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                                                                    The life cycle of cork as a raw material starts with the ex-
                                                                    traction of the bark, the so-called harvest, which is carried
                                                                    out from end-May to the end-August. The first stripping
                                                                    produces virgin cork which is used for other applications
                                                                    than cork stoppers – flooring, insulation, decoration, aqua-
                                                                    rium, terrarium etc – since its quality is not good enough
                                                                    to manufacture stoppers.
                                                                    Nine years later, the harvest produces material with a re-
                                                                    gular structure, suitable for cork stoppers – the normal
                                                                    and usual corkwood. After the harvest, the cork planks are
                                                                    stacked in piles either in the forest or in yards at a factory.
                                                                    After seasoning, corkwood is boiled to remove organic
                                                                    solids lodged in the lenticels/pores. Planks are then stabi-
                                                                    lized, selected by quality/thickness and conveyed for the
                                                                    right usage:
                                                                       Wine stoppers – the top grades, proper thickness.
                                                                       Cork discs – champagne and technical stoppers.
                                                                       Natural blocks – flooring, decorative, shoe.
                                                                       Cork paper and cork textile.
                                                                    The planks with faults are eliminated for granulation
                                                                    together with the wastes remaining from the stoppers
                                                                    punching machines.We then get the cork granules, the raw

                                                                    material for the production of agglomerated cork: blocks,
                                                                    sheets and rolls.

Cork is the bark of the cork oak – Quercus suber L – a noble tree
with very special characteristics, growing in Mediterranean
regions, most particularly, in Portugal, covering an area of
approximately 720 thousand hectares of cork forests. A tree
can live in average 150 to 200 years, despite its bark being
stripped at nine year cycles it has an enormous capacity for

Cork has unique qualities – very light, impermeable to
liquids and gases, elastic and compressible, excellent
isolator, both thermal and acoustic, slow burning.

Above all, it is a material absolutely natural and recyclable.
The cork forest provides an ecosystem that makes the
natural habitat for indigenous mammals and birds in risk of
extinction – Iberian Lynx and Imperial Eagle.

                                                                Wine Bottle Bag                Wine Bottle Tube
                                                                9910                           9911                       9911A

                                                                Wine Bottle Tags               Wine Cooler                Ice Bucket
                                                                SkU 5492665        5492665/B   1218                       1221

There is something unique and special about the combination     Coasters                       Coasters
                                                                1207               1206        1209                       1208
of Wine and Cork. It is the perfect pairing that takes you to
celebrate the occasion and make it last forever.

Cork gifts, each item have their own natural and beautiful
presentation,... ideal for wine lovers.

                                                                Glass-mats                     Note Pads
                                                                1201-3-N           1206-3-N    A4 – 9922      A5 – 9923      A6 – 9924

                                                                Table Mats                              Table Mats
                                                                1226r              1201r        1202r   1210-N       1210-N-300

                                                                Hot Pads                                Table Mats
                                                                1205               1245                 1210

Due to the natural insulation quality and high temperature
resistance, cork is used in a wide range of kitchenware and
tableware products. Combining the qualities of a natural
product with its beauty, trivets, hot pads, etcetera offer an
eco-friendly alternative.

…Go ECO, use cork on your table!

                                                                Table Mats & Coasters printed           Table Mats

    Hot Pads                                         Hot Pads                                               Trivets                                  Hot Pad Twist
    1201           1202         1203          1204   1201-HD-20,   1202-HD-20,   1203-HD-2,    1204-HD-20   1228-HD          1228-3-HD   1228-7-HD   1261                1262                 1263

                                                                                                            Hot Pad Pebble                           Table Mats
                                                                                                            1276                                     1210-N              1210-N-300

                                                                                                            Tray                                     Trays
                                                                                                            Tray 16                                  Tray 21                    Tray 73

    Table Runner          Table Mat Textile          Hot Pads                                                                                        Trivet for Cataplana
    SkU 5364310           1210-CT-C                  1201-HD-20                   1202-HD-20                                                         1254         1255       1213 -C      1214-C

8                                                                                                                                                                                                    9
 Rope Fruit Trivets                                  Rope Animal Trivets
 1213P                                               1213P

 Rope Bottle Trivet            Rope Cutlery Trivet   Trivets
 1228G                         1228T                 1228                  1228-3          1228-7

 Trivet Raft                                         Trivets
 1275                 1275-6                         1211        1212               1213   1214

 Trivets                                             Hot Pads
 1249                 1250                  1251     1202-5

10                                                                                                  11
                                                                   Lady’s Bag – Zipper   Trip Bag
                                                                   8892                  Large: 8917       Small: 8916

                                                                   Lady’s Bag - Hobo     Briefcase
                                                                   8839                  8918

YES, it’s CORK!!!!                                                 Unisex Bag            Portfolio
                                                                   8891                  A4: 8803       A5: 8871         A6: 8899
Ask the fashion designers to create an innovative collection
and allows us to use the sustainable natural cork oak to get the
requested result – a collection of beautiful briefcases,
handbags, purses, wallets, hats and gift accessories.

An ecological sense of style has been built up using
eco-friendly products.

                                                                   Lady’s Bag - Horse    Shopping Bag
                                                                   8902                  8914

 Lady’s Handbag   Lady’s Weekend   Pocket documents   Credit Card Wallet   CD Folder
 8872             8915             8905               8865                 8913

                                   Empty Pockets                           Small Coins Holder          Key Holder
                                   8908                                    B-1415                      8811

                                   iPad Cover                              Exchange Purse              Pencil Holder
                                   8921                                    8816                        8864

 Knapsack         Knapsack         Lady’s Bag 11                           Lady’s Briefcase – Zipper
 8896             8814             8923                                    8909

14                                                                                                                     15
 Panama Hat     Cowboy Hat    Umbrella   Lady’s Belt
 8847           8849          8805       8934          8932   8931

 Baseball Cap   Catalan Hat
 8830           8910

16                                                                   17
                                                                Virgin Cork Tubes   Virgin Flower Pots
                                                                12708               FL-100               FL-150   FL-200

 pOTS & pETS
Cork tubes, branches and cork sheets are a great natural
decoration creating climbing areas and natural looking hide
outs for reptiles, amphibians and other exotic pets. Hollow
cork bark tubes can also be used in hanging gardens and are a
delight for orchids growers.

The natural rough cork sheets are fantastic for background
walls in any terrarium and vivarium.

                                                                Virgin Cork Flat    Granules
                                                                12707               12720

 Corkwood   Bird Nest   Virgin Background
 12709      FL-300      Ek 12 B709

                        Insulation Cork Board   Decorative Sheets
                        3420                    3408

20                                                                  21
                                                                 Yoga Accessories                        Yoga Blocks
                                                                 Yoga 5      Yoga 6   Yoga 9   Yoga 10   Yoga 2         Yoga 8

                                                                 Yoga Mat’s Bag                          Yoga Cushion
                                                                 8911                                    8912

The   Cork   Yoga   Block   sets   the   standard   for   high
performance yoga props. Cork has a firmness not found
in foam blocks, and it allows you to feel secure in the
support it provides. One can also feel good about the
material. Cork is a completely ECO friendly item, harvested
from highly-sustainable and renewable sources in Portugal.

                                                                  Wood Top                            Mushroom Agglomerated

                                                                  Pourer                              Cork Sphere Top
                                                                  Drop-3            Drop-1   Drop-2

The cork stopper is the most popular product of the cork          B&B Cork Bungs                      Agglomerated Conical
industry, thanks to the growing investment in research and
development, customers are offered a wide range of
closures, in countless sizes and formats, in order to adapt
to the wide variety of bottles, jars & food containers.

With the increase in technological developments, the use of
cork and its derivatives outside the stopper industry has grown
almost exponentially, in an infinity of other applications
such as fishing, furniture, footwear, sports & gift items.

                                                                  Handles & Cork Discs                Cork Spheres

 Keychain                                       Keychain                                Cork Roll                 Packing Options
 1254-k              1242               9917    9915         9916       1243   1244-2

 Keychain                                       Keychains Printed                       Sanding & Waxing Blocks   Cork Memo Board
 1241                1246               1243                                                                      1215        1216   1217

 Round Cosmetic         Mini - Round Cosmetic   Cork – Do It Yourself                   Hanging Pack              Hanging Pack
 8843                   1412                    Ek 12 893

 CREATE – Cork Toy                              Insoles & Heels

26                                                                                                                                          27
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