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					          Smart Grid

   April 14th – 8 AM
Marriott Courtyard Hotel
      Concord Rd.
     Billerica, MA.

        Bob Halpin, President
Merrimack Valley Economic Development

      The Honorable Barry Finegold

                 State Representative and
Co-chair, Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities
                         and Energy

          Vivek Mohta, PhD

           Director Energy Markets
Mass. Executive Office of and Energy Resources
           National Grid

     David Gendall
  Regional Executive Director

      Tim Roughan
Director of Distributed Resources
                         Panel #1
            Creating a Smarter, Intelligent,
                   Automated Grid

                David Earl, Moderator
                Venture Technologies

•   Thomas Lewis, Texas Instruments
•   Michael ‘Mickey’ Frish, Physical Sciences, Inc.
•   Charles Vartanian, A123 Systems
•   Christopher Leidigh, Alektrona Corp.
                                  Panel #1
                   Creating a Smarter, Intelligent,
                          Automated Grid

• What is the Smart Grid and what role do you see your company /
  organization playing?

• Will anyone pay for the "smart" power grid? It appears No one has
  figured out the business model - has your company?

• Should /must there be any standards? How big an obstacle is the
  regulatory environment? What is your company's view?

• So if a Smart Grid is such a smart idea, why is nobody building it?
                        Panel #2
          Real Time Communications and
               the 21st Century Grid

             Tom O’Donnell, Moderator

• Ron Ambrosio, IBM, Global Energy and Utilities
• Ram Rao, Ambient Corp.
• Leo Casey, SatCon Technologies
• Cisco – TBD
                                        Panel #2
                      Real Time Communications and
                           the 21st Century Grid

•   How do you see the Smart Grid evolving from here? What should it
    be? What new capabilities need to be part of the Smart Grid for it to
    satisfy the requirements of the 21st century and beyond?

• How do we go from the current grid to the future Smart Grid? Biggest
  hurdles/challenges to get there? Any thoughts on how these challenges
  should be addressed? How long do you think it will take to get there

• Any suggestions on top 3 next steps? How should stakeholders mobilize
  to push things forward? Micro grid demonstration project?
            THANK YOU!

           Wrap Up

          Next Steps

      Keeping Connected
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