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MLM Recruiting Secrets Revealed..Listen Up by tineshiatoole


Discover mlm recruiting secrets that will take your business to the next level.

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									MLM Recruiting Secrets Revealed..Listen Up

                                    I know a few mlm recruiting secretshowever I am only going to share one of
                                    them with you in this post because this is the main secret that most marketers
                                    ignore and cant figure out why they are failing. First let me paint the picture for
                                    you so you can understand where I am going with this.

Poor Johnny Boy...He doesn't get it yet...

We have Johnny boy here who is in network marketing. He is hyped up about his business. He is ready to hit the
ground running. He is doing what everyone else is doing in the industry. He is NOT a leader. He is leading with his
opportunity with distributor form in hand screaming, "Join my business and get in on the ground floor. We have
the greatest pay plan in the industry and our products are PHENOMENAL". He is on twitter spammin' you and I
with his replicated company website. He doesnt know how to hold a conversation without puking his company talk
all over you. He cant sponsor a soul to save his life. Poor Johnny. He cant figure out what is wrong and why people
are not trying to partner up with him.

Sound familiar? Are you "Johnny"? If so, I am about to tell you why folks dont want to deal with you. You will soon
know when I reveal one of the most ignored mlm recruiting secrets in a bit. But first lets look at Sara and how she
does it.

Sara gets it! Go ahead girl.....

"Get it girl Sara" here understands what it takes to recruit people into her opportunity. The thing about Sara is she
aligned herself with leaders and mentors who taught her how to play this game the effective way. You see, Sara
knew she wanted to crush it in her business, so instead of her rushing to build a downline, she invested in herself.
She became a student and increased her value because she understood that the more value you have to give to the
marketplace, the more she would earn. Give more "give value" and get more "get value". So Sara hits the ground

She is postured up as a leader. People love leaders and want to work with only leaders. Sara starts attracting leads to
her because she has branded HERSELF and has become the leader everyone want to work with. The thing with Sara
is this, SHE KNOWS HOW TO GET PEOPLE TO FALL IN LOVE WITH HER. With Sara, its not about her company
or products but its about how she sells it. Sara is like Apple, its an experience when you come across Sara's blog and
when you are apart of her facebook group. You are actually apart of something when you are dealing with Sara.
People feel positive and motivated when they are dealing with Sara. She has created a culture. She has a Tribe. She
has earned the respect, time and love of her Tribe. She is on easy street now.

Sara now has people contacting her asking to join her business. She has people automatically signing up to work
with her. So why is this happening to Sara and not Johnny? I am sure you missed it because I revealed the secret
Here is one of the most ignored mlm secrets....

Ready for it? Here it is: You gotta get people to fall in love with you. Yep thats it. This is the step so many people
miss and dont want to take the time to do. A good example of two marketers who are crusing it right now are
Visalus reps Toby and Layla. They are killing the game right now in Visalus. If you study them and how they are
doing it, they love their team. They recognize their team mates. They meet and eat with their team. They have a
special group exclusively for their team. They have something people want to be apart of. Heck I almost joined up
with them. :) The energy within their team is crazy. They have fans. Their team loooooves them. They get it.

When you create a loving atmosphere for your team, your team will start to get results. Why? Because they have
someone loving on them. They are motivated to make something happen. They have support. It's like the alcoholic
who is finally sober because of his AA group who cheers him on, who loves him and tells him he can do it.

Can you say that? If you cant, then you need to make this happen. Your sponsor may be a "dud" and there is no
energy flowing but that doesnt mean you have to be like them. You create your own team and get it poppin'. Create
a culture, connect with your people, make them feel happy, important, motivated when they are around you. Create
a "gated community" for your team. People love to be "apart of something exclusive". Try it an see. Create that
private facebook for your team. Create a training site for your team only. When you are branding you, let people
know about your exclusive groups. This only works when you are postured up as a leader who knows their stuff. You
cant offer no value and think you can create this exclusive atmosphere and think folks are gonna flock to you.

Remembering Fiji Water....

Remember Fiji water? The water in the square bottle? Remember when that water was poppin' back in the day and
it ran you a few bucks? People were actually paying all that money for that water because they felt like they were
apart of a special group who could afford the water. They walked around with so much pride carrying that square
bottled water. It made them feel "rich" to buy expensive water. People were not buying the water, they were buying
the experience and how purchasing that water made them feel. How are you making people feel? Think on that for a

It is when you can get people to fall in love with you, that you have hit the jackpot.

In the words of my mentor: "It's not what you sell as much as it's how well you sell it and how well you deliver it. It's
an experience of joy for your customers/team or you have absolutely nothing. You must do everything everyone else
wont do in order to create a totally original atomosphere.'

That my friend is one of the most ignored mlm recruiting secrets revealed.

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