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Implementing a Mentor and Teacher Induction Program: by 3Ox6zqa


									                                                                             FIGURE 1
                                                  Implementing a Teacher Induction and Mentor Program:
                                                          A Three-Phase Process AT-A-GLANCE

   Phase 1: Getting Started: Focused Planning and               Phase 2: Program Evaluation and Revision               Phase3: Building Capacity to Sustain Your
            Implementation                                               Once in place, effective mentor and                   Program and Enhance Results
            Implementing a successful mentoring and                      induction programs require planned                    Resources in effective mentor and
            induction program requires purposeful                        reflection, data gathering and analysis,              induction programs should be invested for
            design to meet the needs of a local context                  and program revision to enhance positive              both short-term results and enhancing
            and can be done well when key steps are                      results.                                              leadership capacity across roles at the local
            followed to high levels of quality.                                                                                level to achieve long-term gains.

                                                                 Key Ideas for PROGRAM REVISION of a
        Key Ideas for GETTING STARTED in a                       Successful Teacher Induction and Mentor                  Key Ideas for BUILDING CAPACITY to
                   Successful Teacher Induction and              Program                                                  Sustain Your Teacher Induction and Mentor
                   Mentor Program:                               Year one:                                                Program
        Year one:                                                          Identification of long- and short- term       Year one:
                  Assessing local setting against mentor                   program goals and desired results                       Identify and support a leadership
                   and induction program standards and                     Gathering of essential baseline data                     structure to oversee program
                   benchmarks                                              Definition of what will be considered as                Celebrate and acknowledge program
                  Clarifying program goals and desired                     credible evidence of progress toward                     participants
                   results                                                  program goals
                  Identifying selection criteria and process              Identification of person responsible for      Year two:
                   for mentor teachers                                      gathering and analyzing data                           Provide opportunities for local leaders
                  Gaining involvement of key stakeholders                 Celebrate and acknowledge work of                       to co-design and co-facilitate PD
                  Establishing supporting policies and                     program participants                                    sessions for mentors and beginning
                   procedures including incentives                                                                                  teachers
                  Ensuring effective mentor and new             Year two:                                                         Establish line item for mentor program
                   teacher matches                                        Gathering and analyzing evaluation data                  in annual budget
                  Providing professional development and                  across multiple levels                                  Continue to broaden the pool of
                   other support for all participants                     Preparation and presentation of                          trained mentors available to work with
                  Celebrate and acknowledge work of                       evaluation reports                                       beginning teachers
                   program participants                                   Review of evaluation reports                            Share program results with
                                                                          Use of evaluation data for program                       stakeholders and decision makers
        Year two:                                                          revision                                                Celebrate and acknowledge work of
                 Providing professional development for                  Celebrate and acknowledge work of                        program participants
                  all participants                                         program participants
                 Designing and implementing mentor                                                                       Year three and beyond:
                  program evaluation                                                                                               On-going implementation of above
                 Celebrate and acknowledge work of                                                                                 activities
                  program participants

                                             MICHIGAN STANDARDS AND BENCHMARKS
                                      FOR QUALITY TEACHER INDUCTION AND MENTOR PROGRAMS

July 14, 2004

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