The Twelve Traditions of CoDA

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					                         HEALING THROUGH THE TRADITIONS
The Twelve Traditions of CoDA                     Message of individual Recovery from the Tradition
1.Our common welfare should come first;          1. Isolation is synonymous with Codependency!
  personal recovery depends upon                 One can’t recover alone, attendance at meetings
  CoDA unity.
                                                 and service WILL aid recovery from codependency.
2.For our group purpose there is but one         2. Ego is another form of isolation! Service teaches
  ultimate authority -- a loving higher          us to listen to those around us (in and out of CoDA)
  power as expressed to our group
  conscience. Our leaders are but trusted        and thus we open ourselves to healing and
  servants; they do not govern.                  harmony. Humility is the ability to voice an opinion
                                                 and then listening carefully for what comes next!
3.The only requirement for membership            3. Some may feel inferior, damaged and hopeless.
  in CoDA is a desire for healthy and loving     Service shows us that the CoDA program works for
                                                 ANYONE who is willing to do the work.
4.Each group should remain autonomous            4. Live and let live! The ability for an individual to
  except in matters affecting other groups       have a differing opinion is a gift of recovery and is
  or CoDA as a whole.
                                                 a lesson of service; for the individual and others!
5.Each group has but one primary                 5. First things first! Service teaches that keeping
  purpose -- to carry its message to other       the focus on ourselves to remember what is
  codependents who still suffer.
                                                 important and not getting caught up in other
                                                 people’s drama.
6.A CoDA group ought never endorse,              6. Boundaries are important! When we take on an
  finance, or lend the CoDA name to any          alien cause we risk tainting that relationship with
  related facility or outside enterprise, lest
  problems of money, property and prestige       codependent patterns and characteristics if we
  divert us from our primary spiritual aim.      aren’t clear of what our true motive and purpose is.

7.A CoDA group ought to be fully self-           7. Humility through service shows that everyone is
  supporting, declining outside                  responsible for their own life. Recovery cannot be
                                                 done FOR another person no matter what we feel.
8.Co-Dependents Anonymous should                 8. Being right sized through service teaches us not
  remain forever nonprofessional, but            to take on too much. Taking on too much robs us
  our service centers may employ special
  workers.                                       of our individuality and can rob others of a chance
                                                 to be helpful. We learn to ask for help.
9.CoDA, as such, ought never be                  9. There is a difference between doing service and
  organized; but we may create service           being served! Service is a humble task where we
  boards or committees directly responsible
  to those they serve.                           seek to be helpful to others rather than seeking
                                                 prestige through a position; the greater the service
                                                 responsibility means the more humility is needed!
10. CoDA has no opinion on outside               10. It is not my place to judge others! Service
  issues; hence the CoDA name ought              teaches that each has their own journey; harmony
  never be drawn into public controversy.
                                                 comes when focus is put to the task at hand.
11. Our public relations policy is based on      11. To bring the healing of recovery more into our
  attraction rather than promotion; we           lives, we LIVE the principles learned through doing
  need always maintain personal anonymity
  at the level of press, radio, and films.       service rather than speaking about how good we
                                                 think CoDA is or who we see at a meeting.
12. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation        12. In codependent disease people and external
  of all our traditions; ever reminding us to    forces crush us. Service teaches us about seeking
  place principles before personalities.
                                                 higher purposes and finding peace, joy and serenity
                                                 in our lives and giving that as our gift to the world.

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