning. Homework may be in the form of worksheets, workbooks, or supplemental readers.
  Although a teacher may not assign homework each night, time should be spent reading, studying
         math facts, or reviewing for tests. Please check your child's homework each night!
                                   Grading/Report Cards

     Grades and attendance are reported to parents every nine weeks to show student progress.
                                Grades indicate skill in a subject.
                     The following grading system is used in 1st – 5th grade:

           100-90: "A"    89-80: "B"      79-75: "C"     74-70: “D”     70 or Below: “F"

Progress reports are issued to all students at the middle of the nine-week grading period. These are
designed to help parents monitor their child's progress before official grades are assigned. Progress
                            reports will be sent home with your child.

       ***Progress reports and report cards should be signed by a parent and returned to the
                         homeroom teacher by the following school day.

   Teachers will send home folders of students’ graded and non-graded work to
                               parents each week

                                           Honor Roll

   Outstanding academic work is recognized through an honor roll system. Students are selected
  for honor roll for each grading period. To be placed on the honor roll, students in grades 1st-5th
                                  must demonstrate the following:

                                     Distinguished Honor Roll:
                          All A's on the report card and E or S in conduct

                                       Academic Honor Roll:
                      All A's and B's on the report card and E or S in conduct

                                     Attendance Awards

  At the end of each school year, Tice Elementary is proud to recognize students who have made
                the outstanding effort to attend school each day and arrive on time.
                       Attendance awards are presented for three categories:

                                       Perfect Attendance:
                Students who have attended school every day and have NO tardies.

                                    Outstanding Attendance:
             Students who have attended school every day, but have 5 or fewer tardies.

                                       Good Attendance:
                      Students who have fewer than 5 absences and/or tardies.
                                  Assessment Testing

      Students at Tice Elementary will participate in standardized testing and observational
assessments. Testing dates will be included in each month's newsletter. The following assessments
                          will be scheduled throughout the school year:

                                  Metropolitan Readiness Test
                            Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI)
                                District Oral Math Assessments
                               Texas Observation Protocol (TOP)

                                            1st Grade:
                            Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI)
                                Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS)
                                    COGAT (Aptitude Test)
                                 District Oral Math Assessments
                               Texas Observation Protocol (TOP)

                                        2nd Grade:
                          Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI)
                              Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS)
      District Benchmark Assessments (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Soc.Studies)
                             Texas Observation Protocol (TOP)

                                        3rd Grade.
                    TAKS (Students must pass Reading TAKS to promote)
                                 COGAT (Aptitude Test)
                     RPTE (English Proficiency Test) - LEP students only
      District Benchmark Assessments (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Soc.Studies)
                             Texas Observation Protocol (TOP)

                                        4th Grade:
                               TAKS, Math, and Writing Tests
      District Benchmark Assessments (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Soc.Studies)
                     RPTE (English Proficiency Test) - LEP students only
                             Texas Observation Protocol (TOP)

                                        5th Grade:
                                 TAKS (students must pass
                               Reading and Math to promote)
      District Benchmark Assessments (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Soc.Studies)
                                  COGAT (Aptitude Test)
                     RPTE (English Proficiency Test) - LEP students only
                             Texas Observation Protocol (TOP)
                               Objective Mastery Program

     Tice utilizes master teachers at each grade level to assist students who need extra assistance
  with academic objectives. This pullout program is part of our general education program, and it
    is designed to provide supplemental help for students during the regular school day. Students
are placed into this program based on non-mastery of individual objectives on periodic assessments.


      Tice will provide after-school tutorials for students in need of assistance. Tutorials are
   scheduled to begin in mid-October. Students are selected for participation based on academic
      need (report card grades, benchmark assessments, etc.). Transportation is provided for
                             students who normally ride a school bus.

      It is mandatory for students to attend tutorials if they receive a letter. If there are
                    extenuating circumstances, please contact the office.

                              Gifted and Talented Program

     Each year, Kindergarten through Fifth grade students are recommended and tested for the
   district's gifted and talented program (Journeys). Qualifying students participate in a campus-
    based enrichment program designed to provide extra opportunities for creative thinking and
     problem solving. In addition to the campus-based program, 4th and 5th grade students may
    qualify for a district-level program (Encounters). Qualifying students participate once each
       week with other qualifying district students. Students in both programs must maintain
                 performance and conduct standards to ensure continued participation.

                                  After-school Activities

    Tice Elementary will conduct an after-school activities program for the upper level students
   beginning in October. Good attendance, good grades, and good behavior are requirements for
     participation in this program. Activities may include intramural sports, drama, and dance.
      Information about the after-school activities will be sent home with all eligible students.
                                      Speech Therapy

 Tice Elementary has a Speech Therapist available to work with students enrolled in speech or
  language therapy. Teachers or parents can make referrals to this program at any time during
                                       the school year.

   Parents who would like their child referred for a speech evaluation may contact the speech
 therapist, their child's teacher, or the front office. Students who are enrolled in speech have an
    individual plan, which is created by the speech therapist and parents. All decisions about
                              placement are made with parental consent.

                                Special Needs Services

 In striving to meet the educational needs of all students, Tice Elementary recognizes that some
  students are in need of extra assistance to help them reach their fullest educational potential.
  Teachers who believe that a child could benefit from special education services may contact
     parents to gain their input about pursuing an educational evaluation for special services.
 Parents may also request that their child be evaluated for special services. Parents are involved
  at every point in the process and all placement decisions are made with parental consent. The
     goal of this and all Tice Elementary programs is to help our students reach their greatest
                                        educational potential.

                                    School Counselor

Tice Elementary School has a full-time counselor available to address the needs and concerns of
     our students, teachers, and/or parents. The counselor works to facilitate each student's
  success by supporting and consulting with teachers and administration, by collaborating and
    communicating with parents and families, by providing appropriate individual and group
counseling, by providing classroom guidance, and by making appropriate contact and referrals to
 community service agencies. The counselor also works with the administration and teachers to
                      plan and implement the standardized testing program.

                                   Character Education

 Tice Elementary is working to incorporate character skills into the daily routines in classrooms
     and the school. These ideals are posted throughout the building, discussed in class, and
   promoted in other ways. Tice Elementary believes that by encouraging students to embrace
 these ideals they will develop valuable skills for success and happiness in both school and life.

                            Character Words for the school year are:

          Success     Diversity    Respect               Responsibility     Attitude
              Choices     Friendship Caring                  Pride Perseverance
                                Parent Teacher Association

 Parents are invited to join Tice Elementary in supporting students through active membership in the
 Tice Elementary Parent-Teacher Association. Education is a team effort, and we are proud to work
                                     with parents through the PTA.

                           Miscellaneous Instructional Polices
                              Ceremonies and Observation

Multicultural Education: The District shall provide multicultural education programs designed
                         to celebrate the culture of all ethnic groups.
Celebrating Cultures: Each campus shall designate one week school year as multicultural week.
                      During that week, the culture of all ethnic groups will be celebrated.
Multicultural Lessons: Multicultural lessons shall be integrated into the curriculum where
                       appropriate and relevant to students. Students shall be taught to respect
                       differences and recognize similarities among cultures.
Training: All campuses shall be trained in accordance with the appropriate multicultural
              program recommended by the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

                                        School Calendar

       Attached is the school district calendar for the 2011-2012 school year. This will show all
                    school holidays, last day of school, and school in-service days.

                             Parent Acknowledgement

The Tice Parent Handbook has been drawn up to help you gain the greatest possible
benefit from the school experience. Please read and discuss the handbook with your
child. When you have done so, it is required that you sign this form and return it to
school. Your signature will certify you have received the Tice Parent Handbook,
that you understand the contents, and that you consent to the responsibilities
outlined therein.
Parent(s) Legal Guardian(s): __________________________________

Date: ______________________________



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